Because I Can

by Writer_345

Tags: #cw:noncon #brainwashing #D/s #dom:female #f/f #sub:female #bimboification #breast_enlargement #castration #clothing #feminization #mind_control #mistress #sex_slaves #transitioning

Brenda was living a normal life in a little English village until the day that her son and daughter brought their respective girlfriends home to meet her. Suddenly everything changed for ever… (And so did Brenda and her little family!)

Because I Can.

by Writer345©


… “Brenda?”

… “Yes, Mistress?”

… “What do you remember about your past, Brenda?”

… “Its all hazy, Mistress. It's something I don't like to think about.”

… “Why not, Brenda?”

… “Thinking is not nice, Mistress, thinking makes me feel uncomfortable and I get these bad dreams...”

… “You used to think all of the time, Brenda, you were a Veterinary Surgeon.”

… “I – I was? I thought that I had always been your Housekeeper, Mistress.”

… “Do you like being, my Housekeeper, Brenda?”

… “I love being Your Housekeeper, Mistress, I never want to be anything else.”

… “Good girl, Brenda. Now what about your children?”

… “Do I have children, Mistress? Yes! I think that I do! Are they called Laura, Adam and Benjamin?”

… “That's right, Brenda, now think about them..”

… “I don't want too Mistress, thinking about them makes me uncomfortable.”

… “Well I want you to think, Brenda, I need you to think just one more time and then you will be done with your past for ever. Doesn't that sound wonderful?”

… “Wonderful, Mistress!”

… “Relax, Brenda, think about how you came to be my Housekeeper. Think about it and tell me everything that you remember. After that you will forget it and those silly dreams won't bother you again. Think hard so that you will never have to think again...........”

Chapter #1. Beginnings.

Okay, I've been told that I should start remembering, so I'll begin with my children; there are two of them. When this all started Laura, she's my daughter, was twenty-one and off at University just finishing a degree in the 'Biology of the Brain and Behaviour'. At least that's what I think it was called. I'm just a Vet so a lot of the things that she comes out with go well over my head... Oh, I can follow what she says but don't understand the details, particularly the subtlety of the biochemistry behind it.

She's a good girl is our Laura and I'm really proud of her.

Adam was eighteen and he's my son as you might have guessed by the name: my eldest son. Don't get me wrong, I loved him, I still do, I'm his mother after all so 'love' goes with the job description. But I must admit that he was a bit of a disappointment! No that's wrong... He would have had to improve by one hell of a lot to become only a bit of a disappointment. Or at least that's how he was right up until the moment that he brought his first serious girlfriend home: but more of her later.

Sadly, Laura got the brains and Adam the looks: it's a shame that both weren't shared more evenly as both kids would have been happier if they had. She's a bit on the plain side with straggly mousy-coloured hair while her brother is taller and slimmer with blond hair of a shade that most women would dye for. He's altogether better looking too – handsome being a better description. Personalities, too are different... She's very serious and a bit of a loner while he's a happy-go-lucky gregarious charmer.

Me? I'm Brenda Stone, mid forties, divorced and as I have said already, a Veterinary Surgeon. We live, quite comfortably thank you, in rural Staffordshire which is not a million miles from Birmingham, where I grew up. Being a town-girl, I prefer the country and had no intention of ever moving back to a city. Yes, I enjoyed my hum-drum life and was almost sorry when everything changed.

Out in the country, the vet is still one of the pillars of local society along with the vicar, the squire and the the publican. Not a lot happens in small villages which is why I like living there. Being an attractive (Well I like to think that I am!) and well-off red-headed divorcee, I'd had a proverbial queue of local bachelors and other hopefuls form up at the door but when the word got around that I wasn't in “marriage market” most of them lost interest.

And why wasn't I looking to get wed again? Simple, the previous time around had been painful... Ben was a bit of a philanderer who had, shall we say, certain exotic tastes Things finally came to a head when I refused to let my husband tie me up and whip me. Okay, so when he tried to force the issue I emphasised my lack of consent by planting a knee in his groin. He called me a 'frigid bitch' and sued for divorce on the grounds that I was refusing to have sex with him. Needless to say, the judge found in my favour, especially after reading the testimony of my private detective who had uncovered details of a long series of extra-marital affairs. As the injured party, I got to keep everything.

Ben was out of my life and good riddance, although for form's sake I did go to his funeral five years later and even shed a tear or two. Well he had been a charmer after all and in a way I was sorry that he had gone, especially as I lost the regular support payments for the children! Actually he died as he liked to live and apparently had lost control of his car while some bimbo or other was giving him a blow job at eighty on the motorway. How did the police know about said sex act? Well for a start even though she was dead, she'd still got his dick in her mouth. Apparently the force of the impact had caused her to bite it off.

We lived on the outskirts of the village of Averton Hammer, not it's real name but I don't want it to be swamped by sightseers, as it is a pretty little place. Our house was tacked onto the small veterinary clinic and this is where the practice is based – which incidentally I owned. It's also where I lived: as the clinic is joined onto the side of the house, which, with its four bedrooms, is large by modern standards. It will seem even larger when the kids leave home. Hell none of this could have happened without the veterinary clinic being built onto the house like it is.

It was June, and the summer term at Ludlow University was drawing to a close: Laura had passed her final year exams with good marks and earned a very good degree, so I was feeling pleased with her and very proud too. I guess that was what she was counting on when she phoned me and asked if she could bring her girlfriend home to meet me. Girlfriend? Up till then I didn't know that my daughter was gay.

I spluttered a little – surprise, not bigotry – and said. “Sure, darling, what's her name?”

I heard a faint sigh of relief. “Lakshmi,” slight pause, “Lakshmi Gupta, she's Indian, only her parents threw her out because of me.”

“I'll get your room ready.” My mind raced. “She's okay with British food, I take it, not a vegetarian, or anything? Do I have to make curries?”

Laura answered calmly and I realised that I'd been gabbling. “No, Mom, she's from Leicester, so no worries there. She doesn't want to be any trouble, honest, Mom.”

“Okay,” I grasped the nettle, “do you want me to get you a double bed?”

There was a long pause, then. “Oh, could you please, Mom? That would be really fantastic!”

