by Writer_345

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A young woman is kidnapped by a woman and her daughter. She is then turned into a pet.

This is an up-dated version of a story that I first wrote back in 2015, it was actually the first erotic story that I posted anywhere. In effect this is a re-write to correct a couple of inconsistencies... I Hope you enjoy it.


by Writer345

Day OneThe Girl.
It was wrong... It was a silly thing to do but I did it anyway... After all, it never happens to us, it can't, can it? Well? Can it?

Actually, it can...

It does...

It did!

I am confused. I don't know where I am. Please, I don't know where I am. I want to explore but it's pitch-black. There is something in my mouth, it is hard and rubbery, I spit it out, but it won't go. I push it with my tongue but something is holding it in place so I bite down on it – it gives, but not by much. Its about two inches across, hard and round: I shout, but all that comes out is: "Uh! Urr!"

I was at the bus stop: it was pouring with rain: there was just me and the girl: the Indian girl about seventeen or eighteen. She looked about ten years younger than me and just as bedraggled with the rain making "rat's tails" out of her long black hair. I'd seen her before; she always caught the same bus as me: the six-fifty. But we're both British, so we had never spoken.

Cars went past, we both got splashed a couple of times. I looked at her hopefully without her noticing: she looked like a student; short raincoat over jeans. Colours weren't obvious under the old fashioned orange street lights. God! I hate dark mornings!

How did I get from there to here? How did I get the ball in my mouth? I don't know! I'm spread-eagled as well, how did I get like that? Think, girl, think!!!

I'm upright, the ball in my mouth is making me drool; I feel the saliva land on my breast and begin to trickle down into my cleavage. I feel myself frown. My clothes? Where are my clothes?

Ah, yes, the scissors. 'Snip... Snip... Snip!'

I remember those scissors.

I'm at the bus stop with the pretty Indian girl. Oh no! My raincoat is starting to fail; that's the trouble with fashion clothes... They are useless! Plastic macs are out of fashion, so I get wet. A car splashes my legs and I hiss my displeasure. I must have said something because the girl stares at me, smiles and nods – her complexion strange in the orange light.

Something is holding my hands up above my head... Something is holding my feet in position about two feet apart... I'm the letter "X"... "X" marks the spot that I am in... My feet are on the floor and I am standing and it is pitch dark but I cannot move. Why am I not terrified? But its warm and no longer raining. Somehow I am at peace and past caring. I close my eyes and watch the pretty points of light dancing in my own personal blackness.

The bus is late. I glance at my watch, but cannot read it because of the rain spots that are striking the glass. The rain spots and the strange orange street lights. They say that nothing rhymes with "orange"... What would want to?

A car pulls up: it is a big car, a Mercedes or a Jaguar. Big, white and mud splattered. I don't know much about cars except that I can't afford one. The window winds down and, curiously, I look in. An Indian woman leans over.

"Excuse me, Miss, do you know the way to North Road College?" Her voice is accented but cultured.

I answer that I'm a lecturer there , but its not straight forward from here... A lot of turnings.

She smiles, all pearl-white teeth with gold fillings. "Would you like a lift: that way you can give me directions?"

Say: "No!" Say: "No!" Say: "No!" Please say: "No!" "Ooh yes please, that would be wonderful!"

I climb into the front passenger seat and sink in: it's like a very comfortable armchair., it seems to mould itself around me. The adventure is beginning but I don't know it yet... I was just glad to be out of that infernal rain.

I test my bonds: there are cuffs around my wrists and ankles: not tight, not restricting, just enough to hold me in place. I struggle and find that I have no movement: clips rattle: metal clips, but that's all. Oh, I wished that it was light... Then I realise/remember that there is something soft and velvety over my eyes. It is a mask or blindfold. I relax and let my captive wrists support some of my weight... I doze.

The girl at the bus stop suddenly leans in... "Hey, I'm a student there. Can I have a lift too please?" So that's where I have seen her before – she's one of our anonymous two thousand... Do I teach her? No, no I don't, but she's a pretty little thing.

The Indian woman sighs resignedly and says: "Get in the back."

I'm with two other women: I can only be safe... Besides, I'm dry! I'm warm! I'm out of that damned rain.

The big car swings out into the city traffic and heads north. The car radio is playing something classical – something by Mozart. It must be, it's soothing and it's pack-jammed full of notes.

"Next left." I say helpfully but something damp is pressed over my nose and mouth...

There is a sweet, sickly smell and taste and my head spins. I don't quite lose consciousness but seem to be in that state between waking and sleeping. Mozart reaches a crescendo and I feel detached from reality. I see the driver operate a control on the dash and my seat-back begins to move down slowly. Soon I am lying almost flat. I wriggle to get more comfortable, nice!

My head is spinning, but I am relaxed... So relaxed. I feel something round being pushed into my mouth... Something round and rubbery. The girl lifts my head gently and slips a strap around my neck and buckles it, taking care not to trap my long red hair. She is soooo gentle and her hands are soooo soft that I smile, or try to. One after another, she buckles cuffs around my wrists. They are fur-lined and have metal rings on them. This isn't right, but I don't care! I feel safe! I feel comfortable! I feel warm! Something sticks into my neck: something like a pin or a needle and hey! I'm past caring about anything and actually fall asleep.

I dream: I'm in a warm comfortable place: Mozart is playing: I am in a very posh motor car... I've never been in a Mercedes before. . . . . . . . . . . .

"Oh Lord won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz?

My friends all drive Jaguars and I must make amends.

I've worked hard all my life, Lord, no help from my friends;

So Lord won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz?"

. . . . . . . . . it runs through my head over and over: it drowns out the sound of the engine (what sound?). It drowns out Mozart... Four nonsense lines play over and over filling my little world, drowning out everything else... Or at least I dream that they do.

I stare up at the car's roof: it is upholstered in soft white leather. The girl gently lifts my head and slips something around it, covering my eyes. Something velvety and black. A soft kiss is placed on my forehead. A gentle voice says: "Sleep well, my darling."

...and I do! Or at least, I dream that I do.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Time passes. I am no longer in the car, I am suspended on the frame. The ball-gag is removed and I am gently offered a bottle of water. I drink greedily as I am very thirsty. I become aware of a pain in my lower abdomen, it goes at the same time that I realise that there is warm liquid soaking through my clothes and running down my legs.

A cultured voice with a musical Indian lilt says: "You must house train her, Hamsini, my darling!" The voice is gently chiding.

The ball-gag is slipped back into my mouth: I do not resist, I do not want to resist. Instead I whimper and the blindfold is removed. I blink at the bright light.

The room is about thirty feet square and is decorated in brilliant white. Two of the walls are hidden by heavy white satin curtains After the darkness, it dazzles me. When my eyes return to normal I see that there are just the three of us: the woman, the girl and me. I can see them both and the resemblance is obvious... Mother and Daughter. Yes, that's it, they must be: Mother and Daughter. I feel pleased with myself for reaching that conclusion; after the last injection, thinking is not easy.

The two of them relax in white armchairs, they are just watching me They are so alike. Suddenly, the Mother turns to her Daughter: "Are you sure? Remember we can't exactly take her back to the shop?"

Hamsini, the daughter, regards me seriously then springs to her feet, comes over and begins brushing my hair which I wear long. She is very gentle. "Umm, Mummy, she is so beautiful. Just look at her hair: its like burnished copper. And her green eyes. Oh, I'm sure. This is the one that I want!"

The Mother stands and walks over. They kiss in front of me, the kiss seems to have an obvious sexual undercurrent and lasts over a minute. They break and the Mother, still hugging the Daughter to her, speaks: "Well then. Happy Birthday, my darling. Eighteen today!" She squeezes her Daughter and kisses her again. "Why don't you unwrap your present?"

She sits down to watch the show from the comfort of her armchair while Hamsini collects a pair of long scissors from somewhere and begins to remove my still-damp clothing snip by snip.

She is careful, oh so careful as she cuts through my raincoat... She gently gathers up my hair and drapes it over my shoulder, then: snip snip snip through the back of the jacket, right down from collar to waist. I feel it loosen immediately. Then she repeats the process at the front... Slowly, carefully the big scissors cut my prized Burberry down to my waist, I whimper.

"Don't be a silly girl!" She chides me. "I won't hurt you... I'll never hurt you, my darling."

"Have you thought of a name for your pet?" Her Mother enquired. "She should have a pretty name."

I tried to tell them that I already had a name but the gag turned my words into gibberish.

Hamsini steps back. "According to the meaning of my name, I am the woman 'who rides the swan'."

Her Mother chuckled. "Oh how fitting: you plan to call her 'Hamsiki'? Is that not so, my darling?" She could see where this was going.

"Umm, something like that... There are many names that mean 'swan' but 'Hansa' is my favourite. After all if I am 'the one who rides the swan': then should I not have a beautiful swan to ride?" Mother and Daughter laughed, but it isn't a nasty laugh.

"Oh yes: 'Hansa' is a beautiful name for her. She after all is very swan-like with her white skin. Yes, an excellent choice!" Her Mother approves and I becmme her Daughter's beautiful white swan.

Hamsini turned back to me, and with a few more snips , opened my sleeves from collar to cuff. The raincoat fell away, revealing my brown turtle-neck jumper. "Oh, what an ugly garment!" Hamsini gasped and snipped away at my favourite jumper in exactly the same way as my Burberry, only this time she sheared through my bra too and I was suddenly naked above the waist.

The girl lowered the scissors and gently played with one of my breasts. I was sure that this was wrong, but my nipples betrayed me, for as soon as she ran her finger around them. They stiffened and stood out. She licked one and gently flicked it with her tongue. "Oh, how cute... They're coral-pink not chocolate-brown!" She proclaimed in surprise.

Her Mother chuckles happily at her Daughter's reaction to my tits.

"Can they be made larger?" Hamsini asks hopefully.

"The breasts or the nipples?"

"Umm, both, please." The Daughter answered still hopefull.

"I don't see why not. Tell you what, finish unwrapping her and we'll discus what needs to be remodelled. After all, I want your Birthday present to be perfect!"

My head was clearing slowly: I wasn't in any immediate danger: nothing life threatening: but judging by what they were saying, my life was about to change beyond all recognition.

The scissors snipped again – one long cut this time, straight down the front of my skirt so that everything fell away leaving me in just a pair of pale-blue panties. Then two very careful snips later, both down the outside of each leg, and I was naked except for the cuff around each ankle and wrist. I look at them, each one has a metal loop built into it: the loop is attached to the frame by a large brass padlock. I clearly wasn't going anywhere in the near future!

Hamsini stepped back and began to appraise me, or more precisely, my body. She stared at me for several minutes and I blushed a deep red. "Oh! How quaint." The girl seemed genuinely pleased by my reaction.

She stepped forward and slipped a hand between my legs. I felt a finger gently ease up into my pussy. "She's quite moist even now, Mummy. I think she likes girls!"

Her Mother found this to be funny and chuckled again. "Don't worry, my precious child, if she doesn't, she soon will."

The girl withdrew her finger: sniffed it, then tasted it. "Oh, wow! She's heavenly. I can't wait to lick her out." She tweaked my pubic hair and I winced. "But that patch of red fur has got to go: I hate getting hair in my mouth!"

Her Mother nodded but said nothing as she sat there enjoying her Daughter's obvious pleasure.

Presently they reapplied my blindfold and left me to my thoughts, such as they were. I sensed movement near me occasionally - no doubt the remains of my clothes were being cleared away. Then I was left to doze: I must have been drugged again for I have only vague memories of the remains of that day.

What is it that pretentious people say when they are trying to sound knowledgeable? 'Today is the first day of the rest of your life.'

If that isn't pretentious drivel, then nothing is... But there again, in my case it was more or less true... Except... Well... Today was certainly the first day of Hansa's life and the last of my own.

Day TwoThe Awakening.
IMPORTANT NOTE: After 'Day One' I was, and still am, unsure as to the number of actual days that passed: only the sequence of events. It will be 'Day Twenty-One' before I see daylight again, or experience anything which could be described as 'a complete day'. The events that I describe as happening on 'Day Two' may indeed have taken place on 'The Second Day'. However, they may have also taken place at the end of 'Day One' or on 'Day Three' or even 'Day Thirty'! There is no way for me to know for sure. The event sequence is correct but the day numbers are really little more than pegs upon which to hang these events.

I woke up the next(?) morning... Well I think it was the next... The mask and the ball gag were gone as was the 'X' frame, although I was still in the white room; or one identical to it.

"Good morning, Hansa, my darling!" A familiar and enthusiastic girlish voice cut its way into the tangled nightmare of my dreams/Nightmare(?) No! There was nothing unpleasant about my dreams or predicament. Surreal, yes. Unpleasant, no. For all intents and purposes, my life as a Human Being seemed to be over and that of a beloved pet animal had seamlessly taken its place.

I rolled over in my nest of blankets and beheld the face of my owner: the girl from yesterday who I knew only as Hamsini: the swan-rider. I smiled and she smiled back. She reached forward and buckled a diamanté-studded dog collar around my neck. It was soft and velvety against my skin. She kissed me on top of my head – exactly the same way that I used to kiss my dog when I was a child.

I look around... It seems that I had slept in some sort of large pet bed one with my name on it.

"Mummy says that I must train you and look after you properly: well I intend to!" I felt her running her fingers through my hair.

"Where am I?" I asked plaintively.

The slap stung my face and was quite unexpected because of the gentle treatment that I had hither-to received. "Bad puppy-girl! You must only bark or whine, animals do not speak in words. If Mummy finds out, she'll have them take your voice away. I don't want that, not yet anyway. You are a pet, so remember that and we'll both be very happy."

I was still light-headed, probably due to the cocktail of drugs that I had been fed 'yesterday' when I was given an injection to keep me docile, so they were planning to keep me drugged to make me compliant.

Hamsini stands over me: she was wearing a white satin blouse, a bright tartan miniskirt and white knee length socks while I am dressed in precisely nothing. "Come on, lazy-bones: time for breakfast!"

She clips a lead onto my collar and leads me across the room to a food bowl. I crawl on all fours, much to the girl's pleasure. Breakfast is eaten on the floor.

After I had eaten as best I could, she carefully washes my face and brushes my hair and her own. Hers, though the blackest black, was as long as mine.

She expects me to 'puddle' on sheets of newspaper... So this is what her Mother had meant by 'house-training'. I squat down as best I can, but the stream of liquid gushes out, splashes up and soaks my legs and feet.

"I think that I had better let you use a toilet from now on." Is her only comment, although I think that she is more than a little disappointed that the experiment has failed. She dries me off and I am allowed to relieve myself with dignity thereafter.

