Object Permanence

by AbolethLasher

Tags: #cw:noncon #relationship_amnesia

James and Veronica anger a street peddler, and end up cursed. Now, when they can’t see each other, they forget all about each other’s existence.

Part 1

James was not superstitious. He didn’t believe in magic or mysticism or any of that crap.

But maybe he could have been just a bit more polite about it.

He and his wife Veronica were walking down the city square, and saw the usual street performers, beggars and hawkers. The city was busy, and they were both a little late for a movie after a nightmare trying to find parking in the area. They didn’t have time for distractions.

But a short little weasel of an old man insisted on blocking James and Veronica’s paths.

“Care to buy a magical trinket?” the old man said in a wheezy voice. “You won’t find better charms, potions and relics this side of the multiverse!”

James was not in the mood. He was late. Work had been hell this week, and he just wanted to see a movie with his wife on their one night out.

He didn’t need a charlatan blocking his path.

He pushed the old man out of his way. Well, ‘pushed’ is an understatement. James hadn’t been intending to hurt the man, but all the same, he gave him a big shove that sent him tumbling to the ground and sent the objects the man had been holding out scattering through the crowd.

James grabbed his wife’s hand, and forced his way through the crowd, barely giving the old man he had pushed down a second glance.

“Shouldn’t we check and see if that man is okay?” his wife asked.

“Who cares if he’s okay?” James snorted. “He’s defrauding people out of their hard earned cash—I probably did everyone a huge favor by destroying some of his useless trinkets.”

Veronica frowned in disapproval, but she didn’t fight James guiding her through the crowd to get to their movie.

James thought he heard the old man shouting something after him and his wife, but the only word he caught was “CURSE!”—the rest of the syllables were gibberish.

* * *

James and Veronica agreed afterwards that the movie was a fun popcorn flick, but nothing too deep. They normally liked to pick apart little details, talk about camera shots and film-making technique, that sort of thing. But there wasn’t much to talk about with this film, so instead they quickly turned to other topics.

In the back of their minds, they both were eagerly anticipating what would inevitably happen when they got home.

When they got home, they both were so turned on that they cast off their clothes and made their way to the bedroom the moment the door closed behind them.

James had never had a partner who matched his sex drive as well as Veronica. They had sex every single day, and sometimes at Veronica’s insistence multiple times a day.

Truth be told, James had never had a partner before Veronica, but he was happy to have moved away from sad masturbation sessions in front of a computer that left him feeling empty and unsatisfied to enjoying genuine connection and companionship with an experienced lover.

James never asked Veronica how many partners she had had before meeting him, but he guessed it was well into the double digits. Still, he wasn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth, whatever discomfort he might have had about the issue when they first started dating.

Veronica was always amazing, and because she insisted on training James to please her in just the right ways he always managed to keep her riding orgasm after orgasm before they finished fucking each other’s brains out and lay in each other’s arms just enjoying the after glow and the feeling of the other’s touch.

“You know, I never used to do this,” Veronica said to him, as she stroked his chest.

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“Cuddle, stay afterwards, actually make a connection,” she said. Then she smiled. “I’m so happy that I met you—before, sex was just a need I needed to satisfy, a way of getting off. With you… it’s different. I know it sounds cheesy, but I feel a real connection with you. I like just being in your arms, you know?”

James hugged her tightly to him, and started running his fingers fondly through her hair.

“I know exactly what you mean,” he said, smiling.

“Ooh, I should probably go pee real quick so I don’t get a UTI,” she said, kissing him on the neck before getting up from the bed.

James squeezed her one last time, and watched her leave his sight, enjoying the contours of her naked ass from behind.

But as soon as she crossed the threshold, James blinked in surprise and wondered why he was naked and alone in his room. He looked down, and saw his flaccid and spent penis and realized he must have been masturbating alone again.

He always felt so empty after fapping like this. He was just always so horny—and if he got bored, or let his mind wander it always seemed to end up here. Alone, feeling ashamed in the post-nut clarity.


Why were there a woman’s clothes all over the room? He thought to his old college roommate Phil, who had been depraved enough to buy used women’s undergarments for his little solo adventures. Strange that James couldn’t remember such a purchase, but how else could you explain the sudden appearance of such clothing?

* * *

As Veronica stepped over the threshold, she shivered and smiled. She felt so yummy. Someone had fucked her good!

But for some reason… she couldn’t remember any of the details.

She really needed to stop drinking.

She snorted. Like that would ever happen!

She was young and free, and nobody could tie her down!

Plus, she needed sex like a fish needed water. She sometimes wondered why she seemed so much more horny than her friends. Not that she minded. She also seemed to have so much more fun than her friends.

But she was in a bind.

She had left her clothes in the bedroom for some reason, and was walking naked to the bathroom.

Amateur mistake.

She really must have been drunk tonight. Or high?

Either way—she was going to have to walk back and see the guy again. She hated doing that.

She had come to much prefer the approach of leaving in one fell swoop. Come up with some plausible excuse to leave the room, grab everything and book it. Like ripping a band-aid off. It made everything so much more convenient for a party girl like her.

