Good Girl Gone Gay

by Skaetlett

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #sub:female #cw:homophobia #straight_to_gay

Amie, a good wholesome spiritual lady, is set to get married in a week. Her friends hire a stage hypnotist for her bachelorette party, and things go awry when some offense is taken to some off-hand comments. Originally written in July 2020.

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Please note this story is intended for adult audiences! Do not read if you are under the age of 18. There are depictions of non-consensual hypnosis here; what happens here would be highly immoral and illegal (along with impossible) in real life, and I do not condone these things. Copyright Skaetlett 2022, do not copy or repost without explicit permission.

The best day of any Christian girl’s life was coming up, quickly and excitedly for Amie. It had been about four months since her boyfriend of 5 years, Bob had proposed to her, and their wedding was the upcoming weekend. Amie felt like a little girl all over again, hardly being able to sit still and anxiously awaiting her big day.

Amie always had one goal — to be a loving, faithful housewife to a great, strong husband. And finally, that goal was being reached. After waiting almost 25 years, her upcoming strong, healthy marriage was in sight. The feeling was just as amazing as Amie has anticipated it being.

Bob was a sweet guy. He was a capable woodworker, a successful business owner, and also a good Christian. He listened to Amie, and cared about her in the nicest, smallest ways. Unlike her previous boyfriends, when Amie talked to him, he actually remembered the small details she’d tell him about herself. No guy had ever done that before. Not to mention, he never once cheated on her with someone who didn’t want to wait until marriage.

Bob was a good guy. Amie really, really, really loved him. And Amie loved the knowledge that she was marrying him next week.

Amie was also excited for the post-marriage sex. Amie had heard such great things from her few secular friends, but she wanted to wait. It’d be better that way, right? It’d be so much tighter and more exciting, more nerve wracking. Amie always resisted the urge to touch herself, too, in anticipation for that special day. She was so excited to have good, passionate, loving sex.

Of course, that’s not why she was most excited. She wanted to be with Bob, as his loyal and loving wife.

There was still another while to go, though; thankfully, Amie had her bachelorette party planned for tonight, and her best BFFs ever were set to come over any minute now. She invited her three best friends from her missionary trip — Casey, Steph, and Lucy. The entire group, on the trip, bonded over how they did their blonde, long hair the same way, Sephora makeup, and the best way to pray.

Amie was decorating the rest of her house in anticipation for the party. It was hard to find bachelorette party decorations that weren’t covered with dicks and naked men, but she eventually found a good Christian marriage store that had a bunch of decorations she could use; paper chains with scripture on them, decorations with husbands and wives on them, and something called “party Bibles”. Overall, after the decorations, her house looked so good.

6 PM hit, and the doorbell rang multiple times. Amie, with a huge dopey grin on her face, ran over to the door and swung it open. Standing there were her good friends, Casey, Steph, and Lucy.

“Hey, girl, heyyyy!” Casey said in her charming Southern accent.

“Hey everyone! Come on in!” Amie invited them in, stepping out of the doorway as the three girls poured into the hallway. “Thanks so much for, like, coming to my bachelorette party!”

“Yeah, no problem!” Steph, a red-headed lady with freckles sang. “You are Bob are like, sooooo cute. I’m so happy for you two.”

“Aren’t we? Oh, did I show everyone the ring?” Amie began flaunting off her hand, the ring finger donning a cute diamond ring. It was nice and simple, but personalized in that it had her and Bob’s names engraved on the inside of it.

“You have, but it looks so shiny today! Ugh, Bob has impeccable taste,” Lucy groaned happily.

Ushering her friends inside, Amie began to sit all her friends down in the couches and sofas. While Lucy, Steph and Casey were getting comfortable, Amie grabbed some glasses and began to pour some sparkling water. She preferred the flavor kind, but usually just the lemon flavor; of course, Lucy really liked the strawberry flavor, so Amie got a bottle of that as well for her.

Bringing over the glasses, Amie sat right next to her friends — in between Lucy and Casey, with Steph across from them. Amie lifted her feet and cuddled herself on the couch, with her adorable red and white house slippers.

“I’m like, so, so excited for next week,” Amie sighed wistfully, taking a sip of her sparkling water. “I can’t wait until Bob sees my dress too! It’s got a stunning mermaid tail and like, a veil, and sparkles everywhere! I’m just... so excited for it...”