She allows me to walk upright most of the time as I am clearly no physical threat to her... In fact I am slightly taller and at twenty-eight, mine is the more mature figure: a figure that she seems to enjoy exploring. That exploration begins in the shower; although I must admit that before "The Second Day", showering had always been a non-social activity for me. Today I am expected to wash both of us while Hamsini plays with my body and shows obvious enjoyment in the process. The play and exploration becomes more sexual as time goes on until she gently pushes me into a kneeling position and presses her pussy against my face.

Am I expected to lick her? I honestly do not know how too. If she expects me to gratify her then she will have to teach me how. But no! She just intends to use me. Gently at first and then gradually faster and faster, she begins to rub her vulva against my face. She is using me to masturbate against... I am actually relieved as she rubs her self ecstatically against my mouth, cheeks and nose. I don't need to do anything other than cooperate and she soon cums and actually squirted over me during her orgasm. The shower took most of it away, but some goes into my mouth. I have not tasted a girl before: she is exquisite. She screams and twitches in orgasmic release, then helps me to my feet and out of the shower. We dry each other on large, soft white towels... This will become a daily ritual, although as yet I am unaware of this aspect of my future existence.

Days Four to Twenty(-ish)The Improvements.
My confusion continues. I am separated from my beloved Hamsini and her all-powerful Mother. Once the woman is satisfied that I am truly what her Daughter wants, I am put into the hands of a shadowy section of the Medical Profession. Her "Special Doctors", as she always calls them

Over the next many days I am kept sedated while my body is cut, tucked and padded out. It is a heady mix of lethargy, torpor, confusion, sleep, drowsiness and shadows. People speak, their voices echo. Their words are in no languages that I understand. They echo in my ears and throughout my poor empty head. Someone seems to snarl gutturally at me while another hisses and hacks as if they are clearing their throat. There is a sing-song argument; laughter; a memory of arm waving – a lot of arm waving. I drift in and out of consciousness. My body is the centre of attention while the mind, hiding somewhere within, is ignored. I feel, low, high, remote. I feel wanted and reviled all at the same time. I do not feel as if I am me or even that there is a me remaining for them to be concerned about.

There is pain. There is soreness. There is a burning sensation in my groin, then in my arm pits. I drift off to sleep. I drift back to something resembling consciousness. The old pains are gone: now I have new ones and my throat is on fire. There is a heavy weight pressing down against my chest and I cannot move. I am suspended in some sort of a cradle and figures in green scrubs are tinkering with me. I drift off to sleep again. This happens time after time... The hours stretch into days into weeks, or so it seems as I awake and fall asleep without and reference to day and night. I am connected to bags, bottles and containers by tubes and wires, Electrical things beep and click in response to I know not what. Shadowy figures in green read the dials and gauges... Time passes.

My feminine curves are exaggerated... Nothing extreme... I seem to have gone from 34-26-34 to 44-24-38 with a well padded rump. My breasts have gone from B to DD, or at least I think that they are DD's... Is 'larger' even possible? They are very heavy, that's all I know but I will have to get used to lugging them around!

I never wanted big breasts: but Hamsini likes them and wanted me to have them, so thinking about it I want them too. My nipples however now stiffen to about half an inch long and my alveoli seem to be the size of saucers. They have also remodelled my lovely pussy: it is now more sensitive and my clitty is as long and as thick as my thumb and erects like a small cock when I am aroused, which seems to be most of the time. My outer lips are fuller and more swollen now and my inner ones seem to hang lower and are more rubbery. If anything brushes against them I get a distinct thrill, almost like an electric shock. Not only has my arse been padded but my pucker seems to have been stretched and made more sensitive and accommodating. In my innocence I wonder why.

The last change, the really strange one, is the tail... Yes, Hamsini, has had them grow me a tail – a real flesh and blood one. A tail with long red hair transplanted from my scalp. It seems that they removed a strip an inch wide from forehead to nape. Some of it forms the skin of my new tail while the rest of it runs down my neck and spine to link it with my hair. They closed the gap in my scalp and it is no longer visible now that it has healed.

I have a strip of red hair running right down my back and a short tail with long hair like a horse's. My darling Hamsini tells me that I should be able to 'swish' it from side to side as well as being able to raise it. Yes, it has its own muscles, that were stripped out of my back or from somewhere else where they were not needed. It is numb at the moment but will have feeling when the nerves regenerate..

Lastly, I try to speak... Nothing comes out other than squeaks, yelps and squeals. Hamsini's Mother has been as good as her word... Animals do not speak and pets are animals, all said and done.

Of cause. I found most of this out later, although, I don't really care. Why should I? I am pampered and live in comfort. I am loved and wanted. The pressures and stresses of my old life have faded and I do not want them back. Being a pet is so relaxing.

Now I am recuperating: in a few days I will be going to my forever home. I am still suspended but am partly encased in a body mould to support my modified body. I have a distinct memory of whispering deep inside my head. I cannot hear the words, but they seem to be comforting. I vaguely remember pictures and videos flashing and flickering in front of my eyes. Things are becoming clearer – girls are wonderful...

Spring is in the air and I am looking forward to using my new body for pleasure, after all that is why I have been given it... I can't help wondering what else life has in store for me.

Day Twenty-One: The Swan and her rider.

I am home and wake up on the first morning in my basket. It is big and round with a padded, satin-covered base. I have blankets to keep me warm and cushions to cuddle up to.

Hamsini wakes me up on this special morning: all of the confusing sights, sounds and smells of my medical adventures seem to fade when I see her beautiful face and laughing golden-brown eyes. She clips on my lead and takes me to somewhere that I can relieve myself. She watches but I don't seem to mind. Next we shower and she explores my improved body, squealing with delight as she caresses it. When my clitty twitches, begins to stiffen and slips out from between my labia, she cannot believe it at first. Very slowly, she reaches out and gently strokes it, then she grasps it and plays with it: she treats it as if it is a cock and tries to masturbate it just like a little boy would. I orgasm several times as she fondles it. Out of the shower, we dry each other using the soft white towels and then brush each other's hair after drying it. She then brushes my new mane and tail... How I wish that I could enjoy the sensation.

She takes one of my nipples in her mouth and sucks greedily like an infant at the breast. Her eyes go wide as it grows and swells to its full length inside her mouth. I want her to take me right now in the dressing room but she doesn't. Instead she leads me back into the white room, which she tells me is our playroom. This is where I slept, but when I look for my basket, it has gone. She sees my distress and tells me that she has had it moved into her bedroom because that is where I will sleep from now on.

I look around at the room, it is very plain. The walls and ceiling are a brilliant dazzling white while the floor is smooth, varnished pale wood. It is a sprung floor like in a gymnasium, a dance studio or a ballroom. One wall is mirrored while the one opposite is one single massive window looking out onto a very large walled garden. There are four doors: one to the garden, one to the toilet and one to Hamsini's suite of rooms. The fourth one is locked. It is clearly a very big house belonging to a very wealthy family.

Hamsini gets me to jog around the playroom just so that she can see how the new me moves. The big breasts seem to bounce with a rhythm all of their own, while the wide arse is built for comfort and not speed. The nerves haven't regenerated yet, so the tail hangs lifeless and without feeling. Hamsini stops me and then plays with my tail... She seems to love it. She runs her fingers through the ridge of hair that now grows down my back: she loves this also. Strange that she likes this hair yet had them remove the tufts in my armpits and around my pussy. The latter is now smooth and much more sensitive. She fingers it and I quiver. She smiles, pulls my head down and kisses me full on the mouth. I have never kissed a girl before and my response surprises me... I relax into her nut-brown arms, close my eyes and let her explore my mouth with her questing tongue. I am hers for the rest of my life and we both know it.

Hamsini uses the silver chain dog-lead to pull me in front of the mirror wall. Oh, wow! I have been given tattooed-on make-up: full coral pink lips, subtle green eye shadow and delicate black eye lines to make my eyes seem bigger and more feminine. The collar that is still buckled around my neck is beautiful, the diamantés sparkle and glitter as I move and the light catches them at different angles. There is a change. Emeralds have been added to spell out 'Hansa' in sparkling green letters. It is a beautiful name – it is mine!!! I am Hansa! I am her White Swan!

There is Hindi script tattooed in gold above my left breast. Hamsini sees me puzzling over it and smiles warmly. "It says: 'Hamsini's Pet Swan', my darling."

I spin around and kiss her so fast that she is startled. I take the lead this time and clearly this is something that she was not expecting... Something has changed: I love her and I want to love her. Of cause I am hers but this also means that she is mine. I hold her and feel her relax in my arms. She drops the lead and I gently began to explore the inside of her mouth with the tip of my tongue. The kiss goes on and on: my tongue finds hers and they rub sensually against each other. The swan rider seems to grow heavy and soon her swan is supporting her weight as she relaxes completely. The kiss ends when I am too light headed to continue.

My Rider's back arches as her head tilts slowly backwards. Soon she is staring up at the ceiling and her wonderful black hair cascades down to her cute little arse.

"Oh Hansa, darling Hansa! That was wonderful!" My rider says breathily.

I try to say something, but can only manage a puppy-like whine: "Hnn, hnn, hnn, hnn."

She straightens up and stares in horror. "Oh, Mummy had them take away your voice after all! I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, I didn't ask for that!"

Then, lead forgotten, she takes me by the hand and we walk side-by-side out into the warm sunny garden where we eat breakfast on the patio where she is seated at a white garden table. My bowl is on the floor at her side and this is where I eat Unfortunately, Human Beings do not have a muzzle, so eating like this is surprisingly difficult. I get the food plastered over my nose and all around my mouth. My tongue is too short for me to lick myself clean

Hamsini takes pity on me and wipes me clean and gives me a spoon so that I can finish off.

Afterwards she leads me across the lawn: me walking on al fours like the animal that I now am. The garden is beautiful: it is warmer here because of the surrounding high wall and so experiences an early spring. Flowers are out, I recognize daffodils, but most of the others are strangers to me. I sniff a big purple daisy on the way past, it is exquisite.

My beautiful owner leads me through an archway in a carefully trimmed hedge and then through a hidden gap between two massive hydrangeas. The leaves and blooms gently brush my skin as I pass, I shiver with pleasure.

I find myself in a secluded but romantic arbour: shrubs and trees are all around, shielding it from prying eyes: there is no other way in or out. The space is about twelve feet across and has a chipped bark surface. She tells me that this is her secret place and that no else ever comes here... I find this hard to believe considering that the evidence of a gardener's expert attentions is everywhere.

Besides the four patio lamps, the only things in the glade are a statue, a swing and a bench that is partly protected by a rustic three-sided shelter. The bench is thickly upholstered in a black leather-like material, it is soft and warm to the touch. I see that Hamsini has prepared for this moment for there is a strap-on lying on the bench. The dildo is green; she tells me that it complements my hair. I am shocked, I have never seen one of those things before, I stare at it wide-eyed in horror but Hamsini only laughs musically. She is laughing at my reaction, not at me.

We sit on the bench and I get a good look at the statue that is also in the secluded little arbour. It is of grey stone and is of a well-endowed girl crouching on all-fours. Her back slopes gently towards us; her ample breasts hang down and her broad arse points in our direction... Her stone pussy is mesmerising and seems to stare invitingly at me.

We kiss and cuddle for twenty or thirty minutes, our explorations of each other's bodies becomes gradually more intimate. She tastes like heaven and is soon as naked as I am. She takes the lead, after all she owns me, I am her pet. I am hers to do with as she wants and in any case I have no human voice to make suggestions. Instead I whine and yelp enthusiastically, She calls me her beautiful swan and for some reason I quiver with pleasure at this. During one particular long and intimate kiss she gently pushes me back onto the bench and I feel fingers work their way into my pussy. I twitch and relax as she slides them in and out skilfully. I cum and she breaks the kiss. She removes her fingers and sucks one clean; then she offers the other one to me – I take it into my mouth and savour my own silky juices. I taste sweet and musky with a slight earthy overtone. It is a taste that I will crave from now on.

Hamsini takes the strap-on and buckles on the white leather harness. She stands in front of me, the false member standing at attention at her groin... The green dildo seems to be watching me. I feel threatened... While not exactly a virgin, I lack real experience as far as sex is concerned, the only twice that I had experienced it were not exactly pleasant and both times it hurt like blazes when I let Donald forced his cock into me. He came on both occasions, but I did not and the only orgasms that I had ever enjoyed before I was abducted and given to Hamsini were D-I-Y ones and rather weak.

Now I lie back on the bench, legs open and feet touching the floor, one either side. I look up at my brown angel who seems to tower over me, pert breasts, green cock and all. I am ready, I am waiting, I am filled with both longing and trepidation. I whine hopefully and yelp encouragingly.

She smiles down and then leans over and takes up my lead, gently she pulls me over to the statue... I am mystified... Surely she is not going to fuck that and not me? She smiles again then gently drapes me over the stone girl's back... Only the statue is not stone, it is warm and yielding to the touch like some type of spongy grey plastic. When I am lying belly-down on the girl-figure Hamsini takes my hands and clips my wrist cuffs together under the figures belly and just below its ample breasts.

I look back and smile, spreading my legs as wide as I can. It is going to hurt, I know it is. It always hurts: but if this is what my darling owner wants, then this is what I shall give her. I whine encouragingly: the number of sounds that I am now able to make is strictly limited, whining seems the most appropriate.

Hamsini moves over and stands behind me, between my open legs. She stares at my dripping pussy which must look inviting to her. Yet nothing happens for a minute or so: I begin to get confused, worried even: doesn't she want me? Has she spotted something that repels her, something that she was previously unaware of? If I am not wanted, will her Mother send me away?

Then, after listening to my internal demons for what seems like forever, she moves my tail to one side and I feel her fingertips softly stroke my labia... She is ever so gentle and I sigh appreciatively: she strokes my pussy for several seconds and then slips a finger in: I quiver and moan.

"So you are ready, my beautiful Swan?" Hamsini asks.

I want to scream: Yes, oh yes, yes, yes! But can no longer do so. Instead I whine and moan.

She withdraws her fingers and I feel something larger being rubbed up and down against my oh, so sensitive pussy-lips. It feels wonderful and I feel my back arch in anticipation as I raise my shoulders and breasts off the girl-figure to which I am secured.

Then the head of the bright green cock is pushed in. It hurts momentarily and I yelp, but then I feel it fill me as Hamsini forces her faux-cock into my pussy.

The Swan Rider has mounted her Swan for the first time, Now I must take flight and bear us both up on the wings of ecstasy.

And ride me she does!

She eases forward, stretching me as I have never been stretched before, Her cock is no thicker than Donald's, but it is longer. In it goes and I gasp... Then she begins to slide it out and I sigh. She repeats the process and once more I am filled. She rides me as I am meant to be ridden: she takes it slow at first and the discomfort is gradually replaced by a feeling of pleasure. Gently she speeds up and also increases the depth of her expert thrusts and soon she is pushing into places where nothing has ever been before. It is a wonderful rhythm... Full – empty – full – empty – full – empty. I find that I am gasping and panting in time to her pelvic thrusts. Soon I can hear her body slapping against my arse as her wonderful thrusts develop power to match the rhythm. Then without realising it, I scream, I have cum!

