It’s No Game

Ⅲ.10.c: Little Star

by Queen Fiona

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With Stella here in your hands, you’re filled with desires, and you can’t help but wonder once again if future-past-you put them there through more than temptation…or if your library has that cute librarian delivering you ideas.

(If so, you’ll have to thank her later! Er, if she weren’t simply a construct you made up to explain how your powers deliver you knowledge, you mean.)

One hand leaves Stella’s cheek, and reaches for her hand, sliding along her fair skin…squeezing it, then interlacing fingers…feeling her squeeze back

Holding hands is a sacred act, some say, to a lesbian. That there’s so much love, expressed in that single moment, to entrust one’s hand to another. In the days of the Heisei era, when such affection was taboo to speak of openly, it was used as a symbolic act in anime, to represent a love that dare not speak its name. The Fourth Order even believes that through connecting one’s hand to another, girls who believe in the Goddess shall one day be granted magnificent powers.

(And wouldn’t it be nice, to grant Stella a power of her very own?)

With your other hand, you stroke Stella’s head – you’ve always wanted to do that! – and she gives you this big, wide, dopey smile…

and you close the gap.

It’d be hard without enhanced Dexterity, but you’re flexible enough, nimble enough, to gently climb over the table (without knocking anything over!) and settle your knees to either side of Stella’s legs, looking down upon her, and –

suddenly very, very much aware that like your mother before you, you’re just…doing this on school property! Aw, and all the time you spent so scandalized that Mama would do that

(Well, you wouldn’t be the only one. Nazakawa-kun has told more than a few stories about it, and yet the cameras are never watched! Lucky you, huh?)

With this knowledge, you’re trembling just a little, but you don’t think Stella can notice. S-she’s had sex with lots of girls, right? M-maybe she expected this, too! Suddenly you’re so nervous again…hypnotising is no problem for you, but god forbid you screw up kissing or…

Your body is so close to hers, the airconditioned room easily overwhelmed by the heat of your bodies. Part of you wonders if, if you’re going to take this role, you should let your hair down – but you’ve grown quite fond of the pigtails, and knowing Stella used to make fun of them all the time makes you want to keep them for this.

I-it’s such a good feeling, though…having Stella in your grasp.

You’ve been this close to Korri, of course. Near her warmth. But it’s altogether different when not only is it a hypnotised girl, it’s a hypnotised girl who’s fallen for you.

You kiss Stella on the forehead and pet her head some more, and you hear her gentle noises escape her throat, almost purrs, from being treated so gently and lovingly. From what you can tell from the tingling of her blunted spines, she’s generally had to take the lead sexually…and she’s rather tired of it. She’s a confident person, who wants to help others, but more than anything she wants to have someone who can take her.

Your flexibility lets you whisper in your ear, even like this. You may aspire to be a heroine, but there’s something so delicious about the way she’s here, like a captive before her, as if you’re playing the role of a villainess as well…

The best of both worlds.

“My Stella Maris…how do you feel?” you ask.

“mn,” Stella says, as you stroke her hair, taking a moment to even realize you’re speaking to her. “…wonderful…”

You didn’t need to ask her how she feels. You can read her mind, after all. But hearing her hypnotised, drooling lips speak for you…just for you

you can’t possibly pass that up.

“You like my touch,” you say, shifting into that commanding tone. To emphasize, you hold the back of her head in your hands…and press your chest against her. Your breasts are pretty average – not too big, not too small, but just the right shape for your wonderful body – but they’re so soft, and Stella trembles once more within your grasp,

“yes” she breathes, after a moment to process your growing strength and beauty. (Or are they, perhaps, one and the same…?)

“You like it, Stella.” Your brain tingles when you whisper, and know just how easily your words sink into her. How good it feels to brainwash girls…”You like it when I touch you. You like being close to me.” It’s a command as much as a statement, and with her thinking you have a geas that could push it onto her…she’s always going to ask if it’s doing so, think these hypnotised requests are another geas.

