Cherished Slave-Pet of the Dark Elf Administratrix

Chapter 1

by SabrinaTVBand

Tags: #cw:gore #cw:noncon #cw:sexual_assault #darkelf #dom:female #fantasy #forced_fem #matriarchy #weightgain #D/s #elf #sadomasochism #size_difference #transformation

In case you didn't read the tags, this is an extremely dark story with blood and violence in it. The Domme is a murderer. There will be some vaguely "wholesome" stuff later in the story, but this mostly is pretty harsh reading. Please know your limits and read responsibly.

Renquin sat around the campfire, next to Jared, Cecil, and Gareth. Jared, the warrior, used his nails to scrape some dried blood off of his sword.
        Cecil the thief broke the silence. "You failed us in that dungeon, Renquin. When we needed you most, you did nothing."
        Renquin sighed. "The school of magic I came from teaches a highly specialized kind of magic. We synthesize powerful spells by uniquely interpreting magical scripts that we cannot consciously understand. I told you when I joined your party that I didn't know improvisational magic."
        Gareth, the paladin, was always eager to see the glass half full. "A practitioner of improvisational magic would not have been able to prepare such a potent fireball against that troll. Renquin saved our lives today."
        Cecil's permanent scowl intensified. "Don't push your luck. Either of you."
        Renquin sighed, and pulled his spellbook out of his leather sack. The script within illuminated automatically, allowing him to read in the dark. He began to rememorize some of the spells he'd forgotten earlier that day, until a flaming arrow landed on the parchment pages.
        Renquin, in his panic, threw the spellbook away from him, accidentally tossing it into the campfire. Cecil stood up, and squinted into the darkness.
        "Nületh. Dark elves. This could get ugly."
        Gareth picked up his sword, and prayed to his God, but quickly discovered that the unholy influence of the nüleths' Goddess had dispelled his holy powers. The paladin nervously tightened his grip on his sword, and prayed underneath his breath, unable to see his assailants.
        Jared spoke into the darkness. "We don't want to fight, but we'll kill all of you if you give us the chance!” He pointed towards Renquin. “We'll let you take this one if you let us go unharmed!" Gareth winced at the sound of Jared’s offer.
        Renquin felt himself beginning to cry. As far as his party was concerned, he was worthless without a spellbook. The nületh surrounding then spoke in their ancient language, which sounded harsh and incomprehensible. The tone of their speech sounded mocking and condescending.
        The party quickly realized that their position was hopeless; fifteen nületh emerged from the shadows, all dressed in full black plate armor. With only slight hesitation, Jared, Gareth, and Cecil dropped their blades, and raised their arms in defeat.
Renquin's ankles and wrists were quickly bound, and a sorceress cast a spell on him that rendered him unable to hear or see. All he could do was feel his enchanted items being taken off of his body, presumably to be sold off or given to dark elf magic users, before the prodding began. Someone kept poking him with a pole, as another tied a rope around his neck, and they led him into a cave.
        After what felt like days of marching, Renquin found himself being shoved onto the floor. His body was covered in cuts and scabs, and his naked feet were in indescribable pain, having been stabbed many times by small rocks and bits of gravel.
        Renquin felt one of his party members aimlessly grope his torso, before making a signal on his chest, which they'd used before in dungeons when they'd needed to be quiet. He felt some relief knowing he wasn't alone.
After a light sleep, filled with nightmares and anxiety attacks, Renquin began to feel his vision and hearing returning. His eyesight was unfocused and desaturated, and his hearing felt muffled and distant. But he still felt incredible relief at the return of his senses.
        As his vision began to regain some clarity, he noticed a figure standing before him. She was a nületh woman, with lavender skin, and silver hair. Two black knights stood on either side of her. Renquin hadn't noticed earlier, perhaps because of the abruptness of the ambush, but the nületh were quite diminutive. She only stood about five and a half feet tall, while the armored knights were scarcely five feet.
        Renquin, at six and a half feet of height, found himself almost reaching the woman's neck, even in his kneeling position. The woman looked at the magic user, as well as his other party members.
        She began to speak. "You all are contemptuous scum. Not deserving of any kind of dignity. Not worthy of respect or pleasure."
        She moved her black and red silken robes, and revealed a whip, which hung from her studded leather belt. She licked her black lips with her forked tongue, then bit her lip with her fangs, before unraveling the whip and holding it up.
