by Skaetlett

Tags: #cw:noncon #cw:sexual_assault #auctions #exercise #f/f #humiliation #D/s #dom:female #exhibitionism #pov:bottom

Karina falls back on her workout routine after starting college. Her friend recommends a new gym to solve her problems.

      Karina looked in the mirror at a million different angles, grateful that her single bed college dorm room shielded her from being walked in on by any roommates. She didn’t look bad. It wasn’t that Karina was lacking in self-confidence these days. And for most women in their early 20s, she looked fantastic. But before coming back from Summer vacation to begin her next year of university, Karina’s entire body was so toned and muscular. It wasn’t excessive by any means — she wasn’t a body builder by any stretch — but she loved the feeling of showing off her muscles to her friends, only to have her friends come out to her as lesbian or bisexual the next day.

    Her skin had turned from its radiant glow to some form of dewy gloss. She had no time to keep up with her skincare routines, either. Even though her body was still amazing, she felt gross walking around in anything that wasn’t a tank top, a messy bun and sweat pants. She used to get all dolled up for even the most minor events, with a face full of makeup and a gorgeous dress to match. At least she decided to wear her nice sweat pants today.

    She loved being so toned, so strong. She resolved at the beginning of the semester to go to the gym three or four times a week, since she obviously couldn’t do her usual five or six. Before classes got rough, she was able to stick to it. But as the course load quickly got tougher and more dense, she found herself going from four times a week, to three, and then to two. Eventually, she was lucky to go to the gym any time in her week. Her days were filled to the brim with reading, homework, and projects. It was almost absurd how much work film students had to go through.

    Not to mention, her beloved cooking hobby had taken a backseat as well. She loved meal prep on the weekends, spending an entire day cooking herself food for the week. It was cheaper, healthier, and much more fun. But she didn’t even have time to do that anymore. So takeout became her next best option. It drained her savings, and her morale.

    She found herself needing a new way to get back into shape. But gym after gym wouldn’t accommodate her schedule, and she had no idea where she was going to find a personal trainer that was in her budget. After all, she couldn’t even work a part time job between film shoots and screenplay assignments.

    Today was one of the few, rare days she had an hour of free time at lunch. She managed to finish a project of hers early, and made plans with her freshman roommate, Hazel, to grab a bite. Karina was grateful… but she was also kicking herself for having to rely on yet another fast food outing. It was all she had money for at that point, and that sucked even harder somehow.

    She gathered a duffel bag of stuff — the one thing her gym bag was used for these days — and made her way down to her favorite burger joint. Sitting down in one of the brightly colored booths, the plastic bench cracked from being overused, she waited patiently for Hazel to join her.

    Hazel was always a skinny girl. She wasn’t dangerously skinny at all, but she had practically no muscle on her arms or legs. In fact, one time she joked about how much it hurt to carry a bag of a few books. Karina wasn’t sure she was joking at that point. However, when Hazel sat down in front of her with an enthusiastic greeting, the first thing Karina noticed was how different she looked. Even without any sort of flex, she could see a bit of muscle on her arms and through her yoga pants. On top of that, her blonde hair had a new set of pink streaks through it. She looked cute as hell today!

    “Hey! Wow, you look great,” Karina commented, her eyes admiring her friend up and down. “You’ve been working out lately, huh?”

    “Oh, yeah!” Hazel said excitedly, seemingly having completely forgotten about it. “Yeah, there’s this new gym that opened up with this awesome personal trainer. A friend of mine recommended it to me before she went abroad. It’s so good, and it’s been so helpful. Not to mention, it’s real cheap.”

    Karina was happy to see her previously depressed friend gushing about something so amazing, but… how did Karina never know a gym like that existed? Though, it must have been really new, and Karina had always stuck to the campus gym since it was way too overfunded. “Huh, really? Where… is it?”

    “It’s actually right down the street from the Nier Building,” Hazel motioned in the general direction as she spoke. “The personal trainer, her name is Kendall… holy crap, she’s given me a total makeover. And her sessions are only $75 a month!”

    Karina seemed much, much less sure of this now. Seventy five dollars a month? For personal training? That sounded like one hell of a scam. She narrowed her eyes and tilted her head, the uncertainty on her face apparent.

