Episode 2 - Lights and Sounds

by Director Hailstorm

Tags: #dom:female #dom:male #f/f #f/m #pov:bottom #sub:female #lactation #scifi #solo

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

                    Welcome back to Prisoners. Last week we met our first two contestants, Hailey and Britt. They got acquainted and Hailey got in touch with herself. They also met their handlers, Martin and Daisy, who wasted no time fulfilling their job title! Britt might have decided to take the night off, but Hailey went right for her weapon and downed a whole bottle of Smiletime Milk before bed. She probably should have read the label about recommended serving sizes, but unpredictability is what we love about this game!

              This week we’ll meet two new players, Kate and Malia. Destined for a clash, they were chosen as a test for several facets of the game. Let’s see who comes out on top and who comes out on their knees. With $10 million and the fate of their minds in the balance, there’s no telling what could happen.

              I’m Emily Guest, and this… is Prisoners.

Kate Lamb

Kate was in the elevator alone. Her driver had instructed her to press the teal button when she got inside and to ride it until the doors opened again. There was a soft music playing in the elevator that reminded her of the music the driver had been playing. It had a familiar quality but in a general sort of way. She knew that she’d never heard it before, but that didn’t stop her from trying to remember it.

Suddenly, a screen on the wall of the small lift came to life. She hadn’t even realized it had been there.

“Kate!” it yelped. “I’m Renee Christo. How are you today?”

She eyed the screen up carefully and didn’t answer right away. If it was a recording it wouldn’t matter anyway.

“Not a recording, Kate,” the screen said with a smile. “There’s a camera just above the screen. We can see and hear you. Can you see and hear me?”

“Oh,” she stammered. “Yes, I can. I’m alright. How are you?”

“I’m fantastic. Okay so let’s get started. I’m sorry I couldn’t be there with you today. All things being equal I would have met you in the lobby for your orientation but duty called elsewhere, I’m afraid. Ever the slave to the needs of the company.” She laughed lightly and Kate found herself wanting to laugh along. The screen was a little fuzzy. It had some kind of a transmission issue. The screen would flicker slightly and fuzz up, but she knew it was important to watch and figure out on exactly she was supposed to be doing here.

“So, Kate. Here’s the deal. There’s 8 of you here in the game, split off into pairs. You’ll share an apartment with another contestant who will be arriving shortly after you today. You’ll have your own bedrooms and bathrooms but share a living space and a kitchen. Now here’s where you need to focus Kate because this in where things get tricky. Are you focused on me?”

“Yeah,” she said, eyes glued to the screen. Without realizing it, she’d stopped blinking. She’d stopped noticing the screen issues. She’d almost stopped breathing.

“Are you focused on the screen and on me words?”


“That’s very good, Kate. Very good.”

Her face blossomed into a wide smile. She was being good.

“Now Kate, the goal of this game is to bring your roommate’s mind completely under your control. If you succeed, you get to keep them as a pet. Does that sound like fun?”

“That sounds like fun,” Kate intoned, still smiling.

“If they win, they get to keep you as a pet. I bet that sounds like fun too, doesn’t it?”


Kate’s breathing was getting slightly ragged now. The flickering on the screen had gotten substantially worse, but she paid it no mind. Flashing images overlaid the woman speaking with scenes of women enjoying each other’s bodies. Now Kate was no prude and she’d tasted more than one pussy in her day. Just this morning she brought herself off to a video of two women sharing a dildo. Knowing this, Kate had been chosen for this particular induction because they knew the images wouldn’t shock her out of her trance. If anything, they’d amplify it.

“You love to have fun, don’t you Kate?”

“I love to have fun.”

A little drool was running out of the corner of her lips as her mouth hung slack.

“I think it would be fun if you took off your shirt.”


She pulled her shirt over her head and stood in her bra and skirt before the camera and the pretty woman on the screen.

“Mmm. I’m so happy they gave you to me. We’re going to have such fun, Katherine.”


“Now that you’re a little more comfortable and I’m a little more satisfied, let’s continue. In order to bring your opponent under your control, you’ve been given a weapon. A tool. You can use it to subjugate their minds and begin your domination. Your tool is the big screen TV in your living room. If you tune it to Relaxx Channel, it will broadcast a signal to entrance the mind, just like this screen did to you. Your roommate will have a weapon too, but I’m not going to tell you what it is. Oh, and the longer you wait to use Relaxx Channel, the more money you could win at the end. But the riskier your own life becomes.”

Kate’s mind absorbed the information without comment. Drool dripped off her chin and splashed onto her breasts.

“I did wish I could be there in person with you, dear. There are rules I can’t break and there’s camera’s everywhere, but I wish I could have felt your skin beneath my fingers.” She clicked her tongue softly. “All in due time, I suppose. For the moment, why don’t you start to finger fuck yourself for me?”

“Yes, miss,” she said flatly. At this point her mind was so thoroughly blank that she’d do anything the screen told her.