        "You all must unlearn the lies your culture taught you. You were not meant to live free lives. You were always meant to serve nületh. The way you lived up until now was a perversion of our Goddess's will; a corruption of nature."
        Jared angrily climbed to his feet, and fought against his restraints with renewed vigor. "Do you really expect us to believe that?! Your lies are pathetic! Let us go now, or we'll kill you!"
        A bloodthirsty smile spread across the nületh's face as she further readied her whip. The end of the main chord split off into twelve smaller chords, each of which was covered in spikes, like the thorns of a rose. She flicked her arm, and struck Jared.
        The first strike made several cuts on his body, and he howled out in pain. After a brief pause, she began to whip continuously, relentlessly, until much of the skin, and some of the flesh, had been torn from Jared's body.
        The nületh woman placed her whip back on her belt, and turned to one of the black knights. She pointed at a torch, which hung from the wall. "Cauterize his wounds before he dies."
        Cecil, Renquin, and Gareth watched helplessly as the knight cautiously pressed the torch against Jared's flesh. His screams reverberated in the small room, the sibilant sounds causing the other party members to wince and tense up. Renquin looked at the other two dark elves. The other knight was stiff and hesitant as well; it was clear he also lived in fear. The woman looked at the humans smugly, knowing that she had done a lot of damage to their spirits. She spoke after the loudest screams had subsided.
        "My name is Xuna Gel'Tear. I am the Administratrix of this hive. You will be provided with pickaxes shortly, and will begin searching for gems. These two guards will supervise your work."
        The Administratrix left the dark room, leaving the six men in awkward silence. Eventually, one of the guards spoke. His voice sounded hollow; his helmet was enchanted to translate his native tongue into something the slaves could understand.
        "Relax while you can."
Four days passed. Each day began with the party being fed some mushrooms, and some kind of edible mold, before being given pickaxes by the guards. Then, they would start chipping away at the walls of the cave.
        Renquin often felt quite lightheaded. He was already lanky before, but he was starting to look positively emaciated. His meager muscles always burned, and he didn't know how he found the strength to continue working.
        The magic user, thief, and paladin tried to ignore Jared as much as possible. The sight of his body was a constant reminder of what they would likely become in due time. It was hard to tell how much of their enslavement was for an actual utilitarian purpose, and how much of it was borne out of pure sadism. 
        It often felt like a cruel, unnecessary fate, because Xuna Gel'Tear was present for at least two or three hours each day, despite her having no true reason to be there. Renquin thought that an Administratrix would've been far too busy to spend time watching slaves work, but apparently Xuna found the time.
        The magic user struggled to lift up his arms, to strike the rock wall yet again. As he swung his pickaxe, he heard a cracking sound, which was followed by a loud clang. The wood handle of the axe had broken.
        Renquin turned around, and saw Xuna preparing her whip. He began to cry.
        "Please! Don't hurt me! It was an accident!"
        Gel'Tear smiled. "I think you did it on purpose, to try and stop working."
        The magic user fell onto his knees, and looked up at the diminutive nületh. "Please! Give me another pickaxe! I'll start working again as soon as possible!"
        Xuna made a growling moan, as she tightened her grip on the whip's handle. "If you really meant that, you would've started striking the wall with your bare hands. You can't lie to me."
        Renquin, without thinking, leant forward and began to kiss and lick Xuna's feet, which happened to be exposed by the sandals she'd decided to wear that day. He kissed lightly at first, before starting to use his tongue as well. It wasn't long before he was sucking on her toes and wrapping his hands around her calf.
        Xuna used her other foot to step on Renquin's back, and he stopped.
        "I didn't tell you to stop. Keep licking!"
        The slave continued to kiss and suck on the exposed foot, as he felt Xuna press her other foot onto his back. The sound of pickaxes grew silent.
        Xuna shouted. "If you keep watching, I'm going to tear the flesh from your limbs! Get back to work!"
        Renquin tried to suck Gel'Tear's big toe as sensually as his shaking body could. Eventually, the dark elf lifted her foot from his back, and moved her other foot away from the magic user.
        "You do not need to be punished. One of the guards will bring you a new pickaxe shortly. Enjoy your brief rest."
        Renquin laid on his side, and closed his eyes, trying to sleep briefly before the onslaught resumed.