What was I thinking? Well to tell the truth, after the initial shock, I was relieved. At least she won't end up with a shite of a husband like I did!

Adam already had a double bed as he had scrounged my old one when I replaced it last year: he claimed that he liked to 'sprawl' but I suspected him of planning ahead.

And speaking of Adam: if only dealing with him was as simple... He'd just taken his 'A' levels (again) and neither of us were confident about his chances of passing. For those unfamiliar with the British exam system, 'A' level stands for General Certificate Education Advanced Level and it's the qualification exam for University entry. Deep down, we both knew that his chances of getting high enough grades to actually get into University was unlikely... Hell, I was resigned to the fact that it was improbable that he would even pass any of the exams although he, as usual, was banking on a miracle.

In some ways Adam took after his father: he thought of himself as a charmer, and to give him his due, he was good at talking himself out of the many tight spots that he'd got himself into over the years. He also fancied his chances with the ladies and I had been fending off complaints from irate parents since puberty raised its ugly spots. Also like his father, his taste in female companionship tended towards those of the blonde, bimbo-ish persuasion: in other words, pretty but as thick as a brick!

He had also developed a weakness for a couple of his late father's other favourites: alcohol and fast cars – neither of which should have been available to him at his age. Although, being young males, he and his friends had found ways around this obstacle: namely getting older lads to buy booze for them. He had been twelve the first time that the police brought him home drunk. I wasn't as hard on him as I should have been as I blamed his behaviour on the stress caused by his father's recent death.

At fourteen he got involved in 'TWOCking' or 'Taking a car Without the Owner's Consent' which is also known as 'Joy-Riding' in the UK, although how car theft got that name, I'll never know because, as far as the victim is concerned, there is clearly nothing joyful about it. The American term “Grand Theft Auto” is equally silly for how can there be anything 'Grand' about stealing someone's car?

Why did some idiot have to turn the whole thing into a computer game and so give impressionable morons, er, young men, the wrong idea?

The police arrested him just once: he was fifteen and had been let off with a caution because the nineteen year old who had been driving had been blamed. Oh I was sure that there had been other instances but he'd managed to avoid getting caught.

So here I was, mid-forties with the joint responsibilities of running a veterinary practice and raising three kids single handed. Laura seemed to have turned out okay and was making a success of her life, while Adam was a little out of control and making a mess of his. It was obvious, even to me, that changes needed to be made... But just what could I do?

Things seemed to be improving as June this year rolled by: I'd had a chat with Adam and he assured me that he was trying to sort out his life and I knew for a fact that he was actually looking for a job. Then over a late breakfast – it was half past ten, he'd just appeared even though I'd been up for hours – he surprised me again.

“You see, Mom, I've got a good reason to get a grip on myself: I'm going steady.” He gave me a charming smile, so like his father used to. “I'll bring her home to meet you, if you like.”

I gasped – now this was a surprise: my philandering son had a steady girlfriend. I took a mouthful of tea while I gathered my thoughts. “Oh? What's her name? Do I know her?”

He shook his head. “I...” (Slight hesitation) “I don't think so, she's new to the area. Her name's Alisha Andrews and she's from Reading.”

I leaned towards him and tried to keep my voice neutral as I fished for information. “Oh? Meet her at school did you?”

He smiled. “Oh no, Mom, she's a couple of years older than me... Got a good job too!”

I should have pressed on with my questions and asked. “Just how many is a couple?” But I didn't. I suppose that I was a little relieved that my errant son was showing signs of growing up at long last. “Oh, Adam, of course I'd love to meet her.”

“Great!” He said.

“I'm on call tonight and tomorrow, but Wednesday or Thursday should be fine... Remember, your sister comes home on Saturday.”

He made a face. “Has she really got a girlfriend?”

I nodded. “So she says.”

“Wa-hey!” He chortled. “Laura's a lesbo! Little-miss-perfect has turned into a dyke!”

“She's still your sister so keep your snide remarks to yourself, mister!” I snapped.

He laughed excitedly. “D'you think she uses a strap-on?”


“Sorry, Mom.” He muttered, but by the look of him, he wasn't... Not really.

“And don't go shouting about it all around the village.” I warned him.

“Who me?” He asked, looking all hurt.

“Yes, you!” I had an uneasy feeling about this. “Let her tell people in her own way.”

He gave me another one of his father's smiles: I'd never been able to resist them back in the day: now however I was older and wiser. “Alright, Mom: I won't embarrass her. Trust me?”

I grimaced... Trust him? That's something else that I'd learned not to do. “Please, Adam; don't torment your Sister, not this time!”

He smiled again... Why was I getting a bad feeling about all of this?

Well life went on and I had a living to earn: sick animals to treat, local farmers to keep happy, bills to pay and masses of government regulations to make sense of which is more than the Government had bothered to do when they drafted them.

Chapter #2. Homecoming.

Well this was it! I was still more than a little anxious as Laura's old Datsun pulled up outside the house. I hesitated, should I peer out through the net curtains in the hope of catching a glimpse of my daughter's new girlfriend or should I rush out and fling my arms around her?

I'd had a series of shocks this week, what with Laura announcing that she was gay and Adam bringing his significant-other home for my approval. And yes, I did most certainly approve! Blonde, and in her twenties and put together like the high-end fashion model that she was – just what wasn't there to approve of? Yes, she was a lovely girl: too lovely, as it turned out and there was more too her than met the eye.

I heard the car doors open and was out of the house at a run before I realised what I was doing. “Laura! Hi, darling!” I almost yelped, flinging my arms around her.

Then I heard a sultry voice ask. “And just who is this gorgeous red-head?”

I froze in mid-hug and felt my head swivel towards the direction that the voice had come from. My eyes fell upon a confident looking twenty-something Indian woman.

So this was my Laura's significant other: five-five tall, golden-brown complexion, long glossy raven-black hair, an attractive face and piercing amber eyes.

“Oh, this is my Mum!” Laura suddenly said before adding. “Mum, this is Lakshmi!”

