Stray to the Mind

Stray to the Mind part 2

by ARandomGuy

Tags: #dom:male #exhibitionism #f/m #humiliation #pov:top #sub:female

Stray to the Mind part 2

“Now, let's see about getting my cock wet.” I said to her.

With a flick of my tongue on her clit, I stood up, and stepped closer to Michelle. The arm of the couch was lower than was preferable, so I had to squat down a bit before my cock made contact with her dripping slit. I took both of her breasts into my hands, massaging each, and then pulling on her protruding right nipple.

“Mmmmm” she moaned as she reached down to stroke my cock with her left hand.

She stroked it just a few times before rubbing it on her clit, and upper lips, but I wouldn't back up enough for her to insert it quite yet. I wanted to tease her more, so I shifted my hips forward, and backward, sliding my long shaft across her clit over and over. The friction causing her to moan more, as she looked up into my face with absolute lust in half lidded eyes.

“Do you want to cum?” I taunted her, as I kept thrusting my hips, rubbing my cock across her clit.

“YESSSS” she groaned out.

I pulled back enough that she could press the head of my cock down through her soaked lips, and to her entrance, where it popped in. She then started to wiggle her hips, trying to get farther onto my rod. I pulled and then released her nipple, and moved my hands to her upper thighs, and yanked her onto me fully.

“CUM slut!” I told her mentally and vocally.

She did. Loudly.

“AAAHHHHHHHH! YESSS! GODFUCKYES!” She belted out, as I sunk in to my balls inside her cunt.

She squirted once again, bathing my stomach, and balls in her excretions as it splashed at high volume. Her hips went wild, wiggling on me, as her cunt was constricting around my shaft over and over through her orgasm. Her arms were flailing about until they both gripped my arms, and squeezed.

I adjusted my hands, sliding them up her sides, and behind her, pulling her to me, and more securely onto my cock, her legs wrapping around me. Then I lifted her up, and her cunt speared itself even more on my cock with her weight sitting on me. With that, I turned around, and fell back onto the couch, pinning her feet behind me, and slamming her down onto my cock again.

She started to thrust her hips back and forth, as she couldn't lift up off of me, but instead of thrusting up into her, I reached over to the pizza box, and extracting a slice for myself. She just moaned when I took a bite, not helping her at all in trying to fuck me.

“You can have some, too.” I offered, and she just grabbed my arm, and pulled my piece up to her mouth.

While she bit into my slice of pizza, I leaned in, and took her left nipple into my mouth to suck on. She pushed out her chest into me, pressing her tit into my face. She kept wriggling on my cock, trying to find the stimulation to get off again, but I sat there, dormant, and balls deep in her soaked cunt.

“Never had your pussy stuffed while eating before?” I asked her.

“No. It's so kinky, and weird.” she replied.

She would continue to wiggle about on my throbbing pole, as we ate most of the box of pizza, but she wasn't getting much stimulation out of it. She finally gave up until I reached down and started flicking her clit with my thumb. She started back up, thrusting to and fro, going for more contact.

I grabbed onto her her ass with one hand, and reached a bit farther with the other, sliding my middle finger down her ass crack, to play with her little rosebud with the tip of my finger. That got her to bounce a bit on me. I began to lift her off my cock with both hands, one finger pressed up on her asshole, until I lifted her hard enough that my finger slipped inside her to the first knuckle.

“Who's cunt is this?” I demanded.

“Oooh yours!” she huffed as she worked hard at riding me the best she could.

“Who's ass is this?” I asked, pressing my finger inside her dark tunnel up to the second knuckle.

“It's yours! Oh GOD, it's yours.” she groaned.

“Has anyone ever stuck their cock up your ass before?” I inquired, while still lifting and dropping her on my cock.

Her tits were bouncing in my face, enticing me, so I leaned in and licked her right tit, pressing my face into it, until I found her nipple, and nibbled on it.

“Nooooo” she moaned. “It'd hurt too much!”

I just smiled, and wiggled my finger in her ass more, as I pulled her up, and dropped her on me. She moaned louder, and more often as I did so. I continued to tease her nipple with my tongue, as I held it in my mouth by my teeth.

“Eeeeiii!” She shuttered and fell into me, as her orgasm ripped through her body. I lost the connection on her nipple, but kept my finger up her ass for continued stimulation. I did allow her to rest briefly before I began lifting her up, sliding her slick pussy up my rod, before dropping her again, shoving my cock in to the balls.

