Brought to heel

by Nath

Tags: #consensual_kink #dom:female #f/m #humiliation #hypnosis #sub:male #Octavia

Octavia paused to look at herself in the mirror of her little studio. She straightened the collar of the white blouse she was wearing with her pinstripe dress suit. She noticed how the dress was a little tight around her bosom and she attempted to straighten the wrinkles. She hadn't worn anything this formal in a long while, but she knew she would need it for this new client.

The door opened and after he came inside, he peered outside before closing and locking the door. He wore a tailor-made suit and a burberry tie that matched his scarf. Everything about his outfit, from his cufflinks and his watch to his shoes and socks, was selected to look expensive and his hair looked perfect too. He had a worried look on his face, though.

"Are you sure this location is discrete?" He asked as he looked out through the peephole, before he had even greeted or looked at Octavia yet.

"Positive." She replied as she approached him. "I've never had any issues maintaining discretion for my clients."

"I have a very high profile job and…" As he turned around to look at her for the first time, he stopped in his tracks, his mouth falling open. 

She studied his boyish features hidden under the carefully cultivated five o'clock shadow and nodded. "I know about your job."

"Well, aren't you a stunner? I was a little worried when your website offered no pictures of you, but you do not disappoint, Octavia." He reached out to take her hand and pulled it up to his lips to kiss her fingers.

Smiling calmly through all of this, she noticed how young he was, somewhere in his twenties, over ten years younger than she was. "The absolute discretion is not just to protect my clients, Max. May I call you Max?" 

"Yeah, sure." He sauntered into the studio, looking around as if he owned the place. "So this is where the magic happens?"

"It is. Would you like coffee or tea?" Octavia moved towards the counter in the corner with the coffee machine, showing off how she could make her hips gyrate as she walked on these high heels.

He made a dismissive gesture. "No, let's get to it. I don't like to waste time."

She stopped and sighed before she turned around to face him. "Alright. I would like to summarise what we're going to do, just to make sure I've got the right idea, if you don't mind."

"Go right ahead." He opened his hands and smiled at her.

Thinking about how to word it, she studied his smug demeanor. He was very different from her usual clients. "In your messages, you told me that you often need to put on a very aggressive, hypermasculine persona. It makes you feel frustrated and unbalanced. You want me to go toe to toe with this side of you and put you back in your place. You want me to outsmart you and humiliate you. Is that correct?"

"When you say it like that…" He swallowed and took a deep breath, but he didn't finish his sentence.

"Please correct me if I'm wrong." She said quietly, with an openhanded gesture similar to his.

"No, no…" He lowered his eyes and rubbed his forehead. "That's about the gist of it. It's just… Writing it in a message is very different than saying it out loud."

They had exchanged a number of messages, and Max had told her that it was difficult for him to talk about it. That's why he needed her to break him: because he often couldn't stop being a raging egotist, even when he wanted to. He warned her that he would sooner provoke her with abusive behaviour than be able to state his needs openly.

She smiled reassuringly at him. "Do you want to go over your limits with me? I will definitely need to know your safeword."

He shook his head and turned away. "I'm not terribly worried about my limits. If I need you to stop, I'll call out for someone called Wardlow." 

"I usually spend more time getting to know my clients, Max." She leaned against the table and crossed her arms. "I would like to be able to read you better before I start to try to hurt you. Also, I don't know whether I want to hurt you yet."

He sighed and rolled his eyes. "You don't know whether you want to hurt me? I'm starting to believe I wasted my money on a cougar who has nothing of worth to offer!" He raised his voice as he approached, pointing at her. "I think you don't even have what it takes to hurt me!"

Stunned by this outburst, she considered her options. Max was not going to sit down and cooperate, she would have to resort to other means.

He shook his head.  "I knew this was a bad idea. I knew…"

She invaded his personal space to grab him by the tie with one hand and cup his jaw with the other. In the sultriest bedroom voice she could muster, she said: "You really are in love with the sound of your own voice, aren't you?"

He froze in place, his eyes growing large as he stuttered without actually forming a word.