The woman smiled and regarded me for several moments – although what she regarded me as was a moot point for she seemed to be looking right into my soul. “It's a pleasure to meet you, Mrs Stone.” She said, holding out her right hand. An innocent greeting that never-the-less left me with the feeling that she knew more about me than I did.

“Hallo, Lakshmi. Please call me Brenda.” I said, gently grasping the proffered hand... There was something about the young woman that unnerved me and I don't mean her sexuality. Suddenly it dawned on me that she looked a little older than my daughter. What was it with my offspring and older women?

I smiled. “Did you meet at the University?” I asked as I helped them move their respective luggage into the house.

Lakshmi smiled as Laura answered. “Sure, Mum, Lakshmi's from the teaching hospital that's part of the medical school at Ludlow.”

“Medical student?” I enquired casually.

“Doctor!” She said and gave me a piercing look. “I qualified last year. I'm still a houseman at the hospital. I'm in trauma surgery.”

By now we were making a second trip with more luggage which we were leaving in a big pile in the hallway. Frankly I would never have believed that the little blue Datsun could hold this much.

I led them into the kitchen where I put the kettle on. She was at least a couple of years older than Laura, but that was nothing like the age-gap between Adam and his “girl”-friend.

Then over tea, Lakshmi asked me about the type of surgery that I carried out as a vet. Somehow I didn't think that this was just idle curiosity. “Oh, it's probably pretty crude stuff compared with what you're are used too. But remember, a vet has to be able to carry out surgery on a wide range of species and not just one!”

She smiled and gave me a nod of professional recognition. “I wonder if you'd be good enough to show me around your theatre sometime?”

“Sure, why not?” I said and then added. “Although it'll be nothing like what you are used too.”

Laura chuckled. “You two are as bad as each other! This is supposed to be a holiday!”

The conversation moved on to general things: gossip, popular culture and other trivialities. Lakshmi certainly seemed like a nice girl and managed to put me at my ease.

As I wasn't on call for a couple of days, so I suggested a family re-union dinner the next day when the ladies had recovered from their journey and Adam would bring his new lady over to meet Laura and her new lady. My children were certainly growing up, or so I hoped.

At almost six feet tall, Adam's girlfriend, Alisha towered over us other ladies and would even without the four inch heels that she habitually wore, She was even an inch or so taller than my son. She held herself with the poise and confidence that her career no doubt had instilled into her and I can safely say that she was one of the most beautiful women that I had ever met. What a gorgeous creature like her could see in my philandering waster of a son was a mystery to me. Still if she was the reason that he had suddenly become more responsible then I liked her already.

The next evening was Sunday, we were seated around the large dining room table, the five of us, and all seemed to be going well but I couldn't help but notice just how out of place Alisha Andrews actually seemed for she had a level of feminine sophistication that the rest of us other ladies couldn't hope to match. She was nothing like the series of silly little air-heads that Adam had previously brought home for me to meet. And yes, every other girl that he had been attracted too had been a total bimbo... Alisha was certainly a blonde but she was intelligent and didn't try to conceal it. Alisha a bimbo? No way!

She chatted easily to everyone and there was certainly no edge to her but the more that I looked at her the more that I realised that she was closer to thirty than twenty and may even have been a little the wrong side of it. I had heard of older women who were attracted to younger men, or in Adam's case, to boys. I had also heard them described as cougars... Was this what Alisha was? A 'cougar'? Still she seemed like a nice lady so I as more intrigued than concerned.

The meal went well and the small-talk was appropriate for the situation: if Alisha was a sex-crazed cougar, she gave no hint of it.

The five of us sat around the table, my kids and their significant others down each side and me at the head, closest to the kitchen door. I had positioned Laura and Adam on either side of me so that I could better observe their girlfriends who were seated directly opposite each other. Alisha was chatting freely to the two younger women so didn't seem prejudiced against their sexuality which in my book was a good thing as I loathe bigotry of any description.

“Come on, Adam, help me clear the table!” I said in my best 'Mommy' voice.

He shrugged and was on the point of making an excuse to get out of the chore when Alisha patted his arm and gestured towards the kitchen with her head. It was a very subtle gesture but my son obeyed her so perhaps he had turned over a new leaf, or perhaps he was trying to impress her, I didn't know: but not having to do everything myself made a pleasant change.

When we were in the kitchen, he gave me one of his disarming smiles that made him look so like his father. “Well?” He asked.

“Well what?” I said, playing dumb.

“Alisha? What do you think of her?” He said, almost bursting.

I smiled. “Well she seems a nice lady.”

“Yes!” He said punching the air. “You actually like one of my friends!”

I busied myself for a couple of minutes stacking the dirty plates into the dishwasher before turning back to him. “Isn't she a little old for you?”

He looked at me and shrugged. “We don't think so... Besides, she's only thirty-two!”

I had my answer so I bit my tongue and asked. “She's a model isn't she?”

“Ye-e-e-es?” He said, dragging the word out into a question. Then he smiled again. “At least she can't be after my money!”

I chuckled and began to dish up the lemon sorbet that would be our sweet course.

“Then there's 'little miss perfect's' girlfriend.” He said completely out of the blue as he helped me with the preparations.

“Ye-e-e-es?” I said mimicking his tone of a few seconds earlier.

“Well she's a lot older than Laura but I bet that you've not said anything to my sister.” He said, all serious once again.

I looked at him. “Hardly a lot older... Lakshmi's twenty-six at the most.”

He chuckled knowingly. “Take a good look at her knees, Mom, I've spent most of the last few years looking at women's legs... She's at least thirty, that one.”

Legs amongst other things! I thought cattily. Suddenly I stopped what I was doing. “What do you mean, Adam?”

“The skin's a bit too creased for her to be as young as our Laura... Her knuckles too, the skin's stretched... She's got an older woman's hands.” He said as he picked up the tray with the five dishes on it and waited for me to open the door for him, which I did.

Whoever, or whatever Alisha was, she was certainly having a civilizing affect upon my son and I loved her for it.

Seated again after serving the sorbet, I surreptitiously observed the backs of Lakshmi's hands... Adam was right! They were certainly more like Alisha's or mine than they were like Laura's. Curiouser and curiouser... Women normally lie about their age – but to men, not usually to each other! Was she lying about anything else? I didn't think so for when I'd shown her around our small-animal operating room her surgical knowledge had been sound and her questions and comments had made sense. She was a medical professional alright, I could glean that from the bias of her questions.

