Latent Sin in the Convent

Chapter 2: Blood in the Water

by SabrinaTVBand

Tags: #cw:noncon #forced_fem #nun #succubus #transgender_characters #weightgain #dom:female #f/f #fantasy #multiple_partners

        Morgan waited for Valira to return for a few minutes, but he soon grew bored and fell asleep.

        When he woke up, he was surprised to find himself inside of a large cavern near a lake of fire. An ornate castle was visible in the difference.

        The faux nun's heart caught in his throat. Had he died? Was he in Hell? Before he could ponder things much further, he noticed Valira was standing next to him. 

        "Are you up? Good. Come on. Follow me."

        Morgan remained silent as he followed the succubus. She casually sauntered with a slinky seductiveness that threatened to tempt Morgan. Of course, he already had been tempted.

        Valira opened the doors to the castle and Morgan followed her inside. They walked into a pentagram and teleported to a sensual candle-lit room. The large bed within had red silken sheets, and, for no discernable reason, there was a small kitchen in the corner of the room.

        Valira looked at Morgan and placed the tips of her fingers together. "So, are you ready for me to use feminizing magic on you?"

        Morgan nodded. "Yes, Mistress Valira. What must I do?"

        Valira motioned to her bed. "You must eat."

        The lithe young man moved onto the bed and listened to Valira. "The feminizing magic will work in two ways. The first involves the pentagram necklace. It will absorb some energy from your food consumption and give you a temporary feminine disguise. Of course, you'll need a more permanent and long term disguise, and the pentagram has also put a curse on you, which will cause more long term changes to your body as you eat. It will take some time, but you'll get there."

        Morgan nodded. "Ok. What do I have to eat?"

        Valira sighed. "My, you make it sound like it's going to be so painful! But I guess you are a peasant, probably used to only eating boiled vegetables and soggy bread. Allow me to prepare you something."


        The succubus lifted her arms, and a variety of ingredients moved from out of a small pantry. She began to cook, and, with her magic, the process was expedited greatly. Morgan watched intently; the aroma of Valira’s craft was unlike anything he’d ever perceived in his austere life. It wasn’t long before the succubus moved onto the bed and placed three bowls between them.

        “This first bowl has ziti, and this second bowl has some broccoli casserole I like to make. This final bowl has some potato hash.” The chef was proud of herself, and a perverse grin spread across her face as Morgan awkwardly picked up his spoon.

        His eyes rolled back and a moan left him, as he ate the first bite of broccoli casserole. It had seemed like the safest option; he knew what broccoli actually was. The heavy cream and cheese were so warm and rich, he wondered if he’d died and gone to Hell.

        Morgan spoke with a full mouth. “This is . . . amazing! I’ve . . . never had anything like this before.”

        Valira smiled. “I’m glad. But don’t just eat the broccoli; try the hash.”

        Morgan tasted the other dishes. “Will you always make food for me?”

        “Not always, but we can worry about that later. Eat up for now.”


        Morgan continued to eat, until he eventually placed down his spoon and sighed. “I don’t think I can eat anymore.” 

        Valira moved behind him and began to rub his stomach. “You’ve never felt full before, have you?”

        “ . . . no, I haven’t.”

        Valira grinned and gently licked the side of his neck. “It’s healthy to feel full. If you feel full, you should always eat a little more. That’s how your femininity grows!”

        Morgan hesitantly lifted the spoon and began to eat again, as Valira started to suck on his neck.

        Morgan thought to himself, It is not sex if there is no penetration. This is not a sin. Is it a sin to merely converse with a succubus?

        Valira spoke, as she began to softly rub Morgan's swollen gut. "You don't need to finish all three bowls. Just finish two for me. It won't be long before you're able to eat everything you see like a champ."

        Morgan found it slightly more difficult to breathe, as he finally finished the last bit of casserole. "I'm tired", he murmured, as the succubus gently guided him to lay on the bed. 

        As the stuffed young man began to drift into sleep, Valira started to whisper into his ear. "I can read your mind. Do you seriously still think of yourself as a boy?"

        Morgan struggled to think properly. " . . . Yes."

        "You're going to live as a nun for the rest of your life, right? And you're going to gain a feminine figure. Why don't you start thinking of yourself as a girl?"

        Morgan frowned. "Father told me it was a sin."

        Valira kissed Morgan on the forehead and smiled. "That's silly. You can be a girl if you want. How about we choose you a girly name?"

        "Morgan is a girly name; everyone says so."

        Valira kissed Morgan's forehead again. "What about Morrigan? That's not a name boys can have."

        " . . . Ok."

        As Morrigan drifted off into sleep, her pentagram began to glow.



        Zelda entered the booth and began to caress the cross that hung from her necklace. "Forgive me, Mother, for I have sinned. It has been two weeks since my last confession."

        "What sins have you come to confess?"

        Zelda swallowed and felt her throat move. She felt uncomfortable. "I have experienced lust again. I sometimes struggle with my life of chastity."

        The elder nun on the other side of the divider spoke sternly. "Imagine how God feels, knowing that you feel such perverted, degenerate thoughts."

        Zelda nodded. "I feel terrible, Mother, but I don't know what to do! My mind and body long to sin. I feel so ill."

        "What other depraved things will you confess?"

        Zelda felt a tear run down her cheek. "I sometimes wish I weren't a nun. I feel ambivalent towards my life."

        "If you turn against God, you'll rot in Hell and hurt Jesus in ways you could not imagine."

        There was a pause and Zelda struggled to hold back more tears. The elder nun continued to speak. “Wear the chastity belt you were given for a week. That is the Lord’s punishment.”

        Zelda nodded. She opened the door and exited the confessional. As she walked to her quarters, she passed Vanessa, the one for whom she felt such lustful feelings.

        Zelda chastised herself; when would she confess that her lustful thoughts were for another woman? To admit such a thing would surely have repercussions beyond what she could ever imagine.



        Vanessa felt the leather of her Bible beneath her fingertips as she continued walking to Mathia's room. Vanessa was a respected member of the convent, an "elder" of 37 years. It had become quite easy for her to maintain this position, as power suited her well.

        Vanessa opened Mathia's door and saw the younger nun on her knees, praying. A short moment passed and Mathia then lifted her gaze and smiled at her superior.

        "Hello sister Mathia. It's good to see you praying."

        "Thank you, Mistress."

        Vanessa walked across the small room and placed her Bible onto a bedside table, before beginning to disrobe. She first removed her headdress, exposing her silky black hair. Then, she allowed her robes to slide off her body, exposing her full breasts and slightly rounded hips. Mathia moved closer to the elder nun and placed a kiss on one of her feet.

        "Good girl. Get undressed."

        The subservient nun began to remove her garments as well, until she was also naked, her orange hair and freckled shoulders exposed. Vanessa pointed to the bed and Mathia moved in turn.



        As the sun began to set, Lily pushed her habit underneath the door to her room. She couldn't lock her door, or do anything to prevent unwanted visitors from coming in. But she could minimize the chances of her activities being noticed.

        The nun removed the cross she kept around her neck and proceeded to light a candle before tracing a pentagram on her forehead. Bits of red hair gently brushed against the back of her hand.

        "Lilith, please save me. Destroy this Holy place and kill the elders who have trapped me in this life of servitude to a cruel God. I wish to serve only you, Liltih and no one else."

        The flame abruptly grew in size and then sputtered, before extinguishing itself.

        "Did she finally hear me?"

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