Chrono Stasis

Schrodinger's Affini - Chapter 1

by Arle The Bunny

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:plant #graphic_violence #Human_Domestication_Guide #medical_play #multiple_partners #plants #robots #scifi #sub:robot

This is my first story in the universe. CWs for Deadnaming. This version is a bit updated with new lore bits.

Deep in a abandoned lab, with monitors either broken or off, computer noises could be heard from a collapsed section of it. The whirring of mechanical parts could be heard, before a robotic hand suddenly pops out of the rubble. It starts to remove the rubble on top of it and gets up. It’s an affini, but it wasn’t made of wood and vines, but iron and mechanical tentacles. It stands up into a attention stance, before turning its visor on.

“Where… Where am I, and why do I feel tall?”, the bot asks as it looks around its surroundings. All the electronics, minus a few screens and one big server was either smashed or crushed. It slowly moves its legs, before looking down at their feet. It looks more like metallic tree trunks and replicas of flowers adorned the sides of its waist. Suddenly, metallic vine-like tentacles appears in front of it. It falls down with a loud metallic thud, and tries crawling back in shock.  It looks at its hands, and it looks like a paintjob of how those… those… 

Oh no.

“Am I… an affini?!”

Suddenly, a masculine sounding army voice. <Hello! You are currently occupying the Affini Espionage Project’s finest work, The OCNI-AFF-Mark 3! Truly a Masterful System!>

“Occupying?! What do you mean occupying!?”

<… Do you not realize you have been uploaded to this bot due to being selected as the one perfect to match with my robotic body, Jack? They should have told you after->

“What are you- wait... How... how did you-”

<You use Jess? Well, we share the same 5D optical storage drive! You have my memories and I have yours!>

“That’s an invasion of my privacy!”

<Well you know all of my dirty secrets too, you are invading mine!>

She gets back up and slowly starts walking, stumbling a few times.

<Be careful! This body is low on charge, we need to make it outside and into the sun. That’s how we charge. Maybe, we can also find out what all has happened.>

“You are telling me you don’t know why this place is seemingly destroyed. Last I saw, it was all clean.”

<After all the uploads, I was set on standby, Jess!>

“The uploads?”

<Never mind that, we need to get out of here quick. Our battery is at 4%.>

She walks around, feeling for a way out. They make it to a collapsed wall, noticing a wind coming from the rocks. 

“Found a way out.”

<Well then hurry up and smash through it!>

The robot suddenly charged up a punch and smashed the debris. Inside, there was indeed an exit to the outside. The technology outside of the small lab seemed untouched. The robot suddenly made an emergency beep.

<We got no time! The battery is draining quicker from the punch, make it outside quick!>

She starts to sprint to the door. 

She makes it over all of the technology and head to the exit.


She slides outside the door, clinching her eyes in fear.

Charging Battery.

She makes a huge sigh of relief. She slowly stands back up and starts to look out. She sees a large empty field were she remembered stuff to be. She walks a bit more into the field, seeing the nearby town that was there, only a bit… different. Suddenly antenne popped out of their head. 

<I’m detecting what seems to be wireless signals. I… Something is coming through into my systems, seems like an update. I’ll update myself then search around the internet for anything that might explain what all happened.>

“Alright. I’ll… I’ll just lay down here in the sun to… charge.”

The AI makes a noise to indicate its in sleep mode. She lays down in the field, looking up at the sun. The tentacles show up in front of her face. She just stared at them. Her mind was rushing with thoughts, worries…

“What happened…”

She decides to also follow suit and enter sleep mode. 

                                                                                    •  •  •
She starts dreaming about her past, and what all happened just before everything. She sees a man wearing the clothes of a commander. He walked around in a way that signaled he has power. He comes up to the intern, wearing a simple labcoat.

“You are the one in charge of maintaining the bots we have here, correct!?” 

She looks up at his face. “Y-yessir…”

He gets an angry look. “Yessir, who!?”

She snaps back with a nervous look. “Yessir, Commander Richard!”

He goes around her with a shove. He walks up to a covered capsule and laugh. “I hope you are doing a fine job. This bot will make our fight with the Affini a whole lot easier. The Mark 3. Now, Intern… Have you gotten around to uploading everyone’s consciousnesses to the server?”

Nervously, she turns to face him. “I-I have gotten everyone… well… everyone except myself.”

He looks around in an anger. “Why not??”

“I have been busy uploading everyone else, and keeping an eye on the machine!”

“… I order you to go to the scanner room and upload a copy to the server on the double, EVERYONE is involved in this test!”

She walks a bit closer. “Ssir… I will need someone else to activate it then…”

“FINE! Then I will do it then! Surely, you made to where even I can do it!”

They walk to the machine. She sits down and puts on the scanner on her head.