“I’m like, so happy for you,” Lucy echoed what the others were feeling. “And you decorated the house so well! Bob is like, going to adore having you for a housewife.”

“So!” Casey interrupted, clapping her hands together so everyone would pay attention to her. “Me, Lucy, and Steph all decided on the entertainment for tonight. You gave us the reigns to run this party for you, and, well... I think you’ll like what we chose.”

“I’m so excited,” Amie said, barely able to contain her glee. “What is it? Wait — no male strippers, right?”

“Oh lord no,” Lucy scoffed. “I mean, there were many male strippers, but that’s not what we’re about, right?”

“Right...” Amie blinked. Part of her was worried — of course she could trust her friends, right? They’d never let her down — after all, that’s why Amie only invited the three of them. That being said, Amie was naturally a nervous person.

“So, she should be here soon...” Casey mused. As soon as she spoke though, the doorbell rang again, startling Amie and no one else. “Oh! That should be her!”

“It’s... not a female stripper, is it?” Amie asked anxiously, a hesitant smirk going across her face.

“Oh, no, it’s not a stripper at all,” Casey called out as she walked away, to the door. The other three in the main room heard the door open, Casey speak inaudibly to another person who murmured as she walked in. The new person took her shoes off, and was shown off as Casey walked her back to the main room.

“Soooo... I hired a professional hypnotist!” Casey announced.

The woman who stood beside Casey was an older woman, possibly in her late forties. She had all sorts of flowers in her hair — tulips, lilies, roses, daffodils, and more. Donning some sort of felt cloak, she dressed very comfortably — though, very differently from what Amie and the others were expecting. Most notably, when the woman spread her arms to talk (being one of those people who was very vocal with her arms and hands), the inside of the cloak showed a variety of hypnotic tools. Mini metronomes, lots and lots of pocket watches of all colors, shapes and sizes, pendulums... and quite a few contraptions Amie had never seen before.

“Are you Amie?” The woman asked warmly. She had a valley girl like voice, but it was tinged with a few years of being in the big city. “The lucky girl getting married next week?”

“Y-yeah, that’s me!” Amie quickly got her bearings and spoke with confidence. “It’s nice to meet you! Thanks for like, coming today! I totally wasn’t expecting... well, a hypnotist!”

“Haha, I must admit this is quite different from what I normally do. May I sit?” A moment of silence hovered above the crew, before the hypnotist burst into laughter and added, “oh, silly me! I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Leona.”

“Nice to meet you, Leona!” The girls took a bit of time introducing themselves and saying some fun facts about themselves (that weren’t actually that fun or interesting) as Leona and Amie sat down. Leona looked towards Amie’s way with great interest, a warm and genuine smile on her lips. She seemed to be a kind, warm person, despite the awkwardness of the situation. Amie wasn’t opposed in any way to kind, warm people; and some recreational hypnosis probably couldn’t hurt, right?

“So, how much do y’all know about hypnosis?” Leona turned to the entire crowd, shifting her head between the four girls and asking with curiosity.

“Uhhh, nothing,” Casey responded with a giggle. “I just thought it sounded fun. And we needed, like, some entertainment that wasn’t... like...”

“We needed some good, holy entertainment! No like, strippers or decorations of people’s... stuff, y’know?” Lucy interjected, finishing Casey’s thought. “We’re like, all pretty religious, and we don’t want any of that nonsense here.”

“I see!” Leona kept the smile on her face, though it seemed to waver just a little. “I hope this doesn’t offend you, but I’m not really religious myself. I’ll try my hardest to be sensitive.”

“Haha, no worries!” There was an air of silence — usually, someone in Amie’s friend group would pipe up with their usual conversion shpeel, but this didn’t seem like the right time. The girls weren’t celebrating for that, obviously.

They all took some more sips of sparkling water, and began asking Leona questions about hypnosis. Leona gave ample information, explaining the basics in a way the girls could understand. She talked about everything from how it works — taking the subject into a deep, relaxed place for the hypnotist to ‘give suggestions to the subconscious’ — to various kinds of inductions, to a brief history of hypnosis and therapy. It was quite fascinating, and Amie was particularly interested in it. The nervousness she felt before slowly washed away, and soon enough she and Leona were chatting like they were old friends.