However if she was a junior doctor she was certainly a knowledgeable and experienced one. I had put it down to her enthusiasm for her calling and her wish to make a good impression on her girlfriend's Mom; but now I wasn't so sure. I withdrew from the conversation and went into 'listening-mode'... I frowned. Damn you, Adam, now I suspect both of my children's girlfriends – but of what? I didn't know, but a little more observation was in order.

Suddenly my son broke into my reverie. “Mom, you don't mind if Alisha stays the night, do you?”

I was about to comment that it was not really appropriate but then I realised that I couldn't as he was over eighteen and Laura's girlfriend was spending a good deal longer than one night here. “No problem, dear.” I said dryly: well it would at least give me more opportunities to get to know her.

After dinner and the washing up, which for once didn't involve me! We moved out into the garden for coffee. The evening developed into one of those quiet, traditional ones in which I played my part by embarrassing both of my offspring by regaling their girlfriends with stories from their childhood. Well that's what a mother is supposed to do, isn't it?

I opened a bottle of wine and things became decidedly merry so I opened another one and then a third... Oh we didn't play party games, nothing so silly, but some of the stories that we told each other seemed to embarrass 'man-of-the-world' Adam who really didn't know as much about women as he thought that he did.

“What do you call a eunuch in a brothel?” Asked Laura.

Adam turned red and spluttered when Alisha replied. “I don't know... What do you call a eunuch in a brothel?”

“There's no point in calling him – he'll never cum!” Chuckled Laura and the rest of us ladies laughed, although whether we were laughing at the punchline or at Adam's reaction or because of the wine and general high spirits is anyone's guess.

More wine was consumed and trips were made to answer the call of nature and before you know it, the sun was dipping below the horizon. Adam, who had had a lot less practice at consuming wine than the rest of us excused himself and headed off to bed.

”Are you coming?” He asked Alisha hopefully.

She gave him a glowing smile. “I'll be along in a bit, darling.” Then she turned back to what had descended into a “Girl's Night Out” – and we all know how silly they can be.

Adam slunk off looking a little dejected, although, judging by the amount of wine he had consumed, it was doubtful if he could have managed to do anything for his girlfriend even if she had gone with him.

For some reason we began to wander around the garden and soon seemed to have split up into pairs. I found myself alone with Laura. “Well is Lakshmi good enough for your daughter?” She giggled.

I smiled and made a point of leaning over to sniff a honeysuckle flower. “That is something that you will need to decide for yourself, darling, but for what it's worth, she seems to be a very nice girl!”

She threw her arms around me and kissed me on the cheek. “Thanks. Mom. I'm glad you approve of her!”

We wandered around for a bit just talking until Laura eventually said. “I think that I'm going up. Let Lakshmi know if you see her. G'dnight, Mom.”

“I will, darling, 'night!” And at that I was on my own... Happy but not drunk. I hadn't mentioned my suspicions regarding Alisha, or indeed Lakshmi as I didn't want to spoil the atmosphere – besides: an age-gap wasn't anything unusual, was it?

I wandered around for a few minutes, lost in my own world in my own garden and generally enjoying the evening. It was a large garden and had once been a smallholding back before the war. Suddenly I became aware of voices coming from the direction of the rose arbour and so I moved behind the trellis to listen in.

I wouldn't normally have done that, but I was a little euphoric, thanks to the wine and the good company, so I wasn't really myself.

“So it is possible?” I heard Alisha ask.

Lakshmi chuckled. “No problem at all: unorthodox, but perfectly feasible.”

“Good!” Alisha said. “Then we'll do it!”

“It is what you want?” Lakshmi's voice came out of the darkness.

“Oh yes!” Alisha almost purred. “It's exactly what I want.”

There was a pause, during which I stopped breathing. Then Lakshmi chuckled and asked. “How's your boyfriend?”

“He's pretty and exactly what I need, all things considered.” Alisha answered. “How's his sister?”

“She's a wonderful girl and their mother seems nice, too!” Lakshmi purred and frankly I was pleased because they both seemed to like me and mine. However, 'pretty' was not a word that I would have used to describe a man: 'handsome' or 'good looking' maybe, but never 'pretty'. I was also a little confused – they seemed to be old friends, yet they'd given no indication that they even knew each other. Distinctly odd! I thought.

Suddenly I felt a twinge and realised that I needed to answer a call of nature, so I slipped away without hearing any more of the intriguing conversation.

Chapter #3. Developments.

There was a scream in the darkness and I awoke with a start. Someone was shouting and there was the distinct sound of a struggle!

I jumped out of bed and nearly fell over because I was so dizzy. I tried to hurry out of the room to investigate but lost my bearings and bumped into my wardrobe. How the blue-blazes did I get lost in your own bedroom? I found the light switch... Big mistake because I was now dazzled as well as dizzy.

Why was I light-headed?

Why was I feeling sick?

Who had screamed?

There was another scream and a shout of “Le'go of me!”

It was Laura!

My daughter was in trouble!

I ran towards the scream, towards the bathroom: I wasn't alone, Adam and Lakshmi were there too... Hurrying...

I crashed into the bathroom...

Laura was there...

So was Alisha...

Oh my God: Alisha has a...

  • Blackness –

  • Forget –

  • Forget –

  • Forget –

* * * * * * *

It was morning and my alarm hadn't gone off: I awoke at about ten and in a blind panic as I was supposed to be the consulting vet this morning... There would be a queue of irate customers with sickly pets wondering where the Hell I was... I jumped out of bed and carried on panicking. I showered and dressed in a hurry heading downstairs in record time. My mouth tasted as if something had died in it and I was light-headed, but I knew what I had to do.

Suddenly it dawned on me. Sue Bond, the receptionist at the clinic, always came in to give me a shout if I wasn't at work by nine, yet it was now ten past ten. I shrugged, but gave it no further thought as when I got downstairs I was intercepted by Alisha.

“Good morning, Brenda.” She said and then frowned. “Are you alright?”

