Episode 3 - Glimmer

by Director Hailstorm

Tags: #dom:female #dom:male #f/f #f/m #pov:bottom #sub:female #lactation #scifi #solo

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Episode 3 – Glimmer

              Welcome back to Prisoners. Four contestants have entered the game and some have gotten a jump start on their tasks: some without even meaning to! Don’t worry. Last week we saw Kate fall under the spell of the very weapon we gave her (though we gave it to her competitor as well). We’ll get back to what our pink and teal girls are up to after we meet the rest.

              This week we’ll introduce you to our golden girls, that is, the girls who will be staying first in the Gold Room. They’ll quickly learn that, while not all that glimmers is gold, it is all potentially dangerous. This week’s episode is brought to you by Nevermind Jewelers, who have graciously provided all the props for the Gold Room. Step inside and see what a little magic these two can muster in the name of $10 Million.

              I’m Emily Guest, and this… is Prisoners.

Angela Lin

Angela sat in the courtyard, eyes heavy. The limo ride had been so relaxing, she hadn’t wanted to get out. There had been a gentle music playing the whole ride that had lulled her into a soft sleep. She’d spent most of the trip completely zoned out drifting on a wonderful cloud. She hadn’t gotten a rest that nice in a long time. But it had left her groggy, so now she sat here under the sun, body dragging and eyes droopy.

“Angela!” a voice called out from near the building.

She looked up just in time to see a slender man slip through the gate to the large apartment complex she was sitting outside. She recognized his voice from their phone calls over the past weeks. She smiled as she stood to meet him.

“Lawrence. It’s good to finally meet you in person.”


The man had dark skin that seemed to glow warmly in the late afternoon sun. She noted how warm he was as she shook his hand.

“It’s good to be seeing anyone these days. Between the lockdown and now being on the organizing board of this program, I’ve been worked to the bone.”

It sounded like a complaint, but the wide smile he wore as he said it betrayed his enthusiasm.

“So is it time now? To drop the mystery and tell me what exactly I’ve signed up for?”

“At last, it is. Please sit.”

He gestured to a bench in the small courtyard, and she sat back where she’d been a moment ago. He sat next to her. Very close.

“So you remember what we discussed on all those phone calls?”

“Yeah, not that you gave me much info,” she teased.

He chuckled softly. “So if I told you to be Completely Honest, you’d have no trouble doing that.”

Angela felt a heaviness come upon her momentarily as she heard her voice from a far away place saying, “Ask me anything, sir.”

“Perfect. And if I asked you to Embrace Your Freedoms?”

The heaviness disappeared and was replaced with a wonderful lightness. Again, from far off, she heard a voice that sounded like hers say, “I am relaxed. I am unashamed. I am free.”

“Excellent. Finally, if I told you that you were Company Property?”

The world went hazy. On the bench, every one of her muscles relaxed and she stopped trying to keep her eyes open. She exhaled deeply and allowed her head to slump forward, chin coming to rest on her chest.

“Can you hear me, Angie?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Good. Now, in a moment, I’m going to wake you up again. When I do that, you’ll come out of trance but there will be a few things I’d like you to keep in mind, alright?”

“Yes, Master.”

“First, you are in company hands. Nothing bad ever happens on the company’s watch. That means that nothing that happens to you here is bad.”

“Nothing is bad.”

“Second, everything I tell you will seem completely ordinary. Nothing will baffle or shock you. You will take each piece of information will no complaint, disbelief, or reluctance.”

“Completely ordinary.”

“Last, each time I click my pen, you will feel the need to remove an article of clothing.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Great. Now, Angie wake.”

Angela’s chin rose off her chest and she blinked her eyes open.

“All good there?” Lawrence asked.

She shook her head softly. “Yeah sorry. Zoned out for a second. Please continue.”

“Okay, so you will be in a room with another contestant. There are 3 other rooms, each with their own pairs. Eight of you total. The goal of each round is to completely subjugate your roommate’s free will. You’ll accomplish this with the aid of a tool that will be provided to you. Your roommate will have a tool as well, and the exact same goal. It’s a race to see who can dominate the other first. The longer you wait to use your tool, the more money you stand to win at the end but be careful. Your roommate may not be as patient.”

Angela nodded slowly, taking in the rules as she heard him click his pen.

“And what happens to us once we’re subjugated?” she asked as she pulled her top off revealing a bra-less chest.

“You remain your roommate’s property as she advances to the next round. She can do whatever she wants with you.”

“Gotcha. Guess I’ll just have to win.”