After the slaves had been allowed to go to sleep, during what was presumably the daytime, Renquin heard footsteps in the darkness. He flinched when he felt a leather collar being wrapped around his neck.
        “Get up. It’s time for you to go.”
        Renquin hesitantly climbed to his feet, unsure of what would soon happen. The sound of the chain, and its light pull, lead him outside of the room they had been mining in.
        He entered a hallway, dimly lit by glowing fungus, and saw that the one holding the leash was Xuna Gel’Tear. The nületh gave him an impassive glance, before continuing to lead him.
        Renquin saw many small rooms, obviously made for strip mining, like the one he’d just left. In the hallway were many metal poles covered in spikes, which magically warped and distended bodies had been wrapped and pierced around, before being petrified.
        The magic user feared that the Administratrix was feeling some kind of internal shame for having enjoyed his submission earlier that day, and that he would soon be joining them.
        His fears were alleviated when they eventually left the section of the cave which was used for slaving. A large cavern opened up before them, containing an entire city of buildings made out of shaped stone. It glowed faintly under the light from the local flora.
        Xuna led him through some guarded passages, until eventually, they reached a large castle at the far end of the cavern. Renquin felt a wave of pleasure as they entered the castle, which was far warmer inside than the mining cave had been. The dark elf led him into a room containing a large bath. The room was quite humid, and the water was a light shade of purple. Red glowing gemstones were embedded into the dark gray ceiling and walls. Two other nületh women sat at a distant part of the pool, gently holding onto one another and intermittently kissing.
        The Administratrix removed her leash from the collar. “Come on. Get into the bath.”
        Renquin removed the garment covering his crotch, before dipping his toe into the water, then eagerly moving in completely. The feeling of being in the warm water was incredible. He turned, and saw that Xuna was removing her leather bodysuit and her cape. Once she was naked, she entered the water as well.
        Xuna looked at Renquin with her red eyes apathetically, before slyly smiling. “Feels nice, doesn’t it?”
        The magic user nodded. The nületh moved closer to him, and wrapped her fingers around his cock. She began to stroke it to hardness.
        Renquin caught his breath, as the Administratrix began to play with his foreskin. “I have wondered quite often what a human sized cock looks and feels like. I have to admit, the beastiality aspect of what I’m doing is quite shameful, but everyone in this castle has at least one skeleton in their closet.”
        Renquin looked at Xuna again, who was leering at him. He began to feel kind of sick.
        “You kidnapped me, and disfigured my friend . . .”
        Xuna abruptly removed her hand from his cock. “Do you want to go back into the strip mines?”
        Renquin shook his head, and began to shake. “No! I-I’m sorry Mistress! Please don’t make me work again!”
        The nületh smiled, before wrapping her fingers around his cock again. “Oh, believe me, you’re going to be doing a lot of work. Just not the kind of work you had been doing before. But you’ll probably find this a lot more pleasurable. I definitely will.”
        Renquin peacefully exhaled as his owner pleasured him. The nületh lifted one of her hands from the water, and began to wipe some of the grime from the cave off of the human’s face.
        “I’ve read your mind in the cave, using my psychic abilities. I know that you aren’t friends with the one I made an example out of.”
        The magic user remembered how it felt when Jared had tried to sell him out earlier. Xuna ran her fingers through Renquin’s hair. “You hate him almost as much as you fear his predicament. That’s ok; I hate him too.”
        The nületh swam a little, and began to straddle Renquin. “I also learnt something else when I was reading your mind.”
        Renquin looked up at Xuna expectantly. He hadn’t looked up at her before.
        A twisted grin appeared on Gel’Tear’s face. “You’re a kissless virgin.” She tightened her grip on his cock. “THIS is the furthest you’ve ever gone, isn’t it?”
        Renquin winced in discomfort and nodded. The nületh removed her hand from his cock, and began using both of her wet hands to continue cleaning his head.
        “You’re such a lucky boy. I’m sure the palace guards will be quite envious of you. Tell me, your name is Renquin, correct?”
        The magic user nodded. Xuna smiled softly.
        “Renny boy . . . you’ve landed in the lap of luxury. No other human has ever felt pleasures such as these.”
