WTF Are Boobs?

by AbolethLasher

Tags: #hypnosis #consensual_kink #dom:male #f/m #sub:female

Tom just hypnotized Heather, and she’s trying to figure out why he put these bumps on her chest.

“And one, wide awake.”

Heather blinked slowly, and looked up at her boyfriend, Tom. She always felt so calm and refreshed coming out of a trance. Every one of her muscles was relaxed.

“What did you do this time?” she asked curiously.

“Oh you’ll see,” he said, a hint of a smile passing across his lips.

“Oh, this is always so hard!” Heather said. “Can you at least give me a hint?”

“Well,” Tom said. “Why don’t you look down?”

Heather did as she was told, and gasped. Instead of what she expected to find looking down, her shirt seemed to be bulging with two mounds that hadn’t been there before.

“What are these?” Heather asked, cupping them with her hand.

“Don’t you remember?” Tom asked.

Heather shook her head. “No, I’ve never seen anything like this in my life. Did you glue something to my chest or something?”

Tom shrugged. “Why don’t you try to squeeze them?”

Heather did as Tom suggested, and was surprised when she felt the squeeze. These things weren’t just a weird costume or something that Tom had put on her while she was in trance, they seemed to be a part of her.

“Oh,” Heather said, “They feel kind of interesting. Is my chest swelling or something?” Her mind went to the bumps that sometimes showed up if you bumped your head. Though these things seemed too big for that. And they didn’t hurt like head bumps did. In fact, it felt kind of nice to squeeze them.

“Well,” Tom said, “Why don’t you take your shirt off and find out?”

Heather nodded. There was no reason not to do that after all, and she was kind of curious what he had done to her while she was under.

She took off her shirt, and was surprised to see another article of clothing under it. It was a lacy pink thing, that seemd to wrap around the mounds on her chest, with a band that went behind to secure it.

“Is this some kind of chest-belt,” Heather asked curiously, poking the lacy pink garment. “What’s it supposed to keep up? These mounds?”

Tom smiled. “You look really good like this,” he said.

Heather blushed. “You’re making fun of me, aren’t you?” she said. “You did something to make these bumps appear while I was under, and now you’re making fun of the way I look with them!”

Tom hugged Heather, and whispered into her ear. “I’m not teasing you. I really do think you look amazing like this.”

Heather felt herself flush at these words. When Tom pulled out of the hug, she started to feel a funny warmth between her legs. She tried to ignore the new sensation. One mystery at a time.

“Okay,” she said. “This is so much more elaborate than anything you’ve done before, though. Did you make this pink chest-belt yourself?”

“Why don’t you take it off, and see if there’s anything you can learn about it?” he said.

Heather narrowed her eyes. She didn’t like the way Tom was talking, like he had some kind of private joke that only he was in on. She knew now that he wasn’t making fun of her, but she still wanted to get to the bottom of these mysterious bumps that had suddenly appeared on her body.

“How am I supposed to take this off?” she asked, grabbing the mound-hugging part of the chest-belt and tugging. “Is it supposed to come off like a t-shirt or something?”

“There’s a clasp in the back,” he said.

“Oh?” Heather said, raising an eyebrow. She reached around behind her, and grasped around looking for this supposed clasp. “Sure enough,” she said.

Heather took a few tries, since she had never seen a garment like this, but she was eventually able to unclasp the pink garment. All at once, it was like her new chest bumps bounced down into view, as she took the chest-belt off.

“Woah,” Heather said, looking down. “These are new.”

Heather stood up, and noticed that the bumps on her chest bounced a little with the motion. She giggled.

“Oh wow, that’s weird,” she said. “I’m so used to not having anything on my chest, so to suddenly have something jiggling there is so strange.”

Heather walked over to Tom’s closet, where there was a mirror. She looked at the two mounds in the mirror.

“Okay,” Heather said. “I don’t get this Tom. Why did you make my chest look like this? What’s with the little darker pink circle in the middle here?”

Tom walked up, and joined her at the mirror. “Let me ask you a question, Heather. How do people feed babies?”

Heather blinked in confusion. “What’s that got to do with anything!?” she said.

“You’ll see soon enough,” Tom said. “But answer the question—what do babies eat?”