The Swan-Rider has ridden her Swan to ecstasy. And it is a massive orgasm: much more powerful than anything that I previously experienced. My body spasms and jerks for many seconds. I expect her to stop, but she doesn't and the ride continues. I cum again and again... Two, three, four! I hear my rider scream also and her rhythm goes to pieces for several seconds, but the ride continues... Five! Six! Seven! Each one more powerful than the last... Eight!!! ......!!!! ......!!!!! I lose count: I am not really sentient any longer as wave after wave of raw pleasure slams through my body. I scream, I yelp, I writhe uncontrollably; but then; suddenly – nothing!

I awake, still chained to the figure... The Swan Rider had ridden me until I had lost consciousness. I lie there panting and moaning... weak orgasms continue to ripple through my body like after shocks. "Oh! Oh! Oh!" I sigh in ecstasy. I never really appreciated that I as a woman can experience multiple orgasms nor that I could orgasm so powerfully time and time again! I am grateful to my darling Rider. I know that she came also, for she was shrieking as loudly as I had been and towards the end, the force as she slammed against my arse had been enough to push me forward along the figure's back. Only the statue's breasts had stopped my chained wrists from moving any further.

The Rider releases her Swan and we sit on the ground and hug each other... No, we cling to each other. She mutters endearments into my ear while I whine gently into hers. I realise that my throat is sore; I honestly did not know that I was a screamer: Donald had never given me cause to find out.

We help each other to our feet and kiss. I relax in my Rider's arms and run my fingers through her beautiful hair, The embrace goes on and on. What a site we must have been out there in that sunlit arbour: pale pink skin against golden brown; copper-red hair against glossy black; coral pink nipples against chocolate-brown. A Swan and her Rider.....

Day Twenty-TwoThe Rider's Mother
NOTE: The days passed as a blur after my first visit to the arbour. I had the run of the playroom, the walled garden and Hamsini's bedroom too, but the rest of the house was off limits too me. You must remember that I was not able to write any of this down until a long time after it had happened. Did I mention the notebook that I found in my Darlings bedroom? No I didn't! I was months into my new life before I stole it from her University briefcase. I use it as a diary.

Animals may not be able to speak, but at least this Swan can write. I will not mention it again, but it is the only way that I have of recording my wonderful life. I believe that Hamsini knows of its existence, but her Mother does not; thank goodness... If she ever finds out, I am sure that it would be confiscated.

I wake up the morning after the first ride. I awake in Hamsini's bed and not my own. We had an early night as we were both very tired. Hamsini kisses me and tells me that she must return to finish her college course and that on week days I will only see her first thing in the mornings and during the evening. I howl and she hugs me and dries my tears. We shower and I wash her beautiful young body with care... I try to take as long as possible but she slaps my bottom and tells me that I'll make her late for her first class!

After we have dried each other we eat breakfast on the patio and she leaves me soon after.

It is a long, long day. Her talk of college reminds me of my previous empty life: it must have been empty because I had no Hamsini to love me! And yet I had responsibilities and duties. I taught students, I was Deputy Head of the Humanities Department. I was put-upon, insulted and stressed by my colleagues and students alike. I also had Donald... I shudder: I am better out of it.

One of the household servants brings me a bowl of something for lunch. It smells savoury but I am not hungry, The woman is afraid of me, I can sense it, I can almost smell it. I stare at her and she swears at me. I growl, a low rumbling deep in my throat, and she scuttles out of the playroom by way of the door that is always locked.

I wonder what I look like to her? Some kind of vicious animal to be feared? A mentally ill woman to be despised? A sex-toy to be used? I laugh quietly, actually I do not care on way or the other. She is nothing to me: a servant at best, or knowing Hamsini's Mother – some kind of domestic slave. I may love women, but she does not count: what with her yellowish doughy face, course features and long mousey hair held back into an untidy ponytail by a brown scrunchy.

Ponytail? How dare she? I look at my own tail and it twitches... My mouth falls open. My beloved tail actually moved on its own! I squeal with excitement and run out into the garden and throw myself onto the lawn where I lie on my back and laugh at the sky. My tail is alive! My tail is alive! I am happy!

I hear a noise coming from the white room. Hamsini's Mother calls out. "Hansa? Hansa? Come here please!"

I hesitate, then scuttle in on all fours... I do not wish to upset this woman... The fact that she frightens me does not matter for she controls the household and could send me away if she so wished. This is why I always behave meekly when she is around.

I peek around the door and hesitate at the sight that I see. The servant is sitting in an armchair peering at me and "Mother" is standing in the middle of the room with a stern expression on her face.

"Are there you are, you bad girl!" She chides me and adds, "Come here!" And points at the floor in front of her.

I crawl over to her, for some reason I let my head hang low. The servant is watching, an evil leer plastered across her pasty face.

Hamsini's Mother stares down at me and I avoid her gaze. "You are a bad girl!" She snaps. "You will not grown at servants!"

I squirm... I now know what a repentant dog feels like. Suddenly my bladder twitches and I dribble drops of urine onto the floor.

She chuckles. "Well, I can tell that you are sorry, but..." She spins around and grabs my tail with one hand. "...this will help you remember!"

I receive one, two, three, four open handed slaps hard on the cheeks of my bottom. I yelp, more in surprise than pain. I try to scuttle away but she grips my tail... I CAN FEEL IT! I can feel her hand holding my tail. I let go a whoop of joy which puzzles her.

"Stay!" She snaps, then she bends low and I hear her mutter: "You'll like the next bit."

I look up and see her walk over to the servant, who was still sitting in the chair. "There," she says to the woman, "she's not vicious, she's really a sweety and she won't growl at you again!"

The woman laughs at me and thanks Hamsini's Mother who smiles gently at her. Then her whole manner changes and she begins to shout and scream. "But you, you repulsive bitch, you swore at her! I will not tolerate that. She is my daughter's pet: I will not have you, or anyone else abusing her either mentally or physically. I own you: remember that and if you ever cause me to have to punish Hansa again, then you will find yourself serving my family in a less comfortable role than that of maid. Do you understand, you worthless piece of shit?"

The maid is cowering in the chair now and makes no attempt to resist when 'Mother' grabs her hair and hauls her to her feet. She then spins the hapless woman over the arm of the chair, flips up her skirt and pulls off her grubby panties. She removes her own leather belt and proceeds to administer a merciless beating. 'Crack', 'crack', 'crack'. The maid screams, and wriggles, but the blows rain down. After five she stops. The woman is now crying uncontrollably and her arse is bright red and criss-crossed with swollen wields, but 'Mother' hasn't finished with her yet.

As she hesitantly tries to leave, 'Mother' grabs her, scoops up the dirty panties and stuffs them into her mouth. "If I ever catch you wearing filthy clothes again: it will be the worse for you!" She snarls... "Now get out of my sight!"

Mother walks over to me: she is completely calm, in fact I doubt that she ever lost her temper... The maid scuttles out sobbing and Mother gently strokes my hair. She kisses the top of my head. "Now be a good pet and don't growl at people again." She chides gently.

I look up at her and whine in what I hope sounds a repentant tone. I can see where Hamsini gets her beauty from, but Mother has a hard ruthless layer under hers that her daughter completely lacks.

She strokes my hair again and then runs a hand slowly along my mane and onto my tail which she lets run through her fingers. "Do you know," she confides, "the research that made you possible cost me over two million pounds?"

I gasp and she repeats her fondling and carries on talking to me. "At this very moment, skin from your scalp is being cultured and when they have grown several square feet of it, the stripe down your back will be widened and the fleshy part of your tail will be thickened and extended. We are aiming for about six inches long by about two inches thick. The whole of the back of your neck will become part of your scalp also. Won't that be wonderful?"

She runs her hand down my back one more time, only this time I think that I am beginning to feel the hair moving. She caresses my pussy then pats me on the bottom before walking out of my playroom and is gone without saying 'goodbye'.

For the rest of the afternoon, I pick at my food and then doze in my basket

When Hamsini returns from college later that day, I throw myself at her with such force that I knock her off her feet. She sits on the floor laughing as I kiss and lick her face and hug her tightly.

"Oh, wow!" She laughs. "Anyone would think that I had been away for days. Are you that pleased to see me then, my pet?"

I whine, yelp and wriggle. I even wet myself in my excitement; I am behaving in exactly the same way that my pet dog used too when I myself came home from school when I was a child.

Hamsini, my wonderful Rider, laughs happily and hugs me back. "Oh, Hansa, my darling beautiful Swan, we'll be friends for ever!"

NOTE: The Earth continued to turn and day and night followed each other. I suspect that things happened outside in the rest of the house, but I was unaware of them. As for the rest of the world, well the only affect that it had on me was to rob me of my beloved Hamsini for the best part of five days out of every seven. I became resolved to this but I never liked it... I was always edgy when she was at college. Most days I only saw one of the domestic servants who brought me food or cleaned up after me or made Hamsini's bed or cleaned her room. There were several of them, all female: most tried to ignored me while the bitch who got me spanked was positively terrified of me. However one girl, and I think that she was even younger than me. always made a fuss of me. She was tall and blonde and definitely not British or Irish. Her name was Anika, or so she told me when she stroked my hair or mane. I liked her and would whine and rub myself against her, which made her laugh. She was always nice to me.

When she is home, Hamsini and I are inseparable. Only a year ago having sex with another woman would be unthinkable but now it is a major part of my life...

Day Fifty-FiveStorm Clouds
It is now high summer and the weather is hot, I do not know the day for sure, or even the month as these have lost all meaning for me, even as labels. Hamsini has completed her 'A' Level exams and finished with college: I see much more of her, which makes me happy. Some days she goes out, but I am separated from her for less time than when she is away at college. This relaxes me and removes my fears and worries as I only live for my darling Swan-Rider.

Today starts off wonderfully it is late morning and she is wearing a skimpy bikini and we are both lying on our bellies out on the grass soaking up the sun's rays. Suddenly she rolls to face me and says something totally unexpected.

"Oh, Hansa, I will miss you when I go to University." Her face is sad.

I sit up and howl in shock. Then I stare at her, eyes and mouth wide.

"Don't take it like that, my beautiful Swan! It won't be for ever... I will be home during the holidays!"

Weeks and weeks without my beloved owner?! I cling to her and howl and howl and howl. Tears flood my eyes and run down my cheeks as I cry uncontrollably. I should have been expecting this, but wasn't!

Hamsini strokes my hair and tries to console me. She hugs me and whispers: "There, there," into my ear.

I want to say: Take me with you! but obviously can't. All that comes out is: "Oww, ah ow!" Then I whine: "Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm..."

I break free and run screaming into the shrubbery where I hide and sob.

Presently I hear someone else join Hamsini in our garden. I listen.

"What is all the noise?" A familiar Indian-accented voice demands rather sternly. "Is it not enough that you both are screamers? We have guests, or had you forgotten?"

I am frightened that I have got my owner into trouble with her Mother so I begin to crawl out of my hiding place.

Hamsini sounds contrite. "I am truly sorry, Mother, but I told Hansa that I was going away to University and it upset her."

What I heard next caused me to freeze and remain hidden.

"So why did you tell her? She is not important!" Her Mother snapped. "You speak about her as if she matters!"

"She matters to me!" Hamsini flares back in my defence. "I love her and she loves me!"

"Ha! You have become far too close to that mindless creature. It is merely an animal that I provided you with so that you had something convenient and hygienic to use to relieve yourself: not to become romantically involved with!" The older woman's voice was cold and harsh.

"Mother!" My Darling shouted... This was one of the few times that I ever hear her shout at the woman.

"Hamsini! I have raised you to take your place in helping me manage the family enterprises, just like your sisters are now doing! I provided you with a plaything so that you could have sex without the need of romantic entanglements with strangers and all of the complications and risks that that would involve. I thought that I had trained you well enough to avoid love and all of the damage it does. Love is a destructive force, a weakness that we are better off without.

"So what do you do? You fall in love with your pet!" The tirade chills me to the bone. But the woman continues. "I did not raise you to be soft – what's gotten into your silly head?"

"I'm eighteen, Mother, I am an adult: I'll do what I want from now on! Hansa and I will leave if you try to separate us!" Hamsini shouts.

I creep on my belly to the edge of the shrubbery and get where I can see them both. I am ready to fly to my owner's defence if she is threatened with violence. I see the two on them standing about a couple of feet apart. Hamsini shouting, shaking and waving her arms as she gesticulates wildly. Her Mother stands there calmly facing her... She is frighteningly calm and reminds me of an iceberg in many ways.

"Oh? And how will the two of you manage? No money, no job and nowhere to live? While you are dependent upon me and live in my house, you will follow my rules. But I am not a monster I would never separate you from your pet!" I relax when I hear this, I see Hamsini relax also as neither of us look beneath the surface of Mother's words.

NOTE added in the margin: She is telling the truth... Oh, but she is and we are still together years later.

"I'm sorry, Mummy," Hamsini says contritely. "Perhaps if she came with me when it's time me to go to University?"

Her Mother looked as if she had been struck, but she relaxed quickly and walked over and hugged her daughter. "Oh, my darling! Well you always were the sentimental softy. I should have realised that it would lead you to fall in love sooner or later, Perhaps it is better with your pet than with an outsider..." She kissed her daughter on the top of her head and then fondled her breast. "Let me think for a minute..."

I can see it all from behind the bush where I am now lying. My Hamsini and her Mother are locked in an embrace She cannot see her Mother's face which hardens into a thin-lipped cold, calculating expression even as she hugs her daughter and caresses her gently. She does not know that I am watching, or if she does she is so contemptuous of me that she does not bother to spare me a glance. It is a hard expression, a frightening expression. The expression of one who will stop at nothing to remain in total control. I vow not to cross this terrible woman no matter what happens. The cold brown eyes are those of a one who measures the value of human life by the profit that it can bring her... And this is the woman that holds my future in her callous hands.

I shudder and wriggle back into deeper cover, then I fight my way through the thicket of bushes until I am in the little romantic arbour where I sit on the floor behind the bench in the little lean-too shelter, where I hug my knees and and shiver despite the warmth of the summer morning. I am determined to hide from that monster for as long as I can.

Some considerable time later I hear Hamsini calling me, but I do not move... Her Mother may still be there.

She calls again and wonders out loud why I am hiding from her... Oh my beloved Swan-Rider, it is not you that I am hiding from.

Presently, I hear her enter our glade. She spots me cowering in the back of the shelter. "Oh, my Swan. Why are you hiding?"

I jump up and fling my arms around her. I am still shaking as I cling tightly to her. She hugs me back. Presently I feel her fingers running through my mane. I whimper pathetically.

