You're confused. It's okay.

by ABrainwashedMel

Tags: #dom:female #f/nb #memory_play #pov:bottom #sub:nb #wholesome #collars #intoxication

“You don’t remember why you’re here. You’ve lost track of the day. You don’t know what this bar is. You’re confused. It’s okay.” A short story around memory play, vaguely-described intoxication with some good wholesomeness at the end.

You weren't sure exactly what made you choose to go out tonight, to this strange bar on the side of town you never ventured to. But here you were, all dressed up. Well, dressed down might be more accurate since you were showing quite a bit of skin. But this outfit does make you look incredibly sexy so.... surely it must be a good choice.

You sit there sipping your drink and looking around at the rest of the customers. The bar's atmosphere was dark in a cosy, mysterious sort of way. The lights occasionally flickered, but no one seemed to mind. There was a smell of leather in the air... maybe from the furnishings? But you couldn't see any leather furniture around you.... huh, weird.

"The same again?"

You look up. The bartender is watching you patiently. Oh! Whilst you may not have noticed, the bartender is attentive enough to see your drink is nearly empty.

"Yes, another would be lovely, thank you." You smile, and the bartender nods. Soon another drink is placed in front of you. You take a sip. You weren't entirely sure what you ordered. Bars aren't really your thing, but this was lemonade and something so you opted for it. Whatever it is, it does taste rather good. Sweet, slightly fruity and with a pleasant aftertaste. You could very easily down it.

The lights flicker again, a bit more intensely this time. But chatter continues and no one seems to care so you try to ignore it as well. Why did you choose to go here? Thinking back, after your lunchtime visit to a neighbouring café, the afternoon is a little blurry. You remember sitting in the café, having a hot drink and reading a book. Hmm. You can't quite... Did someone sit down with you? Yeah, you're pretty sure they had brown hair and gorgeous green eyes. But who wer-

Lights flicker and the thought disappears.

The bartender passes you another drink. You don't even remember taking more than a sip of the previous drink, yet somehow it's empty. (Did you even ask for another?) Glancing at your watch, you see you've sat here for an hour already. What? How? You swear it's been maybe half that at most. And that strange smell of leather... it's somehow stronger as more customers appear and time passes by.

A small feeling of concern starts to rise. You start to get up, perhaps to go wash your face in the bathroom, but the lights flicker and your body relaxes again. You blink. The concern disappears. So you continue to look around the room again. Where is that smell coming from?

Your vision is a little blurry. It's hard to focus and the flickering lights do very little to help. You're confused. It's okay. The lights flicker some more and when it pauses, your eyes finally focus for just a moment. Enough time to see that half the customers are wearing some sort of choker.

No... not chokers. Leather collars, and leashed by their partners. But then the lights flicker again and the bartender passes you yet another drink. And then s tap on your shoulder catches your lethargic mind's attention and the strange recognition that a bar with collar-wearing customers isn't normal fades.

A bright smile on a pretty woman's face. She's sat next to you. You think she's been sat next to you all this time. There are a few empty glasses in front of her too, so she must have been. Gorgeous brown hair falls around her shoulder but it's her sparkling green eyes that you focus on the most. You think focusing would be difficult, but it feels so natural to get lost in them. It feels like home.

You're confused. It's okay. You're not sure what's going on. It's okay. Your hand fumbles up to rub your eyes, maybe to stop you from staring right into her eyes, but your arms are slow and heavy. You manage to reach up to your neck before the effort becomes too much. And it is at that point you realise.

There's a thick leather collar around your own neck, and a leash held by that pretty woman with the captivating emerald eyes. You're confused. It's okay. You're safe. It's okay.

The woman smiles even brighter at you and you smile back, dazed and ditzy. You feel good. You feel incredibly good. The woman's name comes to your lips and it feels so natural to repeat it aloud.


She reaches out and caresses your cheek as you mumble happily. You feel proud.

"That's right." She laughs, enjoying your mindless grin. Her wonderful green eyes gleam, and her expression switches. You're not sure why, that is until her hand moves up to your eyeline.

The lights flicker.

She snaps her fingers.

It's okay.

When your mind next reappears, you're in bed with sunlight scattering across your face. It's bright, too bright. Squinting and rolling over to avoid this, your eyes focus on the bedside table where several photo frames sit on top. It's you... you and that pretty woman with the green eyes from last night.

All the memories come rushing back to you as someone's soft hand slinks around your waist, and a face buries itself into your neck. Warm happy feelings glow within you and you laugh, rolling back over and on top on this pretty woman. Your Mistress and your girlfriend.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you." You exclaim, showering her with kisses. She laughs.

"You were such a good toy at forgetting. I love you."


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