Succubus Story 69

by SabrinaTVBand

Tags: #cw:ageplay #cw:noncon #feminization #succubus #transgender_characters #weightgain #dom:female #gender_fuckery

Sexual hedonist Megan is turned into a succubus, and sent to live in Lilith’s Palace to undergo a personal transformation.

Succubus Story 69 is very special to me; writing it was some of the most fun I've had doing erotica stuff. This is easily one of my all-time favorites, and I hope you enjoy it!

There was only one thing Megan really cared about, more than anything else; pleasure. One would be hard pressed to find someone who embodied the words “sexual hedonist” more than Megan. He spent most of his time in dungeons, or hooking up with people. The very need to be with someone almost every night broadened the things he would do and was interested in; he Dommed and subbed, and made himself versatile, never wanting to be alone.
        Eventually one of Megan’s close friends, a girl into witch stuff, suggested something to him.
        “Why don’t you become a succubus?”
        “Become a succubus?”
        “I had a friend, much like you, who was eager for more pleasure. And now, she gets to be summoned all the time, indulging so much in the flesh of others.”
        Megan thought; “Are succubi not women?”.
        “Yes they are, but you’ll be able to turn into a human again. And I know how much you love feminine things.”
Megan watched the succubus he had summoned appear within the confines of the pentagram. The succubus looked into his eyes, as he sat on his bed. 
        “Why have you summoned me?”
        Megan smiled; “I think I would like to become a succubus. I want to be able to change between a male human form, and a female demon form at will. Is this possible?” 
        The succubus nodded; “It is very possible indeed. However, aside from the usual duties which will be expected of you as a succubus, there may be other stipulations that you must follow”.
        Megan furrowed his brow; “Like what?”.
        The succubus smirked to herself; “Well, sometimes, a succubus is required to conform to a certain ideal. Because not every succubus can satisfy everyone, see?”.
        Megan nodded. “So, I might . . . act a little differently as a succubus?”
        She nodded. “I guess that’s a succinct way of putting it. Do you still wish to be a succubus?” Megan nodded, and then verbally confirmed.
        Megan’s body began to change; his skin turned grey, and he shrank an inch to become only five and a half feet tall. His thighs widened slightly, and all of his nails turned black, as well as his lips. Ivory horns grew from his forehead, and his irises turned red. Finally, a long tail with an arrow at its tip began to grow from the base of his spine. He moved it around; it felt strange and foreign, but pleasant. Megan’s normally saturated and artificial looking red hair became deeper looking, like wine.
        The other succubus smirked; “I can see your new inner light, and there is some changing you’ll have to do. But that’s no big deal. You’ll just have to move into Lilith’s manor for a while”.
        Megan licked his lips, with his new forked tongue; “Lilith’s manor? That sounds wonderful”.
        The other succubus let Megan pack a few essentials into a cheap duffle bag before teleporting him into the small dimension Lilith had created for her succubi. Megan looked into the distance, and saw a large mansion, which looked like no mansion he had ever seen. It had flying buttresses, and a variety of other ornamentations that made it look like a cross between a gothic manor and an old demonic temple. They began to walk along a path, until eventually Megan made it into the foyer.
        The succubus who had turned Megan spoke; “Have fun here! Enjoy your time with Lilith, the house maids, and the other succubi!”
Megan was a little confused about his purpose in Lilith’s manor. He had inferred two things; higher ranking succubi could tell what he was supposed to be, and his only job here was to let the change happen. Megan looked around for a moment, before a succubus appeared in front of him. They wore androgynous clothing, that wouldn’t have looked out of place in the Victorian era; a red tailcoat, a ruffled cravat, and high waisted white pants, with thigh high boots. 
        “Hello, I am Lavor. I will guide you around here, and get you situated.”
        Megan nodded, and began to follow Lavor. “Hi, I’m Megan. Here because I’m apparently not where I’m supposed to be at? Personality wise?”
        Lavor nodded; “Yes, I guess in a roundabout way that’s true. Let me take you to your quarters first”. Lavor led Megan to a hallway, with many doors. They eventually reached one labelled C9. “This is your room. You’ll share it with two other succubi. Feel free to throw your bag in there before we continue.”
