Turning My Innocent Neighbor Into A Cumslut

Chapter 3

by 1HypnotizedBimbo

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:male #f/m #sub:female

This is Book 1, Part 3, and the ending of 'Turning My Innocent Neighbor Into A Cumslut'

I drive us out to Sugarman’s Park and park way out in the sticks. It’ll be empty at this time, because everyone from around here attends the Sunday service (and anyone who doesn’t is already an antisocial outcast who won’t bother us or be bothered by us). I’ve been so focused on getting here that it’s only after I’ve parked that I realize Sydney and I have just sat in silence, like a boy and his robot, or something.

“It’s a pretty day,” I say casually, because it still feels like I should talk to her like she’s . . . well, her.


Her eyes are less watery now when she gazes back at me, and I can’t help but grin at her. She’s really easy to talk to when she’s all quiet and agreeable like this. But I’ve already wasted fifteen or twenty minutes driving out this far, and it’ll take me at least that to get back—which means we don’t have much time to shoot the breeze and do all the other things I want to try to do.

“Why don’t you like me?” I find myself asking anyway.

Sydney blinks at me like she doesn’t quite understand. Her upper teeth bite into her full lower lip and she tilts her head. “I like you.”

“No, for real,” I say before I can stop myself.

It doesn’t surprise me when she doesn’t answer, only gazing at me with those ocean-colored eyes and chewing on her lip like a confused schoolgirl. Having her stare at me like this is making all the blood rush from my head down to someplace much lower. My cock strains against the black dress pants and I don’t even bother to cover it up. It’s clear Sydney isn’t going to care if the powder has made her so mindless.

“Will you suck me off?” I almost feel like apologizing as soon as the question leaves my mouth.

I would never speak to anyone like this normally, especially not Sydney Rosenblum, but the situation has made me bold and reckless. I halfway expect her to remain silent or shake her head. Will she even know what I mean? She’s such a prudish ice queen that she might not even know anything about blowjobs—although that would be pretty weird since she’s an adult and not completely sheltered. But then she nods at me, her eyes still glued to mine, and her tongue slowly swipes along her lower lip, and—Dear God!—I about come in my pants.

“Have you—” I stammer. “Have you ever given a guy a blowjob before?”

I’m terrified she’s going to say yes because I really want to be the first (and only) one she ever does it for. My boner flags in fear, but then she shakes her head and blushes, and my heart soars.

“That’s okay. I’ll teach you.”

I reach out and tentatively touch her face, every nerve ending in my body lighting up like a Christmas tree. I can’t believe this is happening. I can’t believe she’s not arguing or pulling away from me. I can’t believe how soft her skin feels under my fingertips, and how her soft mouth is going to pleasure me senseless, until I spurt hot cum down her throat.

I groan at the thought, my cock throbbing painfully at full mass once again. Perhaps I shouldn’t rush this. We do still have some time, even if it’s not endless hours, there’s at least enough to take it a little slow. Gently, I lean over and press my mouth to hers, first very chastely, but when she doesn’t pull away and presses against me back, I push my tongue past her lips.

Fuck she tastes good. Like something sweet and minty. I eagerly claim her mouth with my own, my heart happily pounding away in my chest, and wrap my hands around the back of her neck, twisting my fingers into her silky blonde hair.

I kiss her until I can hardly breathe, my exhalations growing ragged, and my lips going numb. Okay, maybe I got carried away with making out, but since I’d never kissed a girl before, finally getting to kiss the girl I’ve been obsessed with for the last year is like winning the lottery. Of course I’m going to savor it.

I give her one last kiss, gently sucking on each of her lips and breathing her in. She smells so goddamned good—a fruity cleanness with just the hint of something sharper, something entirely her. It’s making my head swimmy.

“Do . . . do you like kissing me?” I ask, resting my forehead on hers.


“Did it . . . did it turn you on at all?”

I know that’s probably not a fair question. She’s definitely going to say it did, and when she hums, ‘Mmhmm’, it feels a little empty. That’s okay though. She’s still going to show me what I’ve been waiting to see for a very long time. And she’s still going to satisfy me in a way I’ve only dreamed of.

“Let me see your bra.”

Sydney pulls away and unzips the back of her dress, slowly pulling the top down to expose her chest. My breath catches even though it looks exactly as I’d expected: a plain white bra, no frills or lace, and lots of coverage and support for her large bust.

“Take it off.”

I can barely keep from squirming in my seat as she listens. The fabric falls away like a hushed whisper, and my eyes fill with the soft, heavy curves and delicate pink nipples of Sydney’s perfect tits. Her tits are even bigger than I’d expected, and the nipples are paler, both of which turn me on so much that a spurt of precum makes a wet spot on my pants. I reach out with both hands and caress them lovingly, barely daring to believe that everything I’ve ever wanted is finally happening. A beautiful girl let me kiss her. A beautiful girl is letting me feel her up. Soon, a beautiful girl would be going down on me.

I glance down at my watch and a nervous trill skitters through me. There’s only about a half hour left before we should head home, just to be on the very safe side. Everyone probably wonders where we are, though I’m sure they all went to church anyway, but there’s still the issue of church letting out and Sydney’s parents or brother deciding to search for her. It would be best not to push it and take my prize now. Take it before it can be stolen from me.

“I want you to worship my cock with your mouth,” I say as I move my hands from her tits to unbuckle my seatbelt and undo my zip.

My dick isn’t anything spectacular. It’s not particularly big or small. But right now I feel king-sized as Sydney watches me unleash it, her blue eyes widening (thankfully not with disgust or fear), and her mouth opening like she’s anticipating the taste of me.