"Oh, Hansa, did my Mother frighten you?" She sighs.

I nod... I no longer have the power of speech, but I can still communicate. The nod is a frantic one.

"But there is no problem: Mummy has agreed to invest in a house and give me a car and a maid. That way I can take you with me, my daring pet!" She is very happy, she has won.

I still do not relax, I do not trust that woman. As she leads me back to the patio so that we can eat, I am still not convinced of Mother's motives.

Just as I am finishing my bowl of korma, I hear a hear a pair of high heels click-click-clicking across the playroom floor and out onto the patio, I look up and see an older version of Hamsini; one with shorter business-like hair and dark clothing: a black satin blouse, black skin tight trousers, and shiny black high-heeled boots. Her expression is hard, even though she is smiling. The smile reminds me of a cat who has just seen the family budgerigar.

Hamsini is happy to see her, though and calls out: "Hi, Devya! I didn't know that you were the visitor!"

The hard smile broadens. "Hallo, little Sister. Mother told me about your new pet so I have come to see it." Her voice is without warmth as she looks at me. "Oh, wow, you have a good eye! It is very beautiful creature!"

I am an "It" in her eyes so I scramble backwards in an attempt to get away, but Hamsini grabs my lead that she had reattached earlier. This stops my retreat as I am unwilling to use my greater strength and pull her off her chair.

Devya, whose name I later learn means "Divine Power", laughs unsympathetically at my reaction and demands: "Make it stand up so that I can get a better look at it."

Hamsini begins to act out of character. She stands up and jerks my lead harshly to encourage me to stand. I do so as I do not want her to face her sister's scorn if I do not comply.

I stand and straighten up. Devya stares at me and walks slowly around me. She squeezes a breast, but not lovingly. In fact she makes me wince, which causes her to laugh.

She feels my arse and then slaps it so hard that her hand stings. I jump forward and she also finds this funny. Then the fact that I have a tail registers and she grabs it and gives it a tug. She is so heavy handed that she comes away with some of its long hairs in her hand. I squeal and again she laughs at my reaction. Lastly she sticks fingers into my arsehole and my pussy. She has long fingernails and is none too gentle. I wriggle with discomfort and yelp.

"Oh, very good: does it fuck well?" This foul woman demands.

By now Hamsini is more than a little put out, but does not complain. Instead she just nods. I suspect that Devya has been bullying her for as long as she can remember: no doubt with their Mother's knowledge.

Devya is clearly pleased with the affect that she has produced in both of us, and by now I am sure that she is going to demand to fuck me, for that is all that it would be, brutal, mechanical fucking. No love, no tenderness in fact something akin to rape.

I am lucky for she laughs coldly. "Oh, I must talk to Mother... I have to get me a pair of these for my very own!"

Yes, I am lucky, but I shudder at the thought of the hell that awaits some poor, unsuspecting women, currently living out their lives in the blissful ignorance of the brutal fate awaiting them.

However, she has not finished with me yet. I see her sniff the finger that she pushed up my bottom. Her perfect nose wrinkles in an approximation of the expression that is so appealing on my darling's face: but on hers it is distasteful. Then, quite casually she pushes the soiled finger into my mouth for me to suck clean. I comply because I do not want to embarrass Hamsini.

This is followed by the one that she had forced into my dry pussy. I cannot keep the expression of hatred off my face. As she withdraws the clean finger, she laughs at my helplessness. "Yes, for once I envy you, Hambone! I will definitely get me a couple of these things, I can think of lots of ways to use them... lots of games to play."

She walks back into the house without further comment, but we can hear her chuckling as she goes.

Later in the afternoon, Hamsini applies traditional Indian make-up and changes into a beautiful blue and gold sari. She tells me that she will be having dinner with her Mother and Sister I do not see my beloved rider for the remainder of the day and that night I sleep alone. I curl up in my basket and play with myself... The orgasms, when I eventually cum, are weak and hardly worth the effort!

Day Fifty-SixThe Wild Animal.
I do not see Hamsini until mid-morning next day: her make-up is smudged and it looks as if she has been crying.. She shrugs off the sari and leaves the expensive garment lying crumpled on the bedroom floor: she is naked underneath it.

We walk into the shower and I begin to bathe her wonderful body. I see scratches down her back, bite marks on her neck and shoulders and a couple of bruises on her arms. As I gently soap her body I see that there are painful wields across her arse and her pussy is red and the lips are swollen. Clearly it hurts for she winces when I touch it.

Suddenly she bursts into tears and hugs me to her. She squeezes me far more tightly than normal as she sobs uncontrollably.

I hold her and stroke her wet hair as she cries and cries. The sobs become explosive and she clings to me as if her life depends upon it. I nuzzle her ear and lick it but she does not notice.

Suddenly the sobs become words, or rather one continuous long screamed word. "I-hate-her-I-hate-her-I-hate-her-I-hate-that-fucking-bitch!" She runs out of breath and begins to sob again. Suddenly she becomes a dead weight and I support her as gently as I can. She is still clinging to me and her face is pressed against my shoulder but her legs seem to have given out. Oh, Hamsini, what do I do?

Gently I get her out of the shower and we sink down onto the dressing room floor. I intend to dry her, but she won't loose me. Still the room is warm so my beloved will not catch a chill. Well, drying can wait so I carry on hugging her and whining gently into her ear just to remind her that it is me that she is with. Eventually she recovers enough to look at me and give me a weak smile.

"Oh, my darling Swan, what would I do without you?" She asks and then kisses me gently on the lips.

I reach for towels and begin to dry us off. She thanks me.

By now it is nearly lunchtime, but I am more concerned for her than I am for my own stomach. I take her hand and lead her out through the playroom and into the garden, she comes along meekly not bothering that she too is naked. I lead her into our arbour and we sit on the upholstered bench, arms around each other both of us staring at the statue's backside without seeing it. For the moment our roles are reversed and she is the submissive, vulnerable one. I think about her horrible brute of a Sister: I had thought that the Mother was bad but Devya is far worse because she is brutal as well as callous.

I think, perhaps more deeply and critically than I have for weeks. No wait, it is still the Mother's fault: for it was her that made Devya into the woman that she is now: thank God that she failed with my Hamsini!

I do not know how long we sit there, just cuddling, but eventually when I sense that my rider is becoming more animated, I gently walk her back into the house and into her bedroom where I lay her down on her bed and cover her over with the duvet. When I am satisfied that she is asleep, I go and find where the servants have left my bowl. It is out on the patio, I fan away the flies and eat as quickly as I can, I do not even taste it, so great is my concern.

When I return to Hamsini's bedroom, I find that she is sleeping quietly so I sit on the floor and watch over her. She does not wake until evening. I have gone from swan to guard dog... If Devya were to appear, I do not know what would happen...

We are both out on the patio eating our dinner: Hamsini is wearing just a silk dressing gown, I pushed it towards her when she awoke: I thought that the light silk would sit more easily on her scratched back.

She does not speak, but every few minutes reaches down and strokes my hair as if to reassure herself that I am still there. I am now guardian as well as pet. Suddenly I hear someone approaching and Hamsini later informed me that the hair forming my mane began to stand up. I left my food and felt my body stiffen, I growl without meaning too.

There is no click, click, clicking of high heels on the hard floor. It is Mother and not Devya, and I actually feel my self relax.

"How are you, darling?" She inquires. "I heard the screams last night, they did not sound like those of passion."

Hamsini looks up at her Mother, but does not say anything, instead tears well up in her eyes once again.

"You will be pleased to know that your Sister has had to cut her visit short because of the necessities of her job, she will be leaving shortly."

Hamsini and I both relax noticeably and Mother can be heard mutter. "I thought so!" Then she turns her piercing eyes on me. "I heard you growl, didn't I?"

I feel myself begin to panic.

She carries on starring, her expression unreadable. "Good girl! You are to keep on protecting my youngest Daughter!"

I wriggle with pleasure, I cannot help it. What has happened to me? I have been transformed more fundamentally than I would have previously thought possible. I do not understand it, but equally, I do not care!

She walks up to us and gently removes my arm from around Hamsini's shoulders then asks my owner to stand and remove her dressing gown. She does and the white silk garment flutters to the floor where it lies on the paving. Mother inspects the wields and the bruises that are beginning to blossom: then she gently pushes her hand between her daughter's legs. When the girl winces her eyes flare wide.

"Did you consent to this?" – Hamsini shakes her head.

"Did you try to stop her?" – Hamsini nods, but now her eyes are screwed closed and she is crying again.

Before Mother can react, I pull my darling too me and fling my arms around her. I also stare defiantly at her Mother. The older woman just nods understandingly and says. "Good girl! You are not to leave her... Where she goes, so do you, even into the rest of the house!

“I have been remiss in the past... There are going to be changes.” And at that she walks away, her expression thunderous.

We sit out on the patio for what must have been an hour. This has never happened before, but I am sitting on a chair and Hamsini is perched on my lap. Gradually it dawns upon me that I will have to make a decision so I ease my unresisting owner to her feet and walk her slowly back towards the house. We leave the dressing gown lying where it fell. It shimmers in the warm summer sun: a dazzling snow-white patch.

We are close to the doorway when I hear the click-click-clicking of high-heeled boots coming from our playroom. I look through the large picture windows and see Devya walking towards us.

Suddenly I hear what I take to be the low rumbling growl of a very large angry dog: for a split second I am mystified until I realise that it is me. I am not growling, I am snarling.

Devya gets to the door, ignores me and leers at my precious rider. "I'm off now, but just before I go, I have to ask: 'was it good for you, Hambone?'"

Her face hardens as she continues to speak. “You bubbled me to Mummy didn't you, you fucking twat? If you rat on me again I'll squash you like the bug that you are so just remember that.”

Then as I watch she raises a hand to strike my beloved owner and I feel the hair of my mane start to bristle. The noise that I am making becomes louder and I feel my body tense.

The foul woman freezes when it dawns upon her that it is me that I am snarling. She suddenly looks uncertain turns and runs back into the house as fast as she can. I loose Hamsini and step away from her. Suddenly I feel and hear a low rumbling noise that seems to originate deep in my chest and without realising it I charge.

Before I know what is happening I slam into the evil woman's back: the speed that I am travelling at is enough to knock her off her feet. She squeals and screams in sheer terror as I press home my attack: but I can see very little because of the red mist obscuring my vision. All I can hear is my rumbling snarl mixed in with her terrified screams. I taste something coppery and metallic and realise that I am biting her. She fights to get away: panicky blows strike my body and face as she strikes and scratches at me but I don't seem to notice.

I am not merely a pet animal, I am a Human-Animal!!! This means that I am Human-Plus!!!

The noise must have attracted attention for many hands grab me: I react at the level of instinct as I struggle and try to fight against them all but the ball-gag is slipped into my mouth and I am held until I calm down.

The bundle of torn clothes that is Devya is lying on the wooden floor screaming. I can hardly believe the number of bloody bite-marks on her face, body and limbs: bites that I have inflicted on my poor owner's tormentor. To my surprise, Mother comes over to me and speaks very quietly: "Are you alright?"

I nod and she smiles coldly. Then she walks over to my victim and looks down contemptuously at her injured daughter. "It serves you right!" She snarls. "I haven't finished with you yet, you evil little bitch!"

She turns towards the servants who are still restraining me. "Its okay, you can loose Hansa now: but get this bitch out of my sight. Take her to the infirmary and ask Dawson to call one of my special Doctors."

As they scurry to obey, I feel Hamsini throw her arms around me and then she removes the gag. "Oh, my Swan, you are magnificent!" Her face is animated and for the first time today and she seems truly alive. She hugs me and turns towards her Mother. "You should have seen her as she ran at my Sister with hair and tail streaming out behind her: it looked as if she was on fire, she was fantastic! Please don't punish her, she was only protecting me like you ordered her too!"

Mother smiles and runs her fingers through my blood streaked hair: I smile, but must have looked a sight: blood splattered, hair dishevelled, one of my eyes closing, and my lip split. She hugs both of us warmly. "Don't worry: it is over as far as your faithful Swan is concerned."

She gave me a long, appraising look then winked and turned back to Hamsini. "However you really should clean her up and dress her wounds." Then she was gone.

As we leave the playroom servants return and begin a frantic search. Hamsini later informs me that it was for a couple of fingers but they could not find them. I smile when she tells me. I must have swallowed both of them when I bit them off.

Day Fifty-SevenThe Aftermath.
I wake up earlier than usual this morning. Somehow my basket feels too small. I am cramped and do not have the usual space to turn and stretch. I explore: no wonder I feel as if I am jammed in a corner, Hamsini's in here with me.

I squeeze up to give her as much room as I can but at the same time I am careful not to awaken her. I know that she went to sleep in her own bed last night, because it was me that made sure that she was properly covered by the duvet. She was also wearing her nightdress, one of her beautiful silk ones, however now she is naked. Most nights, except when it is her period, I start off in her bed so that she can have sex with me: returning to my own bed when she is asleep... This is one of her Mother's rules which I rarely break: however she has never forbidden Hamsini from sleeping in my basket! As this runs through my mind, it strikes me that I have not had a period of my own since becoming a pet. I am not sorry as the cramps were always painful!

I lie there for a time just watching my beloved rider sleeping, but it is no good, I have too many aches and pains resulting from Yesterday's fight, so I need to change position and stretch. I am careful so as not to disturb my Hamsini as I wriggle out of the basket. When I have done so she sighs and occupies the space that I have vacated; I smile.

I am so stiff that as I begin to move, I wince at the discomfort and Hamsini stirs and awakes. When she sees me she gasps in surprise. I feel my face and wince again as touching it hurts. She steers me in front of a mirror but I do not recognize the red-headed thing that looks out at me. The top lip is swollen, the right eye is black and almost closed and one side of the face is also swollen but now the swelling goes right through to the gums and I realise that I can still taste blood. I open my mouth and point.

Hamsini looks and I here a sharp intake of breath. "I think you have some loose teeth. Come on, I'll get you to the Infirmary."

She quickly pulls on a dressing gown, a blue one this time, and hustles me out through a door with a palm lock. I am in 'the rest of the house' for the first time. While Hamsini's suite of rooms are all painted brilliant white, I find that the corridors along which she leads me are oak panelled as are the doors that lead off to various mystery rooms.

We are rapidly headed off by a severe looking woman dressed in equally severe dark mannish clothes. Her dark hair is pulled back and secured with a black velvet bow.

She shows no surprise as she speaks to my rider. "May I be of assistance, Miss Hamsini?"

"I'm taking her to the Infirmary, Dawson, some of her injuries from yesterday need looking at."

Dawson, who I later learn is the family butler, nods. "In that case, Miss Hamsini, with you permission, I shall go and waken Sister Abigail: she will be there shortly."

