Episode 1 - Pink Introductions

by Director Hailstorm

Tags: #dom:female #dom:male #f/f #m/f #pov:bottom #sub:female #lactation #scifi #solo

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Episode 1 – Pink Introductions

How far would you go to win $10 million? Would you try to best to be true to yourself, or would you become the person you needed to be to win? And what if you weren’t the only one in control of yourself? Here in Prisoners, you can never be sure which thoughts are your own and which came from somewhere else. How much can you trust those around you where there’s money like that on the line. And more importantly: How much can you trust yourself?

Out in the world, things are messy. But here in the game, the rules are simple. Our contestants are paired up into rooms: eight contestants over four rooms. What they know now is that they’ve been entered into a reality show where they just have to outlast their roommate in some kind of test of willpower and endurance. What they don’t know is what that test will entail.

When they arrive, they will each be told that they have been given a special tool that they can use to subjugate the will of their roommate. These tools have been handpicked to fit in with some trait of either the predator or the prey. If they use their weapon, they will be able to dominate their roommate and get them to do anything their heart desires. If they dominate their roommate completely, they are allowed to keep them as a prize in any role they see fit.

The longer they hold off using their weapon, the larger the cash prize waiting for you at the end. However, just realize that their roommates may not be as financially motivated. Once all thoughts and resistance have been extinguished from one contestant, they are eliminated and the winner advances to the next round to be put into a new room with another room’s winner. There are three rounds of play, after which there will be a champion. All weapons and consequences carry over from round to round, so by the end, our finalists should have quite the arsenal at their disposal.

Oh and did we forget to mention the state of the art subliminal sound system? Each night, our contestants will be treated to an array of subliminals that will slowly erode their morality and make them more open to using every tool at their disposal to win. But be cautious. Every action has an equal but opposite reaction.

I’m Emily Guest and this… is Prisoners.


Hailey Somers

Hailey stood in the foyer of the apartment complex having just been dropped off by the transport team. She wasn’t sure exactly where she was. The limo that had brought her here had darkened windows, so all she was sure of was that she was about 90 minutes away from Sea-Tac Airport. When she’d gotten out of the car, they’d been in an underground garage and she was told to ride the elevator up to the lobby where she’d be instructed further.

“Ah!” a voice called from down the hallway. “Hailey!”

She turned to see a familiar face.

“Mr. Lantopolis,” she said warmly. The man had been an old friend of the family for a long time. He hadn’t been the one to suggest she apply to this show, but she was pretty sure his name on her references did a lot to secure her spot. She knew he was a big wig at this network. “It’s so nice to see you.”

He smiled widely as he draped an arm around her. He was wearing a nice light blue button up and a deep blue tie. She’s always considered him handsome for an older man. There was an air of friendliness about him and she let herself be steered down the hall toward another bank of elevators.

“You as well, child. It’s been too long. I’m so pleased to be able to guide you at the beginning of this journey. In! In!” He held an arm out for her to get into the elevator that had arrived and hit a small pink button on the control panel. There were no floor numbers, just colors: pink, teal, silver… Was each one a floor?

“Now, I know that things have been kept secret from you. Details and rules and such. I apologize for that, but the company is playing thing very close to the chest, you understand.”

“I must admit, I was a little confused on the specifics of what we’re supposed to be doing in this game.”

Music had begun to play in the elevator. It was the same music she’d heard on the whole car ride here. It was nice.

“Well now is the time to fill you in. There is much we must discuss. First of all, you’re roommate’s name is Britt. You two will spend Round 1 together in the Pink Suite. She’s an office manager from somewhere in the Southwest I think. I think you’ll get along well enough. She’ll be along in just under an hour. You’re the first to arrive. Now, here’s where the new information really gets important.”

Hailey listened to the music as he spoke. She didn’t realize that a slight dreamy smile had kept onto her face.

“The Suites are split up into 2 private bedrooms, 2 private bathrooms, and a shared kitchen and living room. Every single room of the suites are filmed and anything that occurs in any room is subject to being put on television. Do you understand?”

“Yeah. We’re here to be watched, right?”

“Yes indeed. Okay then, onward. Each bedroom is fully equipped with wardrobes, makeup, and any accessories you might enjoy. But there’s also something special in every bedroom. Something you will need to use to win. Are you with me so far, Hailey?”

“Yeah…” she sighed. She was feeling very warm and sleepy. Jet lag was no joke. Maybe she could get a nap in before Britt arrived. Martin chucked lightly.

“Great. Okay. So each contestant has been given one of these special items, though they aren’t all the same. This item will allow you each contestant to, in some way, influence the thoughts and minds of their roommate. Yours is a bottle of milk.”

