by Aiye ♥

Tags: #CW:dubious_consent #dom:female #f/f #gentle_femdom #sub:female #teasing

Short and sweet.

Disclaimer: If you are underage, do not read this.  Otherwise, ensure you take note of the content warnings and understand what they mean before reading.  All characters depicted are above eighteen and entirely fictional.  This story is a fictional work and any events/behavior depicted should not be confused with approval, advice, or support of such events/behavior.  Enjoy any kink/fetish depicted responsibly.  Explicit consent is necessary in real life.

The day we met we both came a little. That’s our little joke that we tell everyone. In actuality, it took two months for us to get there. I was ready for it the day we met, but when I went to hold her hand after having ran through the entire day together, she blushed a little too harshly and her voice started to shake. I thought it would be fun to instead tease her for as long as it took for her to make the first move.
The first month I started calling her pet names, and I decided to at least kiss her without playing any games. But, when I started flirting more suggestively with her, I was waiting for her to initiate something. This early part was the most exciting because the whole way through I was getting to learn all her quirks and how she reacted to certain things—like when flustered she would do anything to cover her mouth. It didn’t even matter if both her hands were busy with something else. This one time she instinctively dropped a glass cup to cover her mouth and I barely caught it before it hit the floor. It was a very fast and dense month.
I don’t advocate for this, but around the end of that month I did look through her phone. It was just once! But anyways, she left her phone open, so I went through and eventually opened her web browser and what I found was precious. There were twenty tabs open that all had to do with eating people out. Things like ‘how to eat a girl out,’ ‘how to bring up face sitting to your partner,’ ‘how to lead your partner into making the first move,’ and ‘how to subtly let your girlfriend know you want to eat her out.’ I squealed and giggled and quickly put her phone back to where she left it. When she came back and asked me what made me laugh so loud, I showed her a funny video my sister sent me, and she didn’t suspect anything. Jesus her face was so cute that day. I imagined what I could do with it.
During the second month it started to slow down, but I could see her getting more and more comfortable with me as she covered her mouth less and smiled more. I learned less about her, but I could see her get more and more antsy with me—she was for sure wondering when I’d finally take her clothes off. I kept flirting with her just as intensely as the first month, but I made sure never to go beyond that—which was getting very difficult by the way.
She was starting to get suspicious of my intentions. I had been leading her on for a while now, yet I haven’t made any new moves on her. We had kissed and cuddled and held hands. I had told her she was cute and probably very fuckable, but I never went further. She was flustered constantly—it was fun, but I was starting to get antsy too. Those last few weeks I touched myself thinking about her face under me, and it wasn’t working anymore. I only came the first two times. The third time I just kept going and going and ended up frustrated and wet and sticky, but hardly satisfied.
That night it finally happened, she got visibly frustrated and asked if I was hiding something from her: if I didn’t actually like her, if I wasn’t actually serious, or if I was interested in someone else. I was of course only interested in her and so I told her, and I told her that no, I wasn’t hiding anything. But that did get me thinking. I wasn’t really ‘hiding’ it, but I did a have little amulet I bought at a sketchy local witch store that may or may not place people in a more suggestive state—she didn’t know anything of it anyways. Maybe it’d be okay to use that? But then it might not be as genuine and cute to hear her desperately ask for it? I think that’s the most she could ever even stand doing, but it’d be so fucking cute to see her genuinely say it, overcoming her shyness. I started to think about how the amulet might speed things up and how I’d finally be able to hear what her moan is like.
It’s probably more of just a soft whimper, but maybe I’m enough to make her louder? I don’t know if I’d even be able to hear her over me. Maybe if only I cum first and tease her a bit while cooling down I’ll be desensitized enough to be quieter to hear her? The first time I could rub against her leg so that my mouth could be next to her ear while I moan and feel her squirm. Wait, I don’t even have to be enough to make her louder, I could just tell her to be louder or I won’t give her anything? Or maybe she’d be made suggestive enough for me to just tell her ‘be louder’ and nothing else?
Her face was still as cute as ever. My body decided for me and went straight to my drawer—my hands shaking as I searched for it. It was bright and purple so it shouldn’t have taken as long as it did to find it, but when I did I dropped it on the ground and rushed to pick it back up. I don’t remember her reaction because I was far too busy imagining her expression in between my legs. I found it, slipped it over her as she barely was able to muster a ‘what’ before she started staring at the wall with dead fish eyes. I assumed that meant it was working. The desperation in my voice caught me off guard:
“Okay babe, come on, tell me what you want already!”
“Can you like? Um, do me already? Please!”
She couldn’t even muster the word ‘fuck,’ but there it was! I immediately told her yes, and I kissed her needy lips, and I slipped both of our clothes off, and I got us on the couch, and I laid back and spread my legs, and quickly but gently grabbed her hair and guided her face.


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