Best In Show

by AlexiaRose

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:male #f/m #multiple_partners #sub:female #sub:male #devotion #f/f #mind_control #transformation #urban_fantasy
See spoiler tags : #cw:bestiality #cw:sexual_assault #breeding #domination #furry #mental_transformation #mind_alteration
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A hotel lounge becomes a Dog Haven for an evening as a Mysterious Man has fun with all inside. One Waitress has her life adjusted for the better. It is an MC story with transformation elements. It is up to the reader if the people have fur or not.

I have decided to edit and work a bit on stories I have written long ago. All characters in Best In Show are over the age of 18. This is a Mature work that has sex and fetish and all sorts of stuff some feel are out of the normal ideas of society. If that offends you, please just leave the story right now. I do hope you enjoy. I hope to do more writing and have some stories started and cooking.

Alexia Rose

        It was a slow night at Jim’s Lounge beside the Starlight Hotel located off I-77 at Exit 82. Slow and very strange might be a better way to describe it. I was heading over with a cup of coffee to my newest customer. He was very handsome. I always had a thing for sexy black gentlemen. Mr. Sexy fit the bill. He was tall and you could see the muscles ripple under his tailored suit. I wonder if he likes small brunettes with perky tits? Oh well, guess he probably has a woman.

“No I don’t.” he smiled.

“What do you don't?” I was confused.

“I don’t have a woman. No, I really just like a pretty and well behaved Bitch.” he said while staring at me with an intensity that made me feel funny.

Slowly I set his coffee down and realized I was covered in cloth. It made me itchy and I pulled at them. It was hard. They were attached very tight, but soon black and white cloth lay in a heap. Soon a weird looking cloth that was red joined. I felt so good. Then I realized I was trying to stand on two legs. I am a silly Bitch. I walk on four legs. I was now on my hands and knees which I realized were my legs. It was so good being down on steady legs. I crawled over to my Master and sat so he could stroke my head.

“Such a pretty Bitch. I was getting bored in my room. Just needed to have some fun. You are very sexy for a waitress. I have a feeling that as the evening progresses you will be going in heat my little Bitch.” He reached down and caressed a nipple which elicited a whine of pleasure from Bitch. “Just listen to your singer and watch the fun. I think you have enough of a mind to know what is happening.”

Master was correct. I did realize there was something going on that was not normal. I should have realized sooner because our lounge singer Cindy was singing How Much Is That Doggie In The Window? Over and over. I guess it really doesn’t matter what she sings. I swear she is a clone of Loni Anderson. One really sexy blonde. Cindy and Butch have been doing that act for a long time. He really is a great piano player.

This must be the first new thing they have done in years. Watching Cindy undress Butch as he played was getting my tummy tingling. Butch was sexier than I would have thought. He is in his 50’s but really fit for an old guy. He has a nice cock too. I like his body. Oh cool. Cindy is taking off her dress. Wow! She is so classy. Mmmmm, I want to lick her cunny so bad.

“Whoa girl, just watch.”

Master was right to grab my hair, I was about to be a bad girl. Cool, Cindy is naked like me. She knows how to walk on all fours as well. She really is pretty. Why is she just standing there wiggling her ass at Butch?

“She is presenting herself. Pay attention Bitch. If you are a Good Girl I will let you do what happens next.” Master was running his fingers down my back.

Butch has stopped his playing. Ooooohhhh, he is so hard. Oh I see, Butch is a doggie too. Why is he climbing on Cindy’s back? Oh I see he is fucking her. No, not fucking, breeding, mating her. I need to be bred. I am so wet. Maybe Butch will fuck me. Cindy is barking, they both are. That is such pretty music.

I look around and see Jim and some skinny raven haired doggie are breeding. They are making puppies. Too bad those sexy volleyball girls have no male doggies. They seem to be having fun though. They look like nice puppies frolicking naked and licking each other. Oh good, Butch is breeding one of them. I hope he can handle them.

“Okay Bitch.” Master says as I notice he is naked and hard as a rock. “Present!”

Master commanded and I needed to be his good girl. I hopped up on the booth seat and showed my dripping sex  to my Master. Soon I felt him pushing into me slowly and then fast. I began barking as he bred me. It felt so good. I was Master’s good Bitch. Over and over he rammed me hard. When he filled my womb with puppy juice I howled. Then I turned and licked his still hard dick. Soon my licking and sucking rewarded me with a tasty treat. I am not sure how long I was bred. I remember some instructions as my Master was breeding Cindy. Jim was helping Butch with the girls from the volleyball team. I was licking the other doggie with the black hair.

“Ah, sleep well my little Bitch. When you wake you have a surprise for being Best In Show.”

I stretched and felt sore. I heard screams from some girls all naked and piled over Jim. Wow Jim is well endowed. The girls followed an equally naked woman clutching her clothes to her chest. All ran into the hotel. I looked and saw Butch. He was getting dressed, but his long cock was huge even at rest. Butch, I knew instantly I was his Bitch. He was my Master. I walked over to him and knelt down. Soon Cindy was beside me with her large breast bared as my tiny tits were. 

“Hello Bitches. Get dressed and come home with me. When at home you are to be naked and on all fours unless serving. Be good Bitches and I will let you have my doggie treat.” Butch grabbed his crotch. Soon I will be at home with my Master. I hurried to dress.

I picked this story to be the first on ROM because it is a fantasy in my mind. I hope you enjoyed it. If you did and you have a few spare dollars it would really help me if you bought me a Kofi. I am struggling and any would help. Anyway look out for more to come as I work on getting the stories in my head out in text.


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