Love is Like Poison

Ⅵ: ...and rise above. 🖤

by Queen Fiona

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…well, you said that, but…

Your name is Alicia Sentinella. Your existence has been rewritten by Rita Sternbach, your Mistress, a ‘demon’ who defies the world, into something that exists only to love her, into something completely different than you were before, filled with a poison called love

but is this right?

You did as Mistress asked. You did what Mistress told you to do. Your cunt drooled as you followed her orders, and understood you’d be rewarded for it, and loved for it. Managed to get through the days she was planning through without needing to pretend to bully her, the mere thought of doing so making you physically sick…


she asked you to get Yuri.

And you did. You followed that order. You managed to get Yuri into a space alone where you could administer the special drug Mistress gave you, but now that she’s in Mistress’ condo, her laboratory, you see her unconscious there, tied up and bound, and…

“Let’s wake her up, shall we?” Mistress touches Yuri’s neck, and you watch as your ‘little sister rouses’, only to scream, and squirm, and try and get out of the chair she’s bound against…

“R-Rita?! What the fuck! What are you doing here with – with, with onee-chan?! You – you, get me…!”

“Ooh. Huh, I had even odds you’d just start screaming.” Mistress casually brushes her hair back, grinning as she stares down at Yuri.

“…it’s, as you told me, Mistress,” you say. Trying to hide your discomfort. “She’s here. Just like you asked.”

“M-mistress?! H-hey, Alice, you don’t…if she’s blackmailing you, we can call the cops! We can call Sunset! You can beat her up! Y-”

“Kiss me.”

Your body obeys before your brain realizes.

You come closer, and Mistress takes you in a deep, passionate kiss, her tongue sliding in, and even down your throat, as you swallow her drool, the taste of poison, as you inhale her perfume, full of her pheromones, her entire body a poisonous and corrosive existence now –

but you’re still…

is this okay?

Mistress separates with a wet ‘pop’, her tongue shown off as long and thick as she recedes, and grins at Yuri.

She told you that she’d rewritten all your emotions. That you didn’t care about your old friends anymore, not like you used to. That everything that ‘love’ was, was oriented toward Mistress alone. But looking at Yuri here…

s-she’s not innocent, but…she really only went along with it because of you, right? Yuri wasn’t…she didn’t hurt Rita, in the same way. Never pushed her, or hit her, or anything. Maybe, maybe she’s still not good, but –

is this right?

“…mmm. You see, Yuri, I’ve went and made Alicia mine. I’ve went and turned her into a lesbian, a ‘dyke’ that has no interest in men. And I’ve made her fall in love with me.”

“Y-you bitch! Daddy’s gonna come for you! The other girls will! You’ll –”

“How does that make you feel?” Mistress asks, as she lays a hand on Yuri’s cheek. “Are you upset? Angry? Jealous?”

(…jealous? What?)

Mistress picks up one of her phones, casually flipping the switch on, and scrolling through something or other. (Presumably this is just for show, for Yuri’s sake; you’re pretty sure Mistress’ memory is perfect, now at least if not before.) “Let’s see…ah, yes. Of course. Here’s some selections from your journal, Yuri! Really, you shouldn’t keep that stuff in digital form, at least not if your password is ‘alice’.”


“Let me just start from around here…hee. ‘I met a nice girl named Alice today. She’s going to help me study. I hope we can be friends.’”

(Why is – why is Mistress –)

“L-let me go!” Yuri yells. She looks really scared – somehow more scared than when she woke up kidnapped.

“‘Alice has been helping me exercise now, too. I like spending time with her.’”

“Let me go, you bitch!

(Why is Mistress –)

“‘Alice called me one of her best friends today. That made me happy. She called me her little sister, and that made me happy too.’”

“Don’t you fucking dare!

(Mistress, please –)

“‘I’m in love with Alice.’”

(– …)


Yuri shudders, in horror, in revulsion, in fear –

– in fear

“‘Alice kept talking about guys all day. I pretend I’m interested, but she’s more handsome than any boy.’”