        Megan placed his bag near the foot of the bed which seemed to not be in use, before walking back out into the hallway. Lavor led him to a large door at the end of the hallway. 
        “This is where Lilith lives. She’ll eventually want to see you, and you’ll know when. Don’t visit her unprompted. The punishment will not be the fun kind.”
        Megan nodded; that was important information. Lavor began to lead Megan to a different wing of the castle. “This is the kitchen. Feel free to visit this whenever you want; meal times are not coordinated. And it’s all free, so what do you have to lose?” Lavor smirked at Megan; “Just don’t gain the succubus 15, eh?”. 
        “Don’t worry, I won’t.”
        Lavor led Megan into a library. “Here’s where you can learn some spells, if you want to be boring and not just have them psychically transmitted into your brain.”
        Lavor then led Megan back to the foyer, and smiled; “I guess that’s basically it! You’re going to be experiencing a lot of personal growth while you’re here!”. There was a brief pause; “Do you have any more questions?”.
        “Yes, I do. Everyone I ask is being pretty vague about the specifics of what exactly it is I’m supposed to be learning or becoming here. You probably know; can you just give me a straight answer?”
        Lavor purred; “Some people have to come around to their fate. I wouldn’t want to scare you by telling you what it is. But I’m sure you’ll find it very delicious in the end!”.
Megan sat in his room, and read the one book he’d brought with him for about ten minutes before he started to just stare at the ceiling. Eventually, another succubus walked into the room. Megan turned; “Hi, I’m Megan. I’m your new roommate”.
        “I’m Mia. I’m training to gain more magical abilities. The kinds you have to read from a book.”
        “That’s cool. I’m not sure why I’m here yet.”
        Mia smiled; “I guess we’ll both find out soon, huh? I already think I know why our other roommate is here”.
        “What are you thinking?”
        Mia spoke conspiratorially; “Her name is Jess, and she’s been getting really muscular since she got here!”.
        Megan thought about what this could possibly mean for himself; “Interesting”. His stomach began to rumble. Mia smiled.
        “You really ought to go to the kitchen! The food is amazing! It feels weird asking the chef to make food for you every time, but you get used to it.”
        Megan walked into the kitchen of Lilith’s manor, and found that it was surprisingly cozy. It was a large kitchen, but it didn’t feel unhomely. He knocked his knuckles against the wooden doorframe; “Hello?”.
        A figure began to materialize within the kitchen. They were surprisingly slender for a chef. She had lavender skin, white hair, and a strange black latex outfit, which in some places fit quite loosely. “Greetings, I am Valira, the chef of Lilith’s manor.” She studied Megan intently, and a predatory grin, which was quickly tempered, spread across her face. “I think you and I will become good friends.”
        Megan walked closer to her, and sat down on a stool near the island. “Thank you, I’m glad to hear that. Were you planning on making anything tonight?”
        The chef looked up in thought. “Well, you can actually ask for anything you want, but if you wouldn’t mind, I’d like to make a special dish. A dish I give to special succubi.”
        Megan would’ve blushed if he wasn’t a pretty massive slut. “I would like to taste your specialty dish. I’m sure it will be at least half as tasty as you look.”
        Valira smirked. She was excited to warp Megan’s thoughts and desires. Valira began to prepare a carbonara as Megan watched. Eventually, after mixing in the eggs [and some sorcery], Valira put a more than healthy serving of carbonara into a bowl, filling it completely.
        “Enjoy”, Valira cooed. Megan brought the bowl closer to himself, and inspected the food.
        “There’s a lot of pasta in here.”
        Megan brought a mouthful of the spaghetti to his mouth, and began to chew. His eyes rolled back in his head, and he let out a loud moan. He reflected as he ate the carbonara; he hadn’t eaten in a long time, at least twelve hours. And when was the last time he’d had a good homemade meal like this?
        Megan finished the bowl with surprising speed, and pushed it towards Valira. “Can I have seconds?”
        Valira cocked an eyebrow, and smirked; “Seconds?”.
        The initial glow from the food quickly faded, and Megan put a hand on his gut; he realized that he actually felt incredibly full. “Ooooh . . . wait. Nevermind. I think I had way too much.”
        Valira put the remaining pasta from the pan into a thermos, and handed it to Megan. “When you’re ready to eat again, you can finish this, ok?”
