Got You Now

by sleepingirl

Tags: #noncon #bondage #D/s #dom:female #dom:male #pov:bottom #sub:female #drugs #needles #no_sex_no_nudity

I’m wrestling with this woman, the leader of their little pack, these horrible people who want to rob my friends. I found them out; I vowed to see their downfall and now only she and her two lackeys stand in my way of securing the safety of a dozen innocents and, of course, their valuable belongings. 

Hours ago, she played the role of a motherly southern sweetheart. But in the midst of our altercation only the accent remains. 

Eventually we are just grappling on the floor and she flips me onto my back – she’s bigger than me. I see an opening and quickly slip one wrist out of her hand and start to push at her face, hard. She snarls, an ugly sound, and I feel a surge of hope to at least flip her again and gain the upper hand –

Another pair of hands comes from above my head, male and arms thick with hair, and with almost no effort they wrestle my hand back to the ground and very solidly pin it there alongside the other one. 


She’s got my legs, he’s got my arms. The man smiles a toothy grin at me while the woman cracks her neck, presumably from my attack. 

“You little bitch,” she says, but it turns into a cold, empty smile. “Got you now.”

“Yeah, boss,” says the man. “Our car is all set to go. Wanna take the little lady?“ 

"H-hey now,” I gasp out, chest still heaving from the fight. “I’m sure we can come to some arrangement here.”

The man looms over my head directly, casting a shadow over my face. His eyes are narrowed with how much he is smiling that evil, nasty grin. 

“Oh, I’m sure we can,” he breathes, and my stomach sinks. 

And yet there is some tiny, spiteful, disgusting part of me that twinges with excitement. 

Suddenly, I feel something prick my thigh and I cry out sharply, look down… 

…And see a syringe plunging into my flesh, slowly emptying its contents into my body. 

I look up at the woman in horror, and even as I see her inordinately pleased expression, it swims in front of my eyes as a wave washes over me; an overwhelming, addictive euphoria and a sleepy heaviness that begs me to just let go into it… 

As suddenly as that fear rose inside of me, it’s snuffed out. 

Ohhhhh, no one told me it would feel like this… 

My eyes flutter and it’s almost as though they wish to stick themselves closed, but even with the extreme delight flooding into my body I know that I can fight this; if I fall asleep there is no telling what they will do to me, but if I can just stay awake… 

Ohh, there’s another wave again… I hear myself moaning as if from far away, and I can’t stop myself from making noise. 

I hear giggling laughter from far away as well and it sounds like music to my ears. I smile when I hear it. It feels good to smile, even with my eyes rolling around under my eyelids, unseeing.

Voices whisper to me gently to sleep, to just relax fully and let myself go all the way, and I can’t tell where they are coming from, but they are so deeply seductive… My body wants nothing but that sweet sleep, and my mind feels so deliciously agreeable. 

“…get her in the car.”

My useless body is flopped and strapped down as my head lolls, still smiling beatifically. But… I need to stay awake for some reason… Something inside me says not to sleep, and my will is so soft that I listen to that too without knowing why. I need to crack my eyes open just a bit, not enough to see, just enough to stay awake and ride out this unbelievable bliss… 

Ah, that must be it. I want to stay awake to enjoy this experience. Pleasure flooding my body and brain; who could want to sleep through this? I must stay awake, I must savor this for what it is…

Another wave sends me tumbling down in my own mind, overwhelmed with ecstacy. 

“Hey, boss, she’s got her eyes open, is this OK?”

Words I don’t understand but even that small stimulation of my ears drives that feeling deeper into me. 

“She’s fine, she’s weak as a kitten. Let her be.”

Only the one word stuck in my mind – weak. That’s right, I realize dimly, I’m weak. I’m not me anymore, I’m just weak. My mouth forms the word and whispers it out, and I giggle at myself. 

The sleepiness is starting to wear off, but the euphoric changes to my brain and body are not. All I want is to sit there and smile dumbly and listen to these people. I sigh, content, as I hear the buzz of their conversation echoing through the car and into my mind without fully understanding what they are saying. 

Suddenly, it seems, I feel a hand on my thigh… I want to jolt up, but it’s more of a wobbly turn to the man beside me. His thumb starts rubbing circles towards the inside and I have never felt anything feel so good in my life. 

The man looks at me, my eyes fluttering, my smile wobbly, my cheeks flooding with heat at his touch, and he just grins.


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