– in fear of rejection

“‘Alice touched me all over during exercises today. I masturbated to that.’”

– in fear of failure

“‘I went to the festival of Walpurgisnacht today. I know the Goddess isn’t real, but if she was, would she grant my wish if I prayed to her? Would I be able to confess my feelings, and not have her think I’m gross?’”

– in fear that you would despise her, if she knew, that for years – for as long as you’d known her! – Yuri had a crush on you, this whole time, even as you talked about how you’d never find a woman attractive in your entire life.

She looks…


“…you really do live up to your name, huh?” Mistress says, turning off her phone and placing it aside. “Listen. Alicia.”

“Y-yes, Mistress!” You stand up straight, the moment you realize you’re about to be given an order.

“What do you think of Yuri?”

…you look over at her. At your best friend. Your very best friend, really; you’ve trusted her with things you’ve never told anyone else. You’ve shown her so much of yourself, and she in return, and you never imagined, never had even the tiniest idea, that she was in love with you.



she’s hot.

She’s so slender, and tiny – well, you’re pretty short, but she wears it much better, and she looks like nothing more than a delicate little doll, and you want to dress her up, and you want to kiss her, you want to kiss her lips, and her other lips, and you lick your lips at the thought of it, and Yuri –

Yuri trembles

– and Mistress sprayed you with her perfume, didn’t she? She made sure that you were giving off these signals, and you didn’t know why, but now you realize –


Yuri’s voice, despite herself, despite being kidnapped and tied up, held by a person she utterly despises, can’t resist being hopeful.

And you smile.

“Y-you’re beautiful, Yuri,” you say. “You…love girls? Like me? You think girls are beautiful? You think they’re wonderful? You can’t resist them? You want to kiss them?”

“N-no!” Yuri says, shaking her head. “It’s just you!” She looks shocked, shocked that she said it, but, Mistress says, that people just need to be told, given a tiny push, to reveal what they are, and that’s all it takes

and you smile even wider, as Mistress holds you close…

“As you can see, I’ve changed Alicia. Quite thoroughly.” Mistress explains, and you love it when she sounds so smug, and talks down, it makes you wet…“You could never have this before, right?”

…you never should’ve doubted Mistress.

You know she’s not cruel. You know she wouldn’t hurt Yuri. You know that whatever she had planned for your very best friend, Yuri would come out happy at the end of it, happier than she’d ever been in her entire life.

You’re so fucking wet

There’s a line somewhere here, and you’ve clearly crossed it, but right now you’re so intensely wet, drooling from the cunt that belongs to Mistress, that you realize you don’t care anymore.

Yuri will be so much happier when she belongs to Mistress.

Yuri can have her love, and happiness, and impossible pleasures only Mistress can grant her. You feel ashamed of yourself, thinking poorly of Mistress, when all she wants is for you all to become her happy, drooling, brainwashed thralls.


will Yuri understand that?

Will she understand, that now, you can’t imagine a world where you don’t love girls, and that it’s better this way, it’s how things should be?

“You’ve always known Alicia could never return your feelings, Yuri,” Mistress whispers, her hand returning to Yuri’s cheek, and already Yuri has stopped resisting. “That if she knew you held them, she’d never be your big sister anymore. You’ve had to hold back all this time, hoping you’ll fall for someone else, that your feelings will fade.

“But look at her now! She loves girls. She can’t not love girls. She’s been so aroused by the mere thought of taking her friends that the only thing keeping her from touching herself, me, and you is my express order!

“You can love her, Yuri. And she can love you. You can have the happy ending you’ve always wanted. There is no Goddess, Yuri, it’s true, but there’s an Adversary – a demon, crafted by human hands, for the sake of her own twisted love. You can have everything you’ve ever dreamed of, and more, so easily, Yuri…

“All I ask in return is your free will.”

You see Yuri contemplate it. For the briefest of moments. You see her realizing that if she accepts, there’s no going back. That she’ll be irrevocably changed by this, that there’s no going back from this.

But only for a moment.


