Familiar Bonds

Chapter 1

by MorganDartai

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:male #f/m #fantasy #hurt/comfort #sub:female

This story is inspired by @TsukiNoNeko’s Ritual of the Familiar. I highly recommend checking it out and the other stories in this universe if you enjoy this one

While this story is aimed to be mostly fluff, it takes place in a pretty dark universe where people are forced into magical enslavement and often have their bodies/memories/personalities wiped or altered. If this is a sensitive topic to you, it may be best to skip this story.

Marcy felt cold and nervous despite the warm afternoon sun beaming down. Third year was quickly approaching, and along with it, the Ritual of the Familiar. A duel between two apprentices to determine who would become a magus and who would become their familiar. Every third year would have to participate, and for Marcy, her confidence in winning was nonexistent. She scurried around a corner, hiding from a loud group of students coming her way. If nobody saw her, they might forget about her.
Donovan and his flock of noble magelings paraded past her hiding spot. He was exactly the kind of person Marcy was hoping to avoid having to duel; arrogant, cruel and didn’t care about others except how they could serve his needs. She could feel the darkness of his soul, and it was caustic.
Most everyone who ended up at Sinslair had some kind of special talent when it came to magic. For Marcy, that was the ability to glimpse what a person was like at their very core. It was an ability that many of the aristocratic apprentices would love to lay claim to by taking her as a familiar, and for that reason, it was something that she’d never shared with anyone.
Most of the other students here seemed similarly dark. There were a fair few sadists, a handful of straight up monsters, but most were merely slaves to their greed or lust for power. Logan, the fourth ranked apprentice of their year, was an exception.
When Marcy looked at Logan, she felt a gentleness that stood out from the gloom around her. It was for that reason, she found herself looking for him only hours before their third year began. She knew that he was a kind person, and hoped that he’d make a better magus than those she felt had their eye on her already.
With the gregarious gaggle of lords-to-be fading off in the distance, Marcy emerged from her hiding spot and continued onward to the common room. She checked that the charms she’d woven around herself still held; one to muffle her footsteps, and the other to obscure her in the fading evening light. It wasn’t as good as a proper invisibility spell, but it was the best she could manage, and would hopefully be enough to keep her from being followed.
Marcy found Logan lounging in the third year student common room, splayed across one of the worn couches in a way she couldn’t be sure was all that comfortable. A book was floating above his head by a levitation spell as he flicked through the pages. Some tome on obscure magical practice. Marcy knew these weren’t part of the normal curriculum and half suspected that they weren’t part of the academy’s library either. They were alone for the moment.
Logan had noticed her presence and looked at her questioningly. “Uhm, mind if I join you?” He nodded, and with some effort, swung his legs around till he was sitting properly. Marcy sat down next to him, looking down at her hands. Logan put his book down and turned to her, “Was there something you wanted to talk about?” 
She nodded, though it took a while to build up to asking her question, and silence filled the room. He was patient, and didn’t press her on the matter.
“What are you looking for in a familiar?” Marcy spoke quietly, her voice shaking a little.
Logan raised his eyebrow in surprise, knowing what she really meant by asking him. “That depends on why you’re asking me.” He leant back in the seat, contemplating why she’d want to be his familiar.
“I’m scared,” Marcy whispered. “I’m a terrible duelist, and only a half decent mage.” Her voice cracked. “Y-you are a kind person.” Logan noted that it was a statement of fact, interesting given how little they knew of each other.
He nodded, considering his response. “I’m not sure what I want in a familiar, and I can’t tell you what kind of master I’d be like either.” There was a moment of quiet, “I know your fear though.” He’d been nervous even with his fourth place rank in the duelist ladder; there was still the chance an underdog would take him by surprise and claim him as a familiar.

Logan looked at her directly, taking in the image of a trembling young woman; the way her light brown hair tumbled restlessly down her shoulders. He lightly tucked some strands behind her ear so that he could see her face better. They’d been only 18 when they were forcibly enrolled, all those who had magical talent were, and he still remembered how vulnerable he’d felt on that day.
“You’ll be giving me your soul, you understand that right? Not just your magic. You will become part of me, an extension of my will.”

“I know, but I don’t have any other choice.” She whimpered, “I don’t want to die, I don’t want to be erased. I don’t want to be a slave.” Marcy was crying now, hugging her legs close to her chest.
“What do you want?” Logan said softly. He had decided. Logan wanted her. He wanted to protect this vulnerable girl, keep her safe, make sure she never felt afraid again.
Logan pulled the crying Marcy into an embrace, holding her close and comforting her until a bell tolled the midnight hour and they felt the wards protecting them shatter.
“I challenge you Marcy, under the watchful eye of Sinslar and the sanctity of the Circle, to the Duel of the Binding of Souls. May the worthy mage win, and claim the other as Familiar.” Logan spoke the words softly and they felt another ward activate. The challenge had been recognized.
They laid together on the couch, eventually falling asleep in each other’s arms. Their third year had begun but there was no longer a cloud of uncertainty hanging over them. Marcy felt strangely comforted by Logan’s presence.
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