The elevator continued to hum and the music was still playing in the background as Renee watched her toy sigh and groan under her own ministrations. Finally, Kate’s breath caught and her back arched. She screamed unashamed in orgasmic revelry.

“Very good, dear. Such a good slut for me.”

“I’m a good slut.” She smiled as she pulled her hand from inside her panties. “I’m a good slut.”

The elevator dinged and the doors opened to a room painted in light blues and greens.

“Kate in a moment I’m going to wake you from this trance. When I do, you will remember everything I have told you. None of it will seem out of the ordinary. You will put your shirt back on and act as if you’ve been fully awake the whole time. Are you ready, Kate?”

“Yes, miss.”


Kate shook her head slightly and yawned. She looked down at the elevator floor and noticed her shirt in a heap. Sighing, she picked up back up and pulled it over her head. That Renee had talked her into the strangest things, but she was happy to do whatever she needed to make the game run smoothly.

“Okay, Kate. Malia will be arriving not long form now, but the place is yours for the time being. Get comfortable and enjoy the game. If you need anything from me, just shout. Someone’s always listening.”

“Thanks, Miss Christo,” she said with a big smile as the screen went blank.

Kate stepped out into the apartment and marveled at her fortune. All she’d wanted for the summer was a relaxing beach trip with her girlfriends. But this was so much cooler! She wandered from room to room looking at the wallpaper and the decorations. Everything was clean and tidy and so appealing to the eye. She just knew she was going to love it here.

Nearly thirty minutes had passed when she sat down on the couch in front of the enormous television screen and pressed the remote’s power button. A splash screen that read “Spindown TV” burst to life before fading off into a menu of options. There were apps listed she’d never heard of in addition to the ones she had like Netflix and HBO. It seemed she and Malia would have no shortage of things to watch while they were here. Oh, Kate hoped she was an Outer Banks fan.

But there in the bottom corner, the last app listed was just called “Relaxx Channel.” It was the weapon Renee had told her about. If she put that on for Malia, she’d gain control of her. A devious smile crept across Kate’s face. She had time before Malia got here. That meant she had an advantage. She could learn the ins and outs of her tool before Malia arrived and be able to get a jump start on this whole game. She held up the remote and clicked open Relaxx Channel.

There was a brilliant white flash that left spots in Kate’s eyes and then it began to play music. Familiar but in an alien way. Just like… just like…

As the music played softly, the screen came alight with swirling colors that spun and mixed and flowed around one another in an impossible pattern. Whatever Kate had been trying to remember was gentle washed off of her conscious mind and her eyes locked onto the screen. Her head tilted slightly to the side and her mouth hung open. Kate stared at the weapon that should have been hers and the Relaxx Channel did exactly what it was programmed to do.


Malia sat comfortably in the limo and it sped through the countryside. She could see out the tinted windows enough to gauge the landscape, but she still couldn’t see much of the world around her. The road they were on was fully hemmed in by trees. The sun was setting somewhere off on the horizon. The driver hadn’t spoken to her at the airport except to ask her if she needed help with her luggage, which she happily let him hoist into the trunk. Her other companion had done enough talking for all three of them.

Sandra was a nice woman. She was short just thin and was wearing a top that Malia didn’t fully approve of, but to each their own. At the moment she was tapping her pen on the clipboard she’d been carrying in a gentle monotonous way. It was in tune with the music the driver had playing, at least. Malia had barely listened to a word she’d said this whole drive. Not the most polite, but Lord help her, she could only hear about the woman’s office job for so long. Analyst wasn’t an exciting title no matter what modifiers came before it.

“We’re almost there,” Sandra said suddenly, her posture changing slightly.

Malia nodded absently. Good. The ride was almost over. Truth be told, she was starting to feel a little light-headed. She’d never gotten car sick before, but she’d also never been in a limo before.

“Ah look at me. I spent the whole ride talking about my work when I was supposed to be talking to you about the game. I guess we should use our remaining time. No sense talking around and around about analytics when you’ve got a job to do, right?”

“Right,” Malia agreed.

“Okay so I’m just going to give you a quick run down of rules and things. The same as everyone else got. Seems fair, right?”


She launched into the game’s basic mechanics. Four pairs of roommates. Prize money. Mind control.


Did she say mind control?

“What,” Malia began to ask, but Sandra cut her off.

“I know it can seem strange, dear, but really there’s nothing to worry about. The company wouldn’t let anything bad happen, right?”

Malia felt another bout of lightness as she agreed. “Right.” The company wouldn’t let anything happen.

Sandra continued to tap her pen to the beat. One, two, three. One, two, three. Malia listened to it tap and she started to explain the way the weapons worked. The way you could subjugate a human mind. The way Malia could turn her roommate Kate into her pet. Her slave.

“It’s called the Relaxx Channel. It’s an app on your TV. If you get Kate to watch, her brain will go out like a light and you’ll be able to give her orders.”

Somewhere deep in Malia’s lightly entranced mind, a bell sounded.