        Megan nodded. “Yeah, sure.” He walked out of the kitchen, and made a beeline for his room. He needed to lie down.
Megan woke up in the middle of the night, and found that he felt excruciatingly hungry. He thought to himself; Did, did I just wake myself up from being too hungry? Megan sighed; it was strange that could happen, after such a large meal. But he wasn’t going to argue with the needs of his body. He opened the thermos Valira had given him, and began to finish eating the carbonara with the attached fork, careful not to wake his roommates. 
        After finishing the remaining food [a serving size only slightly smaller than his dinner], he noticed that he had a tiny bump where his stomach was. Megan sucked his stomach in slightly, and it disappeared. He experimentally stood up outside of bed, and moved his hand down his torso; it seemed negligible. Megan moved into the hallway, and transformed back into his human form; it was unchanged. Megan sighed; What the fuck am I doing? Why am I being paranoid? He climbed back into bed, and went to sleep.
When Megan woke up the next “morning” [there wasn’t a true day/night cycle in this dimension], he found that Mia was also waking up. She studied him; “You’re a guy?”. 
        Megan looked down at himself; he’d forgotten to change back into his succubus form. “Yeah. But is there anything wrong with wanting some more feminine features?” 
        Mia smiled; “No. Surprised you didn’t choose to be an incubus, I guess”.
        Megan stood up from the bed, and transformed into his succubus form again. He realized that there was nothing specific he was supposed to do today. Just, exist in the manor. He looked at his roommate; “Is there a gym here?”. 
        Mia nodded; “Yeah! Go down the long hallway to the left of the library’s entrance”. 
        Megan frowned; why hadn’t Lavor told him about this? He left the room, and began to walk towards the library. After a few minutes, he found it, and went down the long hallway to get to the gym.
        The gym looked modern, unlike many other things in the manor. Megan felt his stomach; he remembered the kitchen had actually looked modern as well. He began to walk into the gym, and a magical field stopped him. “Hey!”
        Megan turned, and a muscular, butch succubus sitting at a desk stared daggers at him. “This gym is only for authorized personnel.”
        Megan looked into the gym; there were some very muscular succubi in there, sure, but there were a lot of succubi who seemed to be “normal”, going about their business on the cardio machines. “I don’t understand. I just want to use an elliptical or something.”
        The gym succubus grabbed something from her desk; “Here’s a consolation prize, take some protein bars. Now get the fuck out”.
        Megan left the gym with the bars, and stood in the hallway. He absentmindedly opened one of the protein bars, and began to eat it. What do I do now? I guess I could go to the library. Actually, it would probably be a good idea to eat a proper breakfast. These protein bars are ok, but I need to eat some real food.
Megan walked into the kitchen, and knocked on the doorframe again. Valira appeared once more, and smiled. “I’m glad to see you’ve returned, pretty boy. What would you like to eat?”
        “I guess something healthy and light would be nice.” 
        Valira watched Megan finish the last of the chocolate bars he’d been given, and smiled. “How about some pizza? It has vegetables in it.”
        Megan sat down on a stool; “Yeah, that does sound good. Thanks”.
        The speed of Valira’s cooking was quite fast; she used as much magic while cooking as she used traditional technique. By the time Megan noticed she was making a deep dish pizza, it was already almost finished. 
        "Oh, that looks really heavy", Megan said. 
        The chef smiled; "Just eat what you want, and I'll put the rest away! Don't worry about a thing!".
        It wasn't long before Valira had placed the deep dish before Megan. “Eat up”, she said.
        Megan brought some of the pizza to his lips, and took a bite. Much like with the last dish, he found it incredibly tasty. This time, however, things were different. 
        Valira walked behind Megan, and began to fondle him as he ate. Pinching one of his nipples occasionally, sucking on his neck. Letting her fingers bring his cock to hardness. Megan didn’t question what Valira’s possible motives for doing this could be; he assumed that Valira was a horny succubus, and that no further explanation was required. 
        Megan’s eyes went wide when he noticed there were not one, but three empty cast irons, which had all been filled with pizza. “Did, did I just eat that?”, he said, feeling an intense fullness in his body. 