    “Oh, I know it sounds skeezy, but I promise it’s so good,” she kept gushing. “Actually, my first month was free, because I got a referral.”

    “Your first month was free?” Karina sounded even more skeptical. “Kendall was her name? Where did she go? How do you know she’s legit?”

    Hazel chuckled. She must have known how crazy she sounded. “No, man, she went to that big exercise science school next to us. She’s for real. She charges really cheap because she got a full scholarship, so she doesn’t have loans to pay. Besides, she apparently gets a lot of clients.”

    “I dunno…” Karina clicked her tongue. “That seems neat, but $75 a month? Like, an hour I could understand, but…”

    “Oh, it’s on a sliding scale,” Hazel reassured her. “She also charges her super rich clients much more. She charges much less for college students since you know, we’ve got loans and all that garbage. It’s pretty neat, isn’t it?”

    “Neat is…” Karina narrowed her eyes and rubbed her temples. “One way to describe it.”

    “You should try it, Karina,” Hazel suddenly suggested, though Karina knew from the beginning that’s where she was going towards. “I know you’ve been trying to get back into working out and all that. I promise she has a fantastic routine that will fit right into your schedule! After all, she did for me.”

    Karina sighed, fumbling with the fries on the table. She didn’t mind the way she looked, but she hated not having the time to work out or eat better. Maybe it was worth giving a try, especially if the first month was free. Karina could tell not working out was making her miserable. Even just one session of weight lifting and the treadmill could help her a lot. And, if it was actually as scammy as she suspected, there was no harm in just quitting and going back to square one.

    “Alright, sure,” Karina nodded. “What’s her intake process like?”

    Hazel grinned, the way a cult member would grin after successfully selling a pyramid scheme. “Well, you can actually just walk in any time you want… she’s the kind of person who wants to get to know her potential clients first, hmm?”

    “Hmm…” Karina hummed in understanding. It definitely sounded cult like, but here she was, going against her better judgement.


    Karina vibrated with excitement for the next few days. She heavily anticipated the few hours of free time she’d have to go check out Kendall’s gym. Wednesday that week was the day one of her professors cancelled class in advance, giving her quite a bit of time to go check out Kendall’s gym. The gym itself looked quite nice. It didn’t look sleazy by any means, but it didn’t look so top of the line (glass walls, chandeliers, and whatnot) that Karina would definitely think it’s a scam.

    Karina glanced through the windows of the establishment, trying to gauge a feel for the place. The stationary bikes were top quality and Karina could feel herself drooling over them. The weights all looked new as well, probably having been bought in the last five years. The most enticing thing, though, was that no one was inside Kendall’s gym — aside from the figure standing at the reception desk, typing away quickly.

    She inhaled and held her breath as she walked in. The chimes rang through the building, following Karina over to the welcome desk. Light jazz played in the building, alternating from the upbeat piano. The woman at the desk looked up with an enthusiastic smile. She was a tall feminine person with long red hair and super toned muscles. Her body was probably one of the strongest and nicest Karina had seen in years — and boy, did she want to look like that too. Her name tag clearly read Kendall.

    “Hi there!” The woman sang. “Welcome to Kendall’s Gym. I’m Kendall, may I help you today?”

    Her voice was oddly sincere, despite the cult-like vibes Karina got from Hazel. Kendall seemed warm and welcoming, like she was actually happy and excited to see specifically Karina in front of her. The way she talked was full of care. Karina felt her worries slowly washing away with every word Kendall would say.

    “I’m… Karina,” she spoke, slowly gathering her thoughts. “I’ve been looking for a new personal trainer, and Hazel told me about you. She sang some very high praises, so I had to check it out for myself.”

    “Well, it’s a lucky day for you, Karina!” Kendall beamed. “Hazel is one of my favorite clients, so I’m so happy she’s recommending me to folks. I do fitness here, but I also talk about nutrition and emotional support. What sort of interests you?”

    “Uh, all of that, actually,” Karina nodded enthusiastically. “I used to work out a lot, but this semester has just completely drained me. Whenever I do have time to work out, I just collapse in bed instead because I’m so exhausted.”

    Kendall chuckled, as if it was a joke she’d heard a million times before. “I get that a lot. Working near a few universities and whatnot. Working out is hard when you’re a full time student just trying to graduate on time, isn’t it?”