Leona showed the group her various tools. Pocket watches seemed to be her favorite, but she also liked metronomes and counters, pendulums, and more — she even brought in her own colored mist machine. Though, Leona also talked about how you didn’t really need props or objects to hypnotize someone. Sometimes it could be done with just hands or a voice, or just a soothing relaxing voice.

“In fact,” Leona mentioned, “my funnest time hypnotizing someone was at another bachelorette party. I just made eye contact for the longest time. When I blinked — subject went into trance! It was amazing!”

“Wow!” Steph seemed super interested, leaning forward into Leona and desperate to hear more. “I wanna hear more stories, for real!”

“You sure you wanna just hear more? Or do you wanna see it for yourself?” Leona asked in a passionate yet teasing voice, almost coaxing the girls into wanting to see more — as if everything she said up until then was just preview.

“Um. Yes,” Amie voiced with a giant grin on her face. “Like, please, show us! Hypnotize us!”

Leona nodded. “Gladly. But first — as you are celebrating Amie here getting married — Amie, why don’t you say a few words to kick us off?”

Amie stood up, and jokingly cleared her throat in a very exaggerated way. She hadn’t prepared a speech before, obviously — but she wasn’t one to just throw away the opportunity. Surely she’d have some words ready for when the girls would toast, or something like that?

“So, I just wanna say to my besties... thank you so, so much for coming. I really am glad that I get to spend the entire day with y’all. Celebrating something so, so important to me. Like, I’ve been looking forward to this my whole life, and Bob is like, so great... like, he always listens to me. I really couldn’t ask for a better man.”

Casey, Steph, and Lucy all cooed at Amie’s sweet sentiments. Leona listened patiently — it was clear she wanted to start the action already, but was also invested in Amie’s life now.

That was, until Amie said something rather off-kilter.

“Imagine if I was like, a lesbian,” Amie said. The other girls chuckled, though Leona’s face definitely fell at that statement. Amie’s face twisted into joking disgust, as she added, “how weird would that be? Me, with a woman?”

“I can’t see it,” Steph added, chuckling. “Like... it’s literally impossible to imagine.”

The girls all burst into laughter — at least, everyone except Leona. After a minute, Leona interjected into their jolly time.

“Sorry,” Leona mentioned. “Is something wrong with being a lesbian?”

The room fell into awkward silence, no one knowing exactly how to respond or what to say. It was clear that they’d never been called out for such statements before, and Amie tried to backpedal.

“Well, I mean, not really,” she shrugged. “It’s against our religion, but I don’t hate gay people. It’s just kind of weird.”

Leona paused, pursing her lip and trying to figure out what to say. The silence in the house was so awful that someone could probably cut through it with a knife.

“I’m a lesbian,” Leona mentioned. “Do I understand that that’s a problem?”

“Oh,” Amie mouthed. If the silence wasn’t suffocating enough before, it certainly was even worse now. “Well, like. It’s not bad. Or well, to us it is, but... well, I don’t mind.”

“As long as you don’t, like...” Casey shrugged. “I dunno. Force it on us?”

Leona’s anger was evident, but somehow she was able to stay calm. That being the case, though, the girls were all fairly empathetic people (at least on the surface) and they could feel her irritation seeping through her. “Did I say anything to try to convince you all to become lesbians?”

“Uh... no.”

“Then I see no reason to worry.” Leona’s face softened once again as she tried to keep her professional demeanor.

Feeling the silence in the room on her skin, Casey decided to jump in and try to right the situation. “Alright, let’s move past that! Hypno time, right?”

“Right, of course. Well, then, who wants to go first?” The mood shifted once again to a much more comfortable place, and the girls began clamoring to decide who goes first.

“I wanna go first,” Casey stated proudly. “Let me go first. I’ve always been like, super into this stuff.”

“Sure, sounds good,” Lucy shrugged and nodded, the rest of the girls following and agreeing with her.

“Oooh, so, like, what are you going to hypnotize us to do?” Casey asked in a curious yet playful voice, leaning in towards Leona. “Like, are you gonna make me... like... think I’m a pirate?”

“I can do that,” Leona started. “I can also do many, many other things. I usually have people cluck like a chicken at one point. One of my favorite things to do is have people only tell truths for a few minutes.”

“I wanna think I’m a pirate.” Casey seemed very intent and focused on this one very specific fantasy, but no one really cared. “Please make me think I’m a pirate.”

“Alright, if you insist,” Leona chuckled. “Why don’t you sit on the chair in front of me, facing me.”