I wasn't going to last for too much longer, and wanted to really pound into her to finish off, so I leaned forward, pushing her back, and stood up, only to turn around and drop her down on the couch where I sat.

In doing so, my cock slipped out of her, but I squatted down and jammed myself back into her steamy warmth, balls deep. I pulled her legs up to my shoulders, and then latched on to both of her breasts again before I pulled out of her, and pushed back in. I began to piston in and out of her, as she swung her hips into me, creating more forceful impacts every time. Her butt cheeks were spread, and from her position, completely open to me, my ball sack was dragged through her crack and over her asshole.

I gripped her tits hard as I stroked in and out of her, twisting my grip on her, making her cry out a few times. Our fucking was getting sloppy where we joined, and noisy as well with her fluids continuously flowing. She was bent almost double as I slammed into her, making squelching sounds on every impact.

By then, she had my hands in hers, and couldn't stop me from squeezing her tits hard, but still held my hands firmly against her chest. The friction of my thick dick slipping in and out of her fuck hole had me on the edge in no time. She beat me to it in yet another big orgasm, splashing her juices all over my belly, as I pummeled her abused cunt.

“AAAAHHHH! Fuck yes! Fuck!” She cried out, just as I started releasing jet after jet of cum deep inside her.

Before I finished inside her, she had passed out from her orgasm. Her hands went limp, and when I released her tits, and leaned back, her legs fell lifeless to either side of me, exposing her abused cunt.

I pulled out of her dripping snatch, and soon I saw our combined spend start to drip out of her. I decided to get up, and take a breather. It would be a few more hours before the delivery driver came back again.

I ran and got a dish rag, and placed it under Michelle's ass, to save the couch from staining. I then sat down on the other couch, and relaxed with a beer.

I was on my 4th beer when there was a soft knock at the door. The hour was late, but I knew who it was. The delivery girl was off work presumably, and came back. I got up, not caring that I hadn't dressed while waiting, and went to the door. When I opened it, she was standing there, with her tight maroon work shirt showing the wonderful natural shape of her C cup tits, and gumdrop shaped bumps both slightly outside, and up from center on her bust.

I had the door fully open, and I was growing hard while just looking at her, as I had before when seeing her the first time. I must have been staring too long, as she shifted her stance, and asked if she could come in.

“I uhh came back to uh pick up my bra.” she mentioned as she flowed past me before I closed the door.

“Is that all you came back for?” I quarried.

At this point, I hadn't gotten into her head as of yet. I wanted to see how she'd react to everything. When she walked in, she saw that Michelle was still here, and passed out spread eagle on the couch. She looked her over, and then looked around the room. Her eyes finally found their way back to me, and then to my log pointing at her.

“Uhh.. well, I couldn't get your uh penis out of my mind. I've been horny for the last few hours.” she said, and fingered one of her nipples through her shirt.

“And now that you're here..?” I asked.

“I want what she had.” she indicated Michelle on the couch.

“Why don't you show me what you are offering.” I told her.

She quickly took off her shirt again, and dropping it near her bra I hadn't bothered to pick up yet, and then bent over to untie her shoes, before slipping out of them, and her socks. She stood back up, pushing out her tits at me, and then unfastened her jeans, and shifting her hips up and down, shucked her pants down her legs, where she stepped out of them, leaving her matching black thong in place, covering her intimate area.

I walked up to her, and reached out with my hand to her pussy hidden from me, and pressed the fabric in between her swollen folds. She moaned as I did this, and her hips flexed forward into my hand. I cupped her whole pussy and asked her name.

“Stacy, Sir.” she answered.

“Well, Stacy, I'm going to take all of you before you leave here.” I told her, before I leaned down and took a nipple into my mouth.

When I released her nipple, I knelt down before her, and began to pull down her thong to her feet, and she stepped out of them, using my shoulder as a balance point. I tossed her thong behind me, and leaned into her slippery snatch, and licked her clit, making her suck in her breath momentarily.

“Why don't you spread your legs for me a bit.” I told her, and her feet moved just beyond shoulder width apart. Her fat lips were on display much better now, and I could see the condensation even up into her little landing strip of short hair above her clit.