As she hurries away, I am lead the short distance to a door marked with a Red Cross on a white circle. We enter and I find myself in what looks like a well equipped cottage hospital. Hamsini explains that with such a large secluded household, Mother thought it wise to have medical facilities on site. She sits me down in an examination room and we wait. I look around: I had been in hospital casualty departments that were less well set up than this room. We do not wait long before the door is pushed open and a cheery Scottish nurse bustles in. She is still buttoning her uniform when she sees me and gives me a wide beaming smile. "Well, if it isn't our hero! You certainly took that bitch – pardon my French, Miss Hamsini – down a peg or two.

"Now, love, lets have a look at you..."

The examination and the treatment goes on for half an hour and includes an injection: at the end of it, Sister Abigail gives Hamsini a bottle of antibiotics for me and strict instructions to: "Look after the little treasure and bring her back day after tomorrow."

Back in the part of the house that I am familiar with, we both sit out on the patio and wait for breakfast to be served. While we wait, Hamsini tells me a bit about her sister and how she had always been a bully. I was correct in thinking that their Mother had turned a blind eye because she thought that it was "character building" and that some of the harshness would toughen the more sensitive sister. According to what I was told, however, the degree of viciousness was far greater than Devya lead her to believe.

"When I saw you almost kill her yesterday," Hamsini confides in me, "I felt a great weight lifted off me. She suddenly kneels on the floor in front of where I am sitting listening and kisses me gratefully. My mouth hurts, but I ignore the pain. She hugs me too her and then hops back onto her chair.

"Mind you, my Swan, I don't know what Mother will do... My sister was being trained to run the Family Enterprises and manage our investment arm. I guess that that will fall to me now, but it is not something that I was hoping to do."

She sounds a little sad so I rub myself against her leg and this reminds me that she is clad only in the thin silk dressing gown..

Breakfast arrives served by tall blonde Anika. As soon as she sees me, her face splits in a huge friendly smile. She places her tray on the table and turns to Hamsini. "May I speak to her, please, Miss?"

Hamsini nods and gives her permission

She stoops down to bring herself nearer to my level, for I am still sitting on the stone slabs. "Thank you for what you did yesterday, Hansa, all of us maids are in your debt, she used to make our lives a real misery and could never keep her hands to herself."

Suddenly she hugs me and plants a big wet kiss on my uninjured cheek. She pulls back and then kisses me properly. "But you don't have to keep your hands to yourself, not with me anyway!" She says with a wink. Then she realises what she has said, turns very red and turns to Hamsini with a panic stricken expression on her face.

"Sorry, Miss!"

But my beloved rider just smiles. "If you want to let Hansa get, er, friendly with you I have no objections!"

We all laugh and Anika places my bowl in front of me and kisses the top of my head before departing. It seems that I am fast becoming everyone's favourite.

Today is one of the few days that we do not shower, seems that my beautiful Swan-Rider does not want to risk washing off the stuff that the nurse painted on to my battle wounds. Well Sister Abigail did laughingly warn me not to lick it off!

Day Sixty-FiveSubtle Changes.

Today begins like most others: we shower and then eat breakfast on the patio. My injuries have all but healed, and Hamsini seems to be almost back to normal. I say almost because she has developed the habit of staring into space. It does not take a degree in psychology to tell that she has something preying on her mind. I wish that I could ask her, but that is no longer possible. I consider scratching the question in the dirt with a stick, but as it proves later, I do not need to.

After breakfast we spend the morning in our little garden, we wander around, me on all-fours at her side more like a faithful dog than a swan. The sun is warm and we lie on the grass: me on my belly, both elbows on the ground to support my chin while I stare mischievously at her.

"Oh, darling Swan, what are you thinking, I wonder?" She asks and then shuffles closer. She reaches out and runs her fingers through my long hair and then strokes my mane. I flick my tail at her and it brushes her face. She laughs and so I do it again. I am learning how to control it as the nerves regenerate. I can't wait for the surgery that will enlarge it. As far as I know the extra scalp is still being grown in culture... No one thinks to keep me up dated.

Hamsini moves over to kiss me on my mouth but to her surprise, I scramble away giggling. She gasps in exasperation as once again I dodge away from her, then she cottons on and laughingly gives chase. We scamper around the lawn laughing happily for almost a minute, then I surprise her by dropping down on to all-fours and scrambling off into the shrubbery.

I have been practising moving on hands and feet and not on my knees: once I managed to get the hang of it it is surprisingly easy. I pause with just my arse sticking out between two bushes, swish my tail and am gone. Hamsini laughs and tries to catch me but I can actually move faster through the undergrowth than she can. There is more space down around the stems and trunks than there is up in the branches and leaves and my owner's dressing gown gets tangled up in the growth, she shrugs it off and is now as naked as I am, except she still wears trainers.

I scuttle through on all-fours chuckling and behind me, Hamsini gives up, drops down and tries to catch me by crawling; still with no success. The shrubbery which is a little overgrown takes up just over half of our garden. There are other little areas of interest besides the arbour, the main one is an overgrown and abandoned summerhouse. It is against one of the boundary walls and once had a lawn in front of it. I can tell this because the growth there now is random and includes some brambles. The path that leads up to it is still there but hidden because the shrubs haven't been trimmed back for years although it is easy to crawl along once found. I scuttle along it and sit with my back to the little stone building waiting for my rider to catch up with me. I sit there whistling and eventually she finds me.

"Oh wow, Hansa!" She exclaims in surprise as she stands up. She cannot tear her eyes away from the little stone building. "I didn't know that this was here. You are a clever girl!"

I feel myself wriggle with pride as I watch her wipe the dirt from one of the windows with her hand and peer through. She motions for me to join her. The place is furnished and looks in good condition: there is no sign of decay inside.

Hamsini laughs. "I'll get the outside staff to clear the path and the weeds and then the place can be renovated. This can be our little hideaway."

She throws her arms around me and we dance around like little children. Anyone would think that I had found the crown jewels!

Eventually we make our way to our arbour and sit on the bench. "Oh, my darling, Swan, whatever will you do next?"

There is a dreamy look in her eyes as we kiss: I open my legs to invite her to have me but she doesn't take up my suggestion, instead she leans against me and rests her head on my shoulder. I slip my arm around her waist and pull her close to me, she doesn't object instead, she just sighs contentedly.

"Oh, my Swan, what was your family like, I wonder?" She asks, knowing full well that I am unable to answer. "I suppose you know your Father? Well mine was a sperm bank in Mumbai! I have two sisters, Devya is the middle one..."

She stopped and looked thoughtful for a minute or so before trying to shuffle even closer to me.

"You'd like my eldest sister, Swan. Her name is Gathika, which means 'song' and she is very nice. She is Mother's Personal Assistant and will take over running all of the companies one day. Oh my darling Hansa; I don't want to work like that: I want to do something creative, I want to be a designer." Her voice is almost tearful.

How do I protect her? A tear trickles down her cheek and then another. Can I protect her from the future that she doesn't want?

I know that I can not but I can protect her from the present so I gently change position, take her in my arms and kiss her. She responds and relaxes into my arms and the kiss becomes passionate. Her lips open and my tongue slides into her mouth and finds hers; their tips press against each other and I hear her moan softly. Gently I fondle one of her pert breasts and feel her nipple harden as I caress it. I roll it between my finger and thumb and then squeeze it gently. I feel her shiver.

The kiss ends eventually and she says. "Oh, my beautiful Swan, everything is so much better when I am with you."

She looks at me, there is longing in her eyes. Longing for what? I am here, I am ready for her to make love to me. I always am, for am I not her willing plaything? I reach over and kiss her again: but this time she clings tightly to me.

She ends the kiss, breaks away and lies down on the upholstered bench which is about two feet wide. I stand to make room for her: she is on her back with a leg on either side and her feet flat on the floor. She stares up at me and smiles softly. "Hansa, oh my beautiful pet swan: I want to feel you inside me. Please Hansa, take me, make love to me."

I look around for the strap on, but it is not here. She seems to read my mind. "No not with that lifeless piece of plastic... With you... With your clitty!"

I know it is now about the size of my thumb and as thick, but surely its not big enough: compared with the dildo, it is tiny. My expression must have shown my doubt for she smiled and reached up gently slipping a hand between my legs. She caressed my pussy-lips and flipped my clitty out, it was already firm.

Gently I lower myself onto the bench and lie over her, I support my weight with my knees and hands and look down at her doll-like body: she smiles and so I lower my self slowly onto her and kiss her gently, then without breaking the kiss, reach down and grasp my clitty and gently wriggling along the bench until it is in contact with her. I feel panic rising, what if it will prove to be useless? What if I accidentally hurt her? Oh, my beautiful Rider, what if I fail to please you?

Gently I ease forward slightly. I manoeuvre myself sideways and then feel the end of my little tool slip between her pussy lips. She is very wet and moans as I ever so gently ease my hips forward and enter my beloved owner. And so it begins... I thrust my hips forward ever so gently and feel myself push into her, not deeply, for that is beyond my capabilities, remember? My thrust is stopped when my mound makes contact with hers and she moans quietly and so do I: the feeling is fantastic.

I ease back being careful not to slip out altogether, then I push in again and pull back immediately: I won't say that I set up a rhythm, for my thrusts became faster and harder and my mound collides with hers ever more forcibly. I hear her moan loudly: I hear myself do the same. In, out; in, out; in out; for several pleasure filled minutes. I lose control as we both orgasm almost together. Oh, wow: I feel her trembling beneath me and I do the same.

"Hansa! Hansa! Hansa!" She shrieks my name.

I continue and become aware that she is thrusting back against me; we are one and the intensity of feeling builds and builds until we both seem to explode. Soon orgasm follows orgasm follows orgasm as we cum time and again. The intensity increases and the time between them shrinks. We both lose track of everything until I collapse exhausted on top of my beloved: my body still spasming as the waves of pleasure collide and then drain away leaving me spent.

I become aware that Hamsini is whispering something: her eyes a wide open staring unseeing at the sky while her lips are mouthing the same word over and over. I lean closer and listen: it is "Swan! Swan! Swan!..."

As I recover I gently press my lips against hers and kiss her. It takes several seconds but she responds and hugs me too her.

After the kiss is broken she smiles at me. "Oh my beautiful Hansa; my wonderful swan! You are magnificent!"

Later, we walk back to the house but we are hand-in-hand and she is still naked: her dressing gown still somewhere in the shrubbery. As we enter the play room, we find Hamsini's Mother waiting for us: she is seated in one of the white armchairs with a knowing smile on her face.

"Goodness gracious!" She proclaims in mock anger. "Its a good job that we don't have any neighbours, not with the row that you two were making, or there would be real complaints. At least your rooms are sound proofed!"

Hamsini and I stare at each other and burst out laughing. At least she doesn't know that it was I that was the rider today.... No, wait....

She looks directly at me with a knowing smile, then she looks directly at my crotch. "So?" She asks. "It does work then?"

I cannot answer, but I feel myself blush. Her knowing smile just becomes wider. How does she know? I wonder.

She continues, changing the subject abruptly. "Hamsini, you and your pet never need worry about Devya again."

Despite our questioning expressions, she does not elaborate.

Day Ninety-SixThe long nose of the Law.

I wake in my basket and stretch... Hamsini is not in here with me this morning as she so often is. I stretch and begin to doze again, but it does not last very long, I feel my self being gently shaken.

"Come on, Lazy Bones, time to rise and shine!"

I growl half heartedly, but Hamsini only laughs as she grabs my arm and tugs at it. It is totally impossible for me to be irritated by anything that she does, so I giggle and launch myself at her. After a brief struggle we share a kiss and head for the shower with its usual intimate experience.

Afterwards, with my beautiful rider fully clothed for once, we head to the playroom and breakfast. The garden has been off-limits for me for sometime as there are workmen renovating the summerhouse that I had discovered, Hamsini has taken a look several times, but I am forbidden to go out there: she has explained that my appearance would raise far too many questions. If I could have answered I would have been forced to agree! But all the same, I miss the sun and the fresh air... The curtains are closed, so I cannot even see our garden.

Breakfast is fun for she has taken to personally feeding me tit-bits from her own plate: I am still very much her pet, a state of affairs I am more than happy to let continue. Sometimes, but not often, I wonder just how an intelligent woman could have been converted into the willing pet and sexual-plaything of a girl ten years her junior. Was it brainwashing? Drugs? Surgery? Conditioning? A combination of all of them, or something else entirely? I have mused over this conundrum many times but I always come to the same conclusion: 'I don't care!' I am happier than than I ever was at anytime before and that is all that counts. I am a pet animal; I am loved and wanted so what more could I possibly require?

Oh, sure, I am also well aware that much of this is probably a result of the modifications carried out on me: but again, so what? I doubt if anyone who ever reads my diary is as happy with their life as I now am with mine.

Hamsini feeds me a piece of pork sausage and I take it into my mouth gently, being careful not to nip her fingers accidentally.

"Good girl!" She says and ruffles my red hair affectionately.

I swish my tail in response and she laughs. I think that she's as happy with my antics as I am.

After breakfast, I lie at her feet while she goes through her mail: both on her computer and the snail-mail that the postman brings. There is a bulky envelope from the university that she will be going too in... Oh, Hell!!! I work it out in my head... The answer that I come up with is two and a half weeks! I panic and rub myself against her legs. Is it really me that is making the whining sound?

She reaches down and runs her fingers through my hair and down my mane. "What's wrong, Hansa?"

I reach up and touch the University's letter, all of the time wearing my most pathetic, wide-eyed expression.

Hamsini laughs merrily, slips off the chair and hugs me. "Oh my swan, there's no need to worry: I'm not leaving you behind; remember?"

I hug her also. I do remember, but am not happy about the change that is looming up in front of us. I need stability!

"Don't fret, so!" She tries to reassure me. "We're going to move into our new cottage this time next week and Anika will be coming with us as my housekeeper. Won't that be wonderful?"

She is trying to 'talk-up' the change as something positive. I nod and try to make it look like an enthusiastic response. She kisses me and before I know it we are both rolling around on her bedroom floor kissing and fondling each other: the university package forgotten for the moment. It is a happy romp which soon becomes intimate with her removing her panties to encourage me to put a hand under her tartan miniskirt. I am not surprised to find out that she is beyond moist: her pussy is wet!

An idea forms: I ease a finger into her and rapidly let a second one join it. Hamsini sighs and relaxes: she smiles and her face radiates bliss. I slide my fingers gently in and out for thirty or so seconds while using my thumb to massage her clitty. Her head goes back and she moans appreciatively: but I haven't finished. I masturbate her this way a couple of times most days, but not to day! I have another idea...

When I am sure that my fingers are coated and are slippery with her wonderful juices, I slip them out. She begins to look disappointed, but her expression changes a split-second later as I work them gently into her tight little arse-hole. Wide-eyed, she gasps and seems to go ridged, as I slide them gently in and out and begin to finger-fuck her in the place where nothing has ever entered before.