Casey enthusiastically followed, the other girls cheering her on. The partygoer got comfortable, staring intently at Leona as if the hypnosis was already working. Amie was quite surprised at seeing this side of her friend — she never had known about it, like, ever.

“I think you’re the one who contacted me first, anyways,” Leona mentioned. “So, for your induction... what appeals to you? I can use pocket watches, which is pretty stereotypical, or I can use another object... or something else I mentioned earlier?”

Casey thought for a moment, before lifting her head and giving a smile. “Pocket watch sounds fun. Oooh, it makes you sound like an evil villainess or something!”

Leona’s smile twitched a bit — clearly that comment was a little strange to her, too. Luckily she was decently good at masking it so that the excitable Casey didn’t feel particuarly bad, for better or worse. “Alright, then, pocket watch it is.”

The stage hypnotist reached into her robe and pulled out a silver pocket watch that had gold ribbons and hues on it. Amie could feel herself almost getting hypnotized by it as well, just by how gorgeous it was. The pocket watch was held slightly above Casey’s forehead so that her eyes were straining to look at it; and it was so pretty that she didn’t want to not look at it.

“Just stare into the pocket watch as you’re doing so well already. Take a few deep breaths in... and out. In... and out... just finding your body relaxing and sinking into the moment, sinking into the watch. Just keep your eyes fixated on it for a bit longer. It feels so good, doesn’t it? To just relax... to just watch it swinging back and forth. Rotating a bit as your consciousness slips more and more away.”

Leona’s voice was much, much softer and more soothing as she spoke with her hypnotist voice. Casey’s eyelids twitched as she struggled to keep her eyes open, and there was this big, dopey smile on her face. Everyone could tell just how relaxed she was.

“If you find your eyes needing to close, that’s okay. Do what you need to do to sink into trance and keep following my voice, hearing my suggestions. And as I count down to one, you’re going to find yourself in whatever place you call trance. Whatever kind of place you can only hear my voice, my suggestions.”

Casey was already slipping away, but Leona began to count down slower and slower. “Five, four... three... two... one, sink.”

Casey flopped over, Leona catching her shoulders and readjusting Casey in the seat to a comfortable position. The younger girl was almost snoring in trance. She was clearly deep under Leona’s influence.

Seeing that the induction was successful, Leona began to talk suggestions into Casey as Amie, Lucy and Steph watched on in awe — some of their jaws dropped.

“Imagine you’re at sea. On a ship, in fact, with your crew mates, Amie, Lucy and Steph. You’re going across the vast, wide sea. Swords in hand, with cannons at the ready, you go to plunder treasure from other pirate ships and seek uncharted territory. It’s a fun life, full of adventure and thrills. Imagine this space, whatever it looks like... let’s call it pirate space. Just feel yourself sinking into pirate space... and when you come out of trance, when I wake you up on five, you’re going to only be able to talk like a pirate and think this is just another one of your adventures. If you understand, give me a nod.”

Casey nodded.

“Good! Let’s come up now. One, two... straightening your back... three, coming back into the room... four, and five!”

With a snap of Leona’s fingers, Casey was wide awake and in the room again. She looked around, reorienting herself, before standing up out of the chair and walking around almost aimlessly.

“How are you feeling, Casey?” Leona asked innocently.

Casey took a moment to think, before giving a wide grin and responding, “nothing beats sailing on the ocean sea, matey.”

“Oh my god,” Steph gaped, utterly bewildered. “It actually worked! Like, for real!”

“Ahh, it’s my crewmates, Steph, Amie and Lucy! How are you doing on this fine day? Anyone feelin’ a little seasick?”

Lucy laughed as she responded, “I’m feeling pretty okay. Dunno where you’re getting the sea thing from, though.”

“Huh? What are you, going crazy? It’s all around us! Just look in any direction, and you’ll see the big blue!” Casey waved her hands around the house, motioning to what she registered as the ocean. The other girls just chuckled awkwardly, more in shock than anything else.

“Do you like the ocean, Casey?” Leona asked, her hands folded in her lap.

“Ay, me matey! It’s my home, after all! Us pirates, we gotta live out here.”

“Is that so?” Leona asked warmly. “Why don’t I bring you back, right over—“ Leona spoke as she grabbed the back of Casey’s scalp, suddenly tugging roughly on her hair. “Here!”