I ducked my head a bit more, and brought a hand between her legs to pull her ass into me, as I took a long lick of both of her lips. Then I pointed my tongue, and pressed in between her lips, to taste her juices even more. I kept at it while massaging her ass with my hand, pulling her into me and pressing my face into her juicy cunt. I tried to avoid flicking her clit for as long as I could, but my nose bumped and rubbed it a few times.

“Mmmm” was her response to my tongue work, and she placed a hand on my head, not to guide me, but to hold on. I could see she used her other hand on her left breast, pulling the nipple out, and releasing it, only to pinch it again. I nibbled on one of her puffy lips, and then the other, before taking on her clit.

She tasted divine, and sounded so cute as she mewled at my sucking on her protruding clit. She did start to ride my face just a fraction of a second before cumming in my mouth, and dribbling down my chest. Her body shook with the impact of such a good orgasm.

I released her clit, and moved my thumb down to her entrance, and fingered her briefly before sliding it back toward her asshole. That was my intention anyway. When I inserted my thumb in her cunt though, she was so tight, and pressing in as far as I could, I met resistance.

“You're a virgin?” I asked, surprised.

“Yes.. is that ok?” she said quietly.

“Of course it's ok. I look forward to taking your virginity.” I said.

“I was saving myself for the right guy. I guess you're the guy now.” she said.

I kept my thumb up her cunt, pressing on her hymen, and using my index finger to find her asshole, where I played with her back entrance. I leaned in to suck her clit into my mouth again, and at the same time, pressed my index finger deep into her ass with force.

Her asshole tightened up on me, and she squealed, her grip in my hair tightening. I then pulled out part way. Then I tried to press my thumb and finger together within her holes, before pulling and pushing in and out, just enough as to be holding a 6 pack of beer, masturbating both of her holes as I ran my tongue around her clit in my mouth. Enjoying the taste of her virgin cunt.

“I am going to take your virgin ass as well. Both you and hers.” I said, indicating Michelle's form on the couch with a tilt of my head.

She couldn't believe it, as her eyes widened and her jaw dropped open. She did stay silent though.

“Get on your hands and knees for me.” I told her, withdrawing my fingers from her holes, and standing up.

“Ok.” She said, and slowly got down to her knees, and looked behind her, at me, as she went to all fours.

“Now crawl over to Michelle. I want you to clean her up as I take your cherry.” I told her.

“I've never.. I mean.. I'm not into girls though.” she said with a scrunched up face.

I entered her mind, and manipulated her desires, and thoughts, as I slapped her once on her fine ass. She started to move, but was slow in the process. She got up to Michelle's spread legs and sat down on her heels, looking back at me again, so I walked over behind her, bent over, and reaching down, I stuck a finger in her cooch, and pulled her hips up so she was once fully on her knees.

Now she was in position, and I knelt down behind her, letting my cock slap her between her ass cheeks as I went down. Then I pressed it into her crack, and slid the head down past her asshole, and it tried popping into her entrance, but I kept it moving down until my cock was pressing up along it's length, in between her pussy lips, where I began to saw back and forth.

I leaned down over her back, both hands on her shoulders, and whispered in her ear.

“Go ahead and suck out what's left of my cum from her cunt, Stacy. Clean her up.” I said.

Then, I backed up enough that my cock head slid between her lips again, and found her opening, where it fell into place, with just the head inside her. I reached over, and with one hand remaining on her shoulder, the other grabbed at her ponytail of her sandy blonde hair flowing down her back, and pulled her head up a bit.

When she was in the right position, I pushed into her a bit more, until my intruding cock felt resistance. I paused for a second, feeling how tight she already was around my shaft. I then pressed a little harder into her, stretching her hymen, and she moved slightly towards Michelle, but stopped again.

When I started to press into her again, she pushed back against me. She knew it was inevitable that I would take her cherry here and now, and just wanted it over. I, however, wanted it to last for a few seconds. I let my cock stretch her wide open, feeling her constricting around me, and then I pulled out completely, before reinserting it back into her tight hot box.

I did this a few times, teasing her, and just feeling how nice and snug my cock was just inside her pussy. The last time I pulled out, she mewled loudly, just inches from the cunt she was to eat out.

“Tell me you want it.” I said.

“Oh, GOD, give me your cock! Break my innocence and stuff me with your big cock... Sir!” she cried out. “Please fuck meeee!”

“It would be my pleasure.” I told her.

