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Long-time reader turned writer of hypnosmut.  Genderqueer, non-binary person currently floating along the west coast. I'm a big fan of tech control, but somehow find myself writing other things in equal measure.  I have a bad habit of dumping pieces of poetry, folk songs, and literature into my stories.  Pronouns are they/them.

While I hope to get my stories in sync eventually, ROM will probably get the things I'm working on that I still want to polish before submitting to EMCA first and EMCA will get things that are fully polished (to my lax standards) first.

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And no more turn aside and brood

Upon love's bitter mystery

For Fergus rules the brazen cars

And rules the shadows of the wood

And the white breast of the dim sea

And all disheveled, wandering stars.

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Lily of the Valley
by MourningStarsOfLakes
(3 chapters, 26148 words)
#cw:noncon #f/f #scifi

A woman’s encounter with an alien parasite changes not only her physical personage, but how she views others as well.

Watching Too Much Television
by MourningStarsOfLakes
(5 chapters, 32054 words)
#cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #sub:female

Kendra and Stephanie decide to do some hypno-roleplay from their favorite TV show. But to paraphrase an old saying: life often ends up imitating art.

Spark and Flame
by MourningStarsOfLakes
(4 chapters, 25454 words)
#cw:noncon #comic_book #dom:female #f/f #solo #sub:female

The super-heroine Cinder responds to a seemingly false alarm at a bank and is shocked by what she discovers.

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A Fistful of Collars
by MourningStarsOfLakes
(2 chapters, 20651 words)
#cw:noncon #comic_book #dom:female #f/nb #sub:nb

Cinder, Artificer, and the rest of Gamma Squad investigate the mysterious group known as the Crimson Codex. But is it really a good idea to dig into the affairs of a group rumored to use mind control?

Chase the Morning
by MourningStarsOfLakes
(4051 words)
#cw:noncon #f/f #fantasy

A prodigal serving girl is presented before a priestess of Arresh to see if she’s fit to join the order, but the priestess has other plans.

Gowans Grow Gay
by MourningStarsOfLakes
(7776 words)
#cw:noncon #f/f #fantasy

An old song is given new life when a distraught woman meets a strange musician in the woods at night. What she didn’t expect was that she’d be given a new life as well.

Van Diemen's Land
by MourningStarsOfLakes
(5560 words)

Larith and her friends try to escape a life of toil and drudgery under a planetary corporation. Their plan is simple, but even the smallest mistake could cost them what little freedom they have.

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