Cherished Slave-Pet of the Dark Elf Administratrix

Chapter 3

by SabrinaTVBand

Tags: #cw:gore #cw:noncon #cw:sexual_assault #darkelf #dom:female #fantasy #forced_fem #matriarchy #weightgain #D/s #elf #sadomasochism #size_difference #transformation

Xuna led Vasiik into a room they had not been to before. It looked like the inside of some kind of restaurant, but far more ornate and ostentatious in its design. A variety of booths were scattered across the room.
        “What is this place?”, Vasiik asked.
        Her owner looked around the room, trying to find an attendant. “This is a dining hall for the Administratrices of the Queendom. I’m bringing you here to get you into shape.”
        Vasiik furrowed her brow, confused. “Into shape?
        Xuna smiled mischievously.
        Two women approached them, each dressed in relatively plain clothing, stained from food preparation. One of them stepped forward. “Greetings, Administratrix Xuna. How may we help you today?”
        Vasiik’s owner began to motion towards her body. “My new servant needs some help; I’m finding her flesh a little lacking. Could you bring us a few meals? Make food that would be . . . palatable to outsiders. She hasn't been accustomed to traditional nületh cooking yet.”
        Both of the women bowed, before leaving for the nearby kitchen. Xuna began to lead Vasiik to her personal booth. The slave was feeling nervous, as she was finally getting an inkling about what was happening.
        “Mistress, what did you mean by me having “lacking flesh”?”
        Xuna pressed a few of her fingers against Vasiik’s ribs. “Well, when I was holding you last night, I found myself thinking your body wasn’t quite . . . cushiony enough. You could stand to be softer.”
        “Y-You mean you’re going to fatten me? That’s disgusting!”
        Xuna shrugged. “Why?”
        Her slave struggled to articulate herself. “Because, it’s, just, spitting in the face of what’s good and practical! Why would anyone do something like that?”
        The Mistress smiled. “Why do you say that? You’re not a magician anymore, as you so clearly discovered for yourself just recently. You’re a pet now, and I’m pampering you. Savor these moments of generosity from your Mistress.”
        She began to whisper into the slave’s ear. “Besides, if you don’t want to be what I’m turning you into, I can always just put you back in the mines.”
        Vasiik felt a pang of guilt as she thought of how their life as a magic user was dangerously close to slipping firmly into their past. She was trying to believe that the book wasn’t closed on her learning magic again. After a few moments of silence, during which Xuna gently rubbed her slave’s thighs, the two chefs brought three plates to the table.
        They announced each of the dishes as they placed them on the surface. “Roasted turkey, cauliflower with cheese, and fried bat." A goblet filled with a purple fluid was placed on the table. "And a potion, made to Sinderella's specifications."
        Vasiik squinted with hesitation as she studied the food. Xuna got a spoonful of cauliflower, and brought it up to her toy's lips.
        "Come on, Vasiik. It's time for you to eat up."
        The former magic user opened her lips, and let her Mistress put the food into her mouth. She was quickly overwhelmed by how good it tasted.
        "Oh, Mistress, this . . ."
        "It tastes amazing, doesn't it? Don't worry about pacing yourself; you still have plenty of food to eat."
        Vasiik picked up a spoon, and with only a few melting reservations, she began to eat more of the cauliflower, which was completely drenched in thick, creamy cheese.
        Xuna's words began to ring through the slave's head. "You're not a magician anymore . . . You're a pet now, and I'm pampering you."
        She didn't have to worry about adventuring anymore, didn't have to worry about fighting or bartering with innkeepers when low on cash. She was a pet. She was addicted to her Mistress's presence and touch, dependent on it.
        Vasiik felt herself getting hard. She was no longer a man, but a woman; it was so taboo that it would make her old acquaintances shun her, but that itself was starting to sound appealing, so long as her Mistress was beside her, so long as her status as a cherished slave, a beloved pet, was being lorded over them.
        Vasiik moaned as she continued to eat the food. She spoke after finishing the first bowl.
        "How soft do you want me to become, Mistress?"
        Xuna stroked some of Vasiik's hair. "I'll let you know if I think you've become too big."
        The Administratrix smiled, and whispered sensually into her slave's ear, as she brought the goblet to her lips. "And don't worry about using euphemisms for your weight. You're going to become fat for me. You will become a veritable symbol of the decadence the nületh can provide their belongings with. Don't feel ashamed of your form as it grows more luxurious."
        Vasiik thought of the most spoiled and fat princesses she had seen during her travels, and realized she was not unlike them. She was being spoiled by her Queen. The memories of the cruelty Xuna had shown her not even a week ago were rapidly fading away, as the love of her captor made her feel unprecedented pleasures.
Vasiik sat on Xuna's balcony, uncomfortably full from the lunch she'd eaten. She looked at the arch which led to the surface, and sighed.
        I don't want to go to the surface. It wouldn't be safe . . . I'd have to hide my identity with heavy robes, so that nobody could tell that I'm a nületh, and people would treat me poorly because I'm a woman . . .
        Vasiik turned and studied one of the giant mushrooms near the palace. Its lights were so beautiful, shining in the darkness. Glowing pores slowly lowered towards the ground, dissipating into ethereal displays of color and light.
        I guess it is nice being in a cave . . . why would I ever want to leave?