“That’s the spirit. Now there’s cameras in absolutely every nook and cranny of the building. There are no blind spots. This is a TV show after all. Got to give the people a show. But that also means producers will be watching at all times. And if too much time passes and neither of you have used your tools, other steps will be taken to ensure a good show.”

He clicked his pen again and she slid her shorts off absently. No panties. Lawrence smiled at the memory of the no-underwear suggestion he’d given her a week back.

“Understood. That won’t be a problem.”

“You seem eager to get started. Could it be that you’re looking forward to having a pet?”

Angela felt a flush at that, but he wasn’t wrong.

“Let’s just say I’m ready for a challenge. I’ve always wanted a dog.”

“Then let’s get you up to your room.”

The two stood and walked into the marble lobby of the complex leaving her clothes in a pile by the bench. Lawrence talked to her as they walked about her special weapon. In her jewelry box she’d find a gold necklace with a star sapphire set into it that could draw the eye and induce a trance. She was getting hot thinking about that. Eventually, he gestured toward a bank of elevators on the far side.

“Go ahead and get in any of those and hit the gold button. That will take you to your room. I’m going to stay down here and check in with my team. Good luck, Angie. If you need anything, shout. Someone is always watching and listening.”

“Thank you, sir,” she responded, defaulting to a formal address when she heard the name Angie. In her mind, the words “obedient, docile, efficient” played on a loop for a few seconds before she returned to her senses.

She walked naked to the elevator and rode it up to the room. It was shimmering shades of gold, yellow, and bronze. It was beautiful. She’d be more than happy to call this place home for however long it took, though it shouldn’t take long. She opened her jewelry box and found the necklace, putting it on right away. It felt wonderful. She lay down on the bed, eyes closing again, and let herself fall asleep to visions of a woman’s face buried in her lap, blue jewel shining against her bare skin.

Desiree Kitch

The office was hot and stuffy and Desiree was getting uncomfortable. Dr. Formica was late. She said she’d meet her in this office off the lobby at exactly 6:30, but here it was 6:45 and still no sign. The limo driver had told her to wait here and not to wander.

Her bags were stashed in the corner and the room was stuffy. She decided to take off her coat and place it with her luggage. Sighing heavily and dramatically, Desiree began to pace around the room, steps syncing up with the slow pace of the elevator music playing from somewhere near the ceiling. There were enormous windows that looked out into the surrounding forest. She hadn’t been paying attention on the drive to just how deep into the woods they’d come.

Just as she was about to give up and walk out into the hall, the door opened and a dark-haired woman scrambled in.

“Oh my god I’m so sorry!” she squeaked. “My meeting with the corporate officers ran so much longer than I expected. I’m Vivian Formica, Head of the psych department here at tranceTV. I’m going to be your handler while you’re in the game. Please don’t let my tardiness taint your opinion of me. Now that the game’s begun, you’ll have my complete attention at all times. And, as an apology…”

She held up a bottle of wine.

“All’s forgiven,” Desiree said with a smile. “I’m Desiree.”

“Yes, yes. I’ve gone over your file extensively. Please sit so I can explain what’s going to happen to you here. I’m sure you must be bristling with suspense.”

The cork on the wine bottle popped and before Desiree knew it she was holding a glass and listening to Vivian explain the ins and outs of the show. The woman knew how to talk around a point. They’d been chatting for what felt like an hour and all Desiree had learned was that she’d have a roommate named Angela and that the room they were in was just remodeled. All the same, she found she enjoyed Vivian’s company. She felt warm and relaxed, surely a symptom of the wine. The bottle was almost empty now.

“So the big twist here that I’ve ben building up to might shock you a little bit, though at this point you should be receptive enough that you won’t reject the premise. Nod if you want to hear it.”

Dez nodded lazily. Whatever it was, she could handle it.

“Your goal in this game is to enslave the mind of your roommate. You will do so with the aid of a ring that is waiting for you in your room.”

“Wait, what?” Desiree shook her head as if to clear the cobwebs away that had been growing while she listened to Dr. Formica, relaxed, in the nice warm room. Her body had slid down slightly in her chair and her eyes had begun to droop. But something the woman had said had set off a warning in her mind, however dull. But now she was having trouble remembering what had upset her.

“Take another sip, dear.”


Dez downed the remainder of her glass and listened calmly as Vivian explained the rest of the rules. Enslave or be enslaved. Advance or be Kept. Act fast or win more. All the rules seemed perfectly straight forward. By the end, she didn’t even remember having been alarmed.

