Pirouette's Vignettes, lot A

be careful with Spacing Guild adepts #cw:dubcon

by Pirouette

Tags: #cw:noncon #cw:protagonist_death #empty_spaces #lesbian #microfiction #dolls #f/f #f/nb #fantasy #hurt/comfort #magic #scifi #transformation #transgender_characters #witches

How about... Spacing Guild adepts, tentacles intertwined, singing RF shanties huddled around the warmth of a supercritical plutonium core?

'why... why are you doing this to me?' the young enby stuttered. 'I don't... don't really want this... I've always looked up to you because you're all so free... and so... effortlessly full of dignity...'

Lia's cheeks went that slight shade of pink, and her facial hood wrinkled into a smile around her deep blue eyes as she stared into Jona's soul.

'What do you think gives us that effortlessness?' she asked, walking over to Eri, whose radshield was a quivering puddle of gel spread across the floor as they were desperately suckling on Lia's outstretched tentacle. She placed a hand on her lover's temple and caressed it.

'We may not be homo sapiens anymore, but we are human. Possibly more so than the planetbound. We have needs. Just as you do. Eri's needs are being met right now... just as yours will be soon.' With that, she gently stroked Eri's head, who nuzzled into the touch as if it was the only warmth remaining in the world. 'I'm sorry love. Could you come back to us for a moment?'

With a plop, her tentacle pulled free of Eri's mouth, and Jona watched with wide eyes as the broken thing whimpering on the floor looked up at Lia with gratitude, the pool of liquefied jelly around them shuddered, and slowly lifting and separating into impossibly thin layers and arranging into patterns of mesmerizing complexity, pulled itself back into the shape of a Spacing Guild radshield. Flashing with a chaos of colors and lights, Eri hugged Lia's thigh, nuzzling their head into it and silently sobbing.

'See, Jona dear? Letting go when safe is the key to pulling oneself together when...' Lia's hand, slowly reaching down to her lover's face froze mid-movement, her eyes widened, her radshield flashing with a series of confused patterns.  For a moment Jona was unsure what had happened, until they noticed Eri's tentacle snaking up Lia's body and pressing into her forehead. Eri pulled themself up to full height, supporting Lia as she was losing her balance. 'Thank you so much love. Now, fall.' they said, and Lia's body, her shield liquefying, spread out on the floor shivering. Eri smiled at Jona.

'I'll take over your education for now. My partner seems a little... indisposed at the moment. I'm pretty sure that's not how she intended the lesson to go, but I wanted you to see this. Hope I won't have to put myself to sleep tonight... she can be petty like that.'

ps. they totally did have to put themself to sleep that night.

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