Orders Without Hesitation

After 1 Week

by aseari

Tags: #dom:female #pov:top #sub:male #body_control #D/s

Weeks ago, Katie could have said that between herself and Rory, Katie wasn't the highest earner of the two. But then things changed for everyone, and she was stuck with entirely separate responsibilities. She was suck in a legal office as the sole earner for the household in the middle of an economy that can't decide whether it wants to collapse or not.

She let conversations around her drift into her ears.

"I'm still worried. Ken hasn't called in at all for days now." Mary whined, again. She'd been obsessed with her son's whereabouts and safety ever since the new reality sunk in. That for some insane reason over a week ago, men just... followed commands from women. Spoken or written, it didn't matter. As long as it was from a woman - from any woman - any man who heard would obey without hesitation. Even things recorded or written before that fateful day on the 7th of May counted.

"Don't worry about him, he'll be fine."

"Do you honestly think he's still there!? For god's sake Rachael, they're sending all the boys home. He said he'd come back early."

"Maybe he shacked up with a girl he knew?" Rachael asked.

"That's worse. You know how some girls are. They'd order him to- ugh. I can't bear the thought."

Katie shrugged. She knew that boys and girls are pretty similar - it's just that until a week ago, the default was that guys didn't experience the same level or kind of consequences girls did. She knew herself that if it was three or four years ago and this event happened, Katie knew at least three women from her friend group who would have absolutely used what was going on to their advantage.

It's easier to be experimental if most of the more dangerous consequences could be avoided as easily as saying 'no'.

But not every woman would use their power to get away with a little personal fun on their terms. The idea of being able to control nearly any man was a power some people would abuse.

Well, some people already had. On the first day of the whole mess - which had names that veered from 'They Finally Fucking Listen To Us Day' to '#mEnslavement', to 'Women's Ordering' and other suggestions - it was a confused, slow day that escalated as it went on. People noticed in small, personal groups, when men acted erratically as the day progressed.

Then some woman posted on a major social media site for every man to kill themselves - and thousands did so without hesitation. News broadcasters didn't quite understand what was going on, and it meant those four thousand-ish became over two hundred thousand. All in the space of an hour. And that was day one. Everywhere reeled and realized that yes, this was happening, and there wasn't any way to undo it. So they adapted. They scrambled to replace who they could, albeit reluctantly. They tried to secure their leaders. They did everything they could.

It was the last gasps of a dying era. Maybe the world would change back, but the damage was done already. A whole week of it.

Work was finishing up, and the heavy caseload Katie had wasn't going to go away - most men have stopped working. The idea of travelling outside and unprotected was too dangerous.

She filed away what she could, got her coat out of the closet, and made her way outside to her car at the parking lot adjacent to her work. Across the street, she saw one of the consequences of this all. Two women were painting over a hastily scribbled graffiti against a wall. A literal booby trap that demanded any male who was unlucky enough to read it to strip naked on the spot and leave.

She rolled her eyes and called Rory on the phone.

He'd pick up - he was supposed to. She made sure he would, for his safety.

"K-Katie," he said, a hint of nervousness from him. "I'm here."

"Are you okay?" she asked. "You didn't accidentally encounter an order or something, right?"

"I'm... a little shaken," Rory replied without any way to resist. "There was a letter put through. I didn't go near it, it's at the front door. I'm not sure if the postal is back up."

Her heart skipped a beat.

"Okay. Just stay away from it, okay? I'll see if it's something mundane, like the postal services back up again..."

Or something worse.

Katie got into her car. She hadn't started it yet - she wasn't dumb enough to drive on the phone, especially not when roads are still being cleared. She took a calming breath, and then thought about Rory. Maybe she could cheer him up? She needed cheering herself, when she thought about it.

"What did you do today, love?"

Rory didn't resist answering honestly. Any question from a woman to a man must be answered. It was one of the ways things changed, and while Katie didn't really abuse it, she liked the security of it. She didn't need to doubt how Rory felt - she could ask and receive true honesty from him.

"I cleaned up some stuff, because there wasn't anything I could do. I was in the hall and the letter came through. I went into- I'm in the bedroom right now. I thought about like, covering it or something, but I wasn't wanting to risk it. I uh, I didn't manage to cook anything, Sorry."

