Worship // Ritual // Etc.

Chapter 2

by Aiye ♥

Tags: #dom:female #pov:bottom #sub:female #CW:dubious_consent #D/s #f/f #fantasy #gentle_femdom #multiple_partners #sleep

Disclaimer: If you are underage, do not read this.  Otherwise, ensure you take note of the content warnings and understand what they mean before reading.  All characters depicted are above eighteen and entirely fictional.  This story is a fictional work and any events/behavior depicted should not be confused with approval, advice, or support of such events/behavior.  Enjoy any kink/fetish depicted responsibly.  Explicit consent is necessary in real life.

I woke up from dreams of empty skies with thoughts of Ayla. I feel no obligation to get up, so I turn myself to lay on my other side, and I see all three of the others on the balcony. It looks like Ayla is talking to Rosa and Rosee about something important whilst they sit on the ground. It seems boring, so I sigh and play with my fingers.
I trace all of my fingernails with my thumb—feeling how perfectly polished they are. I notice my fingers are sort of bony. They’re not like—completely or obviously bony—but just a little bony if you pay too close attention to it. I wonder if my dreams care about such details. I look back at the balcony with the empty sky and Ayla walking towards me. I perk my head up. Rosa and Rosee aren’t in sight.
“Follow me.”
She gestures towards a doorway and starts walking. I get up and stumble behind her as we walk through hallway after hallway. There are windows that let the sun through, but it's starting to get dark. I had assumed that the days might last forever here, but I was wrong. At some point dim crystal lights turn on and illuminate our way. Ayla turns back to say something.
"I think I want to try you out, is that okay dearie?"
I didn't say anything because I was confused, but she went on as if I said yes:
There were still more hallways to walk through. They all had paintings of what must've been Ayla. They made me feel oddly safe and cozy. I felt compelled to stop and sit: still and content, but I also felt compelled to keep pace and stay with Ayla. I shuffled to catch back up and stayed just behind her.
Eventually, we walked into not a hallway but a room. The floor was carpet and felt soft on my feet. I looked up to see the two girls laying on a bed. Rosa was combing through Rosee's hair while Rosee was reading a book. They shortly smiled at us before refocusing on what they were doing.
"You don't mind if your friends watch?"
"Oh hell, I didn't make you to think. Let's see here. Aren't you excited to let your friends watch dearie!" she cooed.
I felt an odd warmth stretch across my cheeks as I nodded without much thought. She patted on the bed for me to sit down, so I did. Her smile warmed as she put her cold hand on my cheek. My eyes hanged heavy.
She looked at me.
"Dear, just lay down."
And so I did. She looked at Rosa and Rosee.
"You all just watch. You two can play with her later."
I turned my head to them and they both smiled and shook their heads before going back to what they were doing. I closed my eyes and focused on my breath. The bed felt like pure air. My body felt suspended in space, and I imagined my body and nothing else. I imagined my body against the blackness of nothingness and arched my back. I felt so pretty.
I heard snapping fingers and opened my eyes. It was Ayla kneeling over me.
She giggled and kissed me—wrapping her arm around my back. I closed my eyes. And I remember feeling the happiest I've ever felt, with Ayla's body pressing against mine and her breath on my face. And I fell asleep.
And I remember opening my eyes to Ayla laying next to me and gesturing for me to do something.
"Kari, dear, can you stay awake for just this one part? Just follow your tongue dear."
She pulled my head into her chest and I closed my eyes. I remember being pressed into her chest and I remember it tasting pure and clean. I remember being slowly encouraged to lick down her leg. I imagined nothing and her clean toes in my mouth and my drool. And, I felt pretty.
And then I woke up to difficult breathing. I realized that Ayla was riding my face, which made my body suddenly warm and giddy. I reached for her leg and held on to it, tasting her. It was utterly overwhelming.
Then I remember waking up to Ayla riding my face, again. And two more times, still. The third time she raised herself off of my and I caught a glimpse of sunlight starting to peek through the windows.
"Just a little longer dearie."
This time I was able to stay awake until I felt a warm liquid coat me, and after a minute of soft panting Ayla got off of me and kissed me on the forehead.
"Good job sweetie. Now lets get you cleaned up."
She smiled and sat me up. I looked around the room and both Rosa and Rosee were gone. I heard birds chirping through the window and saw Ayla's face full of life. She took my hand and lead me through the hallways. I stumbled as I rubbed my eyes. I caught glimpses of my reflection in the windows. All my hair was drenched and I still tasted Ayla on my tongue. I didn't recognize any of the hallways. So I stayed close to Ayla and made sure not to lose sight of her or let go of her hand.
Eventually, we were back where I first woke up. The room opened to Rosa and Rosee. Rosa was sitting on the ground while Rosee had a canvas set up painting her. They looked at us as we entered.
"Hi sweeties. Could you two help Kari get cleaned up?"
They both nodded and Rosee put down her paintbrush. Ayla left me there and went towards the exit while the two picked me up and started carrying me elsewhere.

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