Subjugation of Salma

The Summoning - 2

by Sabrina Jaye (⬡-#4506)

Tags: #cw:noncon #bondage #D/s #dom:female #exhibitionism #f/f #sub:female #chastity #demon #drones #fantasy #mindbreak #sadomasochism #succubus #urban_fantasy

The Mistress stood in front of a mirror, naked. Tonight was going to be an important night.

She spoke aloud “My beautiful trophy will attend”.

Salma shuddered in the corner of the room. It was time to attend! She walked over silently to Mistress, as she got closer and closer her bond sigils grew brighter and brighter. Kneeling down before the Mistress, she silently began caressing her legs, kissing them. Yes, attend, she knew how to attend, she needed to attend. Mistress moaned and her want slammed into Salma. She shivered, nipples turned hard, as she continued kissing up Mistress’ body.

To attend was one of her duties. Before any major undertaking, before any play with the other toys, she made Mistress look and feel the part. She craved Mistress’ affection, and craved giving hers, craved showing her devotion, but devotion was proved through denial. Every touch, every squeeze, every brush, every kiss that was granted, everything she would do to drive prey wild, was an instant and painful reminder of all of her constant denial of sexual release. But this agony was beautiful, ecstatic. For the touch, the kiss, the desire, her desperation, was all Mistress craved.

She was working her way up Mistress’ body when Mistress’ hand reached out, fingers, playing with Salma’s nipples delicately. The trophy whined. She desired, needed, being desperate for Mistress. Cravings that once went hand in hand, now fought an eternal rabid war within her, fueled by her helpless openness to Mistress’ desires and arousal. Ecstasy and agony. She shuddered and leaked even more as her bond sigils fizzed.

When she reached Mistress’ breast she knew to stop. To turn and get the beautiful, long black and red dress, the underwear, the boots, and bring them to the Mistress. She began to dress her.

Suddenly the Mistress spoke.

“My beautiful prize is going to serve me again tonight. But in a different way.”

Salma continued to dress her Mistress quietly. She knew Mistress was not done.

“We have some very important guests, and you’re going to join us.”

Salma was zipping up the back of her dress now.

“You are to be my conversation piece.” Mistress became wet at the thought, and Salma bucked slightly, unconsciously, as the arousal hit her.

“But your… talents… will also be employed tonight.”

Salma suppressed a gasp as she began to understand what Mistress had in mind.

“Yes, my Mistress.“ Her eyes were full of need “Your beautiful prize will serve again tonight”.

“That’s right” Mistress kissed the succubus on the lips. The demoness babbled a little as she pulled away.

“And, since you will be seen tonight. I have a gift for you, my treasured trophy.”

Mistress took a dark ornate wooden box. A rose was carved into the lid. She held it up for a few moments, building suspense, and slowly opened it. Inside was a series of ornate, intricate, polished silver pieces. Salma blinked transfixed, as the light hit them, split, slid, and hit her eyes.

“I think it’s time for some new bonds, pet.” The Mistress ran her hand over the ones Salma was already wearing. Thick, heavy, practical, dull, unrefined.

Salma knelt without a thought. Back straight, head forward, hips and chest out, hands behind her head. Mistress thought back to the first time she knelt before her. Much better.

Mistress removed Salma’s old bonds, one at a time, replacing each with its shiny silver replacement, as she went. Salma kept her eyes forward, transfixed. Every slight brush of Mistress’ hand pulsing through her. No matter how much she wanted to moan, to squirm, she did not. Not even when her cage and plug were replaced. For in this moment, Mistress would be most pleasured by her pet’s perfect composure, knowing it masked the rapture within.

“Go. Look, darling”.

Salma stood and pivoted on her red and black, mary-jane high-heels, around to the mirror and looked. She gasped.

They were truly a thing of beauty. Her new ornate collar and bonds were crafted to look as though intricate silver rose stems, complete with thorns, were wrapped around her wrists, neck, wings, thighs, and tail. Her new silver chastity cage also had thorns on the inside, pressing against her needy, leaking organ. In the centre of her collar, just above where a leash would clip, was a delicate rose flower, made from deep red crystal. Another was situated at the base atop her chastity cage. A third crystal rose topped the exterior of her plug. Similar, much smaller flowers could be seen on the other bonds. Where they kissed her flesh with any firmness, the thorns dug in, and cut. Slavery to Mistress had made the demoness a masochist, and each tiny cut, each sting, made her want to moan and made her bound penis spasm, which got pricked. Salma trembled, desperate to maintain composure. The crystal rose flowers began to glow brightly, as if a fire danced inside of them.

“Recognise this?” Mistress asked.

Salma spun around. Mistress was wearing an amulet she hadn’t seen before. It looked like it was made from the same silver as the bonds that were currently hugging her form, telling her what she already felt. She belonged. It gleamed as brightly. In the centre was a crimson jewel, it began to glow - singing in harmony with her bonds, which dimmed in response. In the centre, Salma could see a dark shape, resembling a key.

Her key.


Hung close to Mistress’ heart.

She nodded silently. It was too much, she felt so wanted, such a belonging, she wanted to cry, tears welled, but she closed her eyes, breathed, kept her composure.

“Good girl” Mistress smiled.

A drone appeared in the doorway to announce the arrival of the first guests. Mistress clipped a delicate, silver, chain leash to Salma’s new collar.

“Come pet. Obey” Mistress walked out of the room, the demoness kept close, a few steps behind. In her place. Yes. In her place. The crystal roses that decorated her began to ember, casting a light glow once more.

“Obey” the word dropped from her lips, it fit like a glove.

“Obey” she followed, quivering joyfully under Mistress’ spell, seduced by the itch the word created in her crotch.

“Obey. Obey. Obey.”


Thanks go to Mistress Valentina (@Valentina_NSFW) for massaging my suggestible mind into accepting a succubus headspace that formed the original inspiration for this story.

I’m also very grateful for the counsel and notes from Azure of the Bloody Rose (@AzuresMansion). Her talent for words never ceases to impress and enthral, and has been instrumental in the final form of the story.

About the Author

Sabrina Jaye Ward is a friendly, hypnokinky, drone trans nerd, who grew up in a small town in South Lincolnshire, England, where the inhabitants were suspicious and prone to treachery and breaking out into song, sometimes at the same time.

She now lives in another, equally disturbing village. Or does she? When she’s not science-ing she spends her spare time indulging in her hobbies. Common activities include gardening, gathering evidence, doing archery, running from fraught situations, gaming (of the video and tabletop variety), collecting retro computers and technology, [REDACTED], keeping interesting pets, and evading capture.

The authorities still refuse to believe her. But they’ll see, they’ll all see!

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