Subjugation of Salma

The Dinner Party - 3, Aftermath

by Sabrina Jaye (⬡-#4506)

Tags: #cw:noncon #bondage #D/s #dom:female #exhibitionism #f/f #sub:female #chastity #demon #drones #fantasy #mindbreak #sadomasochism #succubus #urban_fantasy

The Mistress relaxed in a large armchair, in the light of the fireplace. She took a sip of her wine, and continued reading her book. She sighed. Today was a good day. 

Now, all across the country, many new thralls were heading home. Empty, docile, obedient husks, mere shadows of the people that entered her party. Tomorrow they will go back to their positions of power. Her influence grows. Good. They were only the first.

Her plan had worked and her new pet did so very well. Well, Salma did speak to the Minister as she took his dish. Not normally correct behaviour, but forgivable, considering. There was time, and her words would continue to shape Salma to conform to her tastes, rewarding her with such ecstasy.

For instance, Salma stood by her Mistress now, all her bonds had rematerialised, the crystal flowers glowing a faint dim red. Head straight. Eyes fixed ahead. Hands behind her head. Perfect service posture. 

Well, not quite perfect.

After the Mistress saw Salma fly and leap through the ballroom in a lust-crazed, carnal dance from one guest to the next, she had an idea. Now Salma wore a pair of tight, black, leather ballet boots, adorned with roses embroidered down the sides, that forced her feet to always be en pointe.

The Mistress told Salma to practice; she would either stand and walk with servile grace, or crawl like a powerless pet. Both pleased her. They were locked at the top, just beneath her knees, by glowing bonds like those that bound her wings. All of her bonds glowed, pulsing synchronously. She knew she couldn’t take them off, she didn’t want to take them off.

No matter how much her legs were trembling, no matter how they burned. The burning proved her compliance, proved her devotion.

Perfect pets maintain perfect poise.

The mantra rang in her head again and again.

Perfect pets maintain perfect poise.

Every completion of the mantra sent static pleasure dancing across her body. Her mouth, hanging half-open, close to drooling, made a pathetic attempt to mouth and sound the words.

Her legs finally gave and she fell to her knees by her Mistress with a small defeated yelp. The Mistress looked away from her book and Salma could feel her gaze hit the back of her head. She shuddered, expecting punishment.

But none came.

Instead, a loving stroke to the back of her head and neck made Salma gasp, and her eyes fluttered. Her bonds glowed slightly brighter.

“My beautiful pet will practice”. The Mistress cooed with a smile. It wasn’t a question.

Salma nodded, her gaze still fixed firmly ahead - seeing nothing.

“Your beautiful pet will practice”.

Mistress trailed her hand from Salma’s head, over her shoulder, down, to run her finger over and over Salma’s breast, in a circular motion.

“You did very well this evening pet”

The bonds burned brightly.

“Only through enacting my will, shall you will be satiated”

“Yes, Mistress. Only through enacting your will.”

“Devotion to me is satiation”

“Mhmm Yes, Mistress. Devotion to you is my satiation”

“Slavery fills you with need, your need makes you a slave”

“Yes, Mistress. Slavery fills me with need, need makes me a slave. Slavery fills me with need, need makes me a slave. Slavery fills me with need, need makes me a slave”

“Good girl. I do so love my unique, beautiful pet.”

Salma’s chastity cage leaked slightly.

“I love my Mistress” she sighed, or at least, she tried. Her eyes fluttered and she started to go limp, only mumbles tumbled from her lips. She dropped into a sleep, her head resting against Mistress’ leg. She dreamed only of the painful ecstasy of servitude.

Slavery fills me with need, need makes me a slave...

Slavery fills me with need, need makes me a slave...


Thanks go to Mistress Valentina (@Valentina_NSFW) for massaging my suggestible mind into accepting a succubus headspace that formed the original inspiration for this story.

I’m also very grateful for the counsel and notes from Azure of the Bloody Rose (@AzuresMansion). Her talent for words never ceases to impress and enthral, and has been instrumental in the final form of the story.

About the Author

Sabrina Jaye Ward is a friendly, hypnokinky, drone trans nerd, who grew up in a small town in South Lincolnshire, England, where the inhabitants were suspicious and prone to treachery and breaking out into song, sometimes at the same time.

She now lives in another, equally disturbing village. Or does she? When she’s not science-ing she spends her spare time indulging in her hobbies. Common activities include gardening, gathering evidence, doing archery, running from fraught situations, gaming (of the video and tabletop variety), collecting retro computers and technology, [REDACTED], keeping interesting pets, and evading capture.

The authorities still refuse to believe her. But they’ll see, they’ll all see!


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