I started to push past her. “I'm late for clinic!”

She stopped me. “The locum is handling it.” She said calmly.

This was news to me: I stopped dead. “What locum?”

“The one your clinic booked.” She said calmly.

I spun around and almost fell over. “Clinic... Booked...?”

“You've been unwell for several days, Brenda.” She said grasping my arm gently, but firmly and leading me into the front room where she sat me down on the settee. “It's a good job that Dr Gupta was here as she's been looking after the three of you.”

I felt distinctly woozy. “Three of us?”

Suddenly Lakshmi bustled in. “Wow! You are up!” She said sounding surprised. “Alisha love, go and make a pot of tea and do some toast – I'm sure that Brenda is hungry.”

“What... What's wrong with me?” I asked plaintively: then it dawned on me, Alisha had said that the others were ill. “Adam and Laura... How are they?”

Lakshmi sat down next to me and made a show of taking my pulse. “Relax! They're on the mend just like you are.”

My head suddenly spun and I grabbed hold of her. “Sorry about that, I came over all giddy!”

“It's alright,” she said producing a bottle of pills from somewhere and pressing two into my hand, “just take these, they'll make you feel better.”

I swallowed them and she handed me a glass of water that just happened to be sitting on the coffee table. The pill bottle vanished again.

Alisha reappeared shortly afterwards with a mug of tea and a plate of toast on a tray which I consumed as if I was ravenous... Hell! I was ravenous!

Lakshmi patted my hand. “You are not to worry about anything, I've written you a sick note that covers you up to the end of the month.”

Suddenly everything was alright and I felt on top of the world... I felt great! Those pills really worked. They were fantastic.

Lakshmi noticed the change in me and smiled but it was not a nice smile. “Brenda: I'm a doctor so you trust me don't you?” She purred.

“I trust you, Lakshmi.” And I did, she was a doctor and would never let me down.

She continued: her voice, quiet and reassuring, seemed to slip into my mind like the smoothest of silk. “I am the best friend that you have ever had so I would never lie to you. You believe everything that I tell you, don't you?”

“Yes Lakshmi, of course I believe you.” And once again I did. She was my best friend, after all. My best friend would never ever lie to me.

She indicated towards Alisha who was sitting in one of the arm chairs watching me intently. “Alisha is your best friend, too, Brenda.”

Two best friends? I was a very lucky girl!

“You love Alisha, don't you, Brenda?” The silky-soft voice purred huskily.

“I love you, Alisha!” I gasped and it was such a weight off my mind to admit it.

“Alisha is your Mistress: she knows what's best for you, doesn't she?” I could lose my self in that beautiful voice and I think that I did.

“Alisha is my Mistress...” I didn't need to say anything else.

Alisha suddenly sniffed. “My God! Is that her arousal that I can smell?”

My dear friend, Lakshmi, chuckled. “It is and I think she's ready!”

Wide-eyed and smiling. I looked from Lakshmi to Alisha and back, I didn't know what they were on about but then again that didn't matter.

“Lose her clothes.” Alisha snapped at Lakshmi before jumping up and walking out of the room.

Lakshmi watched her go and then smiled at me. “Please undress so that I can examine you, Brenda.”

I seemed to be floating on air as I jumped up, kicked off my shoes and pulled off garment after garment. Shorty charcoal-grey jacket complete with name badge; plain, comfortable cream blouse; black, loose-fitting slacks; nylon tights; plain, mismatched bra and panties; they all ended up in an untidy heap on one of the chairs, but I didn't care... Lakshmi had told me to undress and Lakshmi was my friend and my doctor so I must do as she says...

She examined me too: paying special attention to my breasts and nipples and to my pussy and arse.

“My God! You really are wet!” She laughed as she pulled a finger out of my pussy and sucked it. “I think that you really are ready this time. We've had a couple of false starts but I think this is really it! So just stand there and wait for your Mistress to bring the others downstairs: they've been ready since yesterday.”

While I was standing in the middle of my own living room as naked as the day that I was born, Lakshmi chuckled and sat back down in one of the armchairs. “Sorry about this being so traumatic, Brenda, but we were forced to begin the conversion process before I'd had a chance to prepare you all properly.”

I hadn't got a clue as to what she was on about, but it didn't matter as I had been told to wait and that was what I had to do. I stood up straight. Looked at nothing in particular and waited.

“Yes,” she chuckled. “its all your Laura's fault. If she hadn't reacted to the drugs that I put into your wine last Sunday, I'd have been able to condition you all so that you would have accepted everything that I'm doing to you... Instead I've had to rely on strong hypnotic drugs to break down everyone's resistance. Still, you're pliant now!”

I frowned as a stray thought churned and grew. I realised that she was expecting an answer so I asked. “Oh? What happened?”

She laughed. “Brenda, you will be happy about everything that I tell you, won't you? In fact you are happy now!”

And I was: the sun was streaming in through the window and playing over my naked back so there was nothing to be sad about, was there? “Yes, Lakshmi,” I giggled as I reached that conclusion, “I'm very happy! Wheeeee!”

She shook her head. “Jeez! I can see why Bayer didn't try and market that particular antidepressant.” She muttered before returning to the here and now. “Ah yes, Laura! Well it began for real the other night when I dosed all of your wine with a cocktail of drugs to to get you ready for conditioning and augmentation. It would have worked too if Laura hadn't gone and thrown-up... She jumped out of bed and legged it to the bathroom just when Alisha was in there, standing in front of the pan and taking a piss. Now that was very unfortunate because as soon as she saw Alisha's cock Laura began screaming which woke the rest of you.”

She laughed. “I had to tranquillize you all there and then, so blame your silly daughter: it's all her fault!”

I was puzzle. “Alisha has a cock?”

Lakshmi gave me the impression that she was enjoying this, but it didn't matter as she was my best friend, wasn't she?

“Silly Girl! Of course she has a cock: she's transgender.” She chuckled before adding. “You are happy about having her as your Mistress, aren't you?”

Suddenly I thought that it was wonderful... Mistress is trans... She has a cock... She can fuck me with it...

I looked at Lakshmi and smiled and then almost squealed as I shouted out the word. “Happy!”

