Pirouette's Vignettes, lot B

(s)witches have twice the fun #cw:ageplay

by Pirouette

Tags: #cw:ageplay #cw:CGL #cw:noncon #D/s #lesbian #microfiction #exhibitionism #f/f #hurt/comfort #intelligence_play #mindbreak #transgender_characters

I don't know if I feel betrayal or satisfaction... A bit of both, I guess. I was hoping to play with you... Maybe even top you. But apparently that has to wait, because that's how you decided. Things like this are up to you now, I guess. They always have been. You might be my thrall, but I guess I want my thrall to rule over me.

I feel myself slipping already, losing my sense of self and my adult dignity... My frustration voices itself with a quiet, childish whine as I walk toward the couch. As I settle, I try to call out to you, but my lips are already spreading into a doll's seductive smile... My legs straighten and spread like those of a plastic doll, my arms bend at the elbow and rest neatly on my thighs... My face already frozen, I glance at you, but my eyes come next, staring straight ahead. Like a good dolly should.

My emotional turmoil and sexual frustration all locked inside. I want to whine and cry and cum, but I cannot... If you let me, I could come from the intensity of the situation alone... My humiliation, as our friends look at me, like I'm a circus attraction (I guess I really am one now)... My desire for you, the shiny skin of your neck, the little hickey from someone else on your shoulder, your satisfied smile, the way you apply your lip gloss making sure your dolly has the best view of it...

My joy and gratefulness toward you for turning me into this. For making me your hypnotized toy. I have no choice but to relish the delicious frustration of not being able to express any of this. Not until you want me to.

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