She felt her internal smile fall a little, and her heart pick up. "I see. I'll come over and see if it's anything normal or not."

She hesitated.

"Rory, I think we haven't had sex is a while now, have we?"

Katie heard his break get a little heavier from over the phone. "N-no, we hadn't. Do you want sex?"

The conversations she heard at work got her mind running in a particular direction, and well, here she was - with a willing participant she knew and loved. She hadn't ever tried phone sex before. She could have waited until she was home, but one of the things she hadn't tried before was phone sex, and Rory would like it, wouldn't he?

Katie let her free hand drift to under the hemline of her skirt, and then inside her panties, and directly over her slightly wet mound. "Are you scared the letter would kill you, or are you scared it wouldn't?"

"I was scared it'd kill me."

"Imagine it wouldn't, then," Katie pressed. She slowly circled her clit. "What if that letter in the hallway was written by a very, very horny and very, very naughty girl. Imagine do you think she'd put in it. You could have ideas."

"I-Ideas?" Rory's mind froze. "I-um... They're embarrassing to say."

"I can make you say them, Rory. I won't judge you. After all, you wouldn't be able to stop yourself. Isn't that correct, love?"

"Y-yeah," Rory sighed audibly and shakily. "That's right."

"Then tell me what you want me to do to you," Katie demanded, rubbing herself at that same, slow pace, savouring the feeling of playing with herself. "And I want you to jerk off while doing it."

"Ka-atie," he sighed. "I see- the letter would make me strip naked, and walk to some house, across town. And there'd be a beautiful woman inside."

Katie stopped rubbing herself on the outside, and instead moved her fingers and slid a single one inside, caressing her folds. "Would she look like me?"

"N-no, she'd be different, because of course she wouldn't be you."

"Really? That's a naughty thought to have, Rory. I might get jealous."


"So jealous in fact, I might have to punish you," Katie continued. "Edge yourself for me. Don't finish yourself off until I say you can and tell me when your close."

Katie gasped a little as she picked up speed while masturbating in her car. "Rory, tell me what would happen in that cabin, with the beautiful woman who is definitely not your wife, huh?"

Rory gulped. "Um, she'd- she'd play with my ass."

"Your ass? Why would she do that?"

"B-because she's in control?" he hedged. "I mean, I can't stop her, I-just-"

"Does that mean I can play with your ass, since I can control you too, love?" Katie asked. She'd slid a third finger inside of herself by now, and was stroking her on clit with her thumb as she slowly pumped herself with her hand. "Do you want me to?"

"Y-yes, I'd like that," Rory said, his voice strained.

"Would you like your ass toyed with, or do you want to be fucked?"

Katie couldn't hold back her smile. "I wouldn't get pleasure from that, Rory," she teased. "What about mine? Greedy boy. You w-want to be fucked in the ass, and you want another women to do it, but what about me? You should really be punished. Say it."

"I should be punished."

Katie's breath hitched. That was one hell of a thing to hear. She felt her brain click at the statement. She continued. "Tell me you want me to fuck you."

"I-I want you to f-fuck me," Rory pleaded. Rory, who usually didn't swear on his own. But she could make him swear.

She was so close. "Rory, listen closely," She said.

Katie moved the phone down between her legs and fingered herself in earnest, eagerly, and violently, and loud enough that she hoped her husband could hear it. After several seconds of that, she pulled the phone back up. "That's me masturbating to the idea of riding you when I get home. Do you like that?"

"Yeah, I like that."

"But you wo-on't like the fact I'm not going to let you cum yet. Stop masturbating. Le-et go of your dick and don't touch it until I say you can."

Katie could barely hold back, she shivered as she reached close to the end. In a car in an empty parking lot, she came to the thought of violating her husband.


She breathed heavily over the phone, satisfied, but not enough.

"I want you to strip for me, Rory. Stirp naked and wait for my in m-our room, okay?"


"I'll be home in a hour," Katie said. She wasn't lying - traffic was better, now. She couldn't wait to get home to her teased and denied husband. She'd make him earn that orgasm.


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