It’s funny how easy it is to twist Stella around your fingers, after all these years of being unable to even get her to like you.

“My touch is powerful, Stella. My touch is hypnotic. Just being touched makes you feel good, like you do right now. Just being touched makes you melt.”

Stella nods…she doesn’t need much convincing. You think your enhanced Dexterity might be helping, getting you close to her sensitive spots, and yet, you know, that even without the skill made for it, you could bring her down with touch alone…

You trail your fingers on the skin she bares upon her neck, thinking you should probably get her to wear more airy clothing. Not necessarily more revealing – although that does help! – but more comfortable in Southern Sun’s humid air, to reduce one source of stress for her. Each touch of your fingers, nails trimmed and filed, makes her arousal tingle a little through your telepathy, and it’s so nice to know exactly what she responds to…and maybe, to her, and to you, hypnosis is better than sex…?

(Maybe you’ll have to find out after you’re done. Just for a point of comparison…)

Your librarian helps you figure out how to accomplish your desires. Because…you don’t wanna change Stella that much. Not much more than you already have, anyway – you fell in love with the Stella before you, and fell in love with the Stella you knew before, and fell in love with the Stella whose mind was so beautiful to you. Now that you’ve helped her get out of where she’s been stuck for so long, helped ease her burden, you don’t need to do too much more to make her happier, make her the best Stella she could be.

But at the same time…

You want the control. You want Stella under your control. Under your thumb. The urge burns within you, to have her completely in your thrall, willing to help you with anything you ask, willing to help you do whatever it takes to save Southern Sun…or even grasp other girls for yourself, should the chance come to you. Stella’s talents in the realm of love and passion can so easily be turned to your purpose.

And as it turns out?

Yes, you can have both.

“Stella Maris,” you command, feeling her mind instantly focus all its attention on you. “Can you feel your attraction to me? Your submission? Your love? All of those feelings you’ve developed for me that have been reversed from your hatred by my power, can you feel them?”

“yes,” Stella breathes, concentrating on them all, burning within her, like the light of the sun, so grossly incandescent.

“I want you to hold them in your hands. Like pieces of clay.” You can feel her obeying. “I want you to imagine each of them, as a bit of clay. All of your positive feelings toward me. All of your love for me. All of them in your own two hands. Can you feel it?”

Stella nods. You feel her mind working toward what you say. Such a lovely hypnotic subject she is, able to pull those feelings out so clearly…with so much more ease than you ever could have done before, thanks to your new skills. No ordinary hypnotist could so easily accomplish what you have planned.

But you’re no ordinary hypnotist. You’re brilliant.

Brilliant Cibele, tamer of cuties.

“I want you to take this clay. All of these bits of clay, and I want you to mold them into a person. A person made up of all your love and lust and worship and fealty to me.” You grin, Stella forming it within her, so deeply entranced that she can perform such an act with such commanding instruction as your words. Your perfect hypnotic words, you’re amazing, how could you have resisted this? “You know that myth, yes? Common throughout so many cultures, including the faith of my ancestors. We’re going to create a new person from the clay, inside your mind.”

Stella nods, so slowly, so heavily, and you can feel her mind shifting. Through your telepathic power, you can see the way she molds her feelings into a little miniature servant entirely devoted to Cibele, an Eve of submission to the mother goddess.

“I want you to make her real. As real as you are. Every detail like you, all of it a part of you, another person just like you.” Guiding her with your words, your touch. Pushing her into this. Into becoming the architect of her own demise.

She goes silent. Her mind understands such theories of identity, as you’d expect of an aspiring therapist, and though she goes quiet, you can feel it. Within the spines, beyond them, comes that artificial sense of self. Not truly complete, in the sense some have, but it doesn’t need to be…

she doesn’t need to be.


Just a tiny word, after only a few moments…but in Stella’s mind, she’s assembled it. Made herself in herself. Using her own hypnotic experience to help the process. And it of course helps that the feeling is so strong, just the reversal of years of hatred into love accomplishing so much

The power of hypnosis.

The power of Cibele.

