A Long, Deep, Soak

by ABrainwashedMel

Tags: #microfiction #pov:bottom #scent #drug_play #drugged #drugs #Scentplay

A microfiction on a very special bath your Dominant has prepared for you. Gender-vague.

You always knew how lucky you were to have a Dominant that takes such good care of you, and instances like this just remind you of that fact. Granted, it should be the bare minimum to pay attention to your partner, but those good folks can be hard to find in a crowd. One that is about as kinky as you? Even harder. But after a series of emotion-fuelled texts to your Dominant, they noticed that some relaxation might be needed. So when you finally got home, they gently led you to the bathroom where a hot bath had been prepared just for you, hot enough where that tingling feeling creeps over your muscles when you step in, enveloping you in a wave of warm bliss.

You can feel all that tension and all those aches just melt away as you lay there. Bubbles cover the water, and you can smell something... sweet but earthy at the same time. You're not entirely sure what... maybe lavender? Maybe cedarwood? Maple? There's familiar notes but there's a mixture of something unfamiliar entwined within that and the unknowing is starting to make your head spin. Confusion is not something you seek out, after all, despite it so frequently affecting you nowadays. Whatever that smell is, it does smell rather good. And sinking into the water like this, the relaxation just makes the rest of the world a bit fuzzy. You can see some of the bubbles popping, and each time you get a new burst of that wonderful scent drowning out your thoughts. Thoughts? Why would it do that? You don't really understand but I'm sure everything is fi- pop Hmm, strange, you don't remember what you were saying. It's almost like each pop of the bubbles pops a thought aw- pop Huh? You don- pop What is- pop It feels so goo- pop

Mmmm, you don't remember stepping into this bath but you're very glad you did. Your head feels heavy and light at the same time, and the hot water has made your muscles feel barely there. Your body is floating comfortably so there's no danger of anything bad happening. Quite the opposite in fact, because you seem to float there at the perfect level without any effort at all. Body melting away, thoughts melting away with every pop and breath of that delicious smell. And eventually there's no thoughts left. A perfect blank canvas for whenever your Dominant gets back.


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