        Valira squeezed and massaged both of his breasts from behind; “Oh no, some other people came in here and ate while we were having fun together. How could you have eaten all of that?”.
        Megan cautiously got off of the stool he’d been sitting on, and rested an arm on the island. “Oh gee, I don’t think I can even walk to my bed.”
        Valira snapped her fingers, and a large piece of furniture appeared in the corner of the room. It was covered in red velvet, and it looked like a combination of a bed and a couch. There was a raised section where one could put their knees over, and many pillows offering comfort. Valira led Megan to the couch.
        “What is this couch for?”, Megan asked. It looked like the best piece of furniture he’d ever seen.
        Valira smirked; “It’s a couch we usually let succubi who are being fattened up use. But, since you’re here, you may as well use it”.
        Valira stifled her laughter, as Megan slowly climbed onto the couch, blissfully unaware of his fate.
        As Megan drifted off into sleep, he felt a warmth spread throughout his body, and a hardness down below. He dreamt of Valira, gently feeding him a variety of his favorite foods, while also stroking his cock and praising him.
Megan woke up in his own bed, and after much delay, climbed out. He looked down at himself; he maybe wasn’t super familiar with his new succubus body, but he definitely felt like he’d grown a little. A disconcerting amount, considering he’d only been in the manor for about two days. 
        Have I, gained weight? Megan thought to himself. He quickly cast these concerns aside. It’s just a few pounds. If I just walk it off, I’ll be fine. Megan quickly began to deny that he’d even gained weight; he’d only had one meal yesterday, the pizza. How could he possibly have gained weight? As a final good measure, he momentarily transformed into his human form again; with absolute certainty, he knew that he had gained nothing.
        But the concern lingered, and Megan still walked around, spending a lot of time in the hedge maze behind the maor. It was large, and quite peaceful. Megan eventually reached a clearing, containing some statues. They were depictions of the seven deadly sins.
        Megan studied them; Lust looked like the many paintings of Lilith he’d seen around the manor. The others didn’t look like anyone he recognized. Megan stopped; where was gluttony? He hadn’t been looking at the inscriptions. He just assumed there would be a fat one. Looking intently, he saw the statue labelled Gluttony. Upon closer inspection, it looked a lot like -
        “What are you up to?”
        Megan turned around, and saw Valira. “Oh, hi. I wasn’t expecting you!”
        “I just thought I would check up on you. You haven’t come in for breakfast, brunch, or lunch!”
        Megan nervously laughed; “Well, I do usually skip breakfast”.
        “If you wait too late for lunch, your lunch dessert and mid afternoon snack will make you feel too full for dinner!”
        Megan began to feel a rumbling in his stomach; “I . . .”
        He was beginning to feel like something was deeply wrong, but he also was beginning to feel warm and fuzzy. He looked at Valira again; she was so . . . excruciatingly hot. His cock began to grow harder, and his stomach rumbled again. Valira walked behind Megan, and began to stroke his cock, while resting a hand on the soft curve of his belly.
        “Why don’t we get you nice and full? Doesn’t that sound nice?”
        Megan nodded, and began to feel himself being teleported. 
        The inside of the kitchen was already filled with food. Pancakes; fried ham; a pile of quesadillas; two large meatball subs; and a bowl filled with ice cream, resting on an enchanted cooling device.
        “Here it is, your breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dessert! And I’ll begin preparing the dinner you missed last night.”
        Megan sat down, and began to eat. “You’re very generous, but I really don’t need all of this food. You could’ve just made me the lunch.”
        The food continued to seemingly cook itself, and Valira moved behind Megan. “You can’t learn how to be a succubus on an empty stomach!” She cast another mind clouding spell; Megan was so close to uncovering the truth, but she wanted to watch him flounder in ignorance for just a little while longer.
        Megan finished all of the food which had been laid out when he first entered the room, and waited for last night’s dinner, an entire barbeque. “I think I’ve been gaining some weight since I got here. I think I’m gonna go. But thanks for the food.” 
        Before Megan could get off the stool, all the doors slammed shut. “Nonsense! You’re just as svetle and slim as you were the day you got here!”
        A mirror began to materialize, and Megan studied himself. He actually looked thinner than he had just a few days ago. Megan looked at his flesh, and back at the mirror. “I don’t understand. How . . . ?”
