by Skaetlett

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #f/f #humiliation #multiple_partners #serial_recruitment #corruption #dom:female #exhibitionism #pov:bottom #sub:female

Ava and Shelly spy on their boss, and it doesn’t go quite as expected.

Author’s Note: This story contains adult content. Do not read if you are under the age of 18. Additionally, this is not an accurate representation of ownership, hypnosis, or non-consensual sex at all, as it exists in a fantasy setting. Non-consensual sex/sexual acts and ownership of other people in real life is highly immoral and illegal, and I do not condone such acts. All characters in this story are above the age of 18.

“That’s it, Polly. Just stay on your hands and knees, worshipping your boss. That’s it -- good, good plaything.”

    Ava and Shelly watched through the security footage what looked like a scene out of a movie. Or rather, a bad porno. Their boss, Freya -- a woman who seemed like a no-fun, no-excitement manager who squashed all joy and amusement -- sat in her large, fancy chair. In front of Freya was one of their more casual, laid back coworkers. Only, Polly looked anything but casual or laid back. In fact, she looked outright brainwashed. They couldn’t quite see the look in her eyes, but they could see the way her body was slumped in front of Freya’s, mindlessly kissing and licking and sucking Freya’s thighs. The security footage was connected to Freya’s office, getting a nice clean audio of it along with crystal clear videos. There was no mistaking it -- Freya was brainwashing her employees.

    Shelly had mentioned to Ava, the newest temp employee, that something seemed off about Freya. She offered Ava to go investigate with her. The new temp was a little hesitant, wanting to just do her work in peace and get a nice fat paycheck. But Ava eventually relented; after all, she was a woman of strong morals, and more than excessive financial stability -- she didn’t want to be working for any corrupt organization. In fact, she only became a temp after dropping her last job. Ava agreed, and that same day, they broke into the security office while it was empty.

    They knew something was up with Freya. They just couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Polly’s demeanor went from carefree to defensive to slack and emotionless within a matter of seconds. Freya pulled out some kind of radio, playing some kind of binaural beats -- loud enough that the temp employees could hear. Ava and Shelly watched the footage with horror as Polly’s head dropped and her body slacked into an obedient kneel.

    Then Freya played with her. Like some kind of toy. She shoved Polly’s face into her crotch, forcing her to eat Freya out. How could she be doing such a thing? Ava’s blood boiled as she watched the footage. Surely Freya and Polly weren’t involved, right? Polly was strictly monogamous, happily involved with her girlfriend. She wasn’t exactly the dishonest type either. Shelly couldn’t keep her surprise internal; soon enough, Freya’s body convulsed and shivered as if she had just finished, trying to keep her incessant and cruel moaning quiet. Afterwards, she dragged Polly up, and ordered her to stand in the closet… “For further orders, and transportation.”

    And Polly complied. Without a single word or thought of hesitation. Ava was now more sure than ever that she didn’t want to work for such a terrible boss! At least, she thought that’s what she was thinking. It seemed too hard to think through the fog, through the soundwaves bursting through the speakers.

They knew for sure something was wrong, but as they listened to Freya brainwashing Polly, they could feel themselves growing slack and sleepy from listening to it. That wasn’t the intended purpose, right? Ava’s eyes were beginning to close, struggling to stay open as she watched the scene like a moth circling a lamp. She wouldn’t want that to happen to her. Definitely not.


    Ava was just about ready to go back to her computer to draft her leave of absence letter. But she couldn’t quite put a finger on why she couldn’t. Could it be the way her jaw was slack, the way Polly’s were? From what she could sleepily gather, Shelly looked just about the same. All Ava could focus on were the beats, and the soothing, calming way Freya spoke to Polly as she played with her mind and molded it like clay. She was about to snap herself out of it by sheer force of will -- before she heard Freya speak again. Her heart dropped, just as much as her consciousness, as did Shelly’s.

    “Who was it? Ah, yes. Ava and Shelly, I know you’re watching this. Please come to my office at your earliest convenience.”

    And the two obeyed. They mouthed a “yes, Freya” sleepily as if already brainwashed themselves. They knew something was wrong, but they couldn’t act or speak in defiance. Their bodies worked against them. Their minds now obediently worked for Freya.


    “So. Someone new temps have been eavesdropping, hmm?”

    Freya spoke to Ava and Shelly condescendingly as they walked through the door. Ava’s head was still bursting with dulled out questions. She couldn’t quite make out the look on Freya’s face. Was it irritation? Fury? Amusement? Arousal? As they walked through the door, they saw an open door to a closet -- Polly’s motionless body standing there obediently, just like a doll.

    The binaural beats kept blaring in their ears, dragging them even deeper into a soothing, deep trance. 

    “Yes, Freya,” Shelly murmured. “We apologize… Freya.”

    Freya tapped a finger to her chin and murmured, “actually, as compensation, I think you two should refer to me as ‘Miss’ now. Understood?”

    “Yes, Miss,” the two responded in unison. 

    “Good,” Freya purred. She looked Ava and Shelly up and down, admiring every part of their bodies -- from their positions, to the curves on both of them, to their different hair styles, and most of all to the slack, entranced looks on their faces. “You know, I was going to give it a while with you two. I was going to test the waters a little first… but since you’re so eager, why don’t I just take your minds for myself now?”

    “Yes, Miss,” they responded again.

    “Come around,” Freya snapped. “Stand in front of me.” Of course, Ava and Shelly obediently replied, looking into Freya’s deep, dominant eyes. “I’m going to turn you two into good, loyal playthings. Not just for myself… but for Mistress.”