“Fucking Hell!” Lakshmi laughed. “You are priceless!”

Just then my Mistress shepherded the others into the room: but it wasn't just Adam and Laura who were with her for she was also accompanied by Fiona Bailey, one of our veterinary nurses and Sue Bond, the receptionist They were all fully dressed: my children casually while Fiona and Sue were still wearing their green clinic uniforms. They sort of wandered in and just stood there with vacant, placid expressions plastered across their blank faces.

Alisha must have noticed me staring at the women from my clinic for she smiled and said. “A tubby little blonde with a pretty face – how could I possibly resist? Once I had laid eyes on 'Nursey' here, I just had to have her and here she is!

“Same goes for Susie – tall slim brunette with all of her curves in the right places: wow! Both just there for the taking...” She sounded dreamy as her voice tailed off.

I felt a wave of confusion, but it soon passed and I noticed that Adam seemed to be as aroused as I was: if the bulge that was making a tent out of the front of his cotton trousers was anything to go by. I suspected that the others were too but women show fewer signs than boys do – especially when they are fully dressed.

They stared at me all wide-eyed, their expressions happy and relaxed: it was almost as if the five of us being together like this was all perfectly natural and if they noticed that I was naked then they gave no sign of it.

My dear friend, Lakshmi, shuffled us all into a line, pushing some of the furniture out of the way so that we had enough space. Then she turned towards Alisha “Okay they're ready! I need to know exactly want each one for so that I can workout what needs doing. There's a pretty good surgical set-up in the clinic so that I should be able to do just about everything you want here.”

Mistress stared at Adam's erection and a look of distaste flickered across her face. She turned towards Lakshmi and smirked. “How far under are they?”

“Totally! Why do you ask?” The Indian woman sounded more than a little puzzled.

Mistress Alisha's lip curled up in contempt as she turned towards the four of us. “Brenda... Laura... Adam... Nurse Fiona... Susie dear... You are all so fantastic that you deserve a reward, so cum for me! Cum hard for me: now!” She almost snarled.

I felt an orgasm explode through my body and staggered, almost falling over as I came there and then. Liquid gushed down my legs as I shouted out and screamed my wonderful release time and time again as wave after wave of the orgasm crashed through me.

There were other screams too and as I recovered I saw that my daughter was actually on her knees where she remained spasming and whimpering mindlessly. Fiona and Sue were leaning against each other while behaving in a similar manner: their bodies trembling and shaking as the aftershocks of their own massive orgasms slowly subsided.

Adam, too, was affected and was still gasping, moaning and breathing heavily as the convulsions that racked his body subsided. Wetness soaked through the crotch of his light-weight trousers: a great deal of wetness that seemed to spread as I watched but by his blissful expression, he was past caring.

Lakshmi was chuckling gleefully while Mistress just stared and laughed at our performance. Suddenly she became serious and turned towards the good doctor. “I'm curious to see how far they'll go.”

“They seem to be right under so I'm pretty sure that they'll do, well, anything.” Lakshmi mused and was clearly intrigued.

“Right all of you, Brenda... Laura... Adam... Nursie... Susie... your bladders are really full, so piss yourselves!” Mistress barked.

I really did need to spend a penny and it was such a relief to be able to relieve myself like that. I think I actually sighed with relief as I let go and felt the warm liquid gush out and run down my legs and over my feet before it soaked into the carpet. I looked around and saw that the others had wet themselves just like I had, though because they were fully dressed, their clothes were now soaked, particularly Adam, Fiona and Sue who wore trousers. My daughter's skirt had fared a little better although she, like me, appeared to be standing in the middle of a sizeable wet puddle.

Both Lakshmi and Mistress were laughing at our predicament. “Fucking, Hell, “ the doctor chortled, “that was priceless but this room is going to stink!”

“Not our problem,” Alisha said, “We'll be gone in a few days: the commercial cleaners will take care of it, no doubt.” Presently, after grinning at us for a minute or so more she instructed the others to strip and soon they were as naked as I was.

Mistress prodded the discarded wet clothes with her toe and her disgust was obvious when she came to Adams wet and sticky briefs. She looked at him and then at his cock. “How big is it?”

Adam didn't answer, but Lakshmi did. “It's a big one: six and a half inches soft about eight erect.”

“Nasty thing, far too big!” Mistress almost spat before moving on to Laura. She used her hand to lift my daughter's chin until their eyes met.

“Pretty blue eyes, but the hair is nothing special.” She mused before using both hands to examine Laura's breasts.

“B's.” She spat. “Far too small.”

She stepped back and stared at Laura's crotch. “That patch of hair spoils her lines.”

She felt my daughter's arse and looked disappointed. “Too bony!”

She walked behind my daughter an told her to spread her legs and touch her toes which Laura did.

Mistress Alisha then inserted a couple of fingers into the exposed pussy and slid them in and out a few times. This time she smiled. “Well she's not a virgin!”

“No!” Lakshmi chuckled. “She'd had a couple of boyfriends before I got hold of her a day or so before she returned home. After what I've done to her head, she'll never want another one!”

Mistress withdrew the fingers and sucked one clean before inserting the other into my daughter's arsehole: the coating of pussy-cream easing its passage. “So you are still an anal virgin.” She mused. “That will soon change, my dear.”

And then it was my turn and the catalogue of complaints was almost the same so I don't need to repeat them. The major difference being my hair: apparently she loved the colour but was displeased by it being so short!

“The hair stays!” She purred when she had eventually finished playing with it. “But you will grow it at least down to your arse and that's going to take years!”

Yes, the catalogue of shortcomings was similar: titties far too small, arse and hips too bony, pubic hair too disgusting for words, arsehole too tight. But there was one more thing: apparently I was also far too slim and had to put on at least a stone... So much for a life of counting every calorie!

Then she returned to Adam and grabbed his now-sticky cock: she lifted it and peered at his well-developed scrotum for several seconds before turning to Lakshmi. “Castrate him and smooth him out completely. I don't want him left with any traces of a ball-bag!”

I suppose that I should have reacted, him being my son and all that, but quite frankly, because of my drugged-up state, Mistress's wishes sounded very reasonable. If she wanted him all smooth underneath then it was okay by me so I stopped thinking about him.