Her face is a mixture of shock and surprise but this expression soon dissolves as her eyes seem to roll upwards and she relaxes with a massive sigh and she leans forward against me. I lick the tips of my other fingers and reach under her and begin to rub them against her clitty. The orgasm, when she cums, is almost explosive... I carry on and work her towards another one but she snaps out of her reverie.

"No, Hansa, not like this! I want you to fuck my arse with your clitty. Oh, My Swan, I want you to ride me to orgasm."

On her hands and knees, she crawls over to her bed and kneels by it half lying across the duvet. I shuffle forward and take her from behind: she actually squeals in pleasure as I spread her cheeks with my hands and then work my thumb-sized clitty into her little hole. Then grasping her around the hips, doggy-fashion, I begin to pump my hips back and forth. Slowly at first and then more and more rapidly. My hips slapping against her arse at the end of each very short thrust. She reaches back with one hand and begins to rub her own little clitty to enhance the experience and soon is yelping in time with my thrusts.

Suddenly she screams out her orgasm and I feel her body quiver: but I have a firm grip on her behind and do not even lose my rhythm and she cums again seconds later: but this time I do too and there is a pause while I recover enough to resume my efforts... I have no sooner resumed my thrusting when I realise that we are not alone. Without thinking, I growl to protect Hamsini and as I turn my head, I come face to face with her Mother. I freeze: I am no longer afraid of the woman, but I am still wary of her. However she ignores me and takes no notice of our intimacy; after all, that is my purpose.

"Hamsini, get your pet dressed!" She drops a tracksuit onto my darling's bed and waits patiently while we untangle our selves. She watches with a knowing expression on her face: as I stand, I can feel her eyes on my body.

Hamsini helps me into the tracksuit: after what I think is three months, clothing has become unfamiliar to me: I find it uncomfortable. My tail goes down one leg of the trousers which is a further source of discomfort. Mother turns to me when I am dressed and while Hamsini brushes my hair, asks. "Hansa, are you happy here with my Daughter: do you wish to leave us and go back to your old life?"

I must have looked panic-stricken as I shook my head vigorously.

She chuckled knowingly. "I see!" Then she smiled warmly and stroked my cheek. "There is a police officer here who wishes to speak to you –", I must have looked panicky again for she smiled warmly, "– No sweety, calm down. My Sister will be with you at all times, she is the family Solicitor, so she will look after you."

I spin around and hug Hamsini tightly. I may tiny mewing sounds, I can't help it. I am terrified that I am going to be taken away and it takes both women to calm me down and escort me into what Hamsini describes as the blue drawing room.

The butler, Dawson, is waiting outside the door and announces me to the people inside.

"Miss Hansa, Madam." She says and bows. Her remarks are addressed to a middle-aged Indian woman seated on a florally upholstered couch but doesn't even look at the man who is seated opposite her.

I must have looked confused for the woman stands and smiles at me. "Ah, Hansa, my dear, do come and sit by me."

When I move across the room and seat myself by her she sits and turns to me. "This is Detective Constable Mainwaring, he would like to ask you a few questions. Is that alright?"#

I glance across at the man seated on the forward edge of one of the matching armchairs. There are a number of papers and forms on the coffee-table in front of him. I nod in response to the question and feel Hamsini's Aunt gently squeeze my hand.

"You may answer the Officer's questions: with a nod or shake your head: I've told him about your accident." The older woman reassures me.

Accident? The pieces fall into place and I relax. The Policeman takes this as a good sign and begins:

"I am Detective Constable Mainwaring (which he pronounces as 'Mannering') and I am making a number of enquiries, one of which concerns you, miss." He smiles reassuringly and glances down at a large A4 colour photograph: it is of the old me.

"You are..." He gives my old name and I look startled but nod.

"She has changed her name to Hansa, Constable, it was done by deed poll and you have a copy of the paperwork in front of you." The Aunt says quietly.

"Ah, yes." The Policeman says as he picks up a sheet of paper and scans it. He nods. "That seems to be in order." Then he turns back to me again. "Well Miss, we have received a report that you are being held here against your will..."

I shake my head rapidly but he ignores this and carries on. "...And that you have been forced to undergo a series of surgical procedures also entirely against your will."

I feel panic welling up inside me as I shake my head even more vigorously but again he continues. "It has also been alleged that you are being kept as a sex-slave."

My mouth falls open and I feel tears running down my cheeks: I stare at him in disbelief and then spin around and bury my face in Hamsini's Aunt's shoulder.

"There, there, my dear," she says softly as she hugs me to her and strokes my long red hair, "just leave it to Auntie Deepti."

When she turns towards the detective, her voice and manner change drastically: she becomes much harder, scathing almost. "Constable, are you accusing this young woman of any offences?"

I peek out of the corner of my eye and see him lock stares with Auntie Deepti. He doesn't look away as he answers. "No, Ma'am, I'm here to check that she is safe and not being held against her will: could I speak to her on her own please?"

I break away from Deepti and give him a panic stricken stare as I shake my head vigorously, tears running down my face."

Deepti's expression does not change. "I think that you have received your answer: however: in the interests of speedily clearing up this small confusing matter: Hansa will be more than happy to continue once she has received your apology for causing her such upset."

"Ma'am?" The copper sounds astounded but its just an act.

"Look at her! She's positively shaking with fear. You come in here, turn her world upside down and threaten to take her away from her friends and family. She's very upset."

The detective looks contrite, another act. "Oh, I am so very sorry, Miss, this is a welfare check and I have to make sure that you are safe and not being held prisoner! Especially as a Mr Donald Hanson attempted to file a 'missing persons' report regarding you last year."

I am stunned: I have forgotten completely about Donald: it must have shown on my face as he continues. "Your employer also notified us that you were missing..."

I become agitated, but auntie comes to my rescue.

"Constable, Hansa is an adult, where she goes and who she chooses to spend her life with is entirely up to her, isn't it?"

The detective looks at us both and blows out his cheeks in mock-exasperation. "Provided it is her choice, yes, that's right." He rifles through the jumble of papers covering the coffee table and, with a triumphant: "Ahh!", comes up with the one he wants.

"Yes, I have a copy of your 'resignation' letter here: all typed out and everything" He leans forward and thrusts it at me. "Is this your signature, Miss?"

I have never seen that letter before and scarcely glance at it before I nod my agreement.

Aunt Deepti is beside herself. "Constable Mainwaring! If you persist in your attempt to bully this young lady then this interview will end."

"Oh, I am so sorry," he isn't, but Auntie says nothing, "I'll try to finish without causing further distress." He frowns at Deepti. "Why are you here?"

"I am here in my capacity of family solicitor, and as such I am safeguarding this young ladies interests. Before you ask; she is in a relationship with my niece."

"What sort of relationship?" He asks abruptly.

"They are to be married." Auntie answers primly. This is news to me... Good news, I hasten to add. So I nod my agreement.

"Oh! Congratulations, Miss." He says dryly as he begins to gather up his papers and shove them into his briefcase. Suddenly he stops and stares at me. "I am also making enquiries regarding an incident that took place here earlier this year involving a former servant who claims to have been beaten because of your..."

I scream and run out of the room, leaving Aunt Deepti to deal with... Oh that awful woman with the dirty underwear! I had hoped that I had heard the last of her.

Day One HundredHome away from home.
I'll say little about our stay "up-north", for although it was a happy time for me; my rider loathed it. Oh, we were together and had a secluded bungalow to ourselves: but she did not enjoy the University course that she was on and did not take to the tutors or to any of her fellow students..

"Oh, Hansa, I hate it!" She confides to me at the end of the first week, she is almost in tears. "It's so boring, so dry and deadly dull!"

Anika and I look at each other in despair. "Miss, what do I tell your Mother? She expects me to report back on your progress." The Maid/Housekeeper almost wails.

Hamsini throws down her briefcase and flops down onto the hearthrug. "Just tell her the truth." She snaps. "I'll never be an Economist!"

My mind is racing... I catch Anika's gaze and growl.

The two women stare at me. Hamsini looks surprised but Anika is genuinely frightened. After all, a human being is a large, powerful animal. "Please, Hansa, no!" The blonde wails. "I've never harmed you!"

To her relief, I ignored her and tear open the briefcase: I spend the next hour going through the syllabus and through the pile of text books. By the end of that time I had produced an outline study plan that would take my darling as far as the Christmas break. The textbooks have gained lots of highlighted passages and hand written notes in their margins and my rider seems happier.

Her relief is obvious as she lies on the rug watching me. "Oh, my darling, I keep forgetting that you were a teacher!" She frowns. "But what about my assignments and essays?"

I did a play-bow: my bum stuck up in the air, and swished my tail from side to side – the closest that I could get to a wag.

"Hansa? You? You'll do my course work?"

They say, or at least someone does, that a trouble shared is a trouble halved... My rider is going to pass this course and get her degree: I am determined to see her succeed. I had spotted the 'assessment method' in the syllabus: 75% continuous assessment; 25% by examination. I knew that that would work to our advantage. All she had to do was attend the lectures and write detailed notes: I would do the real work: including word processing any thing that she had to hand in.

Her relief is obvious as she drags me into her bedroom where we remain until Sunday afternoon. Anika brings us our meals but ends up joining us, despite her feeble and not very persuasive objections. With a twinkle in her eye, Hamsini decides that the weak objections must be punished and she gives the tall blonde a stinging slap on her well-padded arse. "Anika: you are hereby forbidden to wear panties around the house and you are to shorten all your skirts by four inches."

The housekeeper looks perplexed. "But you'll both be able to see my pussy!"

"Good!" Announced Hamsini, fighting back a fit of the giggles, eventually asking, "...and what do you think, Swan?"

I yelped happily and decided to sniff said-pussy every time I saw it.

The bungalow is small and secluded and has a walled back garden that is not overlooked by anything. The three of us settled down to an easy routine which I will not go into except to mention that the roles of 'Mistress', 'Servant' and 'Pet' rapidly become blurred and that Anika slept in Hamsini's king-sized bed more often than in her own room and quite often neither of them bothered dressing, particularly at weekends. Most evenings, I spend several hours seated at the computer working on an essay or an assessment with my darling rider curls up at my feet. She has taken to licking and kissing my toes, but I don't care: I love her more than life itself and this is all that counts, isn't it?

My rider's bedroom is the largest in the little house and is actually two knocked into one: but all the same, with her large bed and my basket, there isn't much room. Anika has the tiny box-room to herself so that she can have some privacy... She has too until my darling decides to remove most of the internal doors: she insists that I walk around on all fours and this makes it easier for me. No, honestly, I do not mind for I am well used to it. I am, after all, her pet and do not object.

I think her Mother expected her daughter to get off by humiliating me just like she had tried initially. It did not take long for her to realise that this part of our relationship did not appeal to the gentle and kind-hearted Hamsini. There is a major personality difference between Mother and Daughter – Mother is a control-freak.

It is a Tuesday and my lover is away at university... I have no assignments yo work on so I am at a loose end. Anika is busying her self around the bungalow tidying up things that are already tidy. Mischievously, I push a pile of magazines off the lounge coffee table right in front of her.

"Oh, Hansa, you are a naughty girl!" She chides me but does not sound very stern, instead she bends down to pick them up.

I see my target right in front of me so I stick out my tongue and lick her pussy-lips from behind.

I take her by surprise so she squeaks and jerks upright. This is the fourth time she has fallen for this in the past week

Anika spins around. "What will Miss Hamsini say when I tell her? I'll bet that you get a smacked-bottom. Bad puppy-girl!"

I whine and stick my bum up in the air swishing my tail from side to side until she laughs. "Oh, Hansa, what am I going to do with you? If I play with you all of the time, I'll never get any work done!"

She kneels down and begins to pick up the magazines but this time I have ideas other than mischief. This time I grab hold of her slim waist, I lean forward against her back and take her completely by surprise.

"Hansa!" She squeals as my weight forces her down onto all-fours. She tries to wriggle away but I cling to her with all of my not inconsiderate strength.

I feel my clitoris stiffen to its full (almost) three inches and ease forward. She is ready for me, I know this as I smell her arousal and can feel how wet she is with the end of my oversized clitty.

"Stop being a silly girl and let me go." I rub my little rod against her lips and get the surprised response of: "Hansa?"

I slip my clitty into her waiting cleft, I enter easily with only the minimum of force necessary and hear the taller blonde's pleasurable gasp of surprise: "Oh!"

I push forward until my mound is pressing against her arse and use my hands to pull her back as tightly against me as I can. I am rewarded with a more drawn out: "Oooh!"

I smile as I jiggle my hips to make sure that I am in the right position and relax. I cannot draw back too far as I have only got about three inches to play with, but I know from experience just how I can put it to good use. The old adage that it's not what you have, its how you use it has never been more true... You men with your five or six inches don't know how well off you are... Pity cocks don't come with a book of instructions... You might know how to use them if they did.

No, I carefully ease back and then thrust forward, pulling her hips backwards as I do so. I repeat the moves and gradually build up a rhythm of pull back – thrust forward... Pull back – thrust forward... Pull back – thrust forward. I increase speed and the force of the thrusts rapidly until I feel her well padded seat slapping into me. By now I am getting a moaning response of: "Oh! Oh! Oh!" Which is in time with my short, forceful thrusts; each "Oh!" Ending with the slap of flesh against flesh.

After a minute or so I feel Anika stiffen and convulse with the first of a series of orgasms... A few more thrusts and I join her: the orgasms aren't simultaneous. But who cares? I certainly don't, I just enjoy the waves of sexual pleasure as they slam through me becoming more and more intense. The yelps of "Oh!" have built into involuntary screams as the woman that I have mounted begins to spasm and and twist uncontrollably. I lose control as well as I feel her slump sideways onto the carpet. I am still inside her as I black-out and lie twitching uncontrollably against her well padded backside. The orgasms are still rippling through me as I regain consciousness. I am still clinging to her hips as if my very life depended upon it.

I roll away and lie on my back staring up at the ceiling. Her head and torso suddenly enters my line of vision. She stares down at me. "Wow!" Is all that she says. She repeats it very quietly. "Wow!"

I feel her fingers exploring my pussy and open my legs to give her better access. Not surprisingly she finds something that she does not expect. "Hansa! You've got a little dick!"

I see her frown. "Oh, you are a special puppy-girl, aren't you!" She proclaims as she begins to play with it.

Of course, being a clitoris and not a 'dick', it is erect and I am ready to go again in next to no time. There is no messy ejaculation to recover from so I do not need much persuasion before I mount her again and off we go. I ride her to orgasm after orgasm as we have the time of our lives. Her dress is discarded and so is her bra and we are both as naked as two puppies when Hamsini arrives home in the early afternoon. The whole house reeks of our arousal and so she is not surprised to find us mating in the middle of the lounge. She doesn't say anything: not that either of us are in any mood to listen. I forget about her as there is only one thing on my mind and it is blonde and I am humping it.