(Or, is it the power of Cybele…?)

“I want to talk to that person. Okay? Let her use your lips.”

Stella nods, just a tiny bit…and blinks, and awakens. Now, she looks lucid, but you know it’s not her proper state of mind. Here, you’re talking to that part of her you’ve created, that part of her that is all Stella’s submission in one.

“My Lady,” the second Stella says, with such clarity, a subset of her consciousness, that would so easily bow her head if she got the chance. “Thank you for ridding me, ridding us, of those useless feelings of hatred and turning me into your devoted, addicted servant.” This second self shows such pride and pleasure in getting to be yours…”With your power and wit, my Lady, we never had a chance! And being yours is surely the highest part of our existence…” Her manner reminds you so much of the concept of a maid, an image that holds such weight; even your brother has written about girls becoming maids to their hypnotic mistresses.

How did it go, anyway…?

“First, you make them love Mistress,” you whisper, thinking of those words. Stella’s mind flashes with recognition of their source (both Stellas, that is), only natural given her fetish…but the words simply make it better for her, as they can now become real. “Love Her so much they would do anything. Love Her so much they would change anything about themselves. Love Her and thus Serve Her. Serve Her in ways that Please Her. And so you make them open to the Path of the Maid…~”

“Of course, my Lady…” Even through the second Stella, the maid Stella’s personality, you can feel her pulsing from those words. “Your hypnotic power will only grow, and I will do everything in my power to assist you!”

Even if the words are laid on so thickly, she truly believes them, all her filters gone. It’s really wonderful…!

“Little star,” you say, taking from another song Marina has covered. “You’re going to live inside my Stella Maris. Growing with her love for me. You will be absolutely loyal and obedient to me. Open to the Path of the Maid…”

“Of course, my Lady! I would have no less.” Aah, it’s just amazing, her obedience! You really could get, just, so used to it…you hate to admit it, but Seul-ki really did know you better than you knew yourself.

“You’re going to be a part of her. Another Stella, a little star that whispers in her ear and ensures her fealty to me. Who tempts her with what I could do to her, what I am to her, her fetishes and wants and needs.”

“My Lady…so clever.” Stella – or her ‘little star’ – has that adoring look you love, absolutely love, it’s perfect, you want more! “But, would you not have me be in control of this body?”

It’s kind of tempting, but…to be honest, you’d need a lot more work to make that function. Even for you, it’s not so easy as to create a second self just like this. Even so, you have another good reason…

“I want my Stella to be tempted, to fall further. To be allowed to resist, only to be pushed back to her knees, again and again and again…” You lick your lips a little, even, knowing how delicious this is, you’re so wet…”Eventually you may well be indistinguishable from her, little star, but this is what I desire.” A Stella mostly intact, but constantly under your influence. Or under her own influence. “You will whisper in her ear, little star, ensure she always takes my needs and wants to heart, ensure her love for me is powerful, overwhelming, all-encompassing. Constantly corrupt her, forevermore, into mine and mine alone…”

With The Supreme Idea, if you manage to reach that point where you can grow beyond your human limitations, you’d have a much more effective tool to accomplish this…but this will be enough. So much weaker, but…so very useful, so very sexy.

“As you say, my Lady. It will be my pleasure, and her pleasure. As your little star…” She smiles, placidly, proudly, obediently. Like a perfect maid should.

“When I tell Stella ‘hey little star’, you will take control of her,” you say. “Completely obedient.” (And isn’t that word so wonderful?) “You will remain until I tell you to return, or until I am no longer in contact with you. Stella will have no memory of this unless you choose to reveal it to her.”

“Yes, my Lady,” she says, smiling even brighter at the prospect. Weirdly, she has interest in controlling herself…huh, are you repurposing Stella’s dominant drives into furthering her own submission to you? You really do have such power over her…~

“And Stella, you can forget about this, okay?” That makes it hotter for her, you just know, you can see Stella’s sexy mind so open to you…”Your little star will be inside you, but you don’t need to think about how she got there.”