Heather shook her head. “They eat milk, duh! Now what does this have to do with anything, Tom?”

“Not yet,” Tom said, smiling that same knowing smile. “And where does the milk come frome, Heather?”

Heather rolled her eyes. “It comes from bottles, Tom. Everyone knows that!” But then, a look of understanding flashed across her face. “Oh my god, that’s what that little dark pink circle thing is! You made my chest look like a baby bottle top. But…” Heather shook her head in confusion. “I can’t for the life of me imagine why. Do you want a baby to suck my chest there? That would be weird, wouldn’t it? That’s what bottles are for!”

Tom started laughing, which caused Heather to blush. She wasn’t sure what she was saying that was so funny.

“Hey, stop laughing!” Heather said. “You’re making me self-conscious! You’re the one who made my chest look like this you weirdo.”

Tom stopped laughing, and patted Heather on the head. “You’re such a good girl.”

Heather felt that same warmth between her legs at the words “good girl.” It felt, really nice. Her stomach even did a bit of a sommersault. Why did she feel so good all of a sudden? What was that strange tickling between her legs?

“Whatever, Tom,” she said. “You haven’t answered any of my questions!”

Tom gave an apologetic look. “I’m sorry, but everything will become clear in time,” he said. “Tell you what, why don’t I show you something interesting. Is it alright if I touch your chest?”

Heather looked at her boyfriend in confusion. “I mean, yeah sure, I guess.” She had no particular objection to anyone touching her on these new mounds—why would she? But it was strange that he’d want to. The way he said it, it was like he relished the idea.

Oh well. Different strokes for different folks, Heather supposed. Were chest touches any different than handshakes or high fives at the end of the day?

Tom started kneading the bumps on Heather’s chest, and she involuntarily started moaning.

“Oh, wow, the skin there is so sensitive,” Heather said. “That feels really good!”

Heather thought she understood now. Tom wanted to give her a massage of some kind. That was what this whole trance and post-hypnotic suggestion had been in service of.

Heather liked back massages, she even liked cuddling with Tom and having him run his fingers over her back absentmindedly as they watched Netflix together.

Maybe Tom had just put these things on her chest, knowing it would make her extra sensitive, and wanted to give her a special treat.

Now, Heather started rubbing her thighs together unconsciously, as Tom continued his incredible front massage.. She felt like she wanted… something. It was like a need within her, but she couldn’t put her finger on exactly what it was she wanted. She looked at Tom, as if with new eyes. He looked so good in that moment, so… what was it?

“Oh, Tom,” she moaned. “I’m feeling so good! What did you do to me? It’s like I’m feeling all these strange new sensations I don’t have words for. What is this?”

Tom smiled kindly. “Whatever do you mean? What kind of feelings are you talking about?” His deft fingers continued his massage of her chest.

Heather panted. “I—, I don’t know how to describe it exactly. I feel like, I don’t know! There’s this strange tickling between my legs, and I’m find it harder and harder to think of anything else.”

“Why don’t you take off your pants then?” Tom said. “Maybe you can check on what’s wrong.”

Heather was feeling so good, and she wasn’t quite sure if it was correct to call this wrong. She could see in the mirror that some of her skin was flushing red, and could see the greedy, needy way her thighs and hips were moving.

Heather unbuttoned her pants, and pulled them down. She saw her underwear there. But something seemed strange to her. Her underwear was soaking wet in the middle.

“Uh, ooh!” she panted, as the massage continued, and the strange feeling continued to tickle at her consciousness. “What’s up with my underwear, I didn’t pee myself did I?”

Tom smiled down at Heather. “Why don’t you try and smell it, does it smell like pee?”

Heather’s fingers wandered down to the wet spot, and she rubbed her finger to try to get the liquid. Rubbing her finger on that spot actually turned out to feel really, really good. She continued a few moments longer than strictly necessary, before lifting her wet fingers to her nose and sniffing.

“Oh, this smells like something else,” Heather said. “What is this? Why do I feel so good, Tom? What did you do to me!?”

Heather was squirming now, and starting to sweat. There was this strange heat inside of her, and it seemed to be directed at Tom. She knew she wanted to do… something to him, but for the life of her she couldn’t say what.