Yuri looks up…

and smiles. In that way you did, when you realized your fate.

“T-that’s such a small price to pay, though!” Easily, forgetting her hatred from moments before, breathing in so deep, and you know she’s getting wet, and soon will just feel inherently aroused by your mere presence, and Mistress’ too…“I’ll do it! Of course I’ll do it! You’d have to be an idiot to refuse an offer like that!”

You grin, face (and loins) flushed as Mistress raises her hand, showing off the ‘gem’ filled with poison, and the ‘stinger’ that made you hers, burying your free will beneath her love.

“…well, if you insist.~

…as it turns out, it’s much easier to kidnap people when you have two people to lure them in instead of one.

Mistress has already obviated such concerns as ‘surveillance’ or ‘police’, even taking into account that Sunset previously turned a blind eye. She deliberately feeds them what they want to hear so they don’t know how far she’s come already…

So when Marie and Danielle wake up, no one will come to save them.

“…you won’t get away with this!” Marie yells, squirming, her sexy accent showing through as she tries to wiggle out of her bonds. Mistress manged to catch both girls on their way to formal functions. “Both our parents are on the Sunset board! You really think you’ll keep your scholarship after this?!”

“Mmmh! Mmmmph!” Danielle’s mouth is coated in shiny black ‘tape’, and she’s left unable to speak as you kiss Yuri and openly show off your black heart brands, your newly enhanced eyes which, to destroy all subtlety, now have glowing hearts in them to boot…

“Pft. You two are really out of the loop, huh? The true power of the Sunset Corporation lies outside the boardroom, and inside the lab. And even then, none of them are coming for you.” Mistress flips her hair back, grinning brightly to her captives. “Listen. Really, I didn’t need to waste time with this, but I happen to need a couple of test subjects, and Anna’s unfortunately a little broken right now.”

The redheaded girl from the shop downstairs is currently wearing a bit-gag, eyes rolled into the back of her head, as she joyously lets herself be fucked by some of Mistress’ pleasure machines. Honestly, you’re pretty sure she’d wanted to fuck Mistress from day one of laying eyes on her, so it’s not hard to see why Mistress might’ve overdone it by testing that on her.

Yuri grins, and gets down between your legs, kissing your brand as you stroke her hair. It’s so much easier like this – Mistress said something like ‘sisters should be close’, and used that as an excuse for sitting on this black-haired girl, Ashley you think, who’s Danielle’s…sister? Cousin? You’re not sure. They’re not even sisters, but Mistress seems amused by the idea.

(Honestly, it is pretty hot to be used as a throne, but you understand why Mistress wanted you to stay in the spotlight.)

“And the cops? The militia? What, you think no one’s going to come for you?!” Marie grits her teeth, defiant to the last. “Just watch. Sunset Security and the SSPD will be right outside that door!”

“I’d love to see that! I have so many defenses to test!” Mistress is, of course, unswayed, and Yuri happily licks deeper into your cunt as she gloats. “But, you know, first off, I really wanna test this one. I had Anna think she was an interdimensional porn director for a few hours, and that was fun, but I think she’s just into that kind of play anyway, so not really very useful. So, I think I’m going to try something else…

“Oh, but first.” Mistress grabs – seemingly from nowhere – a bit gag, pushing it onto Marie’s face. “There…I based this on Alicia’s altered noosphere. It’s a bit strong for Anna, but maybe it’ll work alright for you? You seem a bit less vulnerable…”

“As for your inexplicably heterosexual best friend here, let me just…” Mistress licks her lips, and raises her gloved finger, a shining black drop drooling from the end, threatening to leave it…“well. What program do you think I should use, Alicia~?”

“Oh weren’t you going to…mmf.” You spread your legs wider, Yuri showing off her long tongue as she delves deep inside…a-ah, Mistress has just enhanced your capacity for human pleasures, yet your mind as well, it’s so wonderful…“I know you said you weren’t sure about Program R, but…maybe, if it’s not Anna, she can take it?”

