Worship // Ritual // Etc.

Chapter 4

by Aiye ♥

Tags: #dom:female #pov:bottom #sub:female #CW:dubious_consent #D/s #f/f #fantasy #gentle_femdom #multiple_partners #sleep

Disclaimer: If you are underage, do not read this.  Otherwise, ensure you take note of the content warnings and understand what they mean before reading.  All characters depicted are above eighteen and entirely fictional.  This story is a fictional work and any events/behavior depicted should not be confused with approval, advice, or support of such events/behavior.  Enjoy any kink/fetish depicted responsibly.  Explicit consent is necessary in real life.

I woke up still yearning for the blue sky. This—I felt—was the only thing that linked me to myself. The memories from yesterday and the day before have faded and the only absolutely clear image is of the blue sky meeting the edge of the balcony. The rest are only blurry images: such as the faces of Rosa and Rosee. They look so similar to each other that the whole image blurs, which isn’t much help. Most of my time with Ayla was spent with my eyes closed and my face under her, so that isn't much help either. It's clear that my yearning for the empty sky is the closest thing I have to a consistent sense of self. With that information, I can say it's safe to forget my name; though I'll still respond to Kari.
After dragging my head up, I found myself alone in a bed. My head pounded as if it lost something important, and as I sat my limbs grew restless. I felt compelled to sit up, and as I sat up my vision went dark as my blood sloshed around inside me. My vision and clarity soon returned, and I was left with the image around me and nothing to do. I saw: the walls around me, a wardrobe, the bed I was sitting on, and the door.
I stood up and started for the door. It felt wrong to be walking around unsupervised, but my legs ached for movement. I stumbled around the hallways aimlessly—letting random split decisions navigate for me. I noticed that there were lots of paintings on the wall, which vaguely reminded me of when Ayla lead me around. On this side of the building, however, the paintings seemed to be mostly of either Rosa or Rosee. Some of them were unfinished and had pencil marks still visible under the paint.
I assume they must take turns painting each other as practice for when they paint Ayla. The paint really captures their softness, but that isn't present in the uncovered pencil sketches. It's sort of unsettling, so I ignored those. There was one particular painting of Rosa looking off to the side with her bra exposing the side of her chest—fully rendered. It made me blush. I remembered from yesterday that one of them mentioned me squirting. I felt sort of upset that I missed so much. I felt left out, but still.
As I walked through the hallways I started to feel a mix of both feeling at home and a sense of loyalty. I wrapped my arms around myself and felt the warm sweater I still had on. I remembered falling asleep between them—squeezing me tight and safe. It still felt wrong to be walking around unsupervised, but still.
I remembered that I had wanted to get back to the balcony, but I also felt like there was something nearby I needed to find. Shortly after, I had stumbled into a finished painting of Rosa. Her head was tilted—looking at the viewer—with her left hand grazing her chest and her other hand reaching down her side. It cut off at her tummy. I felt blood rush to my face, and it felt like my duty to kneel down. My eyes felt heavy as I sat down and propped my head on the wall behind me. It felt wrong to do this unsupervised, but I had missed out on so much. It was only fair.
I exhaled as I reached my hand into my underwear and grabbed my chest. I realized that I have the same softness they have. I bit my lip. I tasted my finger. I imagined how Rosa's breath on my neck felt last night. I remembered Rosee's touch as she helped me wash myself yesterday. I breathed heavy and inserted another finger. I remembered the first day when one of them straddled my stomach. I tasted my finger again and started rubbing my clit. I remembered opening my eyes to see Rosa licking in between my legs. I remembered my tongue reaching for the sky only to enter Rosee as she rode my face. I shook and felt a warm liquid drip down my fingers. I'd figure out what to do with my wet underwear later. I sat for a second and caught my breath.
I peeked my eye open and saw the empty blue sky painted behind Rosa.
I remembered, for a second time, that I wanted to get back to the balcony. After looking around me to make sure no one saw, I stood back up and my restless legs took the lead again. I stumbled through more hallways until finally I happened into the big room that I first woke up in (the very, very first time I woke up). I walked towards the balcony, and as I neared it I saw Rosee painting Rosa. Rosa caught my eye and turned to me. I blushed.

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