Adam's cock began to twitch and grow hard again in response to his 'girlfriend's' touch. A wave of disgust passed across her face as she dropped it and wiped her hand clean on his chest. “Filthy, disgusting animal!” She muttered.

However, she wasn't finished with my son yet. “Get rid of all of his body hair, Lakshmi, I want him smooth all over.”

By now my best friend had acquire a notebook and was busily scribbling away. Without looking up she asked. “Face as well?”

“Smooth as a baby's bottom!” Snapped Mistress. “Shrink that...” She seemed to search for a word but settled for, “...That thing! But it must be as small as possible and it's never ever to get hard again. Do you hear?”

Lakshmi chuckled. “No problem, Alisha.” She suddenly looked puzzled. “but I thought you liked cocks?”

“I do, but they've got to be tiny, cute and harmless! Not great slobbering monstrosities!” Answered Alisha. “I always forbid my boyfriends from having one that works!”

She looked down at my son's erect member and muttered. “You'll just love yours after Lakshmi's tamed it for you!” Suddenly her expression hardened and she smiled nastily.

“Adam, darling,” she said, her tone mocking as she almost growled, “ this is going to be the last time that you will ever be able too so cum for me now, cum as hard as you possibly can!”

Suddenly my son screamed his release and shot out rope after rope of cum that seemed to fly half way across my living room and splatter over the disordered jumble of furniture. His penis sagged rapidly after the orgasm subsided but continued a slow, viscous drip for sometime afterwards.

Alisha laughed as She walked slowly around the lad prodding and touching him here and there. “Lakshmi, you are to castrate him immediately after I've finished here: use the kitchen if you have to, but get it done: I never want that monster to be able to threaten me again!”

She stepped back and began to list her requirements regarding my son. “I want him completely feminised!”

“Submissive?” The doctor asked.

“Sissy! Ultra-feminine sissy! I need a maid and that's the ideal job for him! Give him tits – big ones! Pad his arse and get rid of that disgusting six-pack! Oh, and shorten his Achilles tendons; I want it so that its impossible to walk unless he's wearing six-inch heels.”

I was confused but pleased by Mistress's obvious affection for Adam. He had a girlfriend who clearly wanted the best for him. Wasn't that wonderful?

She moved back to me. “Ah, Brenda! You are going to become my Housekeeper and fuck-toy. How does that sound?”

“It sounds wonderful, Mistress!” I gushed.

Alisha chuckled. “You'll be a plump, sex-mad MILF with E-cup breasts and a big feel-able arse. I can just see you now...” Her voice drifted away and she looked sort of dreamy. She fondled my tits again and added. “and you'll love having 'E's'!”

My future had been decided and now it was Laura's turn. She must have fondled and stared at my daughter for five minutes – her expression unreadable. Slowly her face softened into a smile. “I was going to have you turned into a bimbo-maid, just like your brother, but your hair really is an awful mousey colour and texture and wigs are unconvincing.”

She squeezed Laura's breasts again and then continued but her voice now sounded rather dreamy. “No. I'm going to do something else to you... You are going to become something special.”

She turned towards the good doctor. “I want you to turn her into a latex sex-slave! Get rid of all of her hair permanently: body, head, eyebrows, the lot. It's not particularly attractive so I want her smooth and hairless all over!”

She felt Laura's little tits and said. “She needs at least G's! Nothing smaller will do.”

She felt the girl's arse. “This is to be well padded, but her waist must remain the size that it is now so that she has a real hour-glass figure.”

Lakshmi nodded. “Shouldn't be difficult. Is there anything else?”

Alisha laughed. “Oh yes. I'm just getting started! Laura's arsehole must gape at all times.”

Her mind began to jump around after that as her excitement took over. “Then I want her vocal cords removed she is to be rendered completely silent. Modify her shoulder joints so that her arms can be pulled right back and secured in a monoglove without causing her any pain or discomfort. Remove four of her molars so that sex-toys can be clipped into her mouth. Tattoo her lips bright red to look like permanent lipstick: plump them out too: she must have a permanent cock-sucking trout-pout.”

She she turned to Lakshmi once again. “Can you do it?”

The doctor shrugged and sounded bemused as she said. “Sure: no problem, I'll make her look like a blow-up sex-doll if that's what you want.”

Alisha continued. “Oh and her personality... Condition her so that she is totally submissive and absolutely pliant. In other words she is to be completely dollified.”

Suddenly she looked triumphant as she proclaimed. “And yes that is what I want!”

And then it was Fiona's turn: although she was blonde like Mistress herself, they had little else in common; for while Alisha was tall and statuesque, Fiona was shorter and thick-set. “You are mine now! Don't worry about your family, they think you and Susie are dead – killed in a traffic accident while driving somewhere yesterday morning. Your car caught fire and you were so badly burned that your bodies were unrecognisable.”

Mistress paused and then smiled. “As a veterinary nurse you work with animals don't you?”

“Yes, Mistress.” Fiona agreed and then jiggled happily because she was being touched-up.

“Do you like animals?” Mistress asked, her voice gentle and kindly.

“Oh yes, Mistress, I love them!” The veterinary nurse cooed.

“Good!” Alisha proclaimed. “Because Lakshmi is going to turn you into one.”

She paused and thought for a few seconds before continuing. “A puppy-girl, I think, without a human thought in your empty head. You'll run around on all-fours yelping. barking playing and getting fucked. How does that sound to you, my dear??”

It clearly sounded fantastic because Fiona wet herself in excitement and giggled happily.

Mistress was happy too, I could tell because there was a distinct bulge in the front of her expensively tailored skirt. She sounded ecstatic as she outlined Fiona's fate. “You'll have massive breasts that will hang right down, a really broad back-end and a proper tail to wag when you are happy: which should be most of the time! Oh and your hands and knees will be pinned so that you won't be able to straighten them and will always move around on all-fours just like any other animal.

“And the same goes for Susie!” She added with a smirk.

Away to one side Lakshmi was still scribbling away in her note book... Suddenly she paused, rolled her eyes and muttered. “Whatever!”

