Cherished Slave-Pet of the Dark Elf Administratrix

Chapter 4

by SabrinaTVBand

Tags: #cw:gore #cw:noncon #cw:sexual_assault #darkelf #dom:female #fantasy #forced_fem #matriarchy #weightgain #D/s #elf #sadomasochism #size_difference #transformation

The next morning, Xuna tightened a collar onto Vasiik, as usual, and led her with her leash back to the cafeteria. Three other women were already seated in the booth, one of whom had a slave of her own.
        Xuna spoke broadly to all the nületh around her. "This is my new slave Vassik. Vasiik, this is Wæring, Persell, Vondrin, and her slave Eclipse."
        Vasiik shyly waved a hand towards the seated party, before seating herself next to her Mistress. Xuna attached the end of her slave's leash onto a loop, which also held the end of Eclipse's leash.
        Xuna's pet studied the other slave as the Adminitratricies began to talk. He was lithe, and unlike the other nületh, his hair was pitch black. The space around his right eye was heavily scarred, and the eye itself was nearly white.
        Vondrin placed a hand on her pet's back, which caused his entire body to stiffen. Viscous tears began to seep out of his damaged eye.
        Three chefs brought out a large pot, and a few plates of food. The pot, which was filled with a brown broth, was placed above a small flame in the center of the table. The rest of the food was placed before Vasiik.
        As the beginning of the meeting was interrupted by the food, Vondrin noticed her slave crying in fear. She tenderly grabbed his jaw.
        "I'm not like Mother Necrov, I'm not going to hurt you."
        Eclipse started to shudder and sob. "I'm sorry Mommy, please don't hurt me!"
        Vondrin gently held his head, and placed a kiss on his lips. A sound, somewhere between a contended whimper and a whine, escaped the slave.
        Wæring studied the food laid out before Vasiik. "Why does your pet have so much food? She's never going to finish it."
        Xuna smiled. "My special princess used to be a human, before she was transformed into a nületh and lovingly cursed by our Goddess. But her appetite remains, including its capacity to grow."
        Vasiik hesitated to start eating her ham; the strangers around her were staring so intently. Her Owner gently collected some of the ham with her fork, and placed it between her pet's lips.
        "Good girl", she cooed. She looked down, and grinned as she noticed the tent forming in Vasiik's silk garments.
        Vondrin began to speak. "Vasiik, have you ever tasted nufys?"
        The slave's eyes widened when she realized what was in the bowl. Nufys carried a symbolic weight on the surface world; it appeared in many fables, where innocent children and young women were tempted into caves with the promise of eating the mysterious food.
        Wæring grabbed a long metal utensil, and placed it into the simmering broth. She lifted out a strange indigo fungus, shaped like a lumpen trapezoid, covered in a red texture. She pointed it at Vasiik. The Administratrix almost looked irritated. 
        "Eat it."
        Vasiik whispered to her Mistress. "i'm not sure if it's safe for me to eat that. please don't let her make me!"
        Xuna began to stroke the back of her pet's head with one hand, and grabbed the utensil with the other. She slowly brought the nufys to her lips.
        "Come on, open up for Mistress."
        Vasiik closed her eyes and opened her mouth. She felt the end of the fleshy fungus pass her lips, and she hesitantly bit down and began to chew.
        "Good girl."
        Vasiik tasted the nufys; its sensation was strange. It tasted good in ways food had never tasted good before. She was almost certain the food would've made her sick before drinking Sinderella's potion.
        She opened her eyes, and noticed it had been placed on top of her ham. She began to work her way through the ham, the rest of the nufys, the cake, and the pie which had been brought out for her.
        After only two minutes, she noticed everyone else at the table had already finished eating, half eaten nufys sitting on each of their plates. As the Administratrices spoke, they watched Vasiik stuff herself with great interest.
        Vondrin looked at Xuna. "Do you mind if I come over to your side?"
        She shook her head. Vondrin sat next to Vasiik, and took her spoon from her hand. She scooped up some cake, and gathered some extra icing. She curiously brought the food to Vasiik's lips.
        Xuna gave her pet a reassuring rub on the back, and smiled at her colleague's curiosity. Vasiik accepted the food, and whimpered.
        Vondrin moved her hand over the slave's swollen gut, and hesitated, before starting to rub it.
        "What does it feel like, to eat so much?"
        Vasiik made a slightly vacuous sound, finding it difficult to think, as she was somewhat overstimulated. "i guess it's kind of uncomfortable, but also i don't want it to stop."
        "How full are you now?"
        Vasiik felt Xuna's fingers wrapping around her cock. Without thinking, she accepted another scoop of cake.
