Familiar Bonds

Chapter 3

by MorganDartai

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:male #f/m #fantasy #hurt/comfort #sub:female

Took a bit longer to get this out there than I'd hoped, but here you go ^^'

First classes started a week after protections had been lifted, by which time most everyone had become either magus or familiar. A handful of students had been dragging it out as long as they could, hiding from those who would challenge them like Marcy had been tempted to do. In the end, she was more than happy that she’d had the courage to go into it willingly.
It certainly helped that Logan had spent the week doting over her. She could tell that he felt guilty for taking her as a familiar, thinking that he was taking advantage of her and the vulnerable state she was in. As his familiar; Marcy wasn’t able to say no, not that she ever felt like she needed to around him. She laid with her head on his lap as Logan went through his notes from Artifice 303.
“I want to be more useful to you,” Marcy said. “I know you feel like you need to repay me for becoming your familiar, but that was my choice.”
Logan looked down at her, hesitation clear on his face. “What do you mean?”
“I mean that you’ve been treating me like a princess. You’ve been doing so much for me, and I want to do stuff for you.” Marcy looked away shyly, “I want you to use me.” She was blushing.
“Is this because you’re my familiar or something that you actually want?” Logan asked. 
Marcy looked up at him, “It doesn’t matter, I am your familiar and there’s no changing that. I made that choice and don’t regret it whatsoever. Stop being afraid of the control you have over me and use it Logan. I gave it to you willingly.”
He looked away, embarrassed. “How do you want me to use you?” 
She reached up and booped him on the nose. “Tell me what you need and let me help. You’re not alone any more.”
Logan leant back in the chair, “How about some tea then? I could use a break.”

Marcy beamed and set about the task she’d been given. Heating the water above the alchemist’s burner, selecting the combination of herbs, spices and leaves that she thought would help the two of them relax after the first day of actual study. Logan finished up the last few tweaks to the design he was working on before accepting a steaming cup of chamomile, peppermint and allspice.
His new dorm as a magus was much roomier than the ones they’d had as apprentices. There was space for a sofa and coffee table alongside a larger desk/workbench, and it didn’t feel cramped with multiple people inside.
Marcy curled up next to him on the plush sofa, having taken her moth-girl form. Marcy hadn’t been able to decide on what sort of animal form she’d like, other than wanting to avoid some of the stereotypes that came with the more common cat/fox/dog familiars. Logan had suggested a few different creatures before they’d both settled on a moth which suited her softer nature. Fuzzy antennae, soft fur, and two pairs of wings. Logan stroked the spot between her antennae and enjoyed the quiet purrs it got him.
Logan jolted upwards in his seat, startling his familiar. “Wait, you meant sex!?” Marcy buried her face in her hands as she tried to hide her blushing. The embarrassment she felt was clear through their soulbond, as well as the fact that he was correct, though she couldn’t help but giggle. “Have you always been this naive?”
“Look, it’s been a long day alright.” He said defensively. Marcy flopped into his lap and giggled more. Logan growled, Marcy was definitely acting out because she wanted him to use this newfound knowledge. Fine, he’d give her exactly what she wanted. “Kneel on the floor in front of me. Now.”
Marcy shivered, and shrank a little under the fierce look he was giving her. “Yes, master.” She whimpered before scrabbling to obey. Her cheeks had flushed bright red, and she had trouble looking up at him. He let her sit there, trying not to fidget under his gaze. 
He leant forward from his seat, lips brushing against her cheek. “Tell me what you want me to do to you.” Logan whispered into Marcy’s ear as she knelt before him.
She needed to answer, but there were just too many things to say, “Y-yess.” Marcy managed. “Anything.” Logan could feel the desire to serve strongly through their soulbond. It was also followed by flashes of her imagination; images of her bound, bruised, and vulnerable at his hands.
He couldn’t help but laugh, “You should’ve told me a week ago you wanted this sort of thing, we could’ve had a lot more fun.” His hand cupped her cheek and Logan leant down to kiss her softly on the lips.
Marcy met the kiss hungrily, letting out a whimper as he pulled at her lip with his teeth. She tried to lean upwards to meet him, but was forced back to her knees. “I didn’t say that you could move yet.” Her Master’s voice purred. “Stay there my pet, and keep your eyes closed for me.”
She heard footsteps retreat as Logan collected his wand, among other things.
His wand was pressed against the back of her neck as he channeled a spell. Marcy felt her skin tingle in a ring around the front of her neck, down to the center of her chest. “Open your eyes.”
Logan held a mirror in front of her, and within it she saw herself with a tattoo. A band of rose vines wrapped around her neck, dipping down her front a little where a rose bloomed upon her clavicle. She found herself staring at the intricate weave, running her fingers across the vines and almost feeling them prick her. It was hypnotic following them as they shifted on her skin.
“Think of this as your collar. Should I desire it, or if you need it; I can give you a little ‘tug’ and you’ll feel the thorns dig into your skin.” He waved his wand and she felt the pain bloom. A shiver went down her spine and Logan grinned. They would have a lot of fun with this. An invisible leash pulled her towards the bed where her master was waiting expectantly.

Thank you for reading my first story on here :)

I have more ideas on what I wanted to do with these characters, but it seems like they'd work better as separate stories (going into the background of the characters, and their escapades after Sinslair). I may write some spin-offs or little scenes down the track but will publish them separately.

Also big shout out to TsukiNoNeko and their original Ritual of the Familiar story for giving me the inspiration to start writing again.


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