“She obeys, my Lady,” the little star says proudly. “As she should.”

“I want to go back to Stella now, little star. Obey as you have been told, and feel pleasure for serving me.”

The maid-Stella nods…and then Stella’s face, in an instant, returns to perfect hypnotised beauty. Even drooling a little.

Such lovely twisting you’ve done to her.

…huh. Your telepathy can feel the little star within…like a small reflection of Stella herself, behind the spines, ready to reverse itself. Already there, already so…so okay with you doing whatever you please to the women of the world. That if you did so much to save Stella from herself, there’s no reason you shouldn’t do the same thing for everyone else.

And she’ll whisper, telling Stella how hot it is that you mind control others, how lovely it is, make her question everyone around her about whether you’ve subsumed them within your will like you have Stella.

In a way, it’s pretty dangerous to have someone unable to tell you ‘no’…but that’s part of why you didn’t leave her in total control. Stella isn’t going to hold back if she thinks you’re wrong, right?

“Stella Maris…” you whisper to her, stroking back some of her blonde locks into place. “It’s okay. It’s okay to love yourself, like I love you.” And you do, you absolutely do, and it’s so wonderful you get to finally express it. “It’s okay to be who you are. You’re an amazing person I admire, and you’ll be loved. Be confident and happy in what you are for me.”

Stella nods, and drools.

Honestly, you’d be worried she didn’t hear if not for your telepathy. It does make this so much easier, doesn’t it?

“My love will encompass you, and others. Like a big hug you have inside you, all the time. We’ll help save this world, okay? And you’ll help me, too!”

Stella drools more, but you can see her head nod a little…

So sexy.

It’s wonderful.

“We can play these kinds of games again, if you want, Stella Maris! Play games with your heart and mind, but always out of love. Because I do love you, and we’ll love others, and everything will be so lovely with Cibele in control.”

So focused on your words.

Absorbing them so easily.

Shaped entirely for the sake of your love.

“You don’t need to become someone you’re not, Stella Maris. Not without me telling you, anyway.”

Less a hypnotic command and more a statement of intent, but…it does make her smile.

“We’ll play more games. We’ll…we’ll love one another. And…”

You lean in, and press your lips against Stella’s.

She can’t respond like this, not this deep, but…since she’s yours, you push your tongue in, you taste of her, enjoying another amazing hypnotised kiss. You want to know all the different ways to kiss a girl, and Stella…well, she can serve you by teaching you, right? You’re not too proud to admit that in the matter of love, of kissing, of sex…you’re still far from Stella’s level.

“And you’ll be happy,” you whisper, at last, separating her from the kiss.

“yes…thank you, cibele,” she finally manages to say, before you dive in to kiss her again, kiss her as much as you can stand to, impress upon her toward her very soul that you love her, and will remain by her side until hope has fully withered…

Perfect, beautiful, wonderful Stella.

Your little star.

For your achievement of securing the loyalty of Stella Maris, you have gained 1 Universal skill point!

In addition, Developer’s Note 2 is now available!

“Wake up, Stella,” you whisper at last.

“W-whuh?” Stella says, momentarily confused. The table between the two of you is now pushed aside, and you’ve sat back in your own chair, offering Stella the chance to do what she wants…

Stella looks upon you with awe in your eyes, and confusion between her ears, at the second voice within her.

Look at her. Your perfect, beautiful Goddess. Your Lady. She who has turned you into a better person, and asked only your free will as the price.

I…I, I’m not –

Go on. Do what you desire.

…and with that, Stella makes her decision, to embrace her new nature, to swallow down her hesitation. She drops to her knees, head lowered before you, as if kneeling to the throne.

“…I…well, I don’t know a lot about kneeling, but…” Stella raises her head, ever so slightly, and smiles to you. Her spines have become entirely blunted, and deep within her mind pulses a faint golden light, a measure of devotion toward her Lady. “but I’m here. I’m yours. And I love you. Please…”

Stella smiles beatifically before you, eyes full of love.

