Polymorpha’s New Profession

by AbolethLasher

Tags: #cw:noncon #bimbofication #breast_expansion #comic_book #dom:male #f/m #sub:female

Shapeshifting hero Polymorpha has to go undercover as a hooker to catch a villain. However, she’ll need a personality overlay to make sure even his mind-reading powers don’t penetrate her disguise. What could go wrong?

Polymorpha punched the wall in frustration.

“How is he always one step ahead of me?”

The superheroine tussled her hair, as she looked at all the hand-cuffed pawns being read their Miranda rights by the other heroes working the scene. Every single time they found the Mind Master’s latest lair, he always managed to slip through their fingers somehow.

She started pacing back and forth, once she realized that the Mind Master hadn’t even been kind enough to leave them any little clues of where he might have gone. How had this happened? What had gone wrong?

“He must have a teleporter of some sort working for him. That much is clear—there’s no other way they could have moved him and his inner circle out of here so fast.” She rubbed her chin thoughtfully. “But… how did they even know to move out? I was in disguise, and I hadn’t even told anyone about my plans to go undercover. I should have been able to put the Mind Master behind bars before anyone else even arrived at the scene…”

Disguises were Polymorpha’s bread and butter. Her shapeshifting powers might not have been as flashy as Apollo’s magical music and godly strength, or The Vampire’s high tech arsenal of crime fighting inventions, but she was a great asset to the side of good, taking down corrupt organizations and operations from the inside. She preferred to keep a low profile, outside of the public eye, but in the world of masks and capes everyone knew who to go to if they needed a spy or infiltrator.

Polymorpha’s eyes widened as she realized how the Mind Master knew.

“Ugh! I’m so stupid, how could I not see it!”

She ran out of the building, and adjusted her form to make herself look like an ordinary pedestrian, and criss crossed through back alleys and side roads until she came to the car she had arrived in. She drove back to the edge of the city where the local United Nations P.A.L.A.D.I.N. affiliate building was.

Polymorpha rolled her eyes as she went through all the security layers, confirming her identity. She knew from experience how easy it was to get past all of these with her powers. You could have the best tech in the world, but simple psychology and social engineering was still the Achilles heel of most large organizations.

When she got into the inner sanctum, she wandered through the halls to the person she knew she needed now. Someone she trusted with her life.

She stopped when she saw the familiar door that read, “Dr. Doug Dalton.” Doug was one of the many ordinary humans who worked in the background, playing a supporting role for the real heroes, and Polymorpha had worked with him many times in the past. She knew that if there was any technological avenue to solve her little problem, Doug would be the one to find it.

Polymorpha assumed the form she liked to use when interacting with other heroes, or whenever raw power was more valuable than stealth . She didn’t really have a “true” form (even as a baby she could assume any humanoid appearance she desired) but she did have a few favorites that she liked to come back to. This one was based on the woman who adopted and raised her—but reimagined as a fierce Amazonian superheroine. She was tall, with a muscly, athletic physique and could punch as hard as any roided out strong man, and move as swift as any Olympic runner.

She knocked on the door of her longtime ally.

A blue light scanned her, and she heard a voice through the intercom say, “Come in.”

Polymorpha heard the door click, and walked in to the doctor’s lab.

The doctor was on the young end of P.A.L.A.D.I.N. support staff, and looked far too young to have already earned his PhD. When Polymorpha had first met him, she had gotten an endless, droning explanation involving skipped grades and a lot of testing out, but she had forgotten most of the details by now. The important thing to her was that Doug was smart, and always got the job done. He always made her job easier.

Polymorpha was reminded of an eager little puppy dog as she saw him pop his head out from behind a mess of wires and metal. “Ah! Polymorpha, I can’t believe you decided to work with me again. I won’t let you down, don’t you worry!”

She matched his smile with one of her own.

“Relax, Doug. This is like the twentieth time we’ll have worked together. Believe me, I come to you because you’re the best,” she said, trying to reassure him.

Doug beamed at her from behind his spectacles. “I’m sure I’m not worthy of praise by someone as legendary as you! All I do is offer what little expertise I can so that you can do the important work.”