    “Oh yeah, and anyone who thinks it’s not is kidding themself,” Karina joked. “Do you have a… solution?”

    Kendall nodded. “Mhmm. I have a technique that makes my clients more enthusiastic to work out, kinda helps them ‘find time’ in their schedule if you know what I mean.”

    “Oh?” Karina blinked. “What is it?”


    Karina tilted her head. “Hypnosis? That’s real?”

    “Indeed! Just by adjusting how my clients’ minds think a tiny bit, I can get them right on track with exercising. And, it’s even better, because if they ever find themselves getting off track, they can use the suggestions I’d give them to make exercising seem more… doable. More fun, y’know?” Karina kept listening, trying to convince herself that no, this was not a scam — even though she knew it definitely was. “The way I use hypnosis with clients is to associate exercise and healthy eating with pleasure. Does that make sense?”

    Karina’s eyes were wide. “Shockingly, it… does.” She inhaled and took a lengthy exhale. “Um, I’d love to sign those intake papers then! Not to sound too, too enthusiastic.”

    “Oh, not a problem at all.” Kendall snapped up a clipboard from the desk, as if she were already prepared for Karina, and handed it over.

    Karina filled out the form diligently, answering each question as best as she could through her excitement. Suddenly, she paused midway through the second page out of three. “Um… by the way, is it true the first month is…”

    “Free? Oh, yes. Don’t worry about it.” Kendall assuaged her worries quickly, getting Karina back on track to finishing the intake.

    Of course the last page was a safety waiver. Karina never read those things, the print was always too small and they were always too long and too much of the same thing. She signed and dated her name at the bottom neatly, then handing the packet back to Kendall.

    “Great!” Karina sang. “So… first session, when works for you?”

    “Actually, I have decent availability. I could actually do tonight, y’know, since you’re already in your gym clothes.”

    “I- huh…” Karina looked down. She completely forgot she brought her gym clothes here, without even having an appointment first. “Alright, sure, if it’s okay with you! I have a free evening, after all. So… what’s the first step?”

    “Well, first,” Kendall began gathering her belongings, “let’s go into my office and relax for a minute.”

    “Uh… really? Oh— right, hypnosis,” Karina laughed. “Sure.” Grabbing her duffel bag, she followed Kendall into her office — it was a closed room with no windows, making it a little stuffy. It was quite comfortable, however; even the colors of the furniture were easy to look at, and Karina took a seat on the super plush couch as she sank her body into it. It was so cozy…

    “Do you have any experience with hypnosis, Karina?” Kendall asked as she pulled something from the corner of her desk. It seemed to be some kind of crystal pendulum. “I take it from your initial reaction you don’t, but just in case.”

    Karina shook her head. Her eyes tilted up as Kendall held up a bright emerald pendulum in front of her. The pendulum rested in stillness above her forehead, making Karina strain to look at it.

    “That’s okay. It’s pretty easy to get into it. If you just keep watching the pendulum swinging gently, back and forth, the light shimmering around it, you can see the colors refracting… glowing all around you… the lights and colors getting a bit more intense with every word I speak. You can see it, can’t you? The way the color keeps bursting… the way it dulls your mind…”

    Karina’s eyes were almost closed. She felt so tired, so… relaxed…

    “That’s it… just close your eyes. Feel your mind shutting down, slowing off… followed by the sound of my voice, and drop.”


    “…three, two, one more — and done!”

    Karina’s body shot up from her planked position. She always hated planking, but for some reason, after Kendall’s hypnosis… she was able to plank for over a minute. Not only that, but every exercise that Kendall put her through  seemed super easy for some reason. Even the ones Karina couldn’t do before her semester started, she could do right away with ease. Her body was bursting with energy, she felt like every movement was like wind. Her body felt light. She felt good, for the first time in months.

    “How do you feel?” Kendall asked, admiring Karina’s body up and down.

    “Oh, excellent, Kendall! Thank you so, so much.” Karina’s gratitudes came out like a hurricane, and Kendall graciously accepted every one of them.

    “Perfect!” Kendall turned back to her notepad where she kept notes on hand. “So, remember, the triggers I gave you should help you feel more motivated with getting over here as much as you want. They should also help you feel up for cooking your own food, and eating what makes you feel good.” As Kendall read off the list, she noted one final thing that Karina briefly thought was overlooked. “Oh, and the triggers work for just about anything, too! So you may find yourself feeling just as good if you decide to do something cool and cute with your hair and makeup. Hypnosis is fun, isn’t it?”

