Off the Point

by xangoh

Tags: #f/f #microfiction

Two girls meet on a beach.

With a nod to trilby else's Xenophilia.

Celia had wandered a little way down the beach. She found an unaccompanied girl there, a brunette, sitting on a flat rock out in the water. It was up to her ankles. The girl wasn’t part of their group. The shore was curved along that stretch, making a shallow cove, and she was facing half towards it and half away, hands upturned on her thighs, staring off into the distance beyond the Point. She looked like a statue of a girl sitting on a rock. She stared and was still and the tide lapped around her.
She was naked except for a red scrunchie in her hair. Celia was naked. It had to do with the thing that had happened, whatever it was. Everybody was naked.
Not far out. Ten feet. Celia was wading towards her before she knew she was doing it. When she got there the only place there was to sit was astraddle the girl’s lap. It felt natural in that position when their arms went around each other, and then when their heads fell together and they started kissing. She’d never kissed a girl like that. Celia was just the right height for their mouths to fit together perfectly. At first they kissed very softly, very delicately, but when the girl reached down to put her fingers inside Celia had to lift up a bit, and at that angle the kissing got deeper and rougher. She never wanted it to stop. When she came the girl was sucking on her tongue like it was a cock.
The water was getting high by then. They came in and walked up to a dry part of the beach and the brunette stretched out on her back. Wordlessly Celia crawled between her legs and started eating her out. She did it the way she’d imagined, just like lavishing it with her lips and her tongue the way she had the girl’s mouth. The brunette bucked when she orgasmed, and Celia loved how powerful she felt forcing the girl’s thighs down so she could keep riding her.
After that they had to rest. Celia made the big spoon. The sand that was stuck to the brunette's back scratched her nipples and made them feel sparky.
Some time later some people came up. She only heard them. She was too busy enjoying the smell of the sun and the salt in the girl’s hair.
Then she was on her back. The day was waning. Someone was shining a light in her eyes and she was answering questions. After a time she heard a male voice say These and then some hands reached down and pulled her up.

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