Polymorpha decided to just push forward the conversation, and move past his praise and adoration “I think I know how the Mind Master is always one step ahead of us!”

“Oh?” he said, pulling up a holographic profile of the Mind Master and skimming through it.

The new puzzle seemed to occupy his attention so fully that he didn’t show any sign of his previous star-struckness. Real work brought out his serious side.

“Wow, he’s a nasty piece of work. Sex trafficker, specializing in kidnapping people and rewriting their minds to fit the whims of his clients. Very nasty business.” He turned back to her. “You think you know how we can nab this fiend?”

“I do,” Polymorpha nodded. “I realized it after my last attempt to infiltrate his organization.”

“Is that so?” Doug beamed up at Polymorpha. “I always admired your investigation skills. You were always so good at it! What’s his secret then?”

Polymorpha ignored the fawning adoration, and continued to act the part of no nonsense hero. “I think he’s reading my mind when I try to infiltrate his operation. I don’t know what his range is, but he’s able to sense my presence and pick up shop on a dime when he sees me coming. That’s also why police have never been able to apprehend him.”

Doug looked thoughtful. “That would make sense. We know he has mind-affecting powers of some kind, that’s how he rewrites his victims memories and personalities.”

“Exactly, and it’s why none of my disguises work!” she said. “I’m only changing my appearance, but my mind is the same as it always is.”

The young doctor smiled. “I get why you’ve come to me now. You want to be the first person to use my Reform Device. We can use it to take down the Mind Master, and show everyone that my device is perfectly safe in the process!”

Polymorpha frowned. She hadn’t wanted to stick her foot into office politics.

“Weren’t you shelving the Reform Device?” Polymorpha said uneasily. “I thought the Director said in no uncertain terms that you should never use that device on anyone. I was just hoping for something like a helmet that broadcasts fake thoughts to stop the Mind Master from reading my mind or something.”

Doug frowned, and tried starting a response several times. It was so important to him that he get Polymorpha’s approval for this. She was his hero, and if he could make her see how useful this invention was....

He cleared his throat. “Technically, the Director only expressly forbade me from using it to reform unwilling criminals against their will. He never said anything about using it on willing heroes to create personality overlays so perfect that they would fool even the Mind Master.”

Polymorpha crossed her arms, and raised an eyebrow.

He noticed her skeptical look, and changed tact. “Look, I want to catch this monster as much as you do, okay? I’m only suggesting this because I genuinely think this is the fastest way to catch the Mind Master. The technology you’re asking me for—it doesn’t exist. It would take me months, possibly even years to make something that protects against his mental probing. But we know from my experiments before the Director shut everything down that mind readers can’t see past the surface personalities I create.”

Polymorpha considered his words. She could tell he wasn’t lying—her years of crimefighting made her good at reading people, and he absolutely believed that what he was saying was true. But even though she hadn’t been at the tribunal that had decided the fate of the Reform Device, like most heroes she was strongly against it on principle. Taking away a person’s choice was unconscionable for her. She believed in freedom, and the need to genuinely reform evildoers. A shortcut like that device would make them just as bad as villains like the Mind Master, right?

But the more she thought about it, the more she realized that all of that was a distraction from the central question facing her right now: Was she willing to sacrifice herself, her health and well-being to catch a vile criminal? And the answere there was easy. She had lived out the answer again and again through her work.

Polymorpha nodded slowly. “I’ll do it. I’ll let you give me a personality overlay that’ll let me infiltrate the Mind Master’s lair.”

He shifted uneasily. He hadn’t expected her to come around so quickly. He smiled, realizing that it must not have been a decision for her at all.

“I did always trust your sense of right and wrong more than my own.” He shook his head. “I’ve seen first hand the evils that technology can do in the wrong hands. But now that you’ve agreed, I know I’m doing all of this for the right reasons. Let’s take down the Mind Master together!”

He walked to the back of his lab, and typed a code into a panel there which caused a section of the wall to fold down revealing a device that looked a bit like an electric chair.

“So, what kind of personality overlay am I going to give you?” he said, powering on the device.

