Knight of Spirals Excerpt

by MorganGrey

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #sub:female #urban_fantasy #lesbification #love_triangle #pussy_lickin'

This is a short excerpt from “Knight of Spirals.” Enjoy!

The new maid knocked on the wooden door affixed with a spiral on it. The maid received no response. Thus, she made the greatest decision in her life by opening the door.


To the maid's shock, she found a naked woman fingering herself steadily in a room filled with ever-rotating spirals. The masturbating woman's eyes reflected this fact. Nothing, but spirals.


"Ma'am, are you ok?!" the maid inquired in a panicked state


Ingrid stirred, but did not break her deep hypnotic trance. Silent prayers were given to the Lady for providing her with an opportunity to expand Her harem. Ingrid's spiral eyes met those with of the shocked maid.


"I am feeling amazing. Once you give into the Lady's will, every moment of your life will feel amazing too. Just keep looking into the spirals and relax, it is the easiest thing you will ever have to do." Ingrid cooed


The maid was frozen. The Lady's gift bore into her mind, preventing her from looking away or fleeing.


"Just let yourself go and be one with the Lady's will. You cannot help but, feel completely relaxed."


"Relaaaxx..." the maid slurred as the effects of the hypnotics took effect


The maid lost the moment she accepted her contract from the Lady of Spirals and drank the spiked tea that the Lady so generously offered before work.


"Good, now then, just listen to my voice and you will be in ecstasy soon." Ingrid promised




"Oh my, ohhh mmmyyyyyyy Lady!!!!!!" Ingrid squealed as she came


"Did I do well, Dame Ingrid?" the entranced maid asked


"Yes, yes, you did very well Claudia. So well, in fact, that you should just shut up and use that mouth of yours to continue pleasuring me!" Ingrid said while forcing down Claudia's head on her pussy with both hands


Ingrid was in paradise.


"Ahhhh, that is stuffffffff. You are really good at eating pussy, Claudia. I still find it hard to believe that this is your first time with a woman." Ingrid admitted


The Lady will reward her richly for giving her another fucktoy. Maybe, even allow her to fuck the Lady's most prized possession: Her stud of a boyfriend, Adam.


Ingrid's thoughts flutter away to dreams of getting drilled by a well-endowed man. Oh it is been so long since she had a cock in her. The last time was when the Lady brought over a mesmerized musclebound jock for a threesome. Such a pleasant memory.


Suddenly, a devious thought popped into Ingrid's perverse mind.


"Dear Claudia, you wouldn't mind if I borrowed your boyfriend for a bit, would you?"

Claudia kept eating her Dame's pussy with increasing enthusiasm.


"Ahhhhhhh, I will take that as a yesssssss!!!"




*Door opens*


The Lady of Spirals walks in wearing one of her spiral jumpsuits. She smiles when seeing the entranced beauty laying on the floor awaiting her commands.


"Welcome to my harem, Claudia. Ingrid did well brainwashing you. Look at you, now, naked and with those beautiful spirals in your eyes." Katherine said referring to Claudia's spiral contacts


"I live to serve you, M'lady." Claudia replied empty-minded


"I am going to enjoy dominating and turning you into the Maid of Spirals. My boytoy is going to ravish you while I watch, that sounds lovely doesn't it?" Katherine asked as she placed her heel on Claudia's stomach


"It does, M'lady. But I have a boyfriend and he is very possessive, I know that he won't like me fucking another man. Even though, Dame Ingrid is borrowing him for awhile." Claudia replied in monotone


"Oh my dear naive Claudia, Ingrid is going to take your man." Katherine saying with slight pity in her voice. "Ah well, it seems you are all mine now, silly girl."


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