What was she going to do?

She could try to leave the apartment naked. It wouldn’t be the first time she had resorted to that.

But no… She couldn’t risk getting arrested again.

So, instead as she finished her business in the bathroom, she sighed and admitted that she was going to have to go back in there at least one more time.

She walked back to the bedroom.

“I’m just going to grab my clothes and leave,” she said hastily as she turned into the room.

But then she saw James.

* * *

For some reason, the two of them were very excited to see each other again when they came into view.

Veronica felt all of her warm memories of James come to the surface, and she found herself almost running to be in his arms. James hugged her like she was going to disappear.

They both loved each other so much, and in the moment when they saw each other it was like all of their tenderness for each other was brought to the surface.

They cuddled together in each other’s arms the rest of the night, and fell asleep just like that.

Neither seemed to notice the strange curse that had been placed on them. Neither of them realized that for a few moments when they were out of each other’s sight, they didn’t remember knowing each other. That they had complete amnesia of each other.

They had pleasant dreams.

Part 2

The next day, the two of them showered together, and enjoyed breakfast together and then said their respective goodbyes as they went to work.

The moment they left each other’s sight, they promptly forgot about the other. Neither of them noticed the wedding rings disappearing from their fingers as they drove to their jobs.

James walked to the office where he was a software engineer. He sighed as he walked through the open floor plan where his desk was. He plugged his computer into its dock, and started working.

This was all his life was anymore. Just work, and masturbation at home. Well, he did play a lot of video games as well. And watch Youtube videos. But it was like his life was on an endless loop of those four things, with minor variation. Work, video games, Youtube, porn. Like clockwork.

Sometimes he wished he hadn’t gotten into such a male-dominated field.

He was mildly suspicious of modern feminism, but one thing he was fully on board with was the idea of getting more women in STEM. It was probably a bit creepy and pathetic, but he figured he’d never get a girlfriend otherwise.

* * *

Meanwhile, Veronica was on her way to her job as a graphic designer. She loved that she had a creative job, and she vibed with the other employees. It was so fun being single with a bunch of hot artistic types around her.

A little after lunch, when she was experiencing a lull in her work, she decided to enjoy a little water cooler talk with some of the other designers.

She noticed the way that Manuel was looking at her. She smiled, and started flirting with him in little ways—making excuses to touch him lightly to emphasize her points, playing with her hair—she was working him good.

When they could no longer avoid work any longer, they all split off and went to their seats in the open floor plan, but Manuel joined Veronica at her desk instead.

“Hey, Veronica,” Manuel said. “I was just wondering if you’re free tonight? ”

She smiled at him.

“I didn’t have any plans if that’s what you’re asking. Why?”

“I was just wondering if you might want to go dancing tonight?” Manuel grabbed her hips, and pulled her hands into a dancing posture.

Veronica was surprised by his forwardness, but had to admit his confidence was really working for her. She bit her lip and responded.

“I love dancing! Let’s meet up after work.”

* * *

Veronica and James’ evenings could not have been more different.

Veronica had a wonderful night out dancing with Manuel, and got a little more drunk than she had intended to. When she told Manuel that she might have to call a cab, he offered to drive her back to her place.

She was nervous about leaving her car parked on the street by the club over night, but she was also a woman with a mission tonight.

So she agreed to Manuel’s chivalrous offer.

James, for his part, just plopped himself down on the living room couch and started playing video games with his online buddies. He didn’t have a ton of friends who lived near him—not with how shy he normally was.

Around midnight, James was surprised when he heard two loud voices coming to his apartment door. It didn’t sound like his neighbors. Was he getting an Amazon delivery or something?

He heard a woman giggling, and something being loudly knocked over.

Then he heard a man say something in a soothing tone. Or was it a seductive one?

Either way, the sound was getting closer and closer, until finally he heard the door slowly unlock, and saw a strange woman stumble drunkenly in, helped by a man.

It took a few moments for James to recognize Veronica! When he did, he felt his heart fill with compassion and love.

“Oh, babe!” he said. “Are you okay?”

He rushed up from the couch, joining her at the other side from the man.

“I’m fine, babe,” she slurred. “I just got a little too drunk at the club today, that’s all. Manuel helped me.” She felt a little confused. Why had she gone dancing with Manuel? Why was it so hard to remember what she had done with him tonight?

Manuel looked sheepishly at James. Why had he been flirting with Veronica so hard? How had he forgotten she was married? The whole time, he had honestly felt like she was single. Had the golden ring on her finger always been there?

“Oh, hi there,” James said awkwardly. “I don’t think we’ve met.”

“Hi,” Manuel said. “I’m Manuel. I work with Veronica.”

James nodded.

Veronica hadn’t mentioned going out tonight. Normally, that would have worried him or annoyed him a bit, but he couldn’t remember having thought about Veronica once all evening. It was like, in her absence, he had forgotten about her existence entirely!

“Well, I’m glad that she had you there to help her out. I’ve got her from here.”