        The question sat in Vasiik’s mind. The thought of never leaving was appealing; it would absolve her from having to try to escape. There was a comfort in giving up, but it was also . . . giving up. Succumbing to laziness, defeat, apathy. Worry spread across Vasiik’s face as she thought about the choice she was making.
        Xuna joined her pet on the balcony, and sat down next to her, holding a plate of chocolates.
        "What are you thinking about, my princess?"
        "I was just thinking about . . . how I don't have a place in the surface world anymore."
        Xuna smiled. "You're right. The surface world is no place for a dark elf, especially one who has such a loving owner taking care of her."
        Vasiik realized that Xuna was dangling a chocolate before her mouth. She accepted it, and spoke as she chewed. "Mistress, i'm really full. i don't think i-"
        Xuna grinned. "Relax, my softening girl. You're never going to grow your appetite if you don't eat."
        Vasiik thought about pointing out that she'd just eaten the largest meal she'd ever had in her entire life, but decided against it. Nothing good will come out of saying no to Mistress . . . and this chocolate tastes really good . . .
        "Mistress, i haven't seen any fat nületh since i got here."
        Xuna laughed sweetly. "That's because a nületh's appetite is very small, pet. But I told Sinderella to not alter your human appetite. I learned much about human appetites on the surface world."
        Vasiik's eyes widened. "You've been to the surface world?"
        "Yes, a long time ago. I wanted to know what the lesser species were like, and that's when I witnessed the human appetite for the first time."
        Xuna moved her chair closer to Vasiik, and she began to rub her belly as she spoke. "I saw human women training themselves to eat more and more, entirely by accident, until they couldn't satisfy themselves with a decently sized meal. It was . . . incredibly arousing to witness. To see someone warp their own body with their indulgence, hedonism, and greed."
        Vasiik accepted another piece of chocolate. Her Mistress continued. "You don't know how long I've been waiting for this. Enjoy your svelte figure while it lasts."
Xuna left Vasiik alone on her bed for a few hours while she took care of some business. Vasiik found it notable that she was being allowed to lay on her owner’s bed, after spending so much time in the relatively small basket she’d previously been using.
        By the time Xuna returned, Vasiik no longer felt close to bursting. She was startled by the way her owner pounced on top of her, and began straddling her.
        “Hello, my princess. Did you have a good rest?”
        Vasiik looked up at Xuna. “Mistress, I have a question . . . if Sinderella’s potion was supposed to turn me into a woman, why am I so much shorter than you? I’m . . . male height.”
        Xuna leant down, and kissed her toy’s forehead. “It’s because Mistress wanted her princess plaything to be short and cute.”
        Vasiik blushed. She sometimes reminded herself that this woman had kidnapped her, but she was reminding herself of this less and less, and finding the information much less vital.
        “Ok, but why did you make me into a girl to begin with? If you wanted a slave.”
        Xuna cooed; “Because your Owner wanted a princess, pet.”
        Her Mistress kissed her forehead again. My Mistress loves me, she thought to herself. She could feel herself getting hard, and her cock was starting to touch Xuna’s torso.
        Despite the rest of her body shrinking, until she was scarcely five feet tall, her cock hadn’t lost an inch of length. In its erect state, it looked ridiculously disproportionate relative to her size. A greedy lascivious grin spread across Xuna’s face, as she began to position herself above it.
        “You’re such a good girl”, she moaned, as she started to let the head of the cock slip past her lips. She alternated between panting and holding her breath, flushed with arousal, as she slowly let the entire organ inside her, before she began to lightly twist, raise, and lower herself around the human-sized phallus.
        Xuna began to run her nails down Vasiik’s stomach, causing her to whimper. It felt good . . . pain felt good. She wasn’t sure where the suggestions from the Goddess, her conditioning, the physical dependency on her Mistress’s aura . . . she didn’t know where any of it began, where any of it ended. The slave didn’t know how much of it could’ve been from her having a new nületh body, or if it was a special quirk of Sinderella’s potion. Vasiik just knew that, despite herself, she was starting to love what was happening.
        It didn’t take long for Vasiik to cum, but her Mistress wasn’t finished. She cast a spell on her toy that brought her to hardness again, and repeated the process several more times, until she was fully satisfied.
        Then, Xuna collapsed next to Vasiik, and began to hold onto her, kissing her cheek and licking her pointed ear.
        The Administratrix spoke in her ancient tongue. “I love you, my princess.”
        Vasiik felt it before she understood what had happened. A wave of butterflies washed over her, before she realized that she could understand the language of the nületh.
        “Mistress, what just happened?”
        Xuna was too flushed and tired to understand what she meant. “We had sex.”
        “No, you, I understood . . .”
        The Mistress kissed her princess again. “You can understand the sacred tongue of the nületh now . . . it’s a physiological thing. Your tongue can now speak it when you feel, and your ear and decipher it when it hears it.”
        Vasiik tried to put her thoughts and feelings into her mouth, and she made a sound that felt foreign, yet familiar. “I love you too, Mistress.”
        Xuna kissed her pet one last time, on the lips, for a long time, before laying back down, and falling asleep.

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