Polymorpha shivered looking at the crude, medieval-looking device. She remembered when it had been built. It was almost hard to believe that something so simple-looking had caused ripples of intense controversy throughout the P.A.L.A.D.I.N.s.

It didn’t surprise Polymorpha that the doctor hadn’t destroyed it. Nobody gives up on a vision that easily. Not when all that stands between you and your goals is a little bureaucratic red tape.

“Well, why don’t you show me the disguise you were thinking of using?” he said.

Polymorpha looked embarrassed for a second. “Do I have to do it right now?”

“You’re not going to be shy around me now? I’ve seen you be every sort of thing in my time,” he said, chuckling.

Polymorpha sighed. “I suppose you’re right.” She looked down at her muscly form. “I’ll have to make a new disguise, since he knows about the last one I used.”

He nodded. He pulled up a hologram with graphs and spreadsheets of data about the Mind Master’s past victims.

“Well, it says here that 87% of his victims are female. Most of them prostitutes, strippers, that sort of thing.”

Polymorpha nodded. “What does it say about hair color?”

The doctor used hand signals to sift through the data. “It says here that he’s got a preference for blondes.”

Polymorpha focused on her black hair, and its pigmentation faded and was soon a vibrant blonde.

“Very good,” he said. “As for overall build, here’s a few of the women we’ve been able to recover.” He pulled up several holograms.

Polymorpha got the picture. She looked down at her muscled form, and focused on making herself look more like the women.

Her Amazonian height was the first thing to go. The room seemed to grow around her as she went from a 7 foot tall goddess, to a 5 foot 8 fitness model.

Then she focused on her muscles. The women were skinny, but not particularly strong. She felt her arms shrink, and flexed her new thin arms. She felt so much more vulnerable like this, but she knew it was what needed to be done. Her six pack abs softened and gave way to a flat stomach, and her legs went from watermelon crushing powerhouses to dainty things that wouldn’t be out of place on a yoga instructor.

Then Polymorpha focused on the breasts of the women. The Mind Master seemed to definitely be a breast man. Her crime-fighting form didn’t have much of a bust, since that made certain athletic maneuvers more difficult to perform, but as she focused on her chest she felt her bosom start to strain the fabric of her clothes. They were just big enough to make her think twice about doing anything acrobatic in this disguise.

She looked down at her firm, athletic ass, and made it more cushiony, giving herself more of a bubble butt.

And the last physical touch was the face. Polymorpha could see that these women had a bubbly, joyous look to them. Like they were constantly happy and confused. In her hero form, she normally tuned her face for intimidation, power, a sense of seriousness and control, but as she focused on her features all of that seriousness and power seemed to leave. Soon, she was just a pretty princess who had dimples when she smiled.

Then Polymorpha focused on her clothes. She absorbed her old clothes into herself, while creating a skimpy hooker outfit. Short skirt, midriff-bearing top, fuck-me boots, and far too much make up. She was careful to make sure that there was never a moment she was naked during her transformation, since she didn’t want any more awkwardness between Doug and herself.

He let out a whistle. “You never fail to amaze me. You look incredible—just like one of his victims.”

Polymorpha smiled a bubbly smile. “Now, you’ve got to give me a personality overlay to match.”

“Alright, alright,” he said. “I can do that. Though I warn you, it’s going to take a while. Making a personality that will look good at first glance to a mind reader is no mean feat. And there’s also the matter of you turning back to normal in time to stop him.”

Polymorpha’s face fell. “Yeah, we should probably put some triggers into the fake persona that’ll unravel it and let the real me quickly emerge.”

They both brainstormed appropriate triggers together. Polymorpha wanted the element of surprise, so the main trigger was going to be if she was within 10 feet of the Mind Master, and there were less than five guys in the room. She had regularly taken down rooms full of goons, so this seemed like a fair lower bound to give her the best shot at success.

They figured out a few more scenarios along the lines of, “If you’re near the Mind Master, and the situation is X” and once they were satisfied, the doctor programmed everything into the computer.