As she tugged on Casey’s long hair, Casey dropped immediately back into trance, the surprise induction throwing her off and taking her out of reality instantly. Back into that soothing place, Leona talked the suggestions out of her, reminding Casey that she was just a normal girl — landlocked in the center of the United States, in a warm home with the same girls (who were also definitely not pirates.)

“Oh my god,” Casey exhaled as soon as Leona checked in with her. “That... that actually worked. I really freaking believed I was a pirate. I just... wow.”

“You made a pretty cool pirate,” Lucy commented. “That was so cool.”

Leona looked towards the crowd, giving a small smile. Something was hidden inside of it — something nefarious and mischievous. Fortunately, everyone passed it off as playfulness; after all, the point was to have fun, right?

The stage hypnotist spent a few rounds hypnotizing the girls in various ways. A few of the suggestions and tricks she’d suggested herself, having made Lucy cluck like a chicken and then do the chicken dance and Amie lose all memory of how she met the other girls.

Leona gave everyone the same drop trigger — simply the word “sink.” Oddly enough, she never took it away from any of the girls so they would drop into trance easier for them to do multiple suggestions. “Makes it easier,” Leona mentioned, “if I don’t have to go through the trouble of taking too much time to put y’all into trance.”

For Steph, she gave her a suggestion to only ever tell truths about herself. Everyone else had a lot of fun with that one.

“Have you like, ever gossiped about one of us?” Lucy asked, honestly a bit fearful of the answer.

“Uh, yeah,” Steph couldn’t help herself from answering. “Like, all the time. I love that hot juicy goss.”

“Steph! I can’t believe you’d, like, say that!” Casey cackled, bewildered by Steph’s answers.

“So like, have you ever had like... a gay thought?” Amie asked. “Like, since we brought it up before.”

“Like, never! Uhhh, I mean, unless you count that one time I got really drunk in college... and like, there was one girl there who was pretty cute. But, like, I’d never go gay. Y’all know better than that.”

No one noticed how Leona tensed up once again, obviously hurt by the comments as the other girls laughed. It was clear she was reaching her breaking point, but if anyone noticed it, they chose to ignore Leona’s feelings.

“Okay, what now?” Amie asked. “Any more requests?”

“Actually, I have time for one more, and then my time is up,” Leona mentioned. “I think... I’d like to surprise you all with one more fun one, if that’s okay. Sound good to everyone?”

There was a hint of... something off in Leona’s voice. Amie definitely noticed it, and a part of her wanted to pry and ask further what the suggestion she was going to give them was. But she was naive, and she wanted to be surprised — that would be much, much more fun.

“Sure, that sounds good,” they all agreed, turning their attention to Leona.

Something shifted in the hypnotist’s face — her warm smirk shifted to a cruel smirk. Lucy and Steph, and Amie and Casey stared at each other awkwardly, trying to make sense of her new expression.

As soon as someone thought to pipe up, Leona took the opportunity to throw a surprise induction at all of them at once.

“Two, one, and sink.”

And immediately — they all lost consciousness, falling into a blissful, deep sleep.

* * *

Amie was the first to wake up fully when Leona said “and rise.” The first thing she noticed was that the house looked completely different. Had someone redecorated? It definitely looked... very much changed. For example, Amie never really recalled the three or four giant lesbian pride flags that hung on her walls. In fact, Amie was certain that she’d never even seen the lesbian pride flag before. Why did it look so familiar, then?

Amie looked around the room further — different decorations hung on the walls, these decorations depiction female genitalia and boobs and whatnot. Amie felt a hot flush coming to her face. What was going on? It felt so weird, but... so okay?

Leona was nowhere to be found. What did Leona even hypnotize them to do? Amie couldn’t remember anything, and her questions weren’t answered since it took a while for Steph, Casey and Lucy to revitalize out of trance.

Amie checked her phone for answers. There was one text message — it was from Bob, her husband! She eagerly checked it with a smile on her face.

“Hey babe,” the text said. “How’s your bachelorette party going?? Miss you!’ It ended with a kissy face.

Amie smiled. At least, she tried to smile. Amie had to force herself to smile, actually. Why did she... not want to hear from Bob? Usually when Bob would text her, Amie would jump at the opportunity to respond. She would send him a long, loving text filled with emojis and pet names to her fiancé. Why didn’t she want to do that now?

Something felt off. She felt sick...

