Pirouette's Vignettes, lot A

'doll' pt. 2

by Pirouette

Tags: #cw:noncon #cw:protagonist_death #empty_spaces #lesbian #microfiction #dolls #f/f #f/nb #fantasy #hurt/comfort #magic #scifi #transformation #transgender_characters #witches

Would I rather be a doll than a witch?

I'm flawed, you see - left in the kiln for too long, taken out too suddenly. Some might say 'unique', but I am fully aware what an appraiser would say of me. Even if one treated me well, I'd always ask myself, 'does she keep me out of pity?'

Would I choose it over this? Being coveted and adored, as that most elusive of beings, a true witch, one sprouted and grown from a doll core, with cute leaves and tiny flowers shining in every color of the void? A loving owner, an empath, and a trained encoder? It's no contest.

But yes.

In my dreams, I am owned, and filled with Purpose by Another. I have a theory that we all are. I wouldn't trust those who aren't.


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