"Tell me something, Max." She pulled him in closer, until her lips were less than an inch away from his. "If I am a cougar... and I don't consider that term to be an insult. It's a bit like milf, it just means that you're surprised by your attraction towards me, despite the age difference. So, if I am a cougar... what does that make you?" And she pressed her hip against his crotch, unsurprised to find a growing bulge there.

"Me?" He tried to loosen his tie but she was still firmly holding it.

She observed how he stared at her, almost as if he was afraid to move. "Yes, you." She tilted her head, gazing into his eyes with a smouldering look. "Are you a thirsty, desperate dog? All bark and no bite?" 

He pushed her away and paced across the room for a moment as he removed his tie and his scarf and his jacket. "You don't know what you're talking about. You don't know me." He put the clothes on the table.

As he stood there, removing his monogrammed cufflinks, Octavia noticed how tightly the expensive, white shirt fit around his shoulders and biceps. The suit jacket obscured it, but he had the massive shoulders of a bodybuilder. She also remarked that by removing his clothes he was signalling her to keep going with the sexy talk. He was shaping up to be an interesting challenge. 

"Struck a nerve, did I?" She walked up to him to run her fingers over the crisp white shirt. 

He froze again, his eyes averted this time. Invading his personal space and touching him definitely had an effect on him.

"I wonder which part it was…" She opened up his collar to touch his skin underneath. "Thirsty? You don't seem like a guy who is ashamed of his sexuality."

He suddenly embraced her to grope her curves. With a cheeky look, he replied: "I know what I want and I know how to get it. Not many women say no..."

"Was it the desperate part that struck a nerve?" She interrupted him. "Possibly. You're young and likely inexperienced."

He pulled her closer to kiss her. His embrace was as tight as she had expected with those muscled arms. "Maybe I should demonstrate what I know, huh? Many women have told me…"

"All bark and no bite." She said pointedly before his lips managed to touch hers.. 

He pushed her away and she needed a moment to find her balance on these pumps. Turning to look at his face as he paced the room, she saw that he clenched his jaw and his shoulders.

"Temper, temper." She crossed her arms and chuckled at him.

He took a deep breath and roared across the room: "You have no right to talk to me like that! Do you even know who I am?"

In the moment of silence that followed, she fixed him with her steely gaze. He swallowed, the anger draining away until his face was pale.

"You, Max, are a dog. All bark and no bite." She slowly came towards him. He opened his mouth to speak, but she raised her finger in the air. "No. Stay."

He seemed to shrink a little, but he didn't move.

When she reached him, she grabbed him by the throat and covered his mouth with her other hand. "I should muzzle you, so you can't bark or bite."

His eyes grew large and he shook his head, but she held on tightly. He shook his hands in the air, a pleading gesture, but he didn't try to push her away this time. He whimpered weakly with his mouth closed under her hand.

"Muzzled." She stared him down. "Can't bite. Can't bark. And only I can remove the muzzle. Is that clear?"

His jaw clenched and then he nodded.

She let go of him. "I knew you could be a good boy."

That turn of phrase seemed to have an effect on him. His breath quickened and his eyes followed her, conflicted.

She grabbed him by the collar. "This shirt is much too nice for a dog. Take it off."

His hands quickly undid the buttons of the shirt, as if he wanted to get it over with as soon possible, but he never took his defiant eyes off her. 

"Take off everything that's too nice for a dog, Max." Octavia held out her hand until he gave her the shirt. 

He glared at her, his shoulders and chest in the white tank top rising and falling with his furious breath. 

"Well?" She didn't flinch under his gaze. Relentless, she remarked: "I thought you said you didn't like to waste time."

With a huff, he started to take off his belt. When she moved to put the shirt on the table, he also shed his shoes and pants on the floor. He seemed to hesitate for a moment with his hands on the waistband of his expensive brand underwear. 

She made a dismissive gesture and said: "No. Keep that on. I don't want to see you naked."

He lowered his eyes to the floor as he stood here in his underwear, tank top and socks. He looked tense, his hands behind his back, waiting for whatever would come next as if he had not quite accepted his fate.

She grinned, remembering the long list of sadistic and humiliating things she was allowed to do to him. Drawing up close to him, she tenderly touched his massive shoulders, lulling him into a false sense of security. When he started to relax under her touch, she suddenly pushed him over. "On your knees." She commanded, adding: "You are beneath me, and you know it."