“Will you be kind to me? M-my Lady?”

It’s altogether different, like this. What Stella has seen in her fantasies are things that, so very often, she knows she can’t have. That she cannot simply sacrifice herself entirely, to the kind of mind control that doesn’t even exist – and indeed, that her ambitions are entirely incompatible with doing so.

Which is to say, part of you wants to gloat, to tease, to lord it all over her,

But in this moment, that’s not what she needs, and so you pet her on the head for being such a good girl! Aftercare is important too, right? Even your librarian tells you that!


“Why wouldn’t I?” You grin, showing your teeth, but it’s true! This moment is just the beginning – the game doesn’t end now, right? “Stella, I love you! I’ll always do my best to make you feel loved, you know?” You laugh, even as your hand brushes against Stella’s cheek, and she brushes against that hand adoringly.

“Ah…” Stella blushes, and looks aside, as if she’s embarrassed by this display. “Jeez. You should be a little more imperious, you know? If you just pat people’s heads ithey’re going to walk all over you.”

…Stella’s lying.

But you both know that, so it’s okay, right? Playing the role of the ‘tsundere’ to make it feel better for the both of you, and all.

“Ah…mouuu, we got kind of sidetracked, didn’t we? I didn’t even tell you about my powers properly yet!”

“Yeah…you kinda didn’t.” Stella mock-pouts. “Well, you did fill me with love and joy, so I guess I’ll forgive you.”

“Eheh.” You rub the back of your head…ah, this really is nice, to be loved. To have your heart filled with joy, just as hers is. “Let me take it from the top…”

It all started when I was thinking about my crushes, on my way to a protest to meet my fencing senpai, Calvina Aeterna. She was one of the crushes…as was you, and Korrigan Trelawney – you might know her. People I could never express my feelings to, and people who could never accept them.

I was flighty, troubled. I didn’t look where I was going.

I should’ve died.

It wasn’t a low-speed collision, no matter what that black box said; I still don’t know what the chances are of no one noticing any of it. Either way, it was a sign of my own stupidity. Anyone should’ve looked, but me…I was so busy wanting to be loved that I couldn’t see past my own feelings.

But I woke up, seeing a truck driver terrified out of his wits and paramedics looking me over. And…something else.

Menus. Like you see in a video game. You’re familiar those old webtoons, right? Or maybe the countless stories with a similar premise. Someone wakes up with powers like a game, to fulfill whatever task lies before them – or even, simply for the sake of gaining power.

In my menu, were three skill trees…

Hypnosis, Telepathy, and Enchantment.

Doesn’t take a genius to figure that out, huh?

It wasn’t until I laid in my hospital bed, in the middle of the night, that I finally fully read the attached ‘Developer’s Note’. From me, in the future – pretty crazy, right? How could I tell anyone about that…or about the kind of powers I had?

And, more to the point, how could I save the world if future-past-me won’t tell me what I need to do? If all she cares about is me using my powers on girls?

(I say that, as if future-past-me couldn’t read me like an open book…mouuu.)

Um, apparently, I was laid up in a coma for a while in the original timeline! Whatever happened there, I was too late to stop it – you don’t time travel unless you have no other option, right? I had powers there, too, as you might expect…and according to future-past-me? I wasn’t willing to use them, at first. I don’t really know the details; like I said, she doesn’t wanna tell me much, y’know? Maybe it’s for my own good, or some bull-plop.

Future-past-me knew you, and Calvina, and Korri, all people I’ve met before…but apparently she knew Milia too, even if I’d never met her before Golden Week. Obviously Seul-ki, too, and I’m worried she might be connected to this mysterious ‘Queen’ future-past me mentioned.

In that note, future-past-me said something about…’you thought you were good because you had no claws’. Yeah, I guess that’s Nietzsche. I probably heard it from Seul-ki, too.

She told me the only way to increase my attributes, to be able to fight physically or such, was to buy one of my skills. So I did. Thought Skimmer – a form of mind reading, what I’ve used on you. Then things started…they started coming into place.