        "i'm almost full, i think."
        Xuna brought the last piece of ham to her pet's lips. "She ate more than this yesterday. She's nowhere near full."
        "Don't whine, princess."
        Persell watched dispassionately from behind the triangle she'd formed with her fingers. Wæring seemed more amused by the slave than she previously had.
        Vondrin fed Vasiik more cake. "I think I'm going to visit the sorceresses later. Perhaps they can make an appetite stimulant for my Eclipse."
        Vasiik looked at the other slave. He seemed confused by what was happening, and had his head conspicuously turned to obscure his right eye.
The next week was a blur. Each morning, Vasiik would be sent off to the cafeteria for breakfast, where she'd eat an oversized meal, before taking a short nap to digest some of her food, before eating an oversized lunch. Xuna tried to be present as much as her Administratrix position allowed.
        She was always present for dinner, where the food was served in her room, under candlelight. The meals were smaller, and Xuna would personally feed almost everything to her growing slave, while gently cooing and whispering and kissing, assuring and assuaging her pet in the nületh tongue.
        Vasiik was surprised by how quickly the weight started to pile on. It took only that week for her breasts to grow a size, for a small paunch to start hanging over her belt, for her thighs to start touching during rare moments.
        She often felt insecure, but Xuna would gently grope her growing flesh and coddle her until her nerves settled.
Xuna woke up Vasiik. The pet groggily looked at her Mistress, who was watching her with a serious expression.
        "Is something wrong?"
        "No. The Queen wants to see you."
        Vasiik nuzzled her head against Xuna's thigh. Xuna pulled the covers off of her slave, and she dutifully climbed out of bed and got dressed.
        Xuna led her pet down an unfamiliar set of hallways, collared but not leashed. They reached a long staircase, which descended several stories, deep into the earth.
        "The Queen only wants to see you."
        Vasiik looked up at her Mistress, trying to find some kind of assurance.
        "It's ok. If she decides to keep you, she'll take good care of you."
        Xuna began to walk back to her room. Vasiik looked down the staircase, and hesitantly began to descend.
        It only took a few moments before the passage was pitch black. Even with her nületh eyes, she still felt unsure of her footing. After what felt like two minutes of walking, she reached a set of wooden doors. Cautiously, she entered.
        Eight statues of Zidrivini surrounded a single throne at the far end of the room. All the statues were dripping with black slime, but unlike the statue in the temple, they all had eyes. Living eyes, with red irises, all staring intently at the figure seated on the throne.
        "Don't be shy, subject. Come closer."
        The room was lit only by a few torches on the walls, and glowing sigils covering pillars and the floor. As Vasiik got closer to the throne, she noticed she was stepping on a metal grid. She looked down, and saw twelve slaves sleeping on a large bed, covered in red silk sheets.
        "Those are my pets. Do you like them?"
        Vasiik paused, trying to find a tepid yet negative answer. "maybe, i guess."
        "You are smarter than I expected. You know some of them used to belong to Xuna."
        Vasiik was silent. She looked up, and noticed the Queen wasn't on the throne.
        Her voice rang out from seemingly every direction of the room. "I am the most powerful being in the universe. Everything bends to my will. The only one I am beholden to is Zidrivini."
        Vasiik knew that the Queen was not actually that powerful; unlike almost everyone else who'd been in the throne room, she'd actually been outside of a cave before.
        Vasiik tried to find the Queen by looking at the eyes of the statues, but she noticed they all had closed.
        "What is your name?"
        There was a hint of laughter in the Queen's voice. "If you heard my name, you would feel compelled to repeat it endlessly in your head. Its contours would form an abstract fear inside of you, until you died from shock at the slightest provocation. My name is a death sentence."
        There was a pause. Vasiik froze as she began to feel warm breathing on her neck.
        "I do not remember my own name. My Goddess reminds me every time I want to kill someone. She took it from me when I forgot my place, as a warning."
        Vasiik turned around, and found herself looking directly into the Queen's eyes. She gasped, and nearly fell over.
        The Queen had been kneeling, but she stood up straight and reached her true height of eight feet. Vasiik had forgotten what it was like to see anything that big since arriving in Bath'L'Teq. The Queen's hair was silver and teased, like most other nületh's hair. Her body was covered in a black velvet dress, which only revealed an unusually shapely figure, by dark elf standards. Her lips looked soft and inviting, and her cheekbones were high. Her eyes were luxurious in their quality.