I pulled on her shoulder, and on her hair, as I pushed inside of her, centimeter by centimeter, stretching her hymen again. When I was about a quarter of the way in, I stopped for a second, and then thrust hard, tearing apart her virginity, claiming her cunt as mine, as my balls swung and slapped her clit. My cock head pressed against her cervix.

“AAAAAAIIIII!” she cried out loud. “FUCKME! Oh fuckfuckfuck.”

Her wailing didn't even wake Michelle up. I let her calm down some, and allowed her tight cunt get used to my size inside her. I chose to marinate my cock in pussy no one's touched until now. I leaned over her back again and whispered in her ear.

“I own this pussy now. I'll be in your head when you get horny for a long time. You'll wish for this cock again, to split you open.” I told her.

“Uhnng” she groaned, and readjusted her legs just a bit wider, forcing my cock to slide around inside her a little bit. The feeling was incredible in her tight confines.

She seemed to tighten up even more when I began to pull out of her. I came out all the way, and looked down at the hole left behind. It slowly closed up after I pulled out, so I pressed my head back in, and slowly entered her fully for the second time. I didn't pull out again yet, but thrusted, and pushed my hips into her ass, pushing her forward so her mouth finally made contact with Michelle's sex.

The cum that had escaped from Michelle's little pussy had dried as it flowed down to her asshole and the rag. There was still more hidden inside though, and it would all be cleaned out. I made sure of that, as I once again found myself in Stacy's head, directing her.

Her head began to bob, and I heard her as she started licking the pussy her face was pressed into by my hips. She went at it with gusto, licking at the dried cum below the pussy, and straight up to the clit, repeating this over and over. Then she pressed herself into the pussy, and began sucking on Michelle's hole, trying to extract any more cum left within.

She groaned again when I slowly pulled out of her again, only to push back in seconds later. Then I began to stroke in and out of her tight cunt slowly at first, just enjoying how snug I felt inside her, and giving her some pleasure to boot. I felt her hand begin to play with her clit, as it rubbed up on my shaft a few times.

Her squealing tipped me off on her orgasm before her cunt tightened it's grip repeatedly on my cock. Most of the noise was muffled by Michelle's cunt, which stimulated her a bit. Michelle moaned in her sleep, and her hand shifted to lay on her pubic mound. Stacy kept at the clean up, and was now licking farther down at Michelle's asshole, and even on the rag.

I sped up on my strokes after Stacy came down from her orgasm, and I knew I wouldn't last forever. She just felt so silky and tight that I was going to blow soon. I sped up even more, making her grunt with every stroke in from me. I groaned a bit too.

“Are.. you on.. birth control?” I asked between thrusts.

“Yeah. Uhng! I have.. ugg bad cramps and..” she started, but I cut her off.

“Good! I'm going uhh to stuff you full!” I grunted out as I grabbed both of her hips, and began power driving into her hot box.

This got her going again, and she had to give up on her cleaning duties, so she could breathe. Our bodies were slapping together, pelvis to ass, and balls on clit. I pushed her over by sliding my hand over her ass, and pressing my thumb up her asshole. She squealed loud, and her body shook with the power of her orgasm. This final scream was what woke up Michelle.

Stacy's tight box squeezed me so good, repeatedly, almost restricting my movements, that I started to cum inside her in large globs, painting her insides white. I'm so glad she was on birth control. I couldn't enjoy a good fucking end by creaming on someone's back. I kept thrusting inside her, and wiggling my thumb, even though we were both done for now. I wanted to keep hard, and enveloped inside of her hot little pussy as long as I could.

Michelle reached down and started to finger herself again, after all the good feelings she had at the end of her being knocked out. She ended up watching the end of our fucking, and slowly rubbed at her clit.

I just watched this, and hoped that I'd stay hard long enough to take more virgin holes tonight. Stacy's cunt was still constricting on me, which did help in keeping me hard. I kept her orgasm going but slowing down, yet extended it by playing with my thumb up her ass.

With a little faith in my turgid rod, I asked them both.

“Who wants to give me their ass first?”

“Mmmm I'll do it. I feel so good right now.” Stacy spoke up.

That worked out well. I was already lubed up by all our combined juices that it had been squirting out of her around my shaft, she'd been so full of it. I pulled my cock out of her tight canal, and moved it up just a bit, as I removed my thumb.

“Just relax your ass.” I told her.

“Michelle, get on the floor under her, and clean her out like she did to you.” I told her as I began pressing my fat cock against Stacy's back door.

