Familiar Bonds

Chapter 2

by MorganDartai

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:male #f/m #fantasy #hurt/comfort #sub:female

Marcy’s duel was scheduled for the afternoon, and her stomach was a mess of knots and butterflies. Knowing the outcome didn’t relieve any of the anxiety, there wasn’t a lot of talk about what being a familiar was like at the academy; why talk about it if you expected to win? Too many questions ran wild in her mind. Would Logan uphold his promise? Would she still be herself afterwards?
Clutching a warm mug of tea for comfort, Marcy tried to focus her breathing, keeping it steady and clearing her mind. She pictured his face when he spoke to her last; the serious cast of his eyes, the resolve in his voice. “I will be the Master you desire.” It sent a shiver down her spine, and stirred a heat inside her that made her feel more than a little embarrassed.
Two more hours. Two hours until she would be his, and she would never have to worry again.
Time crawled by slowly. Marcy finished the last of her tea, savoring the taste of honey and ginger, before taking her pack and wand before making her way to the dueling hall. She took a longer route to help pass the time, using the once wondrous sights of the academy to distract her, though the anxiety only grew stronger.
Arriving early, she found that another duel had just recently ended. It had been a furiously fought thing, if the scorch marks and glowing wards were any indication, with many first and second year apprentices talking animatedly about the fight as they dispersed.
There was a small crowd waiting for her duel with Logan, who was standing calmly near the center of the arena. Upon seeing her approach, he raised his head in greeting. Flicking his glance over to the onlookers, he spoke to her gently. “Don’t worry about them, there will always be spectators for these rituals.”
Marcy nodded, legs feeling weak.
She took her place on one side of the dueling arena, and waited for the referee to raise the wards, and signal for them to begin. Marcy couldn’t help but flinch slightly as the wards crackled into solidarity, entrapping them until the ritual was complete; she couldn’t escape now.
A bright flash signaled the start of the duel, and the crowd looked on with anticipation as to who would make the first move. Trembling, Marcy strode forwards and kneeled near the center of the ring. The crowd watched with curiosity as Logan walked over to her kneeling form.
Marcy had her head down and was trying not to cry, her wand lay discarded by her side, hands clenched tight. Logan went down on one knee in front of her, placed his wand under her chin and tilted her head up so their eyes could meet. “I promised.” He said, leaning forward and pressing his lips to hers softly, a strong hand holding the back of her head as the energy draining spell he cast began to siphon away her mana. Siphon away her freedom.
She felt her energy slowly run out after a while, her lips still pressed against Logan’s, before she slumped against his body. The ritual of the familiar, sensing her lack of mana, began to weave its way around her mind. Marcy was too exhausted to put up a fight; drained by the spell, and the emotional toll that had been building since she’d been accepted into the academy.
The world crashed down around her, and her body exploded in pain. A pressure started building around her mind. Magic burned through her veins, every nerve was on fire. She screamed.
Sharp pain jolted through Marcy as she felt the ritual sever her connection to her magic. Tears fell freely now, and she sobbed with the pain and the loss. Logan had placed his wand on the ground, wrapping both arms around Marcy and holding her close. A hand stroking her back in gentle circles. Marcy whimpered as the ritual tore through her body, making it pliable and preparing for the changes her new master desired.
“I’ve got you now, don’t worry.” Logan’s soothed, she vaguely noticed that she didn’t hear him speak, but rather felt his words in her mind. “I’m here for you little one.”
Little one. The words calmed her, giving her a much needed reassurance as the pain began to fade.
They sat there for some time, Marcy in Logan’s embrace, while her tears stopped and her breathing returned to normal. All the while, he gave her a comfort she didn’t know she needed. His warm touch a bliss upon her skin.
“Do you think you can stand?” His voice sounded in her mind. She was recovered enough to notice his lips hadn’t moved.
Marcy weakly shook her head, and Logan picked her up. A spell woven to relieve her of gravity’s pull. She nestled into his chest; head under his chin, and Logan took them away from the arena. Drained from the ritual and the pain, Marcy fell asleep in his arms.
It wasn’t long until they’d made their way to the dorms, and Logan helped her down onto his bed to let her rest, while he watched from nearby and put the kettle on to brew. He smiled as she fell asleep, and pulled out a book on Trismegistan circles and their uses. It was dry reading, but Logan was always curious to see how magic could be bent in ways that more traditional casters never thought of.
Logan was still flicking through the book several hours later when he saw Marcy stir on the bed. Many sought to make their physical appearance more pleasing to their eye, or give them features they thought would make them look interesting. It wasn’t uncommon to mold their bodies into another form entirely; turning their once human familiars into part-animal pets.
Even though Marcy would have no say in the matter, no matter what promises he’d made earlier, he’d left her as close to what she was before as he could. It was still going to be expected of him to give his familiar an animal form, but he’d let her decide how and when that happened if he could. Unconsciously, he’d made her slightly taller. Or perhaps she was no longer weighed down by the stress that had been building the last few years.
The soulbond between magi and familiar meant that they would share each other’s minds. They didn’t need to speak to communicate their thoughts or feelings.
“Don’t feel like you need to get up yet, recovering from the ritual and having your mana drained will probably take a while. Can I get you anything to eat or drink?” Marcy felt the words wash over her, feeling the care of her new master.
She rubbed her eyes sleepily as she sat up in bed, and Logan passed her a warm cup of cocoa when she croaked, trying to speak. The soft, rich liquid soothed some of the ache Marcy still felt, and was a pleasant comfort in her shaky hands. Logan sat down next to her, and cupped her face in his hand, to which Marcy blushed and tried to look away.