“Hey Amie, like, it’s pretty hot in here,” Lucy commented. Steph and Casey seemed to be coming back into the room too. “Do you think I can like... take my shirt off? It’s like, blistering in here.”

“Yeah, same,” Steph echoed, and Casey nodded.

“Uh... sure.” An even hotter blush came across Amie’s face as her friends began stripping, taking off their shirts. They then took off their pants, leaving everyone in their lingerie.

Amie noted how hot it was too, and for some reason, stripping felt natural to her as well. But why did it fluster her so much? Amie had spent lots of time at summer camp with various girls, or stripping in showers during travels with her friends... so why did seeing them naked make her feel even more hot?

Amie particularly felt a strong sensation growing ‘down under there’, and she began cursing herself. No! She’d gone this long without feeling this horny for anyone. She was so close to saving herself for her loved one... but was it really worth it? Throwing everything she worked so hard for out, just because...

Oh no. Was she gay now? How in the world did that happen? So quickly and so suddenly too... but as Amie continued to gaze at her friends — now her girl crushes — it felt so... right. So right to just let go.

Not to mention, Amie felt like she was being watched. Was Leona even still there? Amie saw a shadow move out of the room, swearing it was a person’s shadow... but it was gone before she could register it. Still, she felt like some eyes were on her. For what...?

“Hey, like, Amie... can we like, snuggle together?” Casey asked with a giggle.

“W-what?” Amie blinked incredulously.

“Now it’s pretty cold ’cause like... we’re naked. So like... let’s share body heat?” Lucy suggested.

Amie paused. Was this really the right decision? Amie thought about the text from Bob again. If she got too close to her friends now, she was certainly going to throw herself away...

But was that really a bad thing?

Amie smiled. “Sure,” she said, walking over and sitting on the couch. Casey offered to have Amie sit in her lap, and while Amie initially hesitated, she ended up plopping herself right in. Casey was warm down there, too... Amie could feel it against her. She was sure that Casey could feel her warmth too.

“So... like, I know we’re all good Christians, but... like. Do you think it’s okay to let go just for tonight?” Lucy suggested.

“Like, if no one knows... what’s the problem?”

Amie bit her lip. This was a bad idea, she could feel her brain telling herself. But right now... she wanted to think with something other than her brain.

“Sure.” Amie nodded and shrugged with a nervous giggle. “Let’s just, let go, and have a girl’s night.”

Lucy giggled. “Alright, so like... can I start by like... feeling your, erm... your breasts?” Lucy’s voice reached a hushed tone.

“Y-yes...” Amie squealed out. She was so nervous, and yet, as soon as Lucy’s greedy hands darted for Amie’s chest... she couldn’t help but let out a moan. Her hands were needy, groping and teasing and playing with Amie’s nicely sized tits. Lucy even tried squeezing her nipples through her bra, too, having Amie make even greater and cuter noises.

Steph was next to play with Amie, treating the soon-to-be-married girl with the utmost respect as she began kissing Amie’s neck, stroking it lightly with her fingers. Her soft pecks and licks and strokes moved up and down her back, around her neck and shoulders.

Between that and being teased, Amie was feeling something building up in her. Already without being touched down there, she was feeling what she thought would be her first orgasm. How could she let this happen? She was so good at saving herself for marriage, and right before she was about to get married, she was about to lose it. Why did that not bother her more? Why did it not make her feel even worse, even more ashamed when Casey snuck her hands under Amie’s panties and began playing with her clit — somehow knowing exactly what to do, exactly what would set Amie off?

Amie moaned and groaned, the action from her three best friends throwing her even more off guard. Amie saw the shadow of who might have been Leona shifting again, but she didn’t care. She was too deep. How could she have denied herself this pleasure before? Why wasn’t it so obvious to her — that she didn’t have to wait for this kind of pleasure, and that girls were this good, this hot?

As Amie reached her climax, she felt the most powerful pleasure in her life, nothing like she’d ever felt before. She felt some damn harsh shame as well, but she didn’t care. Right now, she was ready to just bask in the glory of her orgasm with her friends, feeling the rush of hot air wash over her as she collapsed back into her friends. Now it was Amie’s turn to please everyone, obviously.

Amie had a fleeting thought — what am I going to tell my fiancé? Well, it didn’t matter, really; these girls had given Amie much, much more pleasure than Bob ever could.


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