“You just kiss and suck on it,” I say softly as I reach for her.

She unbuckles herself and leans over me, but before I can say anything else or instruct her further, I feel a delicious wet heat slide across my cock.

“Oh fuck,” I groan.

Sydney Rosenblum is licking my fucking cock and it feels amazing. My head falls back against the headrest as she kisses all up and down my length and then licks the tip again. I must be dribbling precum, and she must be slurping it up like the most perfect little slut in the world.

“Does it taste good?” I bite out, and then I groan again when her, ‘Mmhmm’, hums against my cockhead, my hands finding their way into her long hair, pressing against her in eager anticipation for her to start the main show. “Start sucking now, Sydney.”

My eyes roll back in my head as she engulfs the tip with her hot mouth. Her tongue swirls around it, shooting jolts of pleasure all through me. I can’t believe this is fucking happening. I can’t believe I’m getting sucked off like some football star in the front seat of my car.

It feels even better than I ever imagined it would, with Sydney’s large breasts pressed against my right outer thigh and her inexperienced mouth slurping at me eagerly.

“Doing so good. Keep going. Take it all the way….”

I nearly lose it as my cock hits the back of her tight throat. She gags softly, but doesn’t bite down, gently pulling back to try again. My balls tighten up as she slowly sucks and deepthroats me. It’s all so warm and wet that an intense spiraling pressure lets me know that at any moment, Sydney is going to get a mouth full of my jizz.

“Oh fuck, keep doing that.”

I slide one of my hands down to squeeze her tits, determined to get every last bit of pleasure out of this I’m owed before it’s over.

“Look at me,” I say with a gasp as my cock spasms deep inside her mouth.

She twists her head just enough to look up at me with her big blue eyes, just as my mind blanks and a white wave of ecstasy rolls through me. Rope after rope of hot cum splashes the back of her throat, and I can barely choke out the word, “Swallow”, as the pleasure overtakes me.

I feel her mouth and throat constrict around me as she chokes and tries to follow my order.

“Such a good girl,” I whisper, groaning as the sensation of her tight, wet warmth prolongs my orgasm.

I grip her hair in one of my fists and gently fuck her face, breaking eye contact as I push her all the way down into my lap and drain the last of my jizz in her, half gagging, half swallowing, throat.

Clear thoughts are slow to return to me as I ride the high of pure satisfaction. Sydney rests her cheek against my softening cock, gazing up at me as I fight to breathe properly. That was definitely the best time I’ve ever had in my entire life, and I’m already wishing I could experience it again (and again . . . and again).

“Did you enjoy drinking my cum?”

I already know the answer but I like hearing her agree anyway. Her soft hum of a response and the way she’s looking at me spreads a warmth all through my chest. We really should be getting back soon, but I just want to gaze down at her for a little longer. Savor how her bright eyes don’t seem to want to leave mine. Savor the swollen wetness of her lips. Savor the casual nudeness of my beautiful crush and the way my DNA must be swimming in her saliva and deep within her belly.

I know though that there will be a lot of questions to answer when I drive back and have to explain why we disappeared together. Perhaps I’ll drop her off down the street and tell her not to go home until the drug wears off. Then, I’ll pretend that I drove off earlier because I left something at work and my boss called me to come get it (even though it’s a Sunday, stranger things have happened). There’s the chance that Sydney will remember everything that happened and rat me out for drugging her, but there’s also the chance that no one will be any the wiser, and I’ll get to live (quite gleefully) with the knowledge of what it feels like to get sucked off by the prettiest girl in our county. Maybe even state, although I know I’m biased.

Whatever happens, I’ve already decided it was worth it. If at all possible, I’m definitely going to try to do it again. Even as I make Sydney sit up and redress (such a sad sight, watching her put those magnificent tits away), I can’t stop myself from plotting out the next time I blow dust in her face, and envisioning how I’ll definitely ask to see her pussy.

I’ll more than just look at it of course; I’m definitely going to fuck it. I’m definitely going to claim her virginity and finally lose mine in the process. The thoughts that run through my head as I drive us back home make me hard again. I wish that we had a little more time, but if I quit while I’m ahead, I just might get away with all of this.

“Sydney, don’t tell anyone about this, okay?” I say as I stop the car a few streets away from her house.

It will take her awhile to get home from here, and by then the drug should have mostly worn off, if the festival guy knew what he was talking about, at least.

“Okay,” she says, turning her still mascara streaked face to stare obediently at me.

“Now, I want you to get out of the car and ask that nice lady,” I pause and point to an elderly woman trimming the rosebushes in her front garden, “if you can use her bathroom. Clean up your face and then when you feel normal again walk home. Tell your parents you didn’t feel like going to church today. Say you went on a walk or to go visit a friend. You didn’t hang out with me, okay?”

“Okay,” she agrees.

Neither of us remembered to buckle our seatbelt, so I lean over to give her one last kiss before I open the passenger door for her.

“I love you, Sydney. We’ll do this again soon, okay? But it’s our secret.”

“Okay. Our secret.”

Joy explodes inside me as she touches my lips before turning to climb out of the car. What was that about? It was such a simple, yet intimate gesture, and I didn’t even ask her to do it. With my head buzzing, I leave my princess soiled in her Sunday’s finest dress on the side of the road. Maybe there’s some small part of her that really does like me. Maybe she’s growing attached to me, especially after everything we just did. Maybe, even though I only have four bags of powder left, Sydney Rosenblum will become my honest-to-God girlfriend, and I won’t have to drug her anymore to get her to do all the things lovers do.

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