Pirouette's Vignettes, lot A

the new doll's Purpose

by Pirouette

Tags: #cw:noncon #cw:protagonist_death #empty_spaces #lesbian #microfiction #dolls #f/f #f/nb #fantasy #hurt/comfort #magic #scifi #transformation #transgender_characters #witches

'Mistress', the doll said in a tiny voice, standing at attention before its owner. 'Why don't you ever discipline the new doll?'

The witch tilted her head slightly in amusement, the morning light glinting off her onyx mask. 'Why would I? It is fulfilling its Purpose so faithfully...'

The doll couldn't hide the aghast look on its fragile face, cutting through Stillness and obedience. 'Its... Purpose?! It has no Stillness, it breaks all Your rules..'

'Those rules are for you, not for it,' the witch answered, her voice uncharacteristically kind.

The doll was relieved to find its owner in such a warm mood. It couldn't recall ever seeing her this patient. 'Please Mistress, educate this doll so it may better serve you...'

'Well...' the witch began, 'long ago, I had a teacher. She would praise and discipline me...'

The sunlight broke on the doll's incredulous eyes, casting a rainbow on the table. It couldn't imagine it, thinking at its terrible, enigmatic owner. 'Discipline... You, Mistress?'

'Yes.. And I knew for sure when I was a good witch, because everything she told me was true... Tell me little one, if I told you to cradle my head in the morning, would you?'

'Of course, Mistress,' the doll responded, almost offended by the question.

'Your new sister wouldn't. Not if I threatened to break it into a thousand pieces. And yet, this morning, it did. So you see little doll, now I know again that I'm a good witch.'

The doll wondered about how the crystal mask's unblinking eyes seemed to become foggy.

'Still, Mistress, this one feels this is unfair!' it forced out with an effort.

The witch tilted her head to the side. 'How do you feel about it being unfair, little one?'

The doll looked down in embarrassment. 'Sorta.. good, Mistress?'

'Then all is good. Still, I'll praise and play with you more from now on. You are all good dolls.'

The doll ran out of the room, but the witch didn't mind

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