by AbolethLasher

Tags: #bimbofication #intelligence_loss #iq_drop #scifi

Dr. Amanda Riley goes in for a new experimental IQ test administered by a special machine, and a power outage happens to strike right in the middle of it.

Nobody needed to tell Amanda that she was a top tier genius. She had been her high school’s valedictorian, had graduated undergrad summa cum laude, and was now a PhD mathematician pushing the boundaries of the field. There was already talk that she might have a Fields Medal in her future.

However, Amanda’s friend in the neuroscience department had been raving about a new method of measuring IQ, and she had been intrigued.

The new IQ test was a huge improvement over old methods. Instead of asking a bunch of questions they were pretty sure related to being smart, the new test was a simple 10 minute procedure where a neural map of the subject was made, neural pathways were disrupted with electrical stimulation until an accurate picture of brain function could be made, and then the disruptions to normal function were reversed, and the machine spat out a number for the person’s IQ.

Amanda had been skeptical at first, but when several of her friends and acquaintances from other departments had used the machine, she decided to give it a try.

Amanda arrived at her friend, Dr. Mark Steven’s, office. He was as scatterbrained as ever, searching around for some papers for what seemed like eternity as Amanda watched in bemusement.

“Okay, just sign this, and we’ll be able to test the machine on you,” Mark said.

“Uh, you’re sure this thing is safe, right?” Amanda said hesitantly.

Mark shook his head. “I’m sure of nothing—but we’ve had permission for human testing for a year, and none of the undergrads or professors who tested it for us had any ill effects.”

Amanda was starting to have second thoughts. The novelty of having her IQ tested with this machine was beginning to lose its luster. But she took the liability waver and informed consent sheets from Mark, and signed them.

Mark led her to a basement lab that was dimly lit, and motioned for her to sit in a chair next to a big and impressive looking mess of wires and metal.

“Is that really it?” Amanda asked.

Mark smiled and nodded. “Yep, this baby’s my pride and joy. Five years of work, and we’ve finally found a way to definitively measure intelligence.”

Amanda sat down, and Mark attached a helmet to her head.

“Okay, when I power this baby on, it’s going to do a quick scan of your brain. Then it’s going to send small, targeted electrical shocks to shut down—”

Amanda rolled her eyes. “Yes, yes. You’ve told me all of this before. I understand the theory. It’s going to make me dumb, and then it’s going to make me smart again. Let’s just get it over with.”

“Suit yourself,” Mark shrugged.

He went to a control panel, and entered a bunch of information into a simple terminal, before pulling a large lever.

“Alright, here goes nothing!” Mark said.

Amanda’s eye’s widened as she felt the machine go to work.

The feeling on her scalp was pleasant. Almost like a gentle scalp massage.

But the effects on her cognition were noticeable.

Her attention span was the first thing to go. She normally was quite sharp, and able to focus on a single complex problem for hours, but as she heard the hum of the machine and felt the gentle caress of her scalp, she realized she couldn’t remember what she was even doing.

Oh, right. She was in the middle of an IQ test!

Amanda smiled, proud of herself for figuring that out.

She wondered whether she’d still be able to do advanced math like this. She started trying to call the equations she had been looking at that morning to mind, but she realized that her spatial-reasoning skills had suddenly been snatched away.


Amanda tried to imagine a cube, and then rotate it in her mind, but she realized that she wasn’t quite sure what a cube was. Was it the kind of round one, or the sort of boxy one?

Amanda giggled.

That silly tickling sensation just kept taking more and more of her mind away.

“You’re not the only one to giggle,” Mark said. “You should have seen Professor Fredricksmeyer.”

Amanda found that thought so funny. Professor Fredricksmeyer was the most serious, strait-laced woman Amanda had ever met, and the idea of her laughing while her brain was being tickled like this was making Amanda laugh even harder.

The lights started to flicker above Amanda.

“Don’t worry about that,” Mark said. “They always do that when the test is going on.”

Amanda felt even more of her brain being shut down.

She saw herself in her Master’s coursework, working on her Master’s thesis. Every moment that she watched the memories play out, she realized more and more of her knowledge was gone.