I feel hands grab me around my fleshy hips and suddenly I lose my rhythm entirely as My Rider slams into me none too gently with her eight inch strap-on. It is my turn to gasp in surprise as she thrusts into me again and again. There we are: the blonde, the red-head and the brunette. Hips thrusting: tits bouncing as we lose ourselves in each other's passions. By now My Rider is doing all of the work. Her thrusts are pushing me into Anika with at least as much force as I was using earlier and the three-way shrieks of pleasure are getting louder and louder. Eventually we tire ourselves out as Hamsini rides us both to one final explosive orgasm and we roll around on the carpet like the three animals that we have become,: we are laughing uncontrollably.

Needless to say, it takes a long time for us to recover from our three-backed-dance.

NOTE: By now I am beginning to realise that I have been a pet-girl for a whole lot longer than the two hundred days of my reckoning. There are segments of time missing: at this stage I believe that weeks at a time have been obliterated from my memory. No, not during the previous year, but before that. Days would pass and a woman's hair would suddenly become two inches longer: or the grass on our lawn would grow three inches overnight. I recall poppies going straight from bud to seed head without the need for flowering... No! There is not a glitch in the Matrix, there is a glitch in my head.

I think about writing my darling a note, but in the end cannot be bothered... The answer will turn up, if I am but patient.

Day Two Hundred PlusTime passes I am put on display...
Christmas comes and goes, and by mid-January my beloved Rider's second term at University is underway. This term passes also and soon it is the summer. I breath more than a sigh of relief when I discover that Hamsini has absorbed enough economics to pass her exams with a middling grade... We count the first year as a success.

Soon we are back at home... Well it is MY home now... This I know deep down. I love our rooms and walled garden. I know that I will never leave – not if I have anything to do with it.

First evening back is out of the ordinary: I am dozing curled up in one of the white armchairs in our playroom; Anika is back learning how to be a humble maid all over again while My Darling Rider is off doing something somewhere. The move back to the "Big House" has hit Anika the hardest. In effect she ran the little bungalow on Hamsini's behalf: made sure that everything was clean and tidy, that food was purchased and that meals were laid on at the correct times. Now she is just another little cog in the big household machine whilst at the bungalow, she was the machine. She really grew into the role of our beautiful domestic goddess. Anika: tall and slim with long blonde hair. I say "tall" because five foot ten seems tall to me. Her hair is ash blonde and hangs down to her plump and rounded arse or, whenever she leans forward, hides her magnificent rack. The hair and breasts should come as no surprise as they are one of Mother's little "house-rules", although they might be better described as "laws" that all female, non-family members are obliged to obey. The only reason that Anika's breasts are not larger is that she would be out of proportion and hence would not look right. Anika: I have spent hours playing with her magnificent superstructure and agree... Not only does she look perfect, but she feels perfect also. Okay, she is no beauty: her face is too square and a little on the long side; but so what? Her willing personality is loving and kind and she has the ability to be the centre of a group without flaunting it.

Suddenly I realise that I am not alone when a feminine "cough" wakes me. I awake with a slight start and see Dawson, the butler standing a respectful three feet away. She bows politely... Unnecessary as I do not count as a person.

I smile at the woman in the stern black business suit with the brushed back hair secured with a black velvet bow; the short skirt that still hides everything and the business-like, shoes are highly polished. Her face is expressionless: Dawson never comments, never judges.

"Excuse me for interrupting your relaxation, Miss Hansa, but Madam requests the pleasure of your company in her drawing room." Dawson's voice is as precise as her appearance.

I look at her with more than a hint of puzzlement on my face and she smiles. "If you would be good enough to follow me, Miss. I will be happy to conduct you there."

I notice that she is holding a black-leather dog lead which I allow her to clip onto my silver collar. "This way, Miss!" Her voice is sympathetic but has an undertone that indicates that she will not tolerate descent. Dawson, after all, runs the household.

I drop instantly onto all-fours and trot at heel at her side. She is sympathetic and does not pull at me when I do not make the correct manoeuvres. She also walks at what is a comfortable pace for me and it is obvious that she has done this kind of thing before.

As we walk through the house, I am informed that Madam is hosting a family gathering and wishes to display me to the other ladies. For only the second time, I ascend the stairs and enter the Family's part of the luxurious mansion.

The bottom floor, where I live with Hamsini, is taken up with the kitchens, the laundry and all of the little rooms that the servants and other staff need to keep the household running. The rooms occupied by My Rider and myself are in the basement of the east-wing: the utility rooms take up the rest.

The next floor up, the ground floor is taken up by all of the family rooms: the reception rooms, the dining room, the library, the studies and offices that are needed to keep everyone occupied. I am told, the mansion doubles as the Head Offices of the Family Business Empire.

The next floor up, the first floor, is taken up with the various family bedrooms and bathrooms. While finally; right up in the roof are the servant's quarters.

Oh there are other rooms, rooms that would not normally be found in a family home: a computer room, for instance and a cafeteria for the 'day-staff – the people employed at the HQ of various companies managed from here.

Today, I am led up the main staircase at the front of the house and into the reception hall. Behind this is the long gallery, a 150' long room running across the front of the house. It was originally intended as somewhere that the family could take exercise in inclement weather but now it is exquisitely decorated and arranged to resemble some sort of long, endless art gallery.

Dawson leads me part way along this gallery until we arrive at one of the many side passages. We turn into it: Like the rest of the house it is panelled in pale oak. Part-way along is another of the identical doors. The butler knocks quietly and opens it – we enter.

It is a bigger room than the 'blue drawing-room' where I was interviewed by the policeman last year. In some respects it is as much an office as anything else.

Dawson leads me in and I find myself under the scrutiny of about eight Indian matrons: the 'Aunties' that Hamsini had once laughingly warned me about! Dawson bows towards Mother. "Miss Hansa, Madam!" She announces as she deftly undoes the clip at the end of my lead which she placed on the silver tray on the little table by the door.

I gaze around not knowing what to do and hear many gasps of surprise and admiration. The Aunties are staring at me.

"Ah, Hansa, come and sit by me." Mother exclaims and indicates a large satin cushion placed on the floor by her feet. I scamper over and sit on it.

As I feel her hand stroke my hair and mane I become aware of the comments from around the room:

"So this is my granddaughter's pet!" -From a grey-hired lady wearing a sky blue sari... I give her my best smile.

"Is she an android?" -This from the younger woman seated in the armchair on the other side of Hamsini's Mother.

"No, Tarika, she's all flesh and blood." Mother answers proudly, then adds with a chuckle. "And before you ask, she's not a cyborg either."

There is another middle-aged Auntie seated to the other side of Tariki; she looks up from her knitting, gives me an appraising stare then addresses 'Mother'. "Padma, dear, I understand that our software division has been equally successful?"

Mother Padma smiles proudly and strokes my mane, causing me to shiver in appreciation. "Oh yes: 'Stella'; our artificial receptionist has successfully passed the 'Turing Test'."

Grandmother looks up, her dark bird-like eyes sparkle. "Turing Test?"

Padma smiles proudly. "It can fool people into thinking that they are speaking to a Human Being and make rational decisions on their behalf.

I lean over and rub my shoulder against her leg.

Grandmother nods. "I thought that we had agreed not to create 'Artificial Intelligence' because of the possible risks?" Her expression is that of a fierce canary as she challenges Padma.

Never the less, Mother Padma only laughs musically. "Oh you worry too much, Mummy, we haven't even come close to developing 'Artificial Stupidity' yet. Stella only gives the impression of intelligence."

"So do most of the people that I know!" Grandma replies stubbornly.

The next to speak is Auntie Deepti, the solicitor, she looks up from the documents and the laptop on the coffee table in front of her. "So, Hansa, I hear that you have been doing my niece's University coursework for her."

I stare aghast at her as does everyone else, including Mother who picks up a tiny silver hand bell and tinkles it.

The Door opens and the redoubtable Dawson bows herself in. "Yes, Madam, how may I help you?"

"Dawson, please be good enough to ask Miss Hamsini to join us."

"Certainly, Madam." The Butler bows herself out.

There is much murmuring in the drawing-room over the next few minutes: I take the opportunity to take a good look at the Aunties. They are a formidable looking group and are seated in a horse-shoe with Mother in the centre. Grandma, however, is cackling with laughter. "I always knew that that girlie would go far: see how she utilizes the resources that are available to her?"

I am not sure that I like being classed as a resource... A bit demeaning, that! A look across at Grandma who catches my gaze and gives me a friendly little wave.

I am slowly beginning to realise that this is rather more than a family gathering: this is confirmed when another of the Aunties points at me as she asks : "Just how much has this little bitch cost us so far, Padma?"

Mother looks up. "About £2,000,000 from the r&d budget to date: there is probably another £50,000 to be found, but she is more or less complete. So, without further ado, let me introduce you all to 'Hansa', the prototype 'Lady's companion'; although, after a certain incident last year: perhaps I should add 'bodyguard' to her specification."

She stood and helped me to my feet. As I stood there, with all of my assets on display, I felt myself blushing which caused Grandma to begin cackling all over again.

Padma continues. "She is very dog-like, both in loyalty and behaviour; and as would be expected, she is very easy to train." She looks at me. "SIT!"

I instantly drop into the pose that imitates a dog sitting: I am kneeling but with my bum planted on my heels and am leaning forward with my hands pressed to the floor."

Another Auntie interrupts. "That tail: surely it can't be real!"

I raise it and swish it from side to side and am rewarded with a surprised gasp: strangely I feel pleasure at her response.

Mother Padma moves in front of me and holds out a hand and commands: "Give me your paw!"

I lift my right hand and place it in hers. My faithful-dog act earns a chuckle or two which I feel is faintly rewarding.

"So!" Another Auntie interrupts again and demands: "And just what can she do for her owner that a perfectly well trained dog cannot?"

"I thought that it was obvious, Indira: sexual intimacy! You cannot be sexually intimate with a dog!" Mother announces.

"Pah!" Interrupts Grandma. "I had a cousin in India who was!"

This causes a titter to run around the room but earns a glare from Mother.. "Yes, well..."

"And a goat!" Grandma cackles, much to Mother Padma's increasing annoyance.

She glares at the elderly woman who ignores her and gives me a another friendly little wave, naturally, I cock my head to one side and swish my tail as a reply. Oddly enough, I am enjoying Mother's discomfort. She is a woman who must be in total control: a control-freak, if you will: but her own Mother clearly does not give a damn about anything. "Mother!" She purrs in annoyance. "Will you please stop interrupting. I really do not wish to hear about your cousin!"

The old woman laughs again. "Your cousin too!"

"MOTHER!!" She shouts.

The old woman pantomimes being afraid and hides her face in her hands then peeks out cheekily. I really like her!

Just then the door is flung open and my rider slouches in: she is clearly unhappy about something and glares at her Mother pointedly.

"Yo, Kiddo!" Calls her Grandmother cheerily and earns another glare from Padma.

"Yo, Ancient Relative!" My Rider answers cheekily. Her Mother's eyes roll upwards and I see her mutter something: she is rapidly losing patience.

Then with ice in her voice, she continues. "Ah, Hamsini, it is high time that you began attending our Monthly Oversight Meetings: you will need to be conversant with all strands of our enterprises so that you are ready to take your rightful place within our organisation when you graduate. We are in sore need of a reliable economist."

By "reliable" I assume that she means a family member. I watch carefully from my place in front and to the side of Padma's seat. I see Hamsini freeze, turn and glare at her Mother. "What? Does that include the illegal parts as well?" She asks pointedly.

There is a sudden stony silence. Even Grandmother keeps quiet as Mother and Daughter glare at each other.

It is Hamsini who breaks that silence. "I have done a great deal of thinking over the last year: I do not want to carry on studying economics – I hate it! I'm going to change to a graphical design course instead!"

I see her Mother begin tapping her foot in annoyance. "You most certainly are not: designers are ten-a-penny; we hire and fire them regularly. We do not need one in the family: you, Miss, will carry on studying something worthwhile: it is high time that you made yourself useful!"

There is a general hubbub from the gathered Aunties and other family members and against this background I watch Hamsini round on her Mother. "I don't care what you want: or what the family wants or about the stupid family business empire... I don't want anything to do with it!" She shouts.

"Oh, really, child, be sensible. It is precisely that that puts a roof over your head and food on your plate!" Padma shouts back.

Some of the other women are now on their feet and join in the shouting match. While this is going on I creep over and sit by my owner: I feel the hair of my mane begin to bristle and feel myself becoming more and more tense.

It is now that Hamsini makes her mistake. Her Mother moves over to her and grasps her arm: my rider shakes herself free and she says something to her mother before storming out of the room. I follow, Hamsini's words ringing in my ears as the heavy door slams behind us, cutting off the heated exchanges that we have left behind.

We hurry down the corridor: me no longer on hands and knees, but scampering along with both my hands and feet on the hard polished floor. I can move quite fast this way.

"That gave them something to think about!" Hamsini says sharply.

It certainly did! I remember thinking. We head back to our basement rooms. Oh, my darling, why did you have to say such a stupid thing?

"If you try to force me, I'm going to the police, they'll find certain aspects of your family business very interesting!" She had said: I knew precisely how Padma would regard a threat like that and was dreading the consequences that would befall us both.

Days??? to???Time fractures reflections in its shattered mirror.
Next day I learn that I am to undergo a series of operations to elongate my tail and widen my mane as was promised earlier. Padma, Hamsini's Mother is calm when she tells me personally. She is civil to her daughter and does not mention yesterdays outburst. In fact she smiles at us both.

"Don't worry, dear," she says to me with a smile, "Dawson will drive you to the clinic tomorrow morning and Hamsini can accompany you in the back of the estate car... That way you won't need to be sedated!"

I smile and rub my head against her legs: she strokes my hair. Everything is going to be alright after all!

We spend the rest of the day having sex in our garden and in the newly restored summerhouse: it is finished but not yet furnished. We enjoy each other's bodies as we run through all of our favourite positions. Life is idyllic as we make love in the warm summer sun! I may be ten years older than she is, but I belong to her: it seems so right, so natural. She is naked and so beautiful with the the sun making her black hair and brown skin shine.

Anika brings our evening meal out to the patio and we eat and exchange kisses between mouthfuls. Anika hurries away and does not hang around after serving the meal as she usually does: I should have smelled a rat there and then, but my rider and I were too into each other to notice.

The meal is almost gone before I realise that I feel light headed and sleepy: I am puzzled but for a few seconds before I realise realise that the vindaloo had something in it. I try to stand but my arms and legs fold under me so I crawl to my beloved. I manage to get my head onto her lap and the very last thing that I remember for a long time is the musky smell of her arousal as she asks me what's wrong . The world goes dark while her heavenly scent fills my nostrils.