“Alright, your new identity is going to be Amber Fox, better known as Candi. High school dropout, former stripper and currently a low class hooker. Does that all sound good?” he said.

Polymorpha nodded, and let the doctor strap her into the device and put the helmet on her head.

“It’ll take about 24 hours to give you your new personality overlay. Turning it on… now!”

Polymorpha’s eyes widened as the machine started up. She could feel the machine inside her head, like a presence lurking behind every thought. It wasn’t sinister though. It was… pleasant. Bubbly. Pink.

Polymorpha felt like she was floating on a cloud, watching her thoughts move through her head. She didn’t know how long she sat there, feeling thoughts rise and fall within her, but it might have been hours. Or days? Her eyes were closed, it was just her inside her head, floating, enjoying the strange experience.

“This feels so, like, yummy.” She thought to herself. Since when did she pepper her inner thoughts with ‘like’? She realized with a start that voice in her head wasn’t her own.

It was like there was someone else in her head with her.

“Hiya, I’m Amber!” the giggly voice said.

“I’m, uh, actually it’s better that you don’t know who I am.”

The voice pouted. “Why do you have to be such a meany? I just want to know who’s in here with me is all?”

Polymorpha felt a shift in her mindscape. She realized with a start that she wasn’t able to feel her body anymore. She was vaguely aware of her fingers and toes moving, but it was like she was watching it happen to someone else.

“Oh, wow!” she heard someone giggle. “This is so weird. Like, I totally know that I’ve always looked and felt like this, but somehow this feels so new. This is so exciting!”

Polymorpha shook her head. Or at least she tried to. She realized that she wasn’t able to move her own body now. She was just thoughts moving disembodied through her own head now. She felt her eyes open, seemingly of their own accord.

She saw the lab around her, and could see Doug sleeping on the couch. She had visited his lab early in the morning, so that meant she had probably been in the machine for at least 12 hours. She could still hear the hum of the machine all around her, and feel it slowly rewiring her brain.

“Wow, he’s kind of cute,” thought Amber, looking at Doug’s sleeping form. “I bet he’s got a huge cock!”

Polymorpha was disgusted at this thought. Doug was just a coworker—an acquaintance at best. She really hoped she wouldn’t have to watch Amber flirting with him. She was pretty sure that he’d act the professional and turn her down, but she didn’t want to test that theory.

Polymorpha saw images of her new form in various BDSM scenarios involving Doug float before her minds eyes. She realized that she was seeing things that Amber was fantasizing about. That realization was accompanied by further distancing between herself and her motor functions and nervous sensations.

However, an alarm went off on the screen just out of sight of Polymorpha’s peripheral vision, and Doug seemed to rouse slowly from the chair. He walked groggily over, noticed that his subject was awake and pressed a few buttons on the console.

“I feel so, like, sleepy,” the new voice said. “What’s happening…”

The next thing she knew, she was waking up to a phone conversation. Her eyes moved without her conscious effort, and looked at a clock on the wall.

“Oh no, this is one of those clock thingies with the hands. I don’t know how to read those,” Amber thought.

Polymorpha regretted that she couldn’t seem to roll her eyes at that comment. “It’s been about 23 hours now. You should be ready in an hour.” She realized that it seemed to take a lot of mental effort to make those thoughts heard by Amber. Like she was shouting through a wall or something.

“Ready for what?” Amber thought, looking around the lab. “Who said that?”

Doug looked nervous on the phone. Polymorpha wanted desperately to hear what he was saying, but it was hard to process it with Amber taking up all of their mind’s bandwidth with her inane thoughts.

“Look at how handsome he is!” Amber said with relish. “As soon as I get out of this seat, I’m totally going to fuck his brains out.”

Polymorpha loudly thought a sound of disapproval her way. Amber seemed undeterred though, and Polymorpha was unable to fight the fantasies that now started to float through her head. All of the compromising positions the new voice imagined her and the man in were turning her on so much. From far away, she could feel a familiar tickle between her legs.

The only good thing about the visual spectacle playing before her minds eye was that it freed Polymorpha to listen in on the conversation Doug was having.