        Renquin looked down, and noticed that the grime from his body was disappearing as it separated from his flesh; clearly, the communal bath was enchanted in some way. Before he could think about it much more, he noticed that his owner was lowering herself onto his hardened cock.
        Xuna whimpered in pleasure as she impaled herself on the organ. She bit her lip with her fangs, and then looked into Renquin’s eyes. She panted between her words. “You are so much more . . . immense than any of the male nületh in this city.”
        The magic user tried to hug Xuna, but she slapped his arms away. “Stop that.” She began to raise and lower herself on his cock. The virginal loser had never known how much better a warm pussy would feel than his hands. Even when he numbed them with magic, they had never felt nearly as good as his owner.
        The Administratrix leant forward, and opened her mouth. Before Renquin realized what was happening, Xuna had sunk her fangs into his neck. Indescribable waves of pleasure spread out from the fangs, and Renquin, who had been struggling not to cum, felt himself squirting out seed into his owner. He felt hands clasp onto either side of his head, as waves of psychic energy flowed into his skull. After the nületh had finished drinking from him, she removed her fangs, and wiped some excess blood from her mouth, before moving back next to him. She hugged his arm, as he struggled to keep his eyes open.
        “Good boy. Your blood is rich and sweet.”
        Renquin’s head lowered slightly, and he struggled to stay awake. Xuna rubbed one of his thighs.
        “I’m going to have to take you in for alterations tomorrow. This pool protects us from procreation, but we’ll need to get you castrated for later use. And your face could be modified as well. But you don’t need to worry about that right now. Rest easy, my slave.”
When Renquin woke up, he found himself curled up on a small mattress on a floor, wrapped in silk bed sheets. He looked up, and saw a proper bed, which was vacant.
        I’m in Xuna’s room, he thought to himself. He continued to look around. The room was well furnished, and somewhat large. He climbed out of his bed, and began to walk towards the door.
        Gel’Tear opened the door before he could, and entered the room. “It seems you have awoken. I was just out taking care of some business. Are you ready for your alterations?”
        Renquin scratched the back of his neck. “I mean, are you sure you don’t . . . want seed? It could be nice, right?”
        Xuna scowled. “A half-human child? I know that you’re just being desperate, and not seriously asking me for such a thing. Because if you were-”
        The nületh rested a hand on her whip, which was covered in fresh blood, probably from one of his former party members. The Administratrix smiled at the sight of Renquin’s cowering.
        “Good boy. Castration doesn’t seem so bad, does it?”
        Renquin nodded, and began to walk out the door. Xuna angrily grabbed his exposed testicles, and threatened to squeeze them.
        “I ASKED you a QUESTION! Getting castrated doesn’t seem so bad, doesn’t it?!”
        The magic user nodded. “No Mistress!”
        “You WANT to be castrated, don’t you?”
        “Y-Yes Mistress!”
        Xuna let go of Renquin’s testicles. “Good boy. It seems Renny boy is excited to have his testicles removed. I think it would only be right to oblige him.” She grabbed a collar and leash, and attached them to her slave.
The Administratrix led Renquin down a series of hallways, until eventually, they reached a door with a golden door frame. Ruby sigils were embedded into the gold, and the door itself was made of obsidian.
        Xuna opened the door, and brought her slave inside. The magic user took note of the room’s contents; it was filled with spellbooks, tomes on the histories of various magical schools, alchemical equipment, and other magical tools. He noticed a pile of gems on a table, which had not yet been enchanted. The sight made him shiver.
        Two sorceresses emerged from the shadows. Both of them grinned lasciviously at the sight of the naked slave.
        Xuna smiled. “Hello Sinderella, hello Mepri’za. I have some fresh meat here that needs fixing.”
        The two sorceresses looked up at Renquin, and studied his features. Sinderella pulled a wand out of her cloak, and pointed towards a slab at the far end of the room.
        “Come on. Let’s get you fixed up.”
        Renquin followed Sinderella, and the three dark elves began to converse in their ancient language. Xuna kept pointing at her slave, and making gestures with her other hand, seemingly describing the kinds of alterations she wanted to have made to the slave.
        Mepri’za approached the slab that Renquin laid on, while Sinderella went to a nearby table and began to create some potions. Xuna walked next to the slab, and looked down at her slave with a cruel grin, as the sorceress began to work.
        The magic user felt his testicles go numb, and then felt himself falling to sleep.
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