There was a lot of cum on my rod, and head, which made popping my head into her ass much easier. When it did, she gasped. I stayed right there, and slid both hands up Stacy's body, and wrapped them around to the front, encasing both of her breasts in my hands.

Michelle meanwhile, had slide pussy first, off the couch, and turned around on her back, then pushed herself under Stacy by using the couch for leverage with her legs. I used my handholds to pull Stacy up to standing on her knees with her back to my chest, being careful not to slide anymore into her ass yet.

Michelle first took a lick of my cum splattered ball sack before she moved back up to start catching the large deposit I made in Stacy's tight cavern.

“How does my little slut feel with my cock at your back door?” I whispered in her ear.

“Mmmmmm” she started, and wiggled her hips from something that Michelle did below her. “It actually feels nice. HUGE, but nice.”

“Ready for more?” I asked

“Please go slow.” she whimpered.

With that, I flexed my ass, and started to slide my long shaft into her tight ass, inch by slow inch. I felt another lick on my balls, and knew I was close to burying my cock up her back door.

When I finished thrusting into her ass, I lifted her up slightly, as my legs were longer than hers. I kept myself inside her, and adjusted my stance before pulling out most of the way. Her ass tightened on me before I could get out of her completely, and I slowly thrust back inside her, allowing her to adjust to the change in girth along my length.

Stacy kept moaning from both my actions, and all the licking she was receiving from below. Michelle held on to both of Stacy's thighs to pull her up enough to lick at her, and keep my stance comfortable. I played with Stacy's nipples, pinching and pulling them separately. This elicited moans from her as well. Her hands came up to hold mine on her breasts.

I began to pull out, and fuck this fine ass I was buried in, enjoying the feeling of being in such a tight space as a virgin ass. My thrusts started small. A couple of inches each way, but then I expanded to almost full strokes, when Stacy joined in my thrusts, by pushing back into me with her ass.

“Ooooh yes! Oh fuck my ass.” she sighed. “So full!”

I felt harder than ever as I thrust inside her a bit harder, and more fully. She shoved her ass back into me, arching her back up against my chest. I nibbled on her ear, and called her my little anal slut as I thrust hard up into her back side.

With the double stimulation of my cock buried in her ass, and the tongue lashing her cunt was getting, it was only a matter of time before she started crying out.

“Ooohyeah! Fuck meeee! Fuckfuckfuckyessss! I'm gonna uh CUUUUUUMMMMMMMM! YESSSS!” she screamed at the end as she gushed from her tight cunt straight into Michelle's face and mouth, her body shaking in my arms.

I was getting close myself, and wanted to last, and fuck both girls asses, so as Stacy began to calm down after her big orgasm, I began to pull out.

“What a good little slut you are!” I said. “I'm not going to last inside of you, and have the need to fuck Michelle's ass too!”

“Oooh I already miss your big cock inside me.” She said as I finally popped out of her back door.

“Michelle. Get up, and onto the couch facing the front window.” I commanded, and she soon complied.

This change over gave me time to calm down, and let the balls relax a bit. I wanted to last, and give Michelle a good fucking, too. I stroked just enough to keep me hard as steel, as I watched Michelle roller over, and climb up onto the couch. Her ass looked very inviting, as did her pussy below it, but I was set on taking virginities today. I had one left to take.

Michelle grabbed the back of the couch, with the drapes almost brushing her face, and knees planted wide on the edge of the couch called to me. I grabbed her hips, and then slid one hand up to her lovely tit, and squeezed, and fondled, as I guided my cock to her back door. Pressing firmly, my head finally popped inside her, but still had to coach her to relax, as I couldn't move at all.

I put my other hand up on her shoulder for leverage, and began to pull her into me, as I was pushing forward into her. She didn't relax her ass much at all, but I still slid inside her with great effort. The last few inches, I yanked back on her shoulder, and my other handhold on her tit, and slammed myself home, deep in her dark passage.

“AAAIIIII!” she cried out with the final thrust inside her.

I held still, letting her get used to my girth, and just wiggling my hips to stimulate her ass a bit. Stacy meanwhile, reached between my legs, rubbed my balls on the way by, and then rubbed on Michelle's pussy, teasing her clit with the tip of her fingers. This got Michelle to wiggle her hips a bit. It did, however, help Michelle to relax her ass some, and the constriction of my cock was lessened.