The man was speaking into the phone. “And you’re sure that they got the real him? You’re sure the P.A.L.A.D.I.N.s have already caught the Mind Master?” He looked directly at her, a worried look on his face.

Polymorpha’s heart fell at those words. No way. She was only out of commission for a day—how had they already managed to catch him. She tried to look on the bright side—at least they had taken that monster off of the street, but… what was going to happen to Amber and her now?

Amber seemed to strain to listen inside of her own head. “Is something going to happen to me?”

Polymorpha could feel the gulf between her and Amber deepening. The process was probably in its final phases now, and soon she wouldn’t be able to communicate with Amber at all, even if she “shouted.”

She figured it would be worth trying to get something through, to help Amber help Doug get everything sorted now that there was no need for this elaborate undercover operation.

“YOU. ARE. TEMPORARY.” she thought as loud as she could at Amber.

“Tem—por- airy?” the pink cloud said, confused. “What’s that mean?”

Polymorpha thought about the best way to get the idea across.

“HE. WILL. ERASE. YOU. SOON.” the effort of getting a message across was wearing her out, and taxing her mentally. “YOU. WILL. GO. POOF.”

“Poof?” Amber said worriedly. “But I don’t want to go poof! how am I going to fuck sexy guys and take their money if I go poof?”


It was the last thought that Polymorpha thought at Amber before their communication was severed completely. Polymorpha could still perceive Amber’s actions and sensations, but it was like she was a passive observer watching from behind a glass.

She could sense Amber’s distress bubbling up inside of her. Shoot, she hadn’t wanted to upset her—she had just wanted to let her know that she wouldn’t be necessary any more now that the Mind Master had been caught.

The next thing that Amber knew, she felt someone taking the helmet off of her head, and unstrapping her from the chair she was in.

She blinked and smiled up at the person letting her out.

“Hello, mister!” she said, jumping out of her chair and wrapping her arms around the man in a big hug. “Thank you for getting me out of that chair! It was totes uncomfortable.”

“Oh, it was nothing,” he said distractedly. “But I’m afraid I’m going to have to put you back in there soon. I don’t need you anymore.”

Polymorpha watched as several emotions passed through Amber in quick succession. She understood the stakes now—if she didn’t somehow convince this man, she would be erased forever. And she didn’t want that.

Amber gave Doug a sizzling look, and started kissing him all over his neck and cheek. She said in a sultry voice. “Are you sure, mister? Can’t you think of anything more interesting you’d like to do with me?” She licked her lips.

The doctor was taken aback. He had certainly programmed Amber to be a horny hooker, but he hadn’t anticipated she’d be this bad. Throwing herself at the first man she laid eyes on, and not even asking for money! It was probably for the better that she would never have to be deployed into the field in her current state.

But what a mess! It was going to take another 24 hours to turn Polymorpha back to normal, since none of the triggers he had programmed in were going to come to fruition anymore. There was zero chance that the P.A.L.A.D.I.N.s would let him put a seemingly ordinary hooker in the presence of a recently captured mind-controlling sex trafficker.

He was distracted from his musings by someone stroking his pants.

“I can tell what you really wanna do, mister,” she purred into his ear. “You can’t hide it from me. You wanna fuck my tight little pussy. Don’t you?”

The doctor shivered at her touch. He was so turned on now, it was undeniable.


Doug didn’t know how to handle arousal like this. Unbenownst to any of his coworkers he was a complete virgin. His intense study of accademics had left him with impressive technical skills for his age, but a total lack of experience when it came to women.

Now, his idol, the woman he respected most in the world, who he had occasionally fantasized about in his more desperate moments was here in front of him. His young, inexperienced body couldn’t handle it. She was like sex on legs—a horny little hooker who was just ready to go.


He had to think with his head. The mission was a bust, he had to turn Polymorpha back.

He had to-

Amber started nibbling his ear playfully, and his mind started to go to the gutter. He looked down at the happy little hooker hugging him. Her arms wrapped around him, her breasts squishing against him, her intoxicating smell.

She smelled so good. So familiar.

The doctor’s resistance was fading fast.

It would be so easy to give in.