The memory of his lips pressed against hers so recently sent a flutter through her chest, something that Logan noticed and smirked at. It was at this point Marcy realized that she could feel his mind against hers, feel his thoughts and feelings mingled with her own. The revelation sent her mind spinning as she tried to hide herself, almost spilling her drink as she floundered.
Logan burst into laughter, “Yeah, that’s going to take some getting used to isn’t it.”
Marcy managed to croak out a “Yes,” even though he could tell her answer without it. She was relieved that the ritual hadn’t taken her voice. She relaxed a little, “Am I still the same? What did you change?” She could still think freely like this, which was a good sign.
He shrugged, “I tried to keep you as whole as possible. You will have to obey me, and I have control of your mana, but those come with the ritual. You are my familiar, but I hope you will also be my friend.”
“I’m still me…” She leaned into him, letting out a breath she didn’t know she was holding. His body was warm against her, it was comforting, reassuring. Her master. That thought jolted her awake.
“That must be something else the ritual changed.” Logan cringed, “You don’t need to actually call me that. Logan is fine.” Marcy nodded.
She was buried in his arms, having finished the cocoa, still exhausted. “So what happens now?”
“Well,” Logan thought. “I don’t think third year classes start properly for a few more days yet. They want to make sure that all the magi have claimed a familiar, and for them to get used to their new roles.” The mention of familiars made her shrink a little, and he gave her a gentle squeeze. “So we’ve got some time to ourselves I guess.”
It wasn’t a secret that most of the other magi would probably be spending a good amount of the next few days fucking their familiars, and having fun with their new pets. Making the last few tweaks to their forms, to their minds, making sure that their pets would be the perfect familiar for their master. 
“After that, I’ve got classes to attend. You’re welcome to join me in them or spend the time doing your own thing.” It was known that the soulbond would work over some distance so even if they were on opposite sides of the campus, Logan could still call upon her magic without any problems. “What would you like to do?”
Despite having become a familiar, Marcy had never felt such freedom. She had been released from the responsibility of being, given a purpose and a place she belonged. The gentle touch of her master was a reminder that the pain and suffering of her life before was no more.
“I think I want to be with you.” Marcy caught him off guard when she wrapped her arms behind his neck, leaned up and kissed him. Lips pushed softly against his.
“Are you sure this is what you want.” Logan asked, unsure whether her feelings were genuine or a side effect of becoming his familiar.
“Yes.” Marcy was certain she wanted him. His tender touch, the way he genuinely cared for her, that he’d freed her from two years of stress and fear. She had given him everything and wanted to give him more. Her words, and the wave of emotions he could feel through their spirit bond were the confirmation he needed.
They began with lips pressed against lips, enjoying the gentle intimacy and learning the pace of each other. Marcy guided his hands from her waist to her breasts, still clothed in her apprentice’s uniform. Cupping them in his hands, he massaged gently, thumbs running over firm nipples and eliciting a soft moan from Marcy. She pushed her hips against his, kneeling with one leg either side of him.
She was hungry for more, but not wanting to push too far without permission; pulling back slightly and gazing longingly into his eyes.
Heat rushed to his cheeks, and to his groin. “Please?” There was no question what she was asking for; their mind link sharing flashes of her imagination. And Marcy was imaginative. He couldn’t say no to her, not after what she had given up to be his, not when she seemed to want, to need it, so desperately. She wanted to please her Master.
Clothes were removed, flung carelessly across the room. They went slowly at first, taking the time to explore each other’s bodies and learn what made the other moan, whimper, and cry out with delight.
After they’d exhausted themselves, they lay together on the bed. Marcy’s head on Logan’s shoulder, legs wrapped around one another, magus holding his familiar close. They basked in the bliss they shared through their soulbond, and enjoyed the hours that they had to themselves.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it. Chapter three is in progress, though I don't have a timeline on when it will be published.

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