Then she saw undergrad. All of the studying and hard work that she did played before her eyes, and was slowly tickled away into oblivion.

Then there was high school. She saw herself helping other students, teaching them when the teachers had failed at their jobs. She saw straight A’s disappear one by one.

Amanda had been quite a reader in high school—reading books on every subject she could get her hand on. Binging Wikipedia in her free time. She watched as all of those books was erased one by one.

Then the machine turned its sights on Amanda’s middle school education.

“The first half is almost done,” Mark said. “You’ll start going back to normal soon.”

But then the lights flickered, and there was a great spark, and Mark and Amanda were plunged into darkness.

“Shit,” Mark said. “That’s never happened before. Hang tight, Amanda.”

Amanda blinked, and looked around in the darkness. She felt so lightheaded.

She sat in the darkness thinking about nothing in particular.

Thinking was pretty hard now. Her thoughts didn’t seem to want to collect in a nice stream of consciousness like before. Instead, she found herself constantly being distracted by new silly ideas, and having to slowly retrace her steps to remember what she had originally been thinking of.

It was easier to just sit there and let nothing go through her head. To just wait for some input of some kind.

Finally, she heard a metal door slam shut, and the lights flickered back on.

“We tripped a breaker,” Mark explained. “I’ve reset it, and we should be good now.”

Amanda smiled a vacant smile at him. “Thank you, like, so much for getting the lights back on! It was so dark and scary before.”

Mark looked at her strangely. “You feeling okay, Dr. Riley?”

Amanda stared blankly at him.

“Uh, Amanda, Earth to Amanda, can you hear me?” he asked.

Amanda giggled. “Of course I can hear you, silly!”

“Why didn’t you respond to me when I asked if you were feeling okay?” he asked.

“Uh, you asked if Dr. Riley was okay, you didn’t ask me,” she said. “Although my last name is totes Riley! That’s such a funny co—, uh, coin—, isn’t it so weird that I have the same last name as that doctor guy you were talking to?”

Mark felt a growing sense of dread. Amanda had been halfway through the test when the outage had happened—was it possible her brain was stuck in the “dumb mode” with all of her cognitive functions suppressed, since she never underwent the second half?

“Uh, really quick, Amanda,” Mark said. “What’s 75 times 9?”

Amanda blinked blankly at him. “How am I supposed to answer a hard problem like that?”

Mark’s face fell. Amanda was a PhD Mathematician—he had seen her do mental math problems much harder than this. And now she was stuck talking and acting like a total moron.

“Uh, Amanda, why don’t you sit tight and play with your phone or something, and I’ll try to get the machine restarted.”

“Okie dokies!” she said happily.

She pulled out her phone, and tried to go to her messaging app, but she saw a bunch of big long words there, and she didn’t want to have to sound them all out to figure out what they said.

She clicked around idly, and then she saw the camera icon.

Cameras were fun!

She clicked the icon, and saw the world in grainy form on her phone screen.

Cameras were just incredible!

She clicked around and chanced upon the “flip” button, and soon she was looking at her smiling face. It was just like a mirror!

Amanda admired herself in the mirror. She was so pretty, just like her mommy had been.

She had long, pretty hair, a cute face, and her boobies were so big!

She smiled approvingly at her sexy body. She started bouncing in her seat, and was delighted to see the way her boobies bounced.

“Jiggle, jiggle, jiggle!” she said happily, clapping at her clever song.

She was distracted from her reveries by Mark’s cursing.

“Uh, is everything okay?” she asked.

“No, I think it’s fair to say that everything is not okay.”

“What’s wrong?” she asked innocently.

“Well, the motherboard is fried on the device, and it won’t even start up. It’ll probably be two weeks until we get it up and running again, and even then, um… there’s no easy way to say this, but it’ll take a lot of work returning your cognitive functions to normal.”

“My cog-o whatsits?” she asked, putting her finger to her mouth.

“Your, uh, intelligence,” he said. “The machine wasn’t meant to shut down like that. The original mapping of your brain with normal function is probably irretrievably lost. If we want to make you normal again, we’ll probably have to do it manually once the machine is fixed. But I’m pretty sure it can be done!”