“Milk. Got it.”

Hailey didn’t really pause to consider the ramifications of the enormous bomb he’d just dropped on her. Mind control? Shouldn’t she be freaked out about that? But no. Everything was fine here in this elevator. She didn’t even seem to notice how long it was taking to reach their floor. She was just warm and sleepy and happy to listen.

“If you drink this milk, it will give your body special properties. People that look at your breasts will find their thoughts stalling out, giving you a chance to give them new ones. Sound good?”

As he said this last part, his hands reached up and cupped her breasts, squeezing them lightly. She let out a low hmm as he did this, letting her eyes slip closed for a moment. She didn’t see his smile grow even wider.

“Sounds great,” she breathed.

“You can choose to keep this item a secret or you can choose to reveal it. There are advantages to either, depending on how you want to play. The longer you go without using your special item, the more money you can win at the end, but the riskier it is that your roommate will get to you first.”

Her left hand had snaked beneath her waistband as Martin’s big strong hands continued to knead at her chest.

“You only win once your roommate is completely and utterly under your control.”

“Under your control,” Hailey groaned. She’d watched so much tranceTV to prepare for this job that the music in the elevator took her pretty deep almost immediately. She didn’t register the world around her as real anymore. All that was real to her was the fog, the music, and the pleasure coming from her fingers and her tits.

“Take off your top, Hailey.”


She pulled her white shirt up and over her head, leaving it lay on the floor of the elevator next to her bag.

“Actions have consequences, Hailey,” Martin said softly, as he walked behind her and pressed himself into her bag, hands returning to her tits. She felt his hardness pressing into her lower back and groaned. “If you hide your weapon, you gain an advantage, but lose trust. If you wait to act, you could win more money or you could be enslaved by Britt. You don’t want to be Britt’s slave, do you?”

“No, sir.”

“You want to be my slave.”

“Your slave.”

“But other actions have consequences too,” he whispered right into her ear so that the mics in the elevator couldn’t hear. “Every weapon in this game has a counter effect as well. Be careful. I’d hate for my slave to come back to me damaged.”

“Yes sir,” she whispered just as softly.

He pinched her nipple hard and she gasped, eyes flashing back open. She stepped back around her and again pressed the pink button. The doors opened into an apartment that was fully furnished in shades of red, pink, and light violet. Hailey took it all in with her mouth open. Fully awake again, she didn’t seem to mind that she was topless in front of her old friend.

“It’s yours for an hour, my dear. Enjoy it. When Britt arrives, she’ll be with her handler and you two will be able to get acquainted. You’ll find your milk bottle in a small mini-fridge in your bed-side table. Don’t wait too long, love. If you need anything, just shout. Someone is always listening.”

“Thank you Mr. Lantopolis!” she yelled as he climbed back onto the elevator. She waved, the doors closed, and she went and collapsed onto her bed, wondering why she was so fucking horny.

In her room, the corner camera captured her as she discovered the large pink dildo that had been tucked into her bedside table. It caught ever gasp, every groan, and every time she whispered Martin’s name under her breath as she pumped it in and out of her slick pussy. Time fell away. The only important thing was her pleasure and the people’s entertainment. Then as her mouth formed a wordless scream, she heard the ding of the elevator from two rooms away and she jumped up to put herself back together.

Britt Terlyn

              Britt got out of the limo in the spot Hailey had.

“That elevator there, Miss,” the driver instructed as he pulled her bag out of the back of the vehicle.

“Yeah,” Britt sighed, her brain getting its first moments without the sound of the limo’s weird music in over an hour. “Thanks.”

Britt wandered over to the elevator in a bit of a daze and hit the up button for the lobby. At least it was quiet in here. The ride was short. She must have only been one floor under the building. When the doors opened, she was met with a lovely marble room and a woman in an armchair sitting right across the hall from the open doors.

“Ah Britt. Right on time.”

The woman stood and smiled warmly as she held out her hand. Britt took it and a felt a small shock.

“Oo,” the woman yelped. “Must be a storm coming. Anyway, I’m Daisy St. Clair. I work in human resources here with the company and I’m going to be showing you to your room.”

The two women walked down toward the bank of elevators at the far end of the hall and the woman punched a small pink button on the wall. Britt took notice of the lack of numbers on the panel. She should probably have been listening closer to Daisy talk but she was feeling very odd. It was probably nerves, but she found herself slipping in and out of the conversation, only absorbing the key points without many details.