I raised my attributes, and got more points. More skills. More powers. I used my powers to gain some advantages I could never have otherwise. Against Milia, for one. But until then I was still mostly okay, despite the temptation, the fetish I didn’t even realize I had…until that day with you.

Earlier that day, I practiced hypnosis on Korri; I’ve had a crush on her since kindergarten. And she was…she was so beautiful. In that moment I couldn’t deny it anymore and no matter what I was going to do with my powers – good, evil, whatever – I would have to deal with that desire. I would have to deal with the fact that hypnosis was beautiful, and I couldn’t give it up.

With you…with you, I didn’t hesitate so much. It probably helped that you went first, and I figured you out a little. I didn’t feel bad about it, y’know?

Seul-ki…I think it was her. She pushed me into thinking of this, of this fetish, in terms of what would happen with you. She planned all of it; maybe, even without powers, this would’ve happened…

I still remember what she said. That I wanted you at my mercy.

And she was right, wasn’t she?

You know, I’ve noticed how people are looking at me differently, right? I don’t know how things will go with Milia, but…I need to know the truth. I need to know what Seul-ki was to her, and what caused her to fall away.

So, that’s how we got here. I gained some more powers, and used them in various ways. But you…you’re the first person I crossed a line with…

I’m sorry, Stella. I hope you can forgive me.

“…if you hadn’t done all this, I’d have called you a liar,” Stella says, head bowed, still on her knees as she listened patiently. “Probably some joke about middle-school syndrome. But after you’ve made this happen, after you’ve captured my heart? I can’t escape the fact that you do have abilities.” She looks up again, and shakes her head. “You really don’t know what it is you need this power for?”

“Yeah. Future-past-me was pretty vague. But, I have nothing else to go on but her, and whatever I can find along the way.” You shrug, sighing to yourself. You really are frustrated with future-past-you’s insistence on not telling you anything. “It’s a bit of a chocolate fudge sundae, you know?”

“…you’re a bit of a stress eater, huh,” Stella mutters. “And here I thought the whole ‘food and food’ thing was just a joke.”


Stella’s not wrong, is she?

“But, there’s nothing to say ‘sorry’ about, you know? My Lady. You could have done so much worse with me than this. I could have resisted, and I didn’t. I could have stopped, any step of the way, but I didn’t. After that trance, I knew what Seul-ki had done, but I let it happen.”

“All because I’d fallen for you.”


“People alter their minds all the time, Cibele. People drink alcohol and smoke cannabis to change their minds. Even you and I drink caffeine, right? The whole basis of psychiatric medications is to change people’s minds, help them break out of unhealthy patterns and mindsets, correct imbalances. Every day we try to alter one another – to express ourselves, and convince one another of our point of view. The ‘mind’ isn’t something immutable; how could we achieve anything resembling ‘justice’ without convincing people to change their minds? You think of what you do as something different, but to me, all you did was help me out of an unhealthy pattern – and showed me I could fall in love with you.



“All this time, I tried to reduce my attachment to things, to the world. And yet, when Marina left me behind, a weight pulled upon me that could never be released. You…you remind me a lot of her. In more ways than you think. That you grasped me like this, that you wanted this, is proof of it.

“I tried to reduce my attachment to things, to know what held me back, to take refuge in the Dharma. And I knew, all this time, that I needed to let go. But I couldn’t find the strength, you know? It never really took, no matter how hard I tried…until you helped me.

“I was so obsessed with things…with my status. If it’s someone else helping me, even through such a method as yours…what does it matter? What makes that form of enlightenment different from any other?” Stella sighs. “So…don’t worry about it, too much. My Lady…’right’ and ‘wrong’ are such vague things anyway. People can judge you, but they’ll never truly understand, what led you to walk the path you’re on.

“And, right now, more than anything…I want to know what kind of world you see. What kind of world you want to create, if you hold that power within you. I want to follow you, Cibele Epeli Imanis, every step of the way.”

…can you really be so sure, though? That the world you want to create, whatever it might be, is the ‘right thing’?