I seized the moment, and began pulling out most of the way, and slowly slid right back in. I repeated this for a little bit, and felt as though her ass was used to me now. I knew tight ass could take more of a beating going forward. As I sped up, she began to push back into me. Gripping her shoulder, I used it for leverage, and thrust my hips faster, only to pause after a dozen strokes. Her ass gripped me tight when I did this, and then released me to start again.

“Mmmmm. You feel good in me.” she told me on one pause of my thrusting.

“As do you, slut. So tight!” I replied, and then thrust hard into her a few times.

“I think I'm ready to go harder” she said to me, and I obliged.

I slid my hands under her torso, gripping both her hanging tits, and started to thrust long and hard into her ass. Her grunts started from once in a while to almost on every one of my thrusts. The grunts then morphed into long drawn out groans, which served to get me going harder, feeling the severe friction of my thick cock sliding through a very tight asshole.

Being in my second asshole, pounding away, I knew I wouldn't last long, as I was close when I was fucking Stacy's ass. My balls were boiling, and ready to boil over. Where do I want to cum now. Stacy didn't get my cum, and Michelle may. That's not fair.

I think the only way I could fairly let the girls receive my spunk was to mark them as mine.

“I'm almost there! I'm gonna cum! Both of you sit down cheek to cheek facing me!” I said as I pulled out of Michelle's delightful ass, and began stroking my cock.

Both of the girls clambered for position, with Stacy on my left, already in a squat facing my way, and Michelle jumping off the couch, and spinning around before she sat on her ankles, their faces almost looking at each other. The corners of their mouths almost touching, they were so close.

I began to stroke hard, and it wasn't long before my cum came up, shooting out towards their faces, mouths wide open, yet getting plastered just under their eyes. The second shot hit them in the mouth, the third, was directed at Stacy's other eye, and the fourth was over Michelle's nose. I let the remaining jets of my hot cum to land either on their chins, or down on their neck and breasts.

As I finish hosing them down with cum, they start taking a finger, and wiping the cum off their face, and sticking the finger in their mouths to taste more of it.

“Rub the rest in like lotion.” I told them, and they wiped from their chins down and rubbed all they could into their breasts.

I wanted to do more with them at the moment, but I was worn out, and had gone soft after shooting my load on their faces. Instead, I went to the kitchen and grabbed 3 beers. When I returned, Stacy was looking around for her clothes, and Michelle was again masturbating, doing the splits in the middle of the couch, with both legs on the edge on opposing sides of her.

“Why the rush, slut?” I directed toward Stacy.

“My boyfriend will be back from his 'boys night out' in a little while. He'll expect me home.” she responded.

“You live with the guy, and you were still a virgin? How did that happen?” I asked.

“I was saving myself for marriage, but your cock looked so good, I forgot my vow of celibacy, taking your cock in all my holes.” she remarked, as though we were just talking about the weather.

“How would he react to your used cunt?” I asked her.

“He may kick me out. He might just get a night of fun, too. Who knows.” she replied.

I set one beer down on the coffee table in front of Michelle, who was still busy jamming 3 fingers up her pussy, and playing with her clit with the other hand. I opened her bottle, and then placed the other two on the table, before randomly reaching out, grabbing onto Stacy's right nipple.

“When you cum with your boy toy, be sure to think of me stretching your virgin pussy open.” I told her, and twisted her nipple.

“Of course, Sir.” she said.

I released her nipple, allowing her to dress, before walking her to the door.

“I'll probably order some more pizza soon. Be ready for me.” I told her, as I watched her walk out the door.

I looked back at Michelle, which she decided that the long neck of the beer bottle was better than her fingers, was masturbating with the glass phallus. I shut the door, and came over in front of her, knelt down, taking the bottle from her hand. It was still mostly full. I pulled it out of her, leaned in with my mouth open all the way, and covered the majority of her cunt with my mouth, licking at her hole. There was a strong taste of beer, and then some flowed out into my mouth.

I told her to get up off the couch then. When she stood up, and I licked her cunt again, before reinserting the bottle neck deep inside of her to where the bottle expands in width, and held it there.

“If you can hold, and carry the bottle into the bedroom, I'll fuck you again. If not, you only get the bottle to fuck yourself with.” I told her, got up, grabbing one of the other bottles, and walked casually toward the bedroom.

“You better get it up again, Sir. I expect your cock to finish the night strong.” She said to my back, and I smiled.


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