To be free of his virginity, to end his loneliness, to feel the touch of a woman for the first time. To indulge in the feelings he had suppressed for so long. To breathe in that smell that had tempted him for so long when he had worked alongside Polymorpha, and fuck the floozy he had forged and now found forcing herself on him!

Just once.

To give into temptation just once, and then change her back. He had ways of erasing memories—she’d never have to remember after she resurfaced.

“Fuck me,” he said, pulling Amber into a clumsy kiss.

Lust had taken over logic, and in Doug’s body was practically in auto-pilot at this point, overpowering his nervousness at this new experience.

The two of them made out like animals, and they soon made their way to the large couch that the doctor often stole naps in when projects kept him up late into the night.

Doug’s trembling fingers hovered over Amber’s shirt. He had never seen a girl naked before…

Amber giggled. “What are you waiting for, mister?”

Doug breathed heavily as he pulled her shirt off, and saw her amazing breasts pop into view. She hadn’t been wearing a bra! How had he not realized that?

It was the most wonderful sight he had ever seen.

Amber kissed him, as she helped him out of his shirt and pants. Then, she guided his hands to her skirt. He felt like he waited there for an eternity, trying to kick his virgin brain into action. But finally, something in him overcame his nervousness, a powerful feeling like nothing he had experienced before and her clothes were all on the ground.

Amber stood before him completely naked, and Doug felt like his heart could have beat right out of his chest at that moment. He had never been able to see all the charms of a woman up close like this, and he felt like he could get used to it.

Amber fell playfully backwards onto the couch, and guided him on top of her so that he was straddling her, his cock dangerously close to penetrating her.

Amber was clearly a professional. The way she moved was so effortlessly sexy, so lithe, so needy. It was making him so horny, making him forget that he was about to fuck his heroic colleague. That he was crossing a line he had promised himself he’d never cross.

He took in her incredible appearance. His hands wandered over her body, feeling every inch of her smooth skin and settling at her magnificent knockers. She moaned as he started massaging them.

“Stop teasing me!” she pouted. “I want you inside of me. Fuck my brains out!”

He was all too happy to oblige. He slipped inside of her, and her moans became louder as he started fucking her like a dog in heat. She was so wet, and the feeling of her muscles tensing and her hips moving was driving him crazy. Pushing her closer and closer to the edge.

Amber’s movements were like nothing he had ever experienced before. She was in her element, taking him to plateaus of pleasure he didn’t know were possible.

The two of them moved together, getting lost in the electrifying sensations, until Doug couldn’t control himself anymore. His inexperienced body could hold back the building pressure no longer. All at once, he grunted and filled her eager pussy with his warm cum. It was a bliss like none he had ever known before.

At the same time, she screamed and her muscles tensed around his cock as her body was rocked by an amazing orgasm.

In the post-coital clarity, Doug realized what he had done. Who he had just fucked.

He rolled off of her.

“Amber,” he said shakily. “That was incredible, but I need you to get back in that chair now.” He had to turn her back. And make sure she remembered none of this!

Amber stood up and hugged him close. “You don’t really want me to go poof, do you? Not when you could, like, keep me around, and fuck me whenever you want?”

His eyes widened, as he felt her naked skin against his.

Followed the curves of her back with his hands.

His guilt was slowly dissolving. An idea was beginning to take shape.

“Amber, I don’t want you to go poof either,” he said. “Why don’t you become my lab assistant?”

Amber jumped up and down, her boobs jiggling mesmerizingly.

“Yay! I don’t have to, like, go poof.”

“No, you can stay with me as long as you want,” he said.

His mind was already considering all the different things he’d do with his new fuck doll. No one would ever suspect who she really was. It was perfect!

Meanwhile, Amber just smiled her dimpled smile, and celebrated the fact that she wasn’t going to have to go poof. She was free! She was going to be the best little bimbo for the hot scientist man. She’d never have to think again!

Amber didn’t even notice that in a very deep part of her unconscious, far below her awareness, someone was watching everything unfold, and screaming that this was so wrong.

Amber smiled. She was never going to go poof!

This body, this life, it was hers forever and ever.


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