“Well…” Mistress almost looks hesitant, for a moment. Maybe, she thinks Program R is too good to use on Danielle, but…you just find the idea so sexy, that you can’t help it…“since you asked nicely.~”

Mistress grabs Danielle’s jaw, and the British girl opens up wide, Marie trying to scream around her gag. Mistress shows it off, so Danielle and Marie know exactly what it is –

like her suit turning to liquid, and drooling down, and dripping into her lips – Danielle forced to swallow, eyes rolling up as she does, and then

Mistress pushes her finger right into Danielle’s lips, and the dazed girl, already feeling the effects of Mistress’ love, locks lips and swallows, sucks, suckles from the drooly finger and swallows it down.

Yuri curls her tongue inside you, and goes deep, reminding you of Mistress’ impossible pleasures. (You still need to test out your newly enhanced butt, in competition with Nora and Celina…you’re pretty sure Celina will win, but you know, Mistress insists you’re all winners by submitting to her will!)

Danielle swallows, as Marie watches helplessly.

Danielle swallows.

Danielle swallows.

Danielle swallows.

Danielle swallows.

Danielle swallows.

Danielle swallows.

Danielle swallows.


Danielle’s head snaps up immediately, and grins, an entirely different light in her eyes now, a light you recognize instantly, even in another body, another brain…

“Huh. This is different.”

“Oh, really? To be honest, I wasn’t sure this would work.”

Mistress talks to Mistress.

“It’s weird. Kinda nice, though. This is what a cis girl’s body is like, huh?”

Marie, predictably, looks utterly horrified.

“Well, it’s a good way of testing a lot of theories in neuroscience. Is the brain really just ‘hardware’ that can easily be reprogrammed by ‘software’?”

“I feel like me right now, but maybe if I were me longer, I’d feel less like me?”

You feel yourself tremble at the possibility. M-mistress was already talking about building herself more bodies, but, seeing two of Mistress here, it’s too much! How could the world possibly withstand it?!

“I mean, it’s working out pretty well right now, I think. Acceptable for the short-term. Long-term we’ll probably need to work out more of that Lucent Theory to try and minimize the issues of working with human brains.” Mistress, the original Mistress, leans down to kiss Mistress, their tongues dancing as they fulfill a long-standing fantasy. Mistress has stopped seeing Danielle, and instead sees Mistress. You’re to understand that Danielle is still inside there, somewhere, forced to feel the sensations of pleasure that Mistress grants her, soon to – hopefully – become addicted to them…

And they break the kiss, grinning at Marie with the same eyes.

“I’m Rita Sternbach,” Mistress says, inside Danielle’s body. “Born February 22, Reiwa 23! My family comes from Former San Francisco of Old America! My Zodiac sign is irrelevant, because horoscopes are bullshit –” and you can just see Marie get pissed off the moment you say it, which makes you feel so wet, knowing Mistress will soon rid her of that silly little notion that her free will matters even though she already believes something else controls it “– and my blood type is, uh, actually probably different in this body. Although I don’t actually know it in my original body, either.”

“Pleased to meet you, Rita Sternbach, I’m Rita Sternbach.”

“No way! Rita Sternbach? Are you related to the great twentieth century production illustrator and proto-otaku Rick Sternbach?”

“I sure am, he’s my great grandfather! I should show you my – oh, right, you already know, because you’re Rita Sternbach.”

“I’m very blonde for Rita Sternbach.”

“I’m sure we can fix that, Rita Sternbach.”

Mistress releases Mistress’ bonds, and you feel Yuri’s tongue touch your g-spot, and you nearly come on the spot, but you don’t, because Mistress didn’t order you to. Yuri will come when she’s ordered to as well, of course, although Anna, you’re pretty sure, hasn’t been trained enough yet. Oh well.

Mistress, the blonde Mistress, stands up, and smiles down at Marie, her ‘sister’. Physically identical to Danielle in every way, yet even just from looking it’s obvious it’s not her.