“Now… just follow the on-screen instructions. Dont-“

“I got it, intern! Don’t treat your commander as an idiot.”. He follows along until entering the selection menu for the transfer. Instead of asking for the one to select, he selects a random one. The machine starts to whirl, before a computer screen appears in front of Jess’s head. Lights start flashing before…

She suddenly wakes up in the field, but this time in sunset. She gasps for air before looking around to see if anything changed. “So… This really happened… Uploaded a copy, but then why am I here?!”. Suddenly, a sweet feminine voice could be heard.

<I’m so glad you are up~>

“… What happened to your voice?”

<Hehe, dont worry about it. Part of the… update. Now, lets get you updated on what all happened.>

Suddenly, it felt like a current of electricity flowing through her body. Her head starts to hurt and things start to get flashed to her eyes. She grasps her head and collapses to her knees from it all. “STOP! STOP! PLEASE ITS HURTING!!”. The process suddenly aborts.

<Oh, Im so sorry! I didn’t mean to cause you any harm. I was hoping that would be the most efficient method to give you the rundown, but you held down it all. Let’s start slow as we walk towards the town nearby.> She gets up and starts walking towards town.

“Okay… Let’s just go slow… How long have I been out since my upload?”

<Sweetie, you have been out for six years. That’s awfully a long time. Also, it has been around four years since the Accord collapsed->

She stops. “… Wait… What?! What do you mean the accord collapsed? I mean, it was being held by ducktape and glue, but It feel in 3 years time… Then… The affini won?”

<Yes, The Accord was dismantled upon their defeat and signing the Human Domestication Treaty.>

“… What the hell is Domestication?? How were they defeated?? What of humanity?? I… I…”. A pulse went through her body, but this time, it felt really calming… She felt more relaxed now. 

<Sssh… I shouldn’t have just rushed stuff… I’m sorry, hun… Let’s just focus on getting to the town and finding a place for you to rest.>. To her, the voice now seems really comfy to hear. She keeps walking.

“Hey… Do you… have a name? I can’t just refer to you as just ‘AI’.”

<That is true… Very well. I am… Well, you can just call me Thorn for now. Nice to meet you, Jess… That reminds me, while you are in there, you might be confused as an Affini by some, and so you need a Affini sounding name. If you call yourself just ‘Jess’, others might find you suspicious.>

“Then… what do you propose, Thorn?”

<Hm… How about… Fleur Oenothera, Second Bloom…?>

“Kinda a long name, but you would know best. Fleur Oenothera it is… Actually… I know a place that could be a good place to crash. I would visit there on my offtimes. It’s a nice bar, The Maiden Heaven.”

<… I would not recommend walking to that building, that place might have Feralists.>


<Humans that try to fight the Affini Compact. They are incredibly hostile to affini, so->

“That means humans are there and I can probably ask what all is happening!”

<No! It’s dangerous! Do not->. She starts to mute out the AI and keeps heading way to the bar. 

                                                                                    •  •  •

The place seems a little creepy at night. She walks past a few alleyways and looks down to see if anyone was there. No one was seemingly around. She makes it down to the bar. It seems not that well maintained. She knocks on the door. In a few seconds, a voice could be heard from the other side.

“Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water, Jack went down and…”

She recognized the voice, it was her old drinking buddy, Jill! It’s so nice to hear her voice! “Jill, its your drinking buddy from the research facility over by the hill. Can you just open the door?”

It was silent for a few moments before, “Jack?! You survived?!”. She opened the door and immediately closes it back whenever she saw the affini. “Shit! They found us!”. Jess opens the door and walks in easily. Inside, there are a group of Feralists looking at her with an angry look.

“Hey! It’s nice to be back! Is Old Mark here?”. They all give a sour angered look, minus one in the back who just gives a giggle. One throws a knife at her and she instinctly dodged.

<You better be glad you have an innate dodging ability on this bot!>

“Thorn, why didn’t you tell me they would be hostile?!”

<… I DID… I… Never mind, they are going to rush you, you need to flee->

One of the feralists rush at her with a knife. With only a thought of defense, a metallic vine quickly wraps the feralist’s arm and throw them across the bar. Another does the same, and they got slapped into the wall. 

<What are you doing?! Don’t harm them!>

“I’m just trying to defend myself here!”

<You shouldn’t harm them!>

Another feralist grabs a weapon and starts firing at her. “Burn the place! Everyone out the back.”. The first one to leave is the giggling man who casually walks out the back. Jill follows the man, leaving the bartender and the man firing. She uses the vine to grab the gun and snap it. The man flees the back as it starts to catch on fire. She turns to the bartender.

“Sorry about this Old Mark. Just… put it on my tab.”

The older man looks up at the affini and gives a smile. “No problem, Jess. It’s nice to see you for a final time.”. Old Mark seemingly vanish before she feels the electric current from before. She collapsed like before and gasps in pain.

“Why… Why is my head hurting like this?!”

<It could be your mind trying to connect things it hasn’t experienced before… Making up for loss time. Let’s just get out of here.>. The AI takes control and starts running away from the building. She starts running and running until their power starts to creep lower. She stops and collapses outside someone’s door. The person inside opens and looks down.

“Oh. Oh shit. An affini collapsed in exaustion? Let me get you inside.”

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