Stella can. She’s made it clear, that she is yours, and your purpose is now hers. That she holds no hatred toward you for what you did, and is indeed thanking you for it. That your power offers the chance to help others, in a way no one else can.

But can you be so sure, that you’ll do the right thing?

Maybe not. You aren’t the kind of person who can truly be certain of such things. So for now, all you can do is trust yourself, trust your friends…

and trust your beloved Stella Maris.

“…I guess I can try,” you say.

As your family might tell you, if you can’t believe in yourself…

believe in Stella, who believes in you.

“You better!” Stella tips her head up, and leans forward…

specifically, she leans in.

She leans in, and tugs at the hem of your shorts, so she can expose the skin beneath…and kiss it. Grinning ear to ear as she realizes she has one way she can get one over on you, even now.

“W-w-w-w-wha?!” you say, blushing furiously…and Stella just grins up at you, baring her teeth.

“Well, ‘my Lady’, since you spent all this time toying with me, I figured I should at least show that I’m no pushover. I’ll serve you, sure – I’m yours, now, and I meant that. But…there is one thing you can’t do. One thing I know better than you – and one way I know to express my love.” Stella giggles, blowing upon your bare skin, a-and you really don’t know how to handle it! “Assuming you don’t mind, my Lady…”

“Uhhhhhhh…” Your brain just locks up. You were thinking about this earlier, you can’t just act surprised when Stella decides she wants to express her love in the way she knows best! “S-s-s-s-s-sure!”

T-there’s no way you can say no to that, right? E-even if there’s not a lot of time, y-you’re so wet already, there’s no reason not to –

Stella wiggles her eyebrows at you – ugh, she’s so playful, so smug, and you get the feeling she wants to provoke a response, to enjoy your words shaping her – and she sings a little to yourself, as she tugs down waist of your shorts and panties, little by little, so she can kiss you in an entirely different place. “Relax, don’t do it…~”

…and now, despite Seul-ki’s words, despite everything…

maybe it’s you who’s at Stella’s mercy, you think, as you feel her tongue and her lips in a place no-one else has touched, a-and…ooh, ah, mmnh, ooh, it’s –



…she’s good! She’s way too good!

And so you stay there, at the mercy of an entirely new kind of kiss, from your first love…

For your achievement of losing your virginity, you have gained 1 Universal skill point!

Developer’s Note 2

Congratulations, Cibele. This note was going to say ‘congratulations on losing your virginity’, but you managed to ensnare a cutie’s mind before their body, didn’t you? I’m impressed! I definitely couldn’t do that! I guess a head start has its advantages, huh?

With that said, now that you’ve no doubt seen your skill gain for bathing a cutie in your golden light, I may as well properly enumerate the requirements for securing a cutie’s loyalty. Each will provide you 1 Universal skill point, plus, you know…the rewards of having someone love you with all their heart. That has to be worth something on its own, right~?

So! To secure a cutie’s loyalty formally – that is, to get your skill point – you have the following requirements:

First! The cutie in question must show you some form of fealty, at least on some level of consciousness. You, Cibele, their goddess…someone who can follow you to the end of the line. You’ll need that strength when the time comes – people you can trust unconditionally, even at the end of all things.

Second! The cutie in question must know about your powers, and know you used said powers on them! (Assuming you have, I mean. In theory, you could totally get this level of loyalty without explicit control….but why would you? It feels too good, right~?).

And finally, third! The cutie in question must be willing, in principle, to allow you to control and alter others with your powers. They don’t have to say yes every single time it comes up, but they must accept the possibility and be open to it, and preferably enjoy it.

Who was it, anyway? Was it Korri? Was it Calvina? Or maybe it was Stella~ Either way, I’m happy for you, and hope you continue to grow in power to face the Queen. Bring more skills, layer of cuties~

I’ll be in touch, past-future-me. 🤍

A cover image for It’s No Game, depicting Cibele Epeli Imanis, is now available for viewing. Thanks to @muffinlordArt for the commission!

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