    “Hell yeah! I can’t believe this stuff works,” Karina grinned. “I have to get home to take a shower, but… I can’t wait to do this again. And I can just use the gym whenever?”

    “Whenever you want! As long as I’m here, it’s open,” Kendall smiled warmly again. Relief washed over Karina — the anxiety she was feeling had long disappeared. “Otherwise, same time next week for our one on one?”

    “Of course! See you then!” Karina, once her stuff was gathered, rushed out the door. She went on a jog on her way home — the first time she felt up for doing that in a long, long time. All the way through her run, she could feel herself growing more and more excited in more ways than one…


    “…holy crap, Hazel, she is SO GOOD!”

    “Isn’t she?”

    Karina and Hazel spent another one of their afternoons together bonding over their awesome workouts with Hazel — but this time, they didn’t rest at a fast food place. They were hanging out in Karina’s dorm room, drinking some green protein smoothies they had made together. They were about to go for a jog together, both finally having enough energy and stamina to do so, and were in their jogging clothes as they drank.

    “I can’t believe I’ve never heard of her before,” Karina exhaled. “And I can’t believe I thought she was a scam artist, too. She’s really… real, huh?”

    “See? I told you,” Hazel teased.

    The two finished their smoothies, washing them in the sink quickly and leaving them out to dry. Karina stuffed her keys, phone, and wallet into her jogging pants — Hazel did the same — and the two rushed out for a nice, serene jog in the woods. They both turned on the same playlist, listening to music they had picked for each other. Not only was Karina becoming happier and healthier, but she was also finding it easier to make time to socialize and live a better life. She and Hazel had gotten a lot closer, and neither of them were complaining about it.

    The more they jogged together, though, Karina noticed something increasingly strange. As they jogged, Hazel would become flushed in the face. Not in a worn out way, though; she was definitely horny. Karina was unsure at first, but when Hazel started stifling moans and indecent pants, it was blatantly obvious. She wanted to bring it up at one point… but she didn’t want to make Hazel feel awkward too.

    That wasn’t her biggest problem. The bigger issue was that, the more and more Karina would work out in any fashion, the more aroused she would become. She didn’t think exercise kink was a thing, but maybe her time with Kendall was turning her onto a new fetish. It wasn’t bad, per se, it was just quite sudden.

    She didn’t have many complaints, though. After she and Hazel said bye to each other, Karina stormed back to her room, ripped off her clothes, and masturbated herself to another hot and energetic orgasm. Just as she did with every single workout she’d do. And one day, she’d feel confident enough to ask Hazel to join her, too.


    Kendall’s sessions always pushed Karina to the limit, but today was much harder than usual somehow. Karina’s body was pulled and stretched in many different ways; the treadmill was set at two sets higher than normal; and the breaks in between exercises were getting much harder to navigate. Karina could barely find time to breathe, and yet, it was still exhilarating. And being pushed past her limits made her much, much hornier than when she was just at the gym doing her normal routine.

    Kendall would get all handsy with Karina during her workouts — obviously she asked, first. She would use her hands to press down on Karina’s bones and muscles, pushing her body into angles she didn’t think she could go before… Kendall’s hands were soft and warm, and every time they pressed firmly into Karina’s body. She had to stifle her moaning every time. Being touched by Kendall, even for the purposes of working out, was just too hot, too arousing. Especially when Kendall’s hands “accidentally” drifted way too close to Karina’s ass.

    Karina’s last exercise of the day was a stretch on the exercise bike — a very cruel workout, given Karina’s newly developed kink. She hopped on the bike, taking a deep inhale so as to try to compose herself. Her feet rested on the pedals. She looked back to Kendall anxiously, who gave her another smile. It seemed knowing, somehow…?