        Valira walked behind Megan, and hugged him, looking at the reflection with him. “I’ve seen this before; you’re adjusting to having a feminine body! Feeling the pressures placed on women by society about their weight! But you see, you’re tiny! It’s an adjustment process.”
        Megan looked down, and felt his growing gut, cupped his growing breasts. He moved his tail, and felt the base of it was girthier than it had been.
        But how could the reflection lie? And Megan was so hungry. He turned around, and the ribs, brisket, steak, and mashed potatoes were all on a large table, which had materialized next to the large red seat in the corner of the room, upon which Valira was seated. With only a little hesitation, Megan sat down next to the cook, and began to eat while being touched by Valira, until he fell asleep.
Megan woke up in his own room again, and struggled to lean up in bed. He rubbed his belly; he felt pretty full. Or maybe he felt . . . big? Because he was eager to have breakfast. He saw Mia looking at him from across the room, a cruel grin on her face.
        Megan studied Mia; she looked different than she had before. Her ears had grown more pointed, and her face more angular. She looked haughty now, in a way she had not before.
        “Hi Mia, it’s been a while. How are you?”
        “I’m doing alright. And my name is Miarza now. I’ve learned a lot about the left hand path, and necromancy. And it seems you’ve grown a lot since you got here, too.”
        Megan smiled, a vacant, yet blissful expression spreading across his face. “I guess I have been doing stuff . . . I’ve been spending a lot of time with Valira since I got here. She’s very nice to me.”
        Miarza furrowed her brow; “Valira?”.
        Megan absentmindedly began to rub his cock, which was beneath a sizable stomach. “Yeah, Valira. The head cook? Don’t you know her?”
        A look of realization came over Miarza’s face; “Ah, Valira. Yes, I read about her. She only makes food for special succubi. The rest of us eat in the main dining hall, where Jezebel is the head cook”. 
        Megan’s stomach grumbled. “Special succubi . . . wait.”
        Miarza walked across the room, and gave Megan a condescending pat on the head; “I’m sure you’ll figure it out. Have a full day, ok?”.
Megan walked inside of the kitchen. The red seat had been moved into a more central location, and Valira stood next to it, wearing a significantly more revealing outfit than usual, made predominantly of leather harnesses and latex. 
        Megan took a few steps forward; “Listen, I think we need to talk or something”.
        “About what, my growing girl?”
        Megan felt a slight stiffness at that name; “Are . . . you trying to make me fat?”.
        Valira grinned cruelly; “Trying to make you fat? How about you look at yourself”. 
        A mirror lowered from above, and this one did not lie. Megan hesitated to look, and was surprised by what he found. He had grown significantly; his thighs were at least thrice the size they had formerly been, and his belly was large and soft. His breasts were round and still somewhat firm, the nipples swollen and eminently pinchable. Megan’s upper arms had grown full, and his wrists had disappeared. He turned, and found his ass had grown immensely; what once was pert and tight was now two soft cushions. While the last few feet of his tail were unchanged, closer to its base it had become thick and girthy with fat.
        Valira moved next to Megan, and picked him up without any exertion. “Now now, don’t be mad or upset. Mistress is going to help you.”
        “Help me what? Gain more weight?”
        Valira telekinetically opened an oven, and brought out a casserole dish filled with macaroni and cheese. “Of course!” A ring materialized in Valira’s hand; “You’re going to need this”.
        Megan took the ring from Valira; “What does this do?”.
        Valira began to massage Megan’s shoulders; “It makes your mouth resistant to heat, so you don’t accidentally burn yourself while you eat. Also might make you more hungry than usual”. 
        Megan hesitated to put the ring on; “Might?”.
        Valira slid it on for him; “Ok, will”. The ring glowed, and when the growing succubus tried to remove it, he realized that it was stuck. At least for now.
        Valira put her hands on either one of Megan’s love handles, and squeezed them; “You’re barely over 250 pounds! You still have a lot of work to do! Come on, eat up!”.
        Megan grabbed a fork, and began to eat some of the macaroni and cheese. “You know, I’m not really onboard with gaining more weight? Can I talk to Lilith about this?”