    “For… Mistress?” Ava asked. Thinking didn’t come easily to her as it usually did.

            “Yes, for Mistress,” Freya chuckled. “You really thought I was the top dog around here? Please. No, there’s someone else in charge of me. In charge of all of us. And soon… in charge of you two.”

            Ava wanted to resist. She knew deep down she wanted that. But with the beats blaring in her ears, it was way too hard to process everything. All she could hear was the loud soundwaves, and Freya’s words. Ava hadn’t actually talked much with Freya face-to-face up until then, but the most noticeable thing about Freya was her voice. It was commanding, and yet in a soothing, calming way. The way she spoke to Ava and Shelly held such power, such dominance… and yet it was the kind of soft spoken voice Ava could listen to for hours.

            “Isn’t this nice? Just the two of you, standing in front of me, listening to my voice. Getting a little one on one time with your boss. It feels quite lovely, doesn’t it?” Ava and Shelly instinctively nodded – they couldn’t help it. “Temps like you two are always thinking. Always buzzing around, trying to get from one task to another. But wouldn’t it be nice to just let go of thoughts and free will entirely? Wouldn’t it be nice to surrender those to me, and use what’s left of your bodies to serve Mistress?”

            The more Ava tried to think, the worse her headache would get. Freya was right. Thinking was too burdensome, too difficult. It was so much easier to just let go. As Ava could feel her body growing even more slack, Freya continued to speak.

            “That’s it,” Freya purred. “All that matters right now is my voice, and the music. All you need to do is listen. Everything else is too difficult, too exhausting. In fact…” The grin on Freya’s face widened even further. “Standing is also quite tiring, isn’t it? Wouldn’t it be nicer to kneel in front of my legs instead? Like proper, obedient playthings. After all, it’s easier to obey, than it is to stand freely.”

            Ava murmured a ‘yes, Miss’. Once again, she mindlessly agreed with everything Freya said. Slowly, she took a knee in front of Freya, getting down on her hands and knees to steady her body. Shelly did just about the same, kneeling in front of Freya’s other leg. Ava lifted her head to refocus on Freya’s face. Somehow, it felt like Freya’s face was even closer, and like the music was even louder. It was all Ava could focus on. It was so easy to obey.

            “Good, good playthings,” Freya cooed, reaching out her hands to toy with Ava and Shelly’s faces obsessively. “You will make such fine prizes for Mistress. Now… all that’s left is give your feeble minds one thing to hold onto. Do you know what it is, playthings?”

            “N…no,” Ava stammered out. She was all but falling asleep, struggling to keep her eyes awake. The music made it too hard to do anything but just simply slip into a mindless trance.

            “Of course you don’t. All you need to know is ‘obey, serve, and worship’. Obey, serve, and worship. That is the meaning of your lives, of your jobs here – obeying, serving, and worshipping. Me, and more importantly Mistress. Obey. Serve. Worship. Say it.”

            “Obey… serve… worship… obey… serve… worship…” Ava and shelly mindlessly repeated the mantra, as they continued looking into Freya’s eyes as if they had spirals in them. As if she was dragging the two temps deeper into her eyes, into the music, into her legs. They were ready to obey, serve and worship; in whatever way Freya wanted, in whatever way Mistress wanted. Ava and Shelly didn’t even know who this Mistress was – but it didn’t matter. All that mattered to them was how they were going to serve her. The kinds of orders they’d take. Ava and Shelly couldn’t wait.

            “That’s it. And now, you’re going to show me how obedient you are and serve me. Worship my legs, playthings.”

            And they did. They pampered Freya’s thighs with kisses, light touches, and licks as Freya began moaning and grunting again. She grabbed the two playthings’ heads and pushed them deeper into her thighs, making them worship her even harder. They were being trained, molded into the perfect toys. And somehow, the music was making the suggestions and sensations even stronger to them.

            “As you continue worshipping my body, you’ll begin to understand that this is your place in life,” Freya hissed, and Ava was already starting to believe her. “Serving your superiors. That is your only goal in life. Nothing else matters – only obedience. Don’t you two lovely toys agree?”

            “Yes, Miss,” they responded, muffled by Miss’s thighs.

            “Say your mantras, into my thighs.”

            “Obey, serve, worship. Obey, serve, worship.”

            “Yes, yes,” Freya grinned as she grabbed fistfuls of their hair ever so tightly. She pulled them up, away from her thighs and looked into their dazed, drooling, empty faces. “You two will be perfect. I’m so happy you decided to listen in on my conversation… it gave you a nice head start, didn’t it? Even I could make your empty little heads understand.”

            “Yes, Miss,” they responded, completely oblivious – or uncaring – to the insult.

            “How…” Ava tried to ask a question. Once again – not an easy task. “How else can we serve you?”

            Freya’s smirk became downright wicked. “Wonderful. You’re learning well. You two – head into that closet over there and keep repeating your mantra, understood?”

            “Yes, Miss,” they said, and complied, repeating their mantra endlessly and mindlessly. They walked into the closet, joining their fellow plaything Polly. Freya graciously left the door slightly ajar.

            “Good, good…” Freya sighed, composing herself. Ava couldn’t process it, but she could hear a phone ringing and Freya’s voice piping up again. “Good afternoon, Mistress. I’ve trained not one, not two, but three new subjects for you. I think you’ll quite enjoy them.”

            After a pause, Freya slumped over, her jaw going slack and her eyes going dim. It was the same face that Ava and Shelly must have had at the same moment. Freya spoke up again, in the same monotone Ava and Shelly spoke in. “Yes, Mistress, I understand. Obey, serve, and worship…”


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