    She pedaled. The bike turned on, vibrating up against Karina’s crotch. Ah, fuck, she bit her lip as she thought — she accidentally got on the electric bike. She hesitated for a minute to calm herself again, before she started up again with Kendall’s encouragement. Karina was able to stop her wanton moaning for a bit, but as she increased in speed, the friction against her became too much to handle. She moaned under her breath. Karina whipped her head around in horror, to see Kendall still standing there with that sweet, sick smile on her face. Increasing in speed again, Karina tried to keep her incessant groaning to a minimum, but it was becoming far too difficult to maintain. Soon, she was gasping and moaning every few seconds, and the fact she was unwillingly grinding against the seat of the bike was not unnoticeable in the slightest.

    Karina’s heart sank when Kendall put her hands on Karina’s shoulders, sinking her nails into Karina (which somehow turned her on even more.) Karina froze and lost her breath. She knew.

    “It’s okay,” Kendall whispered into Karina’s ear.

    “H-huh?” Karina stammered.

    “One of the things that happens with hypnosis is that, if the person is into it enough, they’ll get aroused by the suggestions given to them. Which is why you may find exercise a bit more, ah… tantalizing, right now,” she explained so calmly and so kindly. A weight was lifted off of Karina’s chest and she sank into a feeling of relief.

    “Oh, thank g-god,” Karina exhaled. “I thought I was so weird. I’m so sorry, for, um…”

    “Please don’t mind me, Karina,” Kendall smiled. “Feel free to lean into it as much or as little as you want. I’ll encourage whatever you want. And hey — funny enough, your friend Hazel seems to be into it, too. Maybe you two should ‘work out’ together sometime, if you know what I mean,” Kendall chuckled.

    Karina held onto the silence, in utter disbelief. In a good way! Kendall didn’t think she was a weirdo! She was totally understanding. So, that meant…

    Karina went back to biking, pedaling much faster and getting off of the hundreds upon thousands of vibrations straight into her crotch. The seat was definitely getting soaked with Karina’s juices as she finished on the exercise bike. Not once, not twice, but many times over and over. Kendall moved from silence acceptance to outward encouragement, using her hands all over Karina’s body as she echoed out into the empty gym.


    Soon enough, the first month had passed like a breeze. Not only did Karina find enough time to work out in her schedule, but she could focus much better. Her grades skyrocketed and she had a bit more time to socialize. Karina even found herself with a few free hours on one lone Tuesday, to which she had coordinated with Hazel an extra jog together. Hazel was equally excited about it; they had picked out a new route to jog on. It was a scenic mountain about thirty minutes outside of the campus. Karina had been wanting to go there forever, but she either didn’t feel strong enough for it, or she didn’t feel like she had enough time.

    Karina got to the hike five minutes early, and sat on a nearby rock to check her phone to see where Hazel was. Oddly enough, though — she hadn’t texted back. The texts Karina had sent that day were not only not read, but were straight up not delivered. Had her phone died?

    Perhaps, that’s most likely what happened. Karina laid back and waited for Hazel. Fifteen, thirty minutes passed with nothing. Karina eventually just decided to give her friend a call. It was even weirder when the phone didn’t even ring once before going to an automated message about how the number was deactivated.

    Karina’s heart sank. What happened? Had Hazel ghosted Karina? No, that… Hazel was a lot more direct than that. Her next best guess was that Hazel was depressed at her apartment, and so, Karina called a cab to take her right to Hazel’s apartment. It wasn’t cheap, but at least it got her there faster than jogging — not that Karina had any energy to jog at that point.

    The cab dropped her off at Hazel’s apartment, and Karina ran up to bang on the door. No answer. Karina waited for five to ten minutes before wandering around to look. She passed by a few windows, to which she peered inside.


    The apartment was completely dark. No lights were turned on. In fact, it seemed completely unoccupied. All the furniture was moved out, none of Hazel’s belongings were in the apartment, and it had no trace of Hazel — or anyone — living in it. It looked like an empty, unfurnished apartment. But how? Hazel hadn’t moved out; Karina just came over a few days ago, right?

    Karina stared into the empty apartment as the life drained from her body. She collapsed onto the ground. What in the world had happened? Where had she gone?

    After sitting outside of the empty apartment for about an hour, Karina sullenly gathered her stuff and walked back to her dorm. Thinking there was nothing else to do that day, she figured — might as well stop by Kendall’s gym to get my mind off of it…


    Karina arrived at the gym; Kendall was there, but she wasn’t at the desk, so she was most likely in a meeting or something. That was fine. Karina dragged on over to the weight lifting section and began doing crunches with 20 lb dumbbells. These days, exercise was turning her on at all times, but today she just couldn’t get into it that way.