Adam was taken away by Lakshmi as soon as Mistress had finished outlining her plans. She took him into the kitchen where she got him up onto the table where Nurse-Fiona and myself castrated him. This made sense because we probably had far more experience regarding this procedure than she did and it only took us a couple minutes using a local anaesthetic. We did a good job and Lakshmi closed up when we had done our part. She trimmed and stitched him back together so that his cock was left all smooth and featureless top and bottom – just like his 'girlfriend' wanted.

Lakshmi explained that it would shrink quite a bit if he didn't fiddle with it and that she' put a cage around it to stop him touching it. She told us all this while she gave him a really large dose of slow-release female hormones which she injected into his penis.

“He'll probably end up with a cute little thing that's less than three inches long.” She smirked. “Really small, floppy and totally useless! Won't that be wonderful?”

I smiled and agreed that it would but for some reason she scowled and was disappointed by my reaction.

Chapter#4. Three Years Later.

When I became Mistress's property, everything that I had owned became hers including my savings, the Veterinary Practice, my home, the car and just about everything else. When all of it had been sold: the sum raised greatly exceeded the cost of everything that had been done to turn us into the creatures that She had desired us to become.

We have move house several times since then, usually when Mistress needed more space to house her growing collection of slaves and pets and dolls. As her Housekeeper it is up to me to make sure that the maids keep the place clean and prepare Mistress's meals just the way that she likes them. It is also my responsibility to make sure that the pets and dolls are looked after as they usually can do very little for themselves.

When the five of us joined Mistress after our augmentation I was the only one that kept her original name and I am still 'Brenda' to this day. I used to have another name, a 'surname'; or at least I think that I did, but whatever it was, it has gone now.

As for the others, Adam became 'Sissy': well she is a girl and girls are never called 'Adam'. And besides 'Sissy' is a much more suitable name: so descriptive, don't you think? She is just one of Mistress's maids and you should see her trip-trip-tripping around on her six-inch heels as she waits on Mistress or does her share of the housework. She's as pretty as a picture with her trim figure which her little black maid's dress, tiny white apron and little lacy cap accentuate beautifully. Her long golden-blonde hair frames her beautifully made-up face and we all love her. She always has a smile and a giggle for me when I give her her instructions. She's such a happy Bimbo-maid is our Sissy, an inspiration to us all!

Laura has kept her name also but Mistress added to it and she became Rubber-Dolly-Laura. She has been completely dollified and wears a skin-tight latex suit that covers her completely except for her mouth, eyes, nipples, pussy and arsehole which naturally are there for Mistress to use should she so wish. Mistress sometimes uses her for sex but more often then not leaves her to have sex with the other rubber dollies – and very arrousing they look too!

And then there are the puppy-girls:happy-go-lucky 'Fuck-Toy-Fido' was once named Fiona. Initially there was just her and Sexy-Bitch-Susie but they have since been joined by a couple of other doggie-girls. You should see them scampering around on all-fours as they rush around the house and garden playfully. Because they move around on her hands and knees, the latter have been fitted with knee-pads and as their hands and fingers were no longer needed have been locked in position and permanently sealed inside cute little paw-gloves that protect them as she charges around barking.

The puppy-girls always raises a smile as they happily scamper here and there, playing games or trying to fuck each other. There are four of them now and and we all love them even though it can be a pain when one of them tries to hump my leg.

Sissy, Rubber-Dolly-Laura, Fuck-Toy-Fido, Sexy-Bitch-Susie and myself were the first but Mistress acquired other girls over the last five years and each of them was augmented to suit her tastes and needs as is her right. I do not know just how she obtained then but I suspect that it was in a similar way to how she acquired us. They always join the collection as maids, pets or dolls: I am the only Housekeeper and Mistress has promised that this is how things will remain. Mistress is so kind and thoughtful!

And speaking of thoughtful... I am allowed to have strap-on sex with the other slaves providing I always use their arseholes and never their pussies... All pussies belong to Mistress, my own included and I am not allowed to push things into it! Occasionally Mistress has sex with me and uses my pussy or arsehole or tits or mouth. I feel honoured whenever she shoots her load into or over me and I always orgasm when she does... I'm so glad that she uses me in this way!

We often have visitors – always other Mistresses – and it is my responsibility to see that everything is just-so prior to their arrival. I am determined that things will be perfect as I do not want Mistress Alicia's image to suffer. I usually hover in the background accompanied by a maid whom I can trust – usually it is Sissy who I know to be reliable. We are there in case of problems or in case of unforeseen needs. In these instances I often overhear snatches of conversations but as these are usually of no interest to me, I forget them. Although I once did hear her turn down an offer of £100,000 just for me and knowing that she refuses to part with me has made me feel very good indeed! I do love her!

On another occasion I heard someone ask Mistress why she enslaved other women... Mistress laughed and said. “Because I can!”

Chapter#5. The End of Days.

… “Thank you, Brenda, that was most enlightening.”

… “I have pleased you by remembering, Mistress?”

… “You most certainly have, Brenda, I've recorded everything that you said, by the way.”

… “You have, Mistress?”

… “I certainly have, Brenda, this way your memories will be preserved even though you will no longer have them.”

… “I won't, Mistress? That will be such a load off my mind – no more memories – no more thinking – no more bad dreams.”

… “Okay, Brenda, time for your reward! When I count down from five, you will fall into a deep sleep and when you wake up all of those nasty haunting memories will be gone for ever – you won't remember a thing about your past! Five! Four! Three! Two! One! Goodbye, old friend, sleep now!”


“Brenda's all yours, Ginnie. When she wakes up she'll have forgotten me so she'll be like a blank page which will make her very easy to condition. You'll find her much easier to train and modify because she'll not fight back. She was one of my first, you know, and has served me faithfully all the time that I've owned her. I'll really miss her and I'm glad that she's going to a good home.

“No, I'm not putting any restrictions on you... You paid me £125,000 for her, so she's all yours to use in any way that takes your fancy.

“Yes, I like Rubber-Sex-Dollies too! If that's what you intend to turn her into I've certainly got no objections. Her daughter is a fantastic one, so enjoy!

“Oh, and Ginnie?

“Please send me some photographs!”


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