She was in the Pink Suite. Her roommate’s name was Hailey. They were being watched at all times. She had some kind of a weapon she could use on Hailey to win. It was… some kind of water she could drink and it gave her powers? Could that have been right. Oh well. She’d figure it all out when the game started. Somewhere off in the distance she heard Daisy ask her if she understood all that.

“Yeah,” she said, eyes unfocussed.

“Might have overdone it,” Daisy said to herself.

“Britt. Now listen to this next part, it’s important.”


“You only win by breaking your roommate completely. That’s the goal. If you fail, you’ll be the one broken.”

“Break. Broken.”

She was swimming is a sea of fog. She was lost to the world floating along on the waves of Daisy’s words. Everything was fine. Daisy wouldn’t let anything happen to her.

She felt another shock on the back of her neck and the fog lifted. The elevator doors opened to a view of pink walls and a small shriek from somewhere in the apartment.

“You’re here!” Hailey called, scrambling out of what must have been her room. “I’m so happy to meet you!”

“You’re Hailey?” Britt asked, still a little wobbly after her awakening. Even in her stupor, though, she could smell the sex on Hailey as the girl wrapped her arms around her.

“And you’re Britt! We’re going to be going on quite the adventure together.”

“It would seem so.”

Daisy was smiling off to the side. Britt saw her stuff something into her skirt pocket. After what felt like an eternity, Hailey released her and the two smiled at each other briefly.

“Well introductions done,” Daisy said with a light chuckle. “I’ll leave you two to get more acquainted. Britt, don’t forget what we discussed in the elevator.”

“N- No I won’t,” Britt replied, not entirely sure what Daisy was talking about.

The elevator doors closed behind Daisy and the two were left standing in their kitchenette staring awkwardly at each other.

“So,” Britt said nervously. “What do you do for a living?”

“Oh I’m a lawyer,” Hailey said simply. “I just passed the Bar a few months ago and I’ve been looking for work. So an unemployed lawyer.”

Britt’s eyes opened a little wider. She was surprised by that. Her relationship with Hailey was admittedly only minutes old, but the bubbly personality and the smell of pussy on her fingers lead Britt to think Hailey was going to be some dumb bimbo. But people contained multitudes, apparently.

“Well I’m an office manager. I run a staff of about 25 in a physician’s office in my hometown.”

“Oh a control freak,” Hailey remarked with a smile.

“Says the lawyer.”

“A fair point.”

Britt found herself liking Hailey. There was a quality about her that welcomed you into her life with open and eager arms. It was disarming. It made you want to open up yourself to be on equal footing. But didn’t Hailey have a weapon, too? Could the game have already started?

Britt cleared her throat, trying not to think the worst and hoping against hope the strategy and politicking hadn’t started so quickly. She at least wanted to get settled in. She told Hailey she wanted to go stow her bags and check out her space and the girl nodded enthusiastically.

“I love my rooms. I’m sure yours will be great, too.”

Britt glanced down at Hailey’s hands and smiled. I’m sure you do, she thought wryly.

She pulled her bag up on her shoulder and pushed into her half of the suite. Her rooms were pink, too, though slightly darker and with more purple swirled into it. Britt would never have though to paint a room like this but it was a nice color. Maybe she’d redecorate when she got home.

She had a bedside table on one side of her queen bed and a small cabinet on the other. On closer inspection it was a mini-fridge. She opened it up and discovered a dozen bottles of something called Power Chord Tonic Water. From somewhere in the back of her mind, she could hear Daisy’s voice whispering to her. This was her weapon. If she drank it, her voice would become stronger. More difficult to disobey.

She closed the fridge for now, deciding to trust Hailey for the first night not to start the game too fast. Only then did she realize something. Somewhere between the car and the bedroom, her panties had gone missing. The discovery should have sent warning bells off in her mind, but she just shrugged it off. She’d been with Daisy that whole time. She’d been safe.

She could see the sun setting over a sprawling forest out her window. As if a switch flipped, she realized how tired she’d become on her travels to the building. It wasn’t exactly good TV, but she decided that sleep was in order. Tomorrow the games would begin.

And without undressing or even getting under the covers, Britt drifted off.

The scanner in the corner of the room detected the change in her brainwaves and in the walls, new machinery came to life. A small speaker under her bed began to play a light tune that would ensure she would stay asleep and opened her mind to the other track playing under it.

All through that night, Britt listened to that track as it softly suggested that right and wrong weren’t so important, and that free will was maybe not such a sacred right. Across the apartment, Hailey was listening to the same thing, having drifted off with a milk mustache still on her face, and an open bottle of Smiletime Milk in the waste basket by her bed.

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