    She crunched for an unknown amount of rounds, the whirring of fans buzzing in the ceiling. Karina stared at the floor as she lifted, deep in thought.

    “Everything okay, sweetheart?”

    Karina was jolted out of her thoughts when Kendall put her hands on her shoulders and rubbed them gently. She whipped her head around to face Kendall. Hesitating, she bit her lip.

    “Not really. Hazel disappeared.”

    Kendall’s face twitched, turning from confusion quickly over to compassion. “Oh, Karina, I’m so sorry. That sounds so stressful.”

    Karina shook her head. She put the dumbbells down. “I just… everything was fine, y’know? I have no idea where she could have gone. Moreover, I just hope she’s safe.”

    Kendall chuckled, moving away from Karina. “I’m sure she’s fine, darling. She may just be having a rough time.”

    The disheartened Karina was about to agree with Kendall, before she realized something quite strange. “Wait… Hazel saw you yesterday, didn’t she?”

    Kendall froze, as she tried to maintain her composure. A-ha! Kendall did know something! What the hell did she know? Did she have something to do with it? No, Kendall was too nice for that… right? “Did she say anything to you, Kendall? If she was going anywhere, meeting up with anyone?”

    Kendall turned around, the compassionate look on her face fading into one of stressed impatience. “No, Karina, she didn’t say anything to me.”

    Karina glared, walking over to Kendall with a suspicious gaze on her face. “You know something.”

    “I don’t!” Kendall protested, laughing it off as if it were a joke.

    Karina’s eyes narrowed. The realization and betrayal began to wash over her, slowly and yet all at once. “Holy crap. You did something to her.” That sentence wasn’t so much a question as it was a statement. “What did you do to her? It’s — it’s the hypnosis thing, isn’t it? Oh crap, this — this was a scam!”

    Karina walked around slowly, beginning to break into a panic. The way Kendall was not responding — and the way her smile was curled into a cruel, sadistic grin — didn’t help assuage Karina’s worries in the slightest. She kept pacing around the gym, eventually going over to the welcome desk to find her contract. Kendall, shockingly, didn’t stop her.

    As she found her contract from last month and paged through it, she landed on the release agreement. There was something in there, something — crap, why was her eyesight so goddamn awful?

    She skimmed it over and over, until she took a closer look over and found one bullet point she never saw before. There it was. “#24: Client signs away their body, life, and mind to Owner. Client will submit accordingly.”

    And Karina’s name was also signed at the bottom. Oh, fuck.

    “What the fu—“ Before Karina could break into a stream of curses and interrogations, Kendall pulled out the same pendulum she used to hypnotize Karina at the very beginning.

    “Wait, what are you—“

    “Lockdown,” Kendall said one word bluntly, before Karina fell over onto her body. She was conscious, but completely immobile and unable to talk. Kendall kneeled down to her, taking the contract out of her hand and began running her hands up and down Karina’s body. She felt every muscle and inch of skin that she trained, the way Karina took care of her luscious skin, and how hot she looked. There was a contemplative look on Kendall’s face, and Karina couldn’t even physically question why.

    “Hmm, you’ve come across quite nicely too,” Kendall cooed as she slid her hand into Kendall’s workout pants and began feeling how wet she was. Jacking Karina off, Kendall continued ominously, “I was going to wait a few more weeks to finalize you, but… I think you look just about peachy.”


    Karina wasn’t sure how much time had passed — she was barely focused on whatever the hell was happening right now. She did see, though, Kendall called someone on her phone and began coordinating ‘sale’ for an ‘auction’. Oddly enough, Karina felt… calm. She was terrified shitless as what was going to happen to her, but Karina was panicking so much that her body just would not even produce a panic response.

    That night, Karina was dragged by Kendall on a cart, onto some kind of stage in the middle of a theater. Some people were gathering around, mostly wealthier looking people; though all their faces were covered with a thick white silk. In front of Kendall on the stage was some sort of guy dressed as a game show host — he took his time looking over the still Karina and making objectifying comments on her body, what ‘price’ it could sell for.

    “Sorry to bring in a new piece so late,” Kendall laughed. “Here she is, though — I’d assume the starting bid should be around $45,000.”


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