The next block of memories are not coherent. Some are real, others are dream-like and surreal. The ones that revolve around the clinic and doctors and such things may be but almost all of the others probably are not. There was the white wedding with two brides, Hamsini and myself: we both stand at the alter rail facing the priest: we are both dressed in magnificent but identical white wedding gowns and are holding identical bouquets of red roses.

The priest asks: "Do you take this woman to be your lawful wedded wife?"

We both bark at him. Can it mean anything other than I am delirious?

I remember being awake, or dream that I do: my mouth is clamped open and there seems to be a lot of hardware jammed into my throat. I don't feel anything... Yes I do! The doctor or who ever it is is moving the instruments around, something tugs at what ever is in my throat.

"Now growl," the doctor says, "Louder than that!"

I oblige and she fiddles around again. "Growl!" She commands again.

I do and the sound is deeper, more powerful. Louder even. The medic looks satisfied from behind her green mask.

I see her! I see Devya – Hamsini's vicious, bullying older sister. I growl and hurl myself at the bars of my cage. There is a bang and the cage shifts.

"Shut her up!" Someone shouts. "She's frightening my pet!"

Then it dawns on me: Devya is naked and being led past on all fours. She is on a collar and lead. She is being walked by Deepti, one of Hamsini's aunties. The bully has been turned into a pet. Am I dreaming or has Padma been as good as her word?

I am out in the country. There are a line of women with shotguns: they are all of the women that inspected me at the oversight meeting... Even Grandmother is there.

They are shooting the pheasants and ducks which are flying over. The birds land on the heathland in front of me. The shooting stops and Padma shouts. "Send in the dogs!"

Someone un-clips my lead and I race forward and pick a duck up with my mouth. I feel its blood runs down my chin as I run back and present the bird to Padma who takes it from me.

"Clever girl!" She says and is clearly pleased with my skill as a retriever.

I slowly regain consciousness, or dream that I do. I am in traction with my arms and legs suspended in slings... My legs seem shorter and all the joint angles look wrong. I try to move but cannot so I whine piteously.

"My God, its awake!" Someone calls out.

I feel something sting my thigh and drift off to sleep again.

I am being taken for a walk. It is a strange dream, but I feel that I have had this one before. No, Wait! I see Hamsini... She's come to rescue me. Our eyes meet and I see that she looks terrified. Then she is gone.

I am back at the college where I was a lecturer. It is not one of my own classes, or at least not one that I recognise. I look around and see a couple of students from previous years and cannot understand why they are here now, after all they left several years ago: didn't they? Well... Didn't they? I look around again and see that Hamsini is in the middle of the front row.

I write "Geomorphology" in large letters across the top of the whiteboard and am met with a chorus of groans and shouted remarks. I am a Humanities lecturer but it seems that this group are expecting me to teach them Economics. I freeze... I know nothing about that subject.

Suddenly I am a student sitting in the row behind Hamsini. Her Mother walks into the room, apparently she is now the lecturer. She wipes off my "Geomorphology" and writes "Economics" at the top of the whiteboard: she is also met with a barrage of groans and cat-calls which I seem to add to, but I don't shout, I bark..

Hamsini jumps to her feet and shouts out louder than anyone. "I refuse to do economics: its rubbish! I'm here to learn finger-painting!"

Lecturer Padma spins around and glares at the class who fall silent immediately. She sees me and becomes angry. "You! You are a trouble maker! I might have known that you would be the ring-leader. You've put silly ideas into everyone's heads: get out and report to the Principal's office!"

I stand up but am suddenly naked and the dream fades as I scamper out of the room on all-fours: it is a dream, isn't it?

It is a physiotherapy session: my limbs are being manipulated and stretched by a large severe-looking woman. I am woozy and try to fight her. She is Irish and calls me a "stupid feckin' bitch" but never-the-less she takes the opportunity to fondle my breasts when ever she can. I dream that I know her and seem to recall having this dream before.

I am back in the walled garden. Hamsini's Grandmother has mounted me and is using a strap on to have sex with me. I don't seem to mind. Suddenly Padma is there and stares at us: disgust writ large across her face. "Mother!" She snaps. "You are fucking the dog again! You are as bad as that cousin in India!"

I am out walking: I am fully human: suddenly Detective Constable Mainwaring is blocking my path: he is accompanied by half a dozen armed police officers who are all pointing guns at me.

"Hansa Patel?" Enquires DC Mainwaring. "I am arresting you for on suspicion of impersonating a human being." Suddenly he looks frightened and snaps: "Careful men, she bites!"

I drop to all fours, and snarl: my clothes have vanished. I charge at the policemen who all drop their guns and run away.

I am in my cage: there is a row of cages opposite. I can see Hamsini in one and her sister Devya is in another. There is a blonde girl in the cage between them: I do not recognise her. Two medics are staring down at me: they are dressed in scrubs and there faces are hidden by surgical masks. They look down at me in my cage and suddenly Padma and her sister, Deepti, join them and also look at me. "She's ready." One of the medics says. "If she is what you want."

Padma looks at me as if I am a piece of meat; she orders me to turn around, which I do so, presenting my arse and tail to her.

"She's okay! What about the others?"

The medic half turns and looks at the other cages. "Two need further physio to get them used to their new joint and limb angles. Say another week to ten days... The blonde needs further surgery and some more mental conditioning but the procedures seem successful, so if you are happy we can process ten to twelve a year."

Padma nods. "That is satisfactory." She turns to her sister. "Sorry Deepti, we're going to have to wait for our companions!"

A medic suddenly fires a pistol at me. I feel the dart prick my ample bottom and the dream ends.

I dream that I am lying on the grass the sun is warm against my skin. I am lying similar to the way a dog would with my knees and elbows on the ground. I flop onto my side and drift back to sleep... Why do I dream that I have a headache?

There are a series of hazy dreams like this, or maybe they are memories of dreams? Sometimes I wake in my basket sometimes outside. Sometimes it is sunny, other times, cloudy. I notice that the trees are turning gold: it must be autumn.

I try to get into the house several times, but the glass door is locked and the blinds are down. I rattle the door handle and bang on the glass but no one ever comes.

I am eating in some of the dreams: everything is confused and I cannot focus or concentrate. My thoughts flow like treacle in wintertime. They are more like snapshots than dreams: why am I so tired? Why am I dreaming that my basket is in a strange room? Where is my beloved Mistress's bed? Why is my basket larger? Why do I even bother wondering? Everything is just so because I dream that it is! It is, isn't it?

Well isn't it?

Strange dreams, but time seems to be passing, or at least I dream that it is.

I awake and stretch. Odd! Everything seems real! Am I awake? I sit there for a few minutes and look around. This is the summerhouse: I am awake: I am no longer dreaming and the dream-state may be over but I feel different somehow. I frown and wonder how long have I been here. Time has definitely passed, I can feel it. I concentrate and feel uneasy... This has happened before... This is how I felt after first arriving, when? How many years ago?

I realize that my bladder is full and climb out of my basket. I trot over to the toilet... I am not surprised that I know exactly where it is: it's in the alcove next to the shower. The toilet pedestal is only about half the height of a normal one: a squat on it and realise that it is low because my legs are shorter. I have been surgically altered to walk on all-fours. As my bladder empties I know that I should be angry but I am not. I become aware that something else has been altered and peer at my mound. There is something new down there – its a cock!

No it isn't! My oversized clitty has grown again: instead of being about the same size as my thumb: its now about four inches long and will no longer fit between my lips. It also now has a skin sheath. I reach down and stroke it and find that it is very sensitive. It's still a clitty; I can't pee through it, thank goodness: but it is seriously sensitive – as I touch it, it hardens and becomes erect, it lengthens and is thicker too. I wonder what my beloved will think of it. What a daft question as it was probably her idea.

I get off the toilet and flush it: the flush is only two feet from the ground and in easy reach. I head into the shower and boy, its a big one with multiple shower heads. The controls are also only two feet from the ground: I turn it on and reach for the soap, As I am alone, I do not feel like playing with my self so I shower quickly, trot out and grab a couple of towels. As I dry myself I attempt to stand up straight... I manage it, but my legs won't straighten and I cannot get my heels onto the ground. My new shorter legs are "Zed" shaped, just like a dogs. I now walk on my toes and on the balls of my feet. My hands and arms have been altered too: they hands bend more easily and there is no strain when I am on all-fours. My elbows also point backwards and won't stick out sideways. My arms are now thicker and more heavily muscled. I experiment with them and find that they have been changed into front legs and will only move forward and backwards... I can no longer reach out to the sides.

I sit down with a thump and find that it is now natural to sit doggy-fashion with my hands on the floor. I chuckle... All those dreams that I was a dog... Someone was messing with my mind! Now there's a surprise! Or rather two because I am not angry: I am Hamsini's dog after all!I hear a door being unlocked and it jars me out of my reverie and I actually bark: it is the loud, deep note of a large dog.

I notice that there is a door in the rear wall of the summerhouse: it swings open and Anika enters. She sees me sitting there and smiles.

"Hi Hansa! I see that you are fully awake!" She is carrying my breakfast in a bowl which she places on the floor by me there is a spoon in it so I am not expected to eat like a dog... That's a blessing as my flat face is ill equipped for such a task: something I found out a long time ago

I jump up and bounce around Anika... Its wonderful to see someone real, someone familiar, someone friendly.

Anika strokes my head and my mane. I swish my tail, actually it is more of a "wag" than a "swish" as the tail is definitely longer and less like that of a horse. Strangely enough, I am pleased.

I love the fuss that I am getting from Anika who tells me that I will see mainly her in future as looking after the summerhouse is her responsibility and it will be a lot like when Hamsini was away at university. I am happy about this but wish that I could ask her where my beloved rider is.

"Come on," she chides, "be a good girl and eat your breakfast."

Then after a last pat, she slips back through the door and vanishes. I eat the food which seems to be a mixture of meat and biscuit – rather more of the latter than the former.

After breakfast I drink from the water bowl, which re-fills automatically. Then I head out into the garden to try out my new body and find that not only can I walk much more easily than before the modifications, I can run quite fast on what essentially are four legs. In fact I seem to be able to run faster than I could when I was a two-legged human being. I yelp with joy and run around the lawn as fast as I can. I love the feel of the wind tugging at my long red hair as it streams out behind me. Something else has been altered: my neck has been curved so that my head points naturally forward when I move and does not tend to hang downwards.

I stop and sit down in the middle of the lawn. A lot of thought has been put into my modifications: so why have I been taken so far down this road? Suddenly it dawns on my: I am the prototype!

I am still pondering this point when I hear someone approaching across the garden and look up. It is Padma, Hamsini's mother. I trot over to her and look up at her. She smiles down at me and says nothing for almost a minute. I wag my tail, but still she just stands there looking at me, gauging my mood and reading my body language which is no longer fully human.

I realise now that the most dangerous animal on this planet is a woman who smiles but remains silent. Padma is certainly dangerous as well as being totally devoid of scruples.

After a minute she reaches down and strokes my hair and mane: it is almost as if she is appraising me all over again. I sit in front of her and whine. I want to know where my beloved rider is and she knows it.

"Oh, Hansa, you beautiful girl, if only all of my daughters were as smart as you!" She says, more to herself than to me. Then she looks at me and smiles again. "Hansa, promise me that you will look after Hamsini, guard her, make her happy and make sure that no harm befalls her?"

I am puzzled. Need she ask? Surely she has not forgotten that I live for her daughter, that I was her birthday present a couple of years ago? No: something has changed... I look her in the eye and nod solemnly. Oh cause I will look after my rider: haven't I always?

To my surprise she kneels on the grass in front of me and gives me a hug, then she kisses me on the top of my head and sighs happily. "Well then you beautiful red-headed swan: She is yours, I give her to you!"

What can she mean? I wonder. I am Hamsini's pet: how can she ever belong to me?

While I am pondering this fact, Padma stands up, takes her mobile 'phone out of her pocket and makes a brief call. She speaks in rapid-fire Hindi: a language that I have never learned.

The 'phone vanishes and she is clearly waiting. "I've had you equipped to act 'the dog', because I need you to take the lead in the relationship." She says cryptically. "Just protect her and don't let anyone or anything hurt her!"

Again I am at a loss, but not for long... I see the glass door in the big house open and Dawson? Yes Dawson emerges with another doggy-girl on a lead. I see the butler point towards Padma and myself and slip the girl's lead... The girl bounds towards us on all-fours... She is an Indian doggy-girl... I cannot believe it... Its Hamsini!

"Here comes your bitch!" Padma says and walks away, I forget her... I only have eyes for one other.

Suddenly Hamsini is there in front of me, we are both so excited that we wet ourselves as we dance around each other. I grab her and we roll over and over on the grass. We are both yelping and barking happily. Hamsini, my beloved Swan Rider, what has your Mother had them do to you? Why did you threaten to go to the Police? Didn't you know how ruthless she is? Why didn't you know better than threaten her?

My mind races as we hug and kiss out there on the lawn. I now know what her mother meant: I also know that some of the dreams that I had experienced were more real than I thought. The relationship has been reversed: I have been forced into the more dominant role. I am indeed the "dog" to Hamsini's "bitch". She is truly mine now, far more than I was ever hers. I am the faux-male in her life. She is smaller and slimmer than I am, that much has not changed; but her body has been re-shaped just like mine and her breasts are no longer small and pert but she is still fully female with a tiny clitty.

Oh, I am still female, I still have my pussy and my large breasts: but I have the one thing that my darling lacks: I have a tool. I take her there and then on the lawn in full view of the house. I mount her and we make love doggy-fashion – which, when I think about it, is more than fitting. She is surprised by the size of my new rod and squeals happily as I enter her. After that we both yelp and squeal with passion and enjoy each other's new bodies... Dearest Hamsini, it is no longer you that is my rider... I am now yours, despite the meaning of your name which is woven into your silver collar.

So time passes and we settle down to our life together: two dogs who share a kennel. Anika is our kennel maid: she feeds us and keeps our home clean: often she joins us and we have a threesome – but it is different to how it was in the bungalow when Hamsini was a student at university. It is different because Anika is merely human whereas we are doggy-girls, human-animals, superior. I doubt that Anika realises this, but we do!

I found my notebook in a corner of our summerhouse/kennel, Padma must have ordered that it be returned to me, and so I carry on writing down my thoughts and experiences. It is quite a story.

Sometimes another doggy-girl is put in with us for us to train and to reassure: it is often one who is having trouble adjusting to her new role. We help her come to terms with her new life as we enjoy her, er, company.

The years pass and Hamsini and I are happy, we have each other, what more could we ever want?

I would be happy to receive any feed back on this and other stories and welcome positive feedback. I can be contacted at

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