Latent Sin in the Convent

Chapter 1: New Habit

by SabrinaTVBand

Tags: #cw:noncon #forced_fem #nun #succubus #transgender_characters #weightgain #dom:female #f/f #fantasy #multiple_partners

Morgan trudged through the mud while struggling to keep his footing. The rain continued to fall quite heavily, causing the young man to curse to himself. He’d collected some scrap metal out of town, but it was now looking like he might have to cut his losses unless he wanted to grow ill. With no small amount of hesitation, Morgan threw his findings onto the side of the path, and hoped that they would still be there later. Unburdened, he began to run back to the village. 

Life in the village was not something Morgan particularly enjoyed. There were only a few jobs available to men; blacksmithing, lumber work, butchery, and, if you knew the right people, priesthood. A lot of the work delegated to men caused one to grow muscles, become hard, tough. For reasons even he himself did not understand, Morgan did not wish to become brawny. Unfortunately, his present occupation as a scavenger and salvaged, in addition to barely providing for even his meager needs, was doing little to avoid manual labor. 

As Morgan trotted up the muddy path, he saw something that briefly lifted his spirits. Up ahead, just off the trail, he spied a small cave. This will be a good place for me to rest until the rain passes, he thought to himself. After struggling through some tall grass, he managed to get into the mostly dry cavern. Thank you, your Holiness, he thought with gratitude for his small bit of good fortune. 

It was then that Morgan noticed something unusual, partially obscured by a stalagmite - a piece of black cloth. He crawled towards it and pulled it out, and discovered that it was no ordinary garment; it was a nun’s habit.

Morgan froze. He’d always dreamed of becoming a nun, and living comfortably in a convent. Being pretty, even. What if . . .

Before he could continue that thought, purple smoke began to seep from slightly deeper within the cave. Morgan coughed as the smoke passed him and obscured his vision, until the air cleared, and he was confronted with the sight of a lavender-skinned woman. She had ivory horns and blue irises. Her black lips parted into a grin, exposing long fangs. A pointed tail revealed itself by casually swaying to her side. Morgan took note of the fact that she also had a penis; he didn’t realize that this was something that a woman could have, but he was very interested now that he knew.

The woman spoke in an authoritative voice. “I am Valira. What is your name?”

“Morgan, ma’am.”

Valira lowered her gaze slightly, and became more smug. “You wanted to wear that habit and disguise yourself as a nun. Is that right?”

The scavenger nodded. “You . . . you’re a demon, aren’t you?”

Valira grew serious. “I’m a succubus, and that shouldn’t matter to you. If you want to get into a convent, you’re going to have to do as I say. Do you understand?”

Morgan nodded, even though he worried that he was sinning. But what was a little sinning for a life of holiness as a nun?

Valira rolled her eyes. “Get rid of those rags you’re wearing and put on the habit.”

Morgan removed his clothes, and slid on the slightly baggy habit. Valira inspected him and nodded. They both dematerialized, and Morgan found himself appearing before the local convent.

Can you hear me? 

Morgan realized that he could hear the succubus’s voice inside of his head. She continued to speak. Go into the building. I’ve used glamour to make your face appear more feminine. Your voice currently sounds less masculine as well.

With some hesitation, Morgan began to walk towards the building. His new robes kept him mostly protected from the rain. What is this costing me?, he asked.

Currently, my services are for free.


Morgan entered the foyer of the convent, and looked around. Various engravings detailing passages from the Bible covered the walls. A few nuns silently passed each other, presumably too busy with whatever it was that they did to be concerned with socializing.

Before Morgan could do anything, a middle aged woman stopped in front of him. She spoke in a stern voice. “I have never seen you here before. What are you? Some kind of imposter?”

Tell her that you were sent over from out of town.

“I - I was sent here from a different convent. They had too many nuns.”

The woman arched an eyebrow. “Oh really? From where?”


“A convent in Windchestersire.”

The older nun crossed her arms. “I wasn’t told anything about this by Angela. Well, I see no harm in giving you some lodging. Don’t make me regret it.”

The nun led Morgan through a few halls until, eventually, they reached a row of bedrooms. The nun opened a door and motioned inside. 

“You can sleep here. Spend the rest of the day getting settled. I’ll send Ingrid tomorrow to teach you how we do things around here.”

Morgan got inside the room, and the woman closed the door. After confirming to himself that he was truly alone, he sighed, and Valira appeared before him.

“You made it! How does it feel to live in a convent?”

Morgan stared at the floor. “What have I gotten myself into? I can already hear that your magic has worn off.”

Valira nodded. “That’s right. I can’t just cast glamour spells on you continuously. If you’re going to want to stay here, we’re going to have to make a deal.”

Morgan looked up into Valira’s eyes. “I’m not sure if I can make a deal with a devil.”

“Succubus, not devil. Just hear my terms, hm? Can you do that?”

The young man nodded. 

“The first thing is that, you must know I cannot feminize you permanently using simple magic. It’s a complicated process, involving the physical absorption of energy. You’ll have to wear a symbol beneath your clothing until the process is finished.”

A pentagram attached to a necklace appeared, and dangled from Valira’s fingers. She continued to speak. “The second thing is that, well, it’s hard for me to hear people calling for me. So many people are always trying to summon me, and if you need me for an emergency, you’ll have to cut through the noise by pledging your devotion to me. Can you do that?”

Morgan thought to himself. He couldn’t imagine betraying his Lord, but he also needed this. Did he really want to be a girl all the time? What if he just made his pledges to Valira insincerely?

“I accept your terms.”

The lavender succubus grinned, exposing her fangs. “Excellent. Now, repeat after me; I, Morgan, pledge devotion to Valira, my unholy succubus Mistress, in exchange for her services.”

The new nun struggled to get the words out. “I, Morgan, pledge devotion to Valira, my unholy succubus Mistress, in exchange for her services.”

Valira gently lowered the necklace into Morgan’s hands, and she disappeared. “I’ll see you again in a few hours. Get some rest.”

This story is inspired by a prompt of sorts posted by Kallie on twitter. If you enjoyed this first chapter, check out my erotica compilation on!

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