        She grabbed the slave, and carried her to her throne. She placed Vasiik on her lap, and began to stroke her hair.
        "You're a very girly boy. It turns you on, doesn't it?"
        "i, i'm a girl."
        The Queen smiled cruelly. "Does it arouse you, to be a vacuous plaything for my servant? I know you didn't used to be a girl."
        "It feels good."
        "Of course it does. You couldn't be so shamelessly indulgent and weak and silly as a man. That's why you like being a girl. You didn't reject what was happening because it was a symptom of you giving up."
        Vasiik tried not to cry. The Queen spoke with venom in her words.
        "I can reverse the effects of the potion Sinderella gave you, and teleport you to the surface right now. All you have to do is say yes."
        Vasiik hesitated. "Can Xuna come with me? Can you turn her into a human?"
        The Queen grinned, and her eyes widened. It was the most terrifying thing Vasiik had ever seen. "Oh yes, I can turn her into a human. But do you know what would happen if I did?"
        ". . . no."
        "Oh yes, you do. You know that she would hate you forever. She would probably kill you with her bare hands, and curse you every night in her dreams. Her love is conditional; if you stopped being a nületh, she'd work you to death in the mines. She would hate you. You're selfish for even thinking of hurting her like that."
        Vasiik cried against the Queen, who continued to hold her and stroke her hair. “Don’t you understand? You’re just a plaything to her. She’s happy because she’s in control. She doesn’t love you, or even like you. She likes the idea of you; a malleable object through which she can exert her will.”
        Vasiik tried to push herself away from the Queen, but instead her captor violently hugged her tighter. “You don’t have to return to my subject, Vasiik. You can stay here with the other slaves that I’ve rescued from my spiteful servants! All you have to do is say that you want to be here, with me!”
        Vasiik, through her blurry, tear-filled vision, could see the eyes on the statues of Zidrivini.
        Let her go. You’ve taken from Xuna for the last time.
        The Queen growled. “I can hurt anyone I want! I am above everything! Everything except you, my Goddess.”
        Xuna will stop worshipping me if you take Vasiik. I told her it wouldn’t happen. Let her go if you value your life.
        The Queen lifted the slave off her lap, and threw her across the room. Vasiik struggled to her feet, and looked back at the throne.
        It was empty. The eyes on the statues were closed.
Vasiik laid on her back, and Xuna straddled her pet from the side, studying her.
        “You haven’t been the same since you came back from the Queen.”
        Xuna put a hand on one of Vasiik’s cheeks. “I’ve never gotten to this part before. You need to tell me what’s wrong. What did she do?”
        “Sacrifice me to Zidrivini. Gain favor with your Goddess.”
        Xuna shook her head. “No. She told me I’d get to keep you. What happened?”
        Vasiik started to cry again. Xuna placed her hands on either side of Vasiik’s head, and began to read her mind, which just made the slave cry more.
        Xuna furrowed her brow. “You don’t want to tell me, because you’re afraid I’ll hurt you.” She let go of Vasiik’s head, and kissed her gently, before leaving the room.
.  .  .
Xuna sat on a bench in the main hall of the palace. She knew that Vasiik wasn’t being unreasonable with her fears. With everything that had happened, it made sense Vasiik would be scared to say something she wouldn’t want to hear.
        The Administratrix left to visit Mepri’za and Sinderella.
Xuna returned to her bedroom that evening. Vasiik was asleep in her basket, underneath the window.
        “Vasiik, wake up. I have something I want to give to you.”
        The once-human woke up, and looked at Xuna. She held a ring in each of her hands. The Mistress gingerly approached the basket, and knelt down.
        “These rings are enchanted with glamour. For a day, if we wore them, we would appear as wood elves.”
        Vasiik was tired, and her mind was worn. It was difficult for her to process or think or perceive anything she was witnessing.
        “What’s the point of those?”
        Xuna placed both the rings on one of her hands. “We can’t go to the surface world the way we are. But, if we were disguised, we could have a fun day outside.”
        Vasiik took one of the rings. “That could be fun.”
        Xuna sat next to her pet in the basket. “I’ve been thinking about your fears, the ones I saw. I don’t know exactly what happened, with you and the Queen. But I want to treat you well. You don’t need to be afraid of meeting my expectations.”
        Vasiik hugged her Mistress, who began to stand up. “Come on, let’s get into my bed. I think we’re both tired, and we need some rest.”

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