“What about free will?” she asked with some sluggishness. Her words slurred slightly as the pen kept its lazy tapping. “Sacred.”

“Ah yes,” Sandra said, flipping through the papers on her clipboard. “Religious.”

Malia let her eyes slip closed as she listened to her companion and the hum of the road and the soft music and the lovely tapping. The lightness grew, but not in a way that made her sick. It was a nice feeling. She wasn’t bothered by it any longer.

“Think of it this way, dear,” Sandra was saying. “Wouldn’t it be nice to give Kate a chance to see the world the way you see it? You want to save her, right?”

“Right,” Malia sighed quietly has she let her hands fall out of her lap and to her sides.

“You have been given power. Wield it, Malia. Use it to show her the divine.”

Malia smiled softly in the fading light of the highway as the words seeped into her mind. The hum of the road faded away as the car slowed. The music disappeared and the tapping stopped. Malia’s eyes opened to see Sandra there smiling at her as she flattened out her skirt. There was an odd smell in the air, but Malia didn’t think much about it.

Sandra opened the door for her and the two stepped out into the courtyard of a large apartment complex. There was a nice patio garden in front here full of flowers and ferns. Outside the walls, she could see they were still surrounded by forest.

A short walk and elevator ride later, Sandra was opening the door to the apartment.

“This is where we part, my dear,” she said fondly. “There are certain rules that aren’t for you but for us. Staff isn’t allowed inside the rooms except in emergencies. And so good luck.”

She held out her hand and Malia shook it.

“Thanks for bringing me up,” the girl said. “And tell your bosses thank you for the opportunity. I know I was dozing off in the car and I’m sorry. I’m excited to be here. I’m just a little fatigued from the trip, I guess.”

“Not a problem at all. Happens to everyone.” Sandra ran her hand along the back of Malia’s head, stroking her hair softly and smiled like a mother might. “Make me proud in there.”

“I’ll try.”

With that, the door closed and Malia went to have a look around. She was surprised Kate wasn’t here to greet her. Bathroom maybe? Nap? But as she walked down the hall, she heard a gentle tune playing from the living room. As she rounded the corner, she discovered why Kate hadn’t been at the door.

The woman was sitting on the couch in the living room watching a truly massive television. It was playing a melody and displaying nothing but swirling colors. Malia watched it for a second before noticing the “Relaxx Channel” logo in the bottom right corner of the screen and quickly moved to put her hand over her eyes as if her were shielding them from the sun.

Somehow, without her even being present, Malia had already managed to ensnare Kate with her weapon. Malia turned to face away from the TV. The music was still very pleasant, but without the visual aspect, she was able to keep her wits about her. Instead, she turned her eyes to her new roommate, hypnotized and openly drooling on the couch, a wet stain adorning the shirt below her mouth.

“Kate, can you hear me?”

“Yes,” she said in a flat tone. It was strong enough to startle Malia. She was expecting dreaminess. But who knows how long she’d been sitting here. A few minutes? A few hours?

“Kate, stand up.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

A shiver ran through Malia and she felt a heat come to life inside her that she’d felt on those rare occasions that Benjamin would touch her back or her leg. If she’d hadn’t already been lightly conditioned during the drive, she’d have recognized that as something sinful and forbidden, but for now it was just a spark. Nothing to worry about.

Kate stood there staring straight ahead.

Malia ran her hands across the woman’s arms, feeling her bare skin. She was wearing a shirt even more inappropriate than Sandra’s had been. Even so, Malia found herself staring at the woman’s cleavage so prominently displayed and making a low humming sound to herself.

“We’re going to be great friends, you and I,” she told the hypnotized woman. “I’m going to show you such wonderful things.”

Her hands wandered up to the woman’s shoulders and she stared into her blank, glassy eyes. Malia brushed a hair out of Kate’s face and wiped away the trickle of drool. The heat inside her grew from a spark to a cinder and she licked her lips. This control was intoxicating.

“Wake up, Kate,” she said suddenly. This was wrong. No one should have this much power over another person’s mind. It was wrong. It was tempestuous. It was craven.

It was exhilarating.

Kate blinked twice and the TV turned itself off over Malia’s shoulder.

“You were dozing on the couch!” Malia lied. “I’m sorry I woke you but I was very excited to meet you.”

“Wha –,” Kate stammered slightly. “Oh… Oh!” Her face burst into a huge smile. “Malia! Right! Oh I’m so glad you woke me. I was excited to meet you. Jet lag, I guess,” she said gesturing at the couch.

“You and me both,” Malia said with a smile. The girl was loud.

“Well now you’re here and I’m up we can get to know each other. There’s something telling me we’re going to be great friends. I can wait to see all the things you can show me.”

Malia’s breath caught in her throat; afraid Kate had remembered being entranced. But the smile was sincere. She didn’t remember the conversation, but she’d remembered the suggestions. The commands. And she’d internalized them. Obeyed them.

The heat inside Malia returned as she sat there with the admittedly beautiful woman. This game was going to be fun.

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