Amanda looked at him with eyes empty of understanding. “I didn’t understand, like, a single word you just said, mister.”

Mark threw his hands up. This was such a fucking mess. One of the university’s greatest minds reduced to a blistering idiot.

Amanda caught sight of herself in her camera again, and quickly forgot about that boring conversation.

“Do you think my boobies are big enough?” she said, cupping one of her breasts with her free hand.

“Uh, yeah, sure,” Mark said distractedly. “They’re great.” He was opening the device up, and trying to take stock of all the damage.

Amanda smiled a big, goofy smile. She was so touched. “You really like my boobies? Would you like to see them!?”

Mark looked over at the former genius. She was standing up, and was already half way through taking her shirt off.

“Woah, there,” he said. “You can’t just go flashing everyone!”

“Why not?” she pouted. “Don’t you like my boobies?”

Mark realized that this wasn’t going to be something he could just own up to. Amanda could barely function on her own in this state, and he was going to have to explain how something like this could happen to the ethics board, to the funding boards, to everyone.

But what if they didn’t have to know? Amanda was so stupid right now, it probably wouldn’t be hard for him to convince her to just “disappear” for a month. He could set her up in an apartment, with someone to look after her, and then he could just fix the machine up in secret and not have to worry about any set backs in his research.

Plus, he started to feel aroused in spite of himself.

“Uh, yeah, I love your boobies,” he said. “Why don’t you let me see them?”

Amanda jumped up in down with excitement. Then she pulled her shirt off, revealing her bra.

She looked incredible.

“Can you take that one off as well?” Mark said greedily. He pushed away any guilt he might feel about taking advantage of Amanda in this state. She was having fun—how could this be bad?

Amanda struggled, but finally removed her bra.

Mark stared longingly at his colleague’s breasts. Amanda had always kept strict separation between work and romantic entanglements, but Mark had definitely fantasized about her once or twice. Here, in the flesh, she was even more incredible than he had ever imagined.

“Wanna touch ’em?” she asked seductively, jutting her chest out.

Mark reached a hand out, and touched her soft flesh. It was an incredible sensation.

He was quickly finding his resolution for a mild cover-up disappearing. Just having Amanda disappear for a month while he got the machine (and her) fixed seemed like such a waste.

Amanda moaned. “Oh, your hands feel so yummy. I’m getting so wet when you touch me like that!”

Mark was steadily having a new resolve. Amanda was going to get a new identity, a new life in her new improved form.

“Can you show me how wet you’re becoming, Amanda?” he said.

“Yeppers!” she said brightly.

She started pulling down her skirt.

Mark started rubbing the wet patch on her panties, and Amanda moaned even harder.

“Do you mind if I call you ‘Mandy’?” he said.

Mandy giggled. “You can call me whatever you want, mister. As long as you don’t stop touching me like this!”

Mark started kissing her, and soon the two of them were helping each other out of their clothes.

Mark started fucking Mandy like a dog in heat.

Most of Mandy’s brain might have been shut down, but she was still a genius in the bedroom.

Mandy’s pelvis moved in a hypnotic and seductive way, and she seemed to know exactly how to make Mark’s world turn upside down.

As the pressure built, Mark realized just how wonderfully fucked up this situation was. He had accidentally turned his once-in-a-generation genius friend and coworker into a bimbo, and was now taking advantage of her diminished state and fucking her brains out. And he was seriously thinking about keeping her like this forever.

Could he really do something so dark and twisted?

But as Mandy moaned, and squirmed beneath him, he knew the answer.

He grunted as he felt pleasure wash over him, as he pumped Mandy full of white, sticky cum.

There was no question in his mind.

Amanda was going to put in her sudden and unexpected resignation, and Mandy was going to start living at his house and fucking him whenever he wanted.

With a Swiss cheese brain like hers, he doubted she was good for anything more than being a fuck toy.

And besides, he thought as he saw the blissful look on her face after he finished. Mandy seems to be enjoying herself.


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