Chapter 1

by Pirouette

Tags: #cw:gore #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:plant #Human_Domestication_Guide #hurt/comfort #monster_fucking #sadomasochism #microfiction #pov:bottom #primal_play #scifi #sub:nb

Crystal Repens, First Floret was looking up at their mistress with intent eyes, waiting for a response. She was visibly surprised and pondering.

'But... why?' the affini asked. 'No wait.. let me understand. You are asking me to not communicate with you while I play with you?'

'I mean... You could put it that way Mistress... I just always had this fantasy of being taken by something... someone... completely alien. Which I am, I guess...' they laughed nervously, stealing a shy glance at their owner. 'You are just too good at communicating. You feel too.. human.'

'I like communicating with you, my Crystal! Mirroring back your adorable little emotions! Driving you into a feedback loop and breaking you... Your cute little mind is so exciting and so full of wonders...'

'I mean... I do love that,' they blushed. 'Thank you Mistress... And... please keep doing it to me... just... not always? I guess? It's just... sometimes... I would like to see you the way affini are in their natural environment..'

Haberania tilted her head to the side, with a soft smile of understanding. 'I guess I understand you. It could be fun!'

'Yes.. you see, Mistress, you understand me fully.. but I don't understand you at all. We don't understand affini at all, you just make us feel like we do.. Please make me feel for once just how much I don't understand you. How unequal we are...'

The affini broke into a predatory smile. 'Now you are speaking my language, little sophont. I can certainly do that.' Her floret watched in awe as her beautiful face disassembled itself into a writhing mass of colorful vines, some no thicker than a hair, and her body melted and crept onto everything. The room, as well as everything in it was covered and held by Haberania Repens, Seventh Bloom. Tiny flowers bloomed on the walls and furniture, and a heady scent filled the air. Crystal's head swam, their senses tingling with anticipation and with a sudden awareness of the feather weight of their light floret dress pressing down on their hips and shoulders.

The petals and leaves were softly rustling along with their breath... with their heartbeat.. probably the rhythm of their nervous system, as well. Following and guiding. They felt the hair rise on their neck, with something more primal than excitement. With genuine, irrational fear.

'um... Mistress..?' they forced out in a tiny, scared voice, eyes darting around, following the fractal waves of tiny purple petals opening and closing... 'may I... use it/its pronouns for you..?'
The answer was not verbal. The undulating mass of plantlife covering the room quieted down, and slowly opened its tiny petals, covering everything in glowing purple, slowly giving way to waves of colors, making the floret's head swim. They felt thin, strong roots climb up their calves and thighs, creeping into their crevices, pressing against each soft and sensitive spot with uncanny precision. It probed and tortured their body even as their sensitivity crept to newer and newer heights.

'Please... Mistress,' they screamed silently as they felt their skin break at multiple points, the tiny root strands tickling their nerve knots and filling them with unbearable aches dripping with pleasure. Anticipation and need were steadily building, and Crystal gazed with dread and adoration at the waving tangles of vines and fractal patterns of tiny flowers covering the room.

Truly... outclassed. This was something else. Something fundamentally foreign, and fundamentally greater. They felt tears streaming down their chin. When did that happen... Their clitoris was bleeding onto a knot of roots probing and expanding into its insides, an agonizing, white hot sensation that felt like it's burning a hole in their mind. They wanted to scream, but found it impossible. A large, soft petal brushed against the back of their neck. A slight movement of air and cracking of roots behind them made their hair rise again. They tried to look back, but the vines and roots held their head and neck completely immobile...

Their eyes darted around in panic. 'Mistress..?' they whispered, which was rewarded by the room slowly, reassuringly turning purple. And then, their eyes shot wide open as a thick, firm weave of roots penetrated the back of their neck, and connected with the haustoric implant.

Crystal Repens, First Floret was complete. They were home. And they were lost in desire, awe and terror.

Their evening was only beginning.

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