He stumbled forward, falling to the floor with a grunt. As he sat there on his hands and knees, he looked up at her and growled wordlessly.

"That's right, you're still muzzled so you can't talk back." She approached and lifted up her foot to press her shoe against his face. "Remember, Max, you asked for this. I'm giving you exactly what you want."

He closed his eyes and his shoulders tightened.

"You want to be overpowered and humiliated just like this." She loomed over him. "And I'm going to tell you what you want next."

He deigned to look up at her to indicate he wanted to hear the answer.

"You want to be kicked like a dog." Her foot pushed his face away, and then she kicked him against his arm.

He yelped and curled up into a ball. As he writhed on the ground, she wondered if she had gone too far. So she approached and whispered to him: "Do you need me to call Wardlow for you?"

Without looking at her, he shook his head. "Please keep going." His voice was almost inaudible.

It took her a few deep breaths before she was able to continue kicking him. He blocked the kicks with his arms, he had good reflexes. She was starting to understand that she really didn't need to hold back, that he may have had a point when he openly doubted her ability to hurt him. She pushed him over with her foot against his shoulder, forcing him to roll onto his back and then leaned her heel on his sternum as she thought about how to proceed.

The doorknob clicked. Someone tried to open the door, but Max had locked it. Then someone banged on the door. "Octavia?" It was Blake's voice.

Max's eyes opened wide in horror and he froze on the floor, the interruption upset him more than anything she had done to him up to this point. It gave her an idea.

"Come back in an hour!" She called out to the door, and then she leaned down on Max's chest, looking into his eyes.

"Good thing you locked the door." She said in a secretive tone. "Can you just imagine what would happen if someone you knew from work saw you like this?"

He jolted under her shoe and his hands reached up to make that pleading gesture again. He grimaced and shook his head, still unable to open his mouth.

She raised a finger in the air and waved it at him. "I want you to really focus. Imagine that I have a camera in this room, that I've filmed all of this. And that I'm going to show it to your coworkers. So they can watch you like this."

His breathing quickened, making her foot on his chest move up and down as she leaned on him.

"Don't panic, now." She dropped her voice into that melodious, hypnotic tone. "Don't run out of breath as you think about where the camera is. Don't let yourself become light-headed at the thought of a video of everything we do in this room together. And you haven't even thought about who I would show it to yet."

His eyes opened wider. The shaking of his head and his hands in the air became repetitive.

She tilted her head, carefully observing every detail of his body language. "You don't like that idea? A video of you in your underwear on the floor, helpless and defeated? After everything you've done to uphold your carefully crafted reputation? Can you imagine all the people that video would reach on social media?"

He seemed to go into a fugue. His hands sank down to the floor beside his head, and his mouth opened as if he was struggling to breathe. His eyes didn't blink or move, staring up at her in abject horror.

Finally lifting up her foot, she crouched down to grab him by the chin. "You, Max, are a dog. All bark and no bite." She managed to say it in the same tone as earlier. "I want you to remember this moment with exactly these feelings. On the floor, helpless and defeated. I want you to capture it perfectly so you can recall it later when I call you a dog. All bark and no bite."

His eyes stared vacantly off into the distance and his head moved at her slightest touch. She grinned and made him nod as she spoke to him. "It's a pretty long phrase. You're a dog, all bark and no bite. I'm sure that no matter what you're doing, no matter where you are, as soon as I say those words to you, by the end of it you'll feel this helpless and defeated. You're a dog, all bark and no bite. These words strip away your ego and your attitude, and you always end up here. Don't you?" It was hard to tell if it was her hands making him nod, or if he was nodding on his own now. 

With her hands on his head, she pulled him up."On your knees!" She commanded. 

He complied immediately, kneeling with a straight back and his hands folded in his lap. She crouched next to him, putting her hands on his mouth and throat.

"I'm removing the muzzle." She said softly. "Because you're going to be a good boy now, aren't you?"

A sigh escaped his lips when she let go of him, and his vacant eyes stared ahead without really seeing her.

She rose to her feet and crossed her arms, looming over him. "Look at me, Max." She said calmly. "Tell me what you are."

He blinked at her for a moment, and then he obediently replied: "I am a dog, all bark and no bite."


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