“I based that gag on Alicia’s noosphere, like I said,” Danielle-Mistress says, examining it with her hands, stroking it with her fingers, alongside Marie’s cheek. “To be honest, you know, I expected Alicia to take much longer. The things I was doing with her were primitive and clumsy compared to what I can do now…by my estimation, it should’ve taken at least a couple of weeks, maybe a month, for Alicia to get to the point she did. And yet, in just a week…”

Mistress-Mistress holds up her phone, and projectors light up showing multiple angles of you being touched by your glorious Mistress for the first time. You can feel jealousy radiating from Yuri, that she didn’t get to experience this, having submitted willingly. Being groped, and handled, and so dazed you were oblivious…

“I’m pretty sure humanity is cursed,” you hear, from all over the room, and you feel the signal to come, both you and Yuri creaming yourselves from the mere sound of those words that have become orders.

…and you know it’s working, because…

Marie shudders gloriously, and even from here you can tell her panties are soaked. It’s so easy to imagine what’s going through her mind…

She’s strong. I’m afraid.

I can’t fight her.

I can’t disobey her. I don’t want to disobey her.

…Danielle-Mistress releases Marie’s bonds…

and Marie slumps to her knees, clinging tightly to Danielle-Mistress’ legs, looking up at her, waiting for direction. Waiting for orders.

Waiting to obey.

I must obey her.

“…you know, when I was thinking all that ‘hatred is close to love’ bullshit, when I was making this stuff originally,” Danielle-Mistress says, fingers curling through Marie’s hair, “I didn’t know it was actually true. I just thought it was hot. But no, Alicia was always going to fall quickly to me. The moment I put pressure on her, she wanted me, opening herself to me the moment I stung her.

“And that’s why. If we use that pattern of hers, we can just show you how she fell in love with me, and you’ll fall, just like Alicia…~”

You feel so proud, so proud that you’re a good template. So proud that you’re a good little drone, that you’re obedient, that you’ve fallen and can make others fall too.

“…can I keep this body? I kinda like it,” says Danielle-Mistress.

“Tell you what. Let’s sting and brand Marie here, and if she still wants Danielle around, we’ll negotiate. I’m sure if we convert your brain into something less impermanent, the two of you can coexist, right~?”

Marie’s eyes light up, at the thought, as she realizes how glorious it would be to become Mistress’ drone.

You feel so happy, to spread your Mistress’ will, such that even being exposed to your own thoughts and desires causes others to submit.

You wonder, then…how will Mistress handle the one who not only hates her, but all girls like her…?

That glorious day couldn’t come soon enough.

By this time, Mistress didn’t even need to go to any special preparations. She could simply take Sabina in broad daylight, and anyone who wasn’t supposed to see simply didn’t.

The four of you were lined up, naked – Danielle wasn’t hosting a Mistress instance inside her today, that one was inside Anna down below, making a very persuasive report to her Sunset superiors about the benefits of Rita Sternbach’s technology – and showing off your black heart brands, the mark of your submission to Mistress’ will, masturbating as ordered, showing off that you could only love girls, just like Sabina probably secretly dreamed of…

only, she couldn’t accept all girls as girls.

Sabina was secured much more tightly than before. A black straitjacket all over her, securing her to the wall, only her head remaining intact, within a coffin-like structure that Mistress was now ready and eager to test. There would be no allowing Sabina to speak, to say the cruel words that Rita so despised…

but she would very much stroke Sabina’s cheek, and force her to feel aroused at the thought of Rita Sternbach. At Rita, a being that was beyond such petty concerns now…

“You know, Alicia was the one I hated the most, but…” Sabina shuddered, still somehow able to resist the glory of Rita, compared to simply melting. Well, Priscilla melted easily for a reason, as did Motoko, but even so, your average girl couldn’t do much before Mistress’ will. “At least that was personal, you know? I mean, yeah, it’s a bit transphobic to go, ‘I’ll hurt Rita by using her deadname, you know, as a joke’, but that’s why Alice doesn’t exist anymore. You, on the other hand…”

You can feel Mistress’ arm tense up, holding back her anger. (It hurts, that she’d want to do such things to you – you’re so glad that you were remade in her glory, rather than any of the other revenges she might’ve hoped to visit on you.)