Manuel nodded, and shuffled out of the apartment, closing the door behind him.

James helped Veronica to the couch, and she started kissing his neck and running her fingers over her chest. Veronica had two modes when drunk, and it looked like tonight she had landed on “horny” mode.

The two of them started making out, and it wasn’t long before the two of them were having their usual mind-blowing sex.

Afterwards, the two of them fell asleep watching some Netflix show they were halfway interested in.

Part 3

Friday was always Veronica’s girl’s night out. James was more of a stay at home and read a book and drink some tea, or play video games kind of guy. But while Veronica hanging out with James, or being alone together with him as they both did different things in the same room, she had never fully kicked her party girl streak, even if she had slowed down significantly since dating James.

So it was Friday night, and Veronica was out with her girls.

She smiled. She was hot, she was single, and she was ready to have fun!

* * *

James was at home working on a small coding project he had been doing in his spare time. It was just some simple image manipulation stuff: Gaussian blur, inverting colors, that sort of thing.

He was poking around for pictures to manipulate on his hard drive, and he noticed a folder called “Veronica.”

He opened it up, and found dozens of pictures of a sexy young woman in various states of undress. She was so hot! He didn’t remember downloading these images, and couldn’t think of why they weren’t in his spank bank (a maze of folders that started with one innocuously labelled “Books.”)

James sighed. It didn’t really matter how he had gotten the images. He had been coding for hours and needed a break. He pulled out some lube, and found an image of this “Veronica” person from a good angle where she was naked and started masturbating.

God, she was so sexy! It just wasn’t fair—why did girls get to look like that, while guys like him had to be alone with no chance of ever dating them, let alone having a night alone with them.

* * *

Veronica had flirted with half of the guys and girls in the club, and had settled on a beautiful black man named Darren to go home with tonight.

Darren was just such a hunk—everything she loved in a man!

When they were grinding together, she had learned everything she needed to know about him.

He was hung.

Before long, Veronica was arm-in-arm with Darren saying goodbye to her girlfriends (who rolled their eyes. Typical Veronica, she would never settle down, would she?) and was walking to Darren’s house, which was apparently nearby.

When they got to Darren’s apartment, Veronica had a one track mind.

She kissed Darren passionately, and slipped her hands down his pants. God, he was huge.

She teased him like this for a time, but it wasn’t long until his building lust drove him to rip her clothes off.

He eyed her breasts and pussy greedily. God, she was hot. He wondered briefly if she was a model or something. She probably had a good Instagram following at least.

Soon, his huge cock was inside of her, and Veronica was learning about the little pussy that could. Darren was the best love that she had ever had. As he fucked her, her mind started to go blank with pleasure.

Darren knew exactly how to work her body.

It wasn’t long, before a familiar pressure was starting to build, and Veronica was soon screaming Darren’s name as he gave her an orgasm more intense than any she had ever experienced.

He kept pumping, and soon had her experiencing a second mind-blowing orgasm, then a third.

She was so fuck drunk that she barely registered Darren finally finishing inside of her, pumping her full of his warm, hot seed.

Veronica lay in the bed a bundle of pleasurable sensations, before her mind finally came back.

Darren was going to be a booty call for sure.

She smiled at the man, who had already fallen asleep and rolled out of bed. She got dressed, and walked back to the club parking lot where her car was the only one in the lot.

She drove home, thinking back fondly on her time with Darren.

* * *

When Veronica opened the door, she saw James and all of her love came flooding back. Her memories of her time away from them became fuzzy and vague, and she forgot her little affair with Darren as she cuddled up next to her one true love James.

For his part, James was so happy to see Veronica. He closed the many pictures of her he had open on his computer, pulled up his pants and enjoyed cuddling with her.

Weirdly, neither of them were much in the mood for sex that night. They normally made love on the daily, but today it was like the two of them were already spent.

* * *

One month later.

Veronica gave James good, but unexpected news. She was pregnant!

The couple had never been happier. James was looking forward to being a father, and Veronica was planning paint swatches and how to paint the crib.

However, whenever she was away on her shopping missions, she would forget about James, and think she was a soon to be single mother. What was she going to do? How was she going to support a kid on her own?

She decided to reach out to Darren.

He tried to talk her into an abortion, but when she refused he reluctantly agreed to help raise the child he had brought into the world.

They made plans to move in together, and raise their child together.

Veronica went from happily planning everything with James, to planning her new life with Darren.

Two months before she gave birth, she finally moved in with Darren.

It was the right move. A baby needs two parents.

And now in her new house, she never saw James again.

And since she never saw James, she never remembered him, and he never remembered her.

The baby was born in March, and had dark skin like his father.

When the doctors asked Veronica what she wanted to name the child, she told them, “James.”

She didn’t know why, but she felt really positive about that name.

Meanwhile, back at their former apartment, James had settled into single life for good now. His life was an endless loop of work, video games, Youtube, and porn.

He sighed. At least he would always have the Veronica folder on his hard drive. He didn’t know why, but he always seemed to cum so much harder masturbating to her photos than anything he found online.


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