“Tom,” she said. “I, uh, I want you to massage down there. I did it a little just now, and it felt really good.”

“You sure you don’t want me to keep massaging your chest?” he asked.

Heather bit her lips. “I think I can rub my chest while you work down there.”

Tom nodded, and started rubbing the wet patch on her underwear. Heather was so… what? What was the word for this feeling? Heather was quickly starting not to care. She didn’t think it mattered at this point. It felt amazing, and she could ask Tom afterwards what exactly he had done to her body while she was under.

Tom took down her underwear, and Heather was slightly surprised at what she saw.

“Unf,” she said as she looked at herself in the mirror. “What is that thing, and why does it feel so good when you touch me there?”

Tom was starting to breathe pretty hard himself, and Heather had the strangest realization that he must be feeling very similar to how she did right now. He seemed to have that same strange desire that she did. If only she could remember for what!

Tom pulled Heather into a hug, and she could feel something in his pants pushing against her stomach.

“Tom, what is that?” she asked. “In your pants now?”

Tom pulled down his pants, and then his underwear and… something came into view. It was like a strange alien appendage between his legs in Heather’s eyes. It looked completely different from whatever Tom had put between her legs.

However, seeing that strange appendage awakened something in Heather. She looked down to the hole between her legs.

“Tom, I think that thing you’ve got there would fit between my legs?” she said, her voice trembling with desire. “Would you be willing to do a little favor for me and try that? I just want to see if my theory is true.”

Tom was happy to oblige. He pushed Heather against the wall, and his appendage entered her.

Heather let out a loud moan of pleasure, as she felt herself envelop Tom. She didn’t know what was happening, but she knew that she wanted it, needed it to the core of her being right now.

“That’s my good girl,” Tom said.

Those words again. Heather felt the pleasure wash over her from those incredible words, mingling with the pleasure as Tom started moving in and out of her.

Heather didn’t know anything on Earth could feel this good! Had Tom drugged her while she was under? How else could she explain a massage feeling so good? Was this even a massage anymore? Or was it something else?

She didn’t care anymore. She gave in to an animalistic passion. She started moving her hips and legs to complement Tom’s rhythm and running her hands over his bare skin. The whole experience was so alien, so new, and she was loving every minute of it.

Soon, Tom grunted, and Heather could feel something gushing out of his strange appendage and filling her hole up.

At the same time, a mounting dam of pressure was released all at once, and Heather felt her body rocked by the most incredible pleasure she had ever experienced. It melted her brain, and in that moment she wasn’t a rational, thinking person, but an animal drunk on whatever it was Tom had just done to her.

She felt amazing.

The two of them collapsed into the nearby bed, and cuddled with each other in the aftermath of that amazing experience. Their hands rubbed lightly over their skin as they drank in the experience.

“That was incredible!” Heather eventually whispered to her boyfriend. “Are you going to tell me now what any of that was?”

Tom smiled. “These,” he said putting his hands on her chest bumps, “are boobs.”

Heather looked at him in confusion.

“Boobs?” she said, the word sounding strange in her mouth. Like it was a made up word that Tom had just come up with on the spot. “And what are they supposed to do?”

Tom just gave a knowing smile. “For now, why don’t you just believe that they’re they’re to look good to people, and to feel really good when touched. Is that enough?”

Heather smiled and nodded. “I think that’s enough for now. I can’t wait to tell Linda about all this. She’s a great masseuse—I bet she’d love to take a crack at my, uh, boobs? And whatever this is,” she motioned to the hole between her legs. “I bet she’d be really good at massaging these things.”

Tom looked thoughtfully at Heather, suddenly realizing how hot what she accidentally said was. “Linda, huh? You know, Heather, I was going to say the trigger word to make you remember everything tonight, but do you mind if we put it off until tomorrow? I want to see if we get Linda to agree to that massage you’re talking about.”

Heather hugged Tom tight. “I think that sounds amazing, Tom.” Then she gave a knowing look at him. “I can feel that thing between your legs pressing into me.”

“Ready for a round two?” Tom said.

Heather gave a sizzling look at him, “I’m ready for you to massage me all night!”


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