        The chef began to stroke her quarry’s cock; “Lilith specifically chose you for this task, because you are specially suited to it”.
        “How so?”
        Valira purred; “We know all about your old life. Your obsession with touch, pleasure, and hedonism. We know you love feeling good. But you made the classic mistake of an amateur hedonist”.
        Valira waited for Megan to ask what it was, but he was too busy eating. “The mistake is thinking you can be a true hedonist without being a glutton! And you really have been taking quite well to my conditioning. This beautiful fat succubus was always inside you. Just needed a little nudge,”
        Megan spoke with his mouth full. “But I don’t want to be fat!”
        Valira purred; “Oh, but you do! You just don’t know it yet! Don’t know how it feels to be treated like the goddess that you are!”.
        Megan felt a shift, and he looked up. He was still on the seat with Valira, but he was no longer in the kitchen. They seemed to be in some kind of temple? But it wasn’t Megan’s temple, it was Valira’s temple. Megan realized he was clearly there as an object of worship.
        “Soon, you will love being full and round.”
        Four very thin and lithe femboys and trans girls, all dressed in black lace, leather, and latex, began to appear from behind the columns of the temple. They eagerly walked up to Valira and Megan.
        Valira spoke with a different tone; “Will you help this succubus realize their fate and duty?”.
        “Yes Goddess of Gluttony!”, one of them spoke. Valira pulled down on Megan’s shoulders, and he slowly moved onto his back. 
        Megan felt the four of them begin to rub massaging oil onto his flesh, as they started to worship his body. Valira began to lower a cinnamon roll into his mouth. “How are you feeling, my growing girl? Do you enjoy your new rotundity?”
        Megan realized he was beginning to feel very lethargic, and tired, despite only having woken up about an hour ago. “I guess I’m feeling ok. But . . .”
        Valira gathered some icing that had gotten onto Megan’s soft chin, and put a finger in his mouth. “But what?”
        “But I’m so big. And round. I used to be so skinny.”
        Valira brought another roll to her mouth. Megan could feel a femboy beginning to suck on his cock. “Why does that matter? Why does being skinny matter so much, when you could instead be worshipped and fed? Have your luxurious and plump body massaged and cared for?”
        Megan rubbed his belly with his own hands. “Mmmmmm . . .” One of the worshippers was sucking on his toes. 
        “You enjoyed every moment you were being fed by me, didn’t you? You let my shallow illusions fool you because you wanted to believe there was no harm in indulging. Isn’t that right?”
        Megan peacefully nodded his head. He yawned before another cinnamon roll was lowered between his full blackened lips.
        Hands fell onto Megan’s breasts and began to massage them. 
        “You love being fat, don’t you?”
        A tightness formed on Megan’s brow, and his chewing slowed. Valira opened his mouth, and placed another roll inside. 
        “If you didn’t like being fat, you wouldn’t enjoy being massaged and sucked. Isn’t that right?”
        “I guess so . . .”
        “Which means you like being fat. Isn’t that right? You are a glutton, after all.”
        Megan’s skin changed color, from the light grey it had formerly been, to the light lavender of Valira’s skin. “I like being fat . . . and full.”
        Valira lowered another roll into Megan’s mouth. “That’s a good girl.”
        Megan came into the femboy’s mouth, but it didn’t cause a full body reaction. She was so sleepy she could barely move. The only thing which had kept her hard for so long was Valira’s subtle magic. 
        Valira lowered the last cinnamon roll into Megan’s mouth, and then scooped up the icing from the baking tray, and put that into his mouth as well. Megan sighed contentedly. 
        Valira leaned down, and kissed Meagan’s lips. “I’m going to let you relax and rest here for a while, and then, when you return to my kitchen, I’ll make you some lunch. How does that sound?”
Megan rested against the back of the red velvet covered seat. He now took up a sizable amount of the chair; his belly had grown round enough for his breasts to rest on it, and his thighs had in turn become nice cushions on which his belly in turn could rest. His rounded arms rested on his sides, and he contentedly chewed on some carbonara Valira had made him. She stood next to Megan, and affectionately squeezed his love handles.
        Valira spoke with pride; “You truly have become a glutton. Your corrupting influence will corrode the will of anyone who summons you.”
