Blue Rock

by Noctis_Nova

Tags: #dom:female #exhibitionism #microfiction #petplay #pov:bottom #hypno #waterworks

A short story involved some memory and pet play, waterworks and exhibitionism.

A story that once appeared here, now is emotion filled.

A sphere so perfectly round
It contains all hate 
It contains all wrath
Because of its shape it won’t quickly crack
yet the feelings strong are growing all day, all night
are one day to break free
When they are free they destroy bonds and friendship alike
But they can’t survive without others
After a while those feelings are dead
Now the sphere has healed again, to break again
Rampaging once more the feelings shall until the sphere breaks for good 
Leaving its owner with hate
Never to love again
He shall fall in despair until the day he will wake no more

Truth may be found


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