“Do you understand all the rules, Dez?”

“Yes, Doctor,” Dez said dreamily. Her eyes were unfocused and her smile askew.

“I think you should take off my top now.”

“Yes, Doctor.”

Dez stood and followed Vivian to a nearby couch where she removed the woman’s top and, at her order, began to kiss the doctor.

“Now yours.”

Desiree’s top hit the ground next to her handler’s and the two women became a blur of sexual energy. Vivian commanded and Dez obeyed. A kiss here. A lick there. A touch everywhere. Anywhere. Desiree was swept away by a tide of orgasmic obedience. She never wanted this feeling to end.

After what felt like an eternity of tastes and sounds, the two disentangled and Vivian got them both dressed. The drugged contestant stood relaxed but still as Vivian pulled her top back over her head. She was still smiling, eyes closed.

“Desiree, listen carefully.”

“Yes, Doctor.”

“You belong to me.”

“I belong to you, Doctor.”

“You are my slave and I am your Mistress.”

“I am your slave and you are my Mistress.”

“Good girl.”

A flush went through Desiree and a moan escaped her lips.

“Each night when you go to bed, you will touch yourself and think of me. You will never speak my name or anything to give away that its me on your mind, but when you close your eyes at night, you’ll see my face and know that I’m the one you serve and that your pleasure is mine.”

“Yes, Mistress. I will obey, Mistress.”

“Good. Now, awake.”

Desiree blinked her eyes open and stared into the face of the most beautiful woman in the world. She knew, in that moment, that she was in love. A smile burst widely across her face and she threw herself at Vivian, kissing her hard and deep.

“Thank you, Doctor,” Dez whispered as she broke away reluctantly. “I’m so happy you’ll be taking care of me here.”

“I’m here for anything you need, my dear.”

“And I’m here for anything you want. Anything.”

“Well what I want now if for you to get to your room and meet your competition so that you can win this thing.”

“Oh, I’m going to win.”

Vivian bid her farewell at the elevator door, leaning in to press the gold button on the control panel.

“Good luck.”

“Don’t need it.”

The elevator doors closed and Desiree sighed. What a wonderful thing to feel such… purpose. But the when the elevator doors opened, she found her purpose wiped away in an instant. Angela stood there, naked from head to toe. That alone would have been enough to shock Desiree into a stupor. But hung from her neck was the most beautiful necklace she’d never seen. Silver with a blue jewel shining from where it lay just between her breasts.

“Sleep,” Angela said with no introduction. “And obey.”

And Desiree’s world disappeared into dreamy darkness.

Dr. Vivian O. Formica, Psy.D.

The elevators closed on Desiree and Vivian turned to walk back to the hidden elevators that led to the offices. But when she turned, she found someone she didn’t expect.

“Mr. Beck!” she squeaked softly. “Are you hear to meet Lynn?”

“Not exactly,” the man said. “Ms. Boxer doesn’t arrive for another hour or so.”

Thin but certainly not scrawny, the VP cut an almost intimidating figure in his suit. Perhaps it was just the connotation of his position, but Vivian always found herself nervous around him.

“The windowed office,” he said off-handedly, referring to the room she’d just come out of with Desiree. “Just remodeled. How did you find it?”

“Um. It looks nice! Great view of the woods.”

“Yes. I’m glad you enjoyed your stay in there. You won’t be back for some time.”


“Just remodeled. Work completed yesterday, I believe. The contractor held his men overtime this week after a productive talk I had with him.”

He smiled slyly.

“They managed to get every single thing done. Every fixture set. Every camera and microphone reinstalled.”

Vivian’s heart dropped.

“Sir I-,”

He cut her off.

“Having sex with a contestant is quite a breach of the rules, Vivian. I admire your strategy. Choosing the room you though had its monitoring equipment disabled. But you should have checked first. I taught you better than that. Or so I thought. But it looks like you need to be retrained.”

“No, Sir. I won’t let it happen again. I’ll-,”

He cut her off again.

“The Doctor is out,” he said, staring at her with his piercing blue eyes.

“The Doctor is out,” she repeated as her thoughts blinked away and her eyes closed. She was Company Property and she would obey her Superiors absolutely. Her programming took over as she stripped her clothes away for her Boss. Naked, blind, and mindless, she felt him place his arm around her shoulders and lead her toward the elevators she’d been heading to. But instead of going up to the offices, she felt the lift lurch downward toward the basement. By tomorrow, she’d be back to work. But tonight, she needed to re-learn the rules of her organization, and re-learn that obedience was not optional.

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