“I fucking despise you.”

Sabina feels Mistress’ will crawling within her, as she feels regret for the first time in her life.

“Oh, look, it’s so gross how a girl just wants to live her damn life. Acting like what I am is a fetish, and a disgusting one at that. Women like you are why the old democracies are full of living hells for girls like me. Acting like it’s so innocent, to say ‘girls with dicks are gross’, like that doesn’t mean anything. Like that doesn’t hurt people.”

Again, you sense Mistress tensing. Even despite becoming ever a greater existence as Rita, she still wants, on some level, to take out her pain on Sabina physically.

But no.

She’s above that now, isn’t she?

And you smile. Knowing Sabina will smile back, in return, once she realizes the truth that is Rita.

“Well. That’s okay. I can disabuse you of such a notion. I can rebuild you, piece by piece, into something worthy of being loved. With even Alicia, that wasn’t a hard task, but I admit this might be the most difficult thing I’ve ever done.~” Mistress laughs, at her own joke. “Aah, just kidding. This’ll really be quite simple!” She winks, as she knows Sabina is getting helplessly aroused, even now. “And, well, if you still think a girl with a cock is gross, my dear Sabina…

“I’ll be sure to give you a rich, deep, personal lesson on just how wrong you are.”

Cables rise, around Mistress. Coated in slick, black, shining rubber that never dulls, and always seems ready to drip and drool.

From Sabina’s point of view, she can’t see it. Whether those cables are controlled by Mistress, emerging from Mistress, or simply are Mistress. Are…

̷ ̵ ̴ ̵ ̴ ̸ ̷ ̷ ̴ ̵ ̵R̴i̴t̴a̶.̵.

Mistress removes the ‘tape’ from Sabina’s mouth…

and Sabina screams in terror as the cables take her.

It’s the last scream she’ll ever make…


the last scream of fear, anyway. 🖤




Graduation approaches.

The last day of exams. You clinging to Rita’s side, in solidarity.

Of course, for her this is just a formality. But she’s done so much to help you, all of you. All five of you.

All five of you, hers.

(…well, not just all five of you, but…for appearances’ sake, Rita does love showing off how people turn from hatred to love, and recruiting willing girls in awe of her beauty and power, right?)

All of them, lured in by you, to fall to her. To be made better people by her love.

All of them hers now, your friends once again, the most powerful clique on campus.

Really, the most powerful clique in the city, and soon the world.

Rita’s ambitions – Mistress’ ambitions – aren’t so limited, of course. She has so much else she wants to do, once she graduates. So much more, that her boundless genius can envelop, the demon that tempts humanity toward her perfect love. Her technology already surpasses human comprehension, and already there are so many more of her, and you’ll soon so openly be drones for Mistress…and, really, even the word ‘Mistress’ seems lesser than Rita, now.

Rita’s love

so many understand, now. And so many more will.

Love is like poison. Tainting you. Changing you. Making you feel weak in the knees. A feeling no one would ever resist once they had a taste, no matter how it hurt them.

Someone with such boundless love deserves to rule the world, after all.

The five of you stand beside your Mistress. Behind her. Always by her side.

Knowing the fundamental truths of what it means to be part of her love

Love inspires…

Love corrupts.

As mentioned, I developed the original idea for this work with my friend Rin over on Questionable Questing. (It's loosely inspired by the manga Himenospia, although unfortunately I can't really recommended.) The title was suggested to me by Rosenlied, AKA Lilienkreuz! This rewrite, composing about twice the wordcount of the original, has been produced for the express purpose of being posted on Read Only Mind; Lazer Raptor provided some support in getting this published due to some technical difficulties.

Rita Sternbach will return! The work this spun off from, It's No Game, will be posted here on ROM sometime in the not too distant future; Rita is a key character therein. In the meantime, check my profile and feel free to check out my writing elsewhere.

Thanks for reading, and I'll be in touch. 🖤


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