        Megan looked at his arms, which had been covered in sigils and runes. “That will be nice, I guess.”
        Valira began to stroke Megan’s long crimson hair; “Is something wrong, my growing princess?”.
        “Will I ever see you again?”
        Valira kissed Megan’s cheek; “Of course you will. I’ll find the time”.
        A holographic apparition appeared in the room; “Megan, Lilith requests your audience”. Megan climbed off of her seat, and began to slowly waddle out of the room.
Megan cautiously pushed open the door to Lilith’s room, and entered. It was a somewhat large room, and quite palatial. Columns on either side of a red velvet carpet led to a large bed. Seated on the bed was Lilith herself.
        “Hello Megan. Come sit here on my bed.”
        Megan waddled to the bed, and with the aid of Lilith’s telekinesis, was able to sit down. “Why did you call me, Dark Mistress?”
        Lilith snapped her fingers, and Megan reverted to his human form; thin, lithe, and male, of the twinkish variety. “There is one last change you must undergo, before you will truly be one of my daughters.”
        Megan nervously looked at Lilith; “What is the last change?”
        “Don’t be naive, Megan. You know exactly what needs to change.”
        Megan lifted up his hands; “Listen, please don’t also make my human form gluttonous!”.
        Lilith smirked; “No, I won’t do that. But you really should be careful about letting Valira see your human form so thin and skeletal like that. I’m thinking of something more . . . fundamental”.
        Megan saw a pink earring, with the venus symbol, appear in Lilith’s hand. Megan cautiously picked up the ring, and anxiously looked at it. “You know, I am a pretty feminine guy! I’m more feminine than some women I know!”
        “Put it on, sissy boy.”
        Megan put the earring into his ear, and a high pitched whine left his body. Megan felt something happening. Multiple things happening. “What’s going on?”
        Lilith pushed him down onto the bed; “Wow! Look at that!”. Megan looked down; his large cock was beginning to shrink and lose girth. 
        Lilith groped Megan’s chest, as breasts began to emerge. “Such a pretty girl”, she cooed, as she lifted up his legs.
        Megan struggled; “What’s going on?”.
        Lilith smiled; “It’s ok, Mommy’s just going to turn you into a good girl”. Lilith created some lube around Megan’s hole, and she began to insert herself into him. Megan’s body continued to change; the meager fat redistributed, and his jawline slightly shrank. A moan escaped his lips as Lilith continued to pound him.
        “Are you going to have a sissy-gasm for Mommy?”
        Megan grabbed a nearby pillow, and hugged it, as Lilith continued to thrust. The Goddess purred; “Good girl! Such a good girl for your Mommy! Are you going to be a pretty girl for me?”.
        Megan whined; “Yes! Yes Mommy!”. She began to reach for her cock, but Lilith slapped her hand away.
        “I didn’t tell you that you could touch! Don’t be a bad girl for Mommy!”
        Megan’s breath began to grow choppy, and she tried to hold it all in, but she couldn’t. She let out a long stream of precum, and felt pleasure moving from deep within. Then, she grew limp, and Lilith began to spoon her. 
        “Such a good girl! You were so good for your Dark Mistress!”
        Megan moved, to better fit into the contours of Lilith’s spoon. “Mommy, I’m hungry”.
        Lilith smirked, and tousled Megan’s hair. “Of course you are.”
Megan, in her human form, stood in the foyer of the manor, and looked around. She felt happy with everything that had happened. She hadn’t expected to enjoy unchecked hedonistic gluttony so much, and she also was still hungry, even in her human form. She’d have to temper that.
        Megan heard footsteps coming from down the hallway. From around the corner emerged Valira. She furrowed her brow; “Megan? Is that you?”.
        Megan smiled as she walked closer; “Yes, it is! I’m surprised you still haven’t seen my human form”. The chef shook her head slowly from side to side, as she studied her lithe figure.
        “Tsk tsk tsk, this won’t do! You’re all skin and bones!” Megan picked up her duffle bag, and began to back away.
        “Thank you for all the food you gave me, I really appreciate it! But, I really have to be going now!”
        Valira telekinetically grabbed one of Megan’s legs, and she fell down, breaking her fall with her bag. She began to drag her prey across the floor. “I think I should give you a parting snack, what do you say?”

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