Max's New Mommies

Max's New Mommies

by HypnoTimeMe

Tags: #cw:CGL #dom:male #f/f #f/m #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #sub:female #lactation

"Sarah, stop..." I struggled to even talk. "He is doing something to you. He is making you..." I felt my mouth give out. Unable to say a word, my mouth gaping, drolling, fully relaxed. I could do nothing but look at my former girlfriend. I loved her. I met her freshman year in college. She made me learn so much about myself. I didn't even know I was gay before I was with her. I thought we were going to be together for the rest of our lives, but suddenly she disappeared. No one had heard of her. My friends and I tried to call the police, but they said that they found her and she didn't want to come back. The only clue I had is that she had talked to one of our classmates: Max.

I was going to get her back. 

"Dear you can come out, everything is fine," Sarah called out to Max.

"You sure Mommy?"

She nodded and smiled. "Yes dear, she won't take mommy away."

Max moved in front of my field of view. He was wearing a white shirt and no pants. Only a pair of tighty whities that said "Good boy" in red letters across his ass, but I didn't care about any of that. I felt scared of the wicked smile on his face. "I see why you liked her Mommy, she is beautiful." Max looked at Sarah. "Can I get my phone back?"

She looked worried as she gave him the phone that she used to get me in this state. "Oh, I'm sorry. Mommy can't use her boy's phone without permission" She said semi-robotically.

Sarah couldn't keep her eyes away from Max. The same looks she gave me, so full of love. This whole situation made my stomach turn. Sarah was staring at the bulge that was forming in his pants. "Oh dear, you are getting a stiffy let Mommy take care of that." Max nods softly.

Sarah walks up to Max and pets his head softly before having him lay on her lap. "My little boy is naughty isn't he." Looking directly at his eyes, one hand on his hair, the other slowly caressing his tighty whities, making his cock get even harder.

"Mommy, Tell me about you and Jane," he asks. 

"What about?" she asks with a smile. "Anything" he responds

She giggles. "Oh you are a little liar aren't you." She playfully tickles his nose. "You don't want any stories. I know what you really want." She pauses for a second. "I know the perfect story: How Jane lost her virginity"

As Sarah started speaking I saw Max playing with the phone. Making me zone out even more than I had already. Feeling the room disappear, sinking, my brain so cloudy.

My eyes finally open feeling Sarah on top of me.

She looked at me with so much love.

It was my dorm.

It was the night I lost my virginity.

I could feel all the emotions I felt that night. The insecurities. The excitement. The anticipation.

"You look so beautiful. I can't help myself" she said as she leaned over slowly kissing my neck. Each one makes me feel so warm and happy.

"Oh, Sarah..." I moaned. She started unbuttoning my shirt, revealing my black bra. I could remember the feelings before they even happened. Surprised, by how quickly she took off my bra. I laugh, just like the first time.  She starts making her way down to my breasts. Making sure to kiss every inch of me in her way. I had never felt so beautiful, so loved. Suddenly, I felt something new an urge. "I love when you suck my breasts," I say. "I love when you suck my breasts. I love when you suck my breasts. I love when you suck my breasts." I repeat over and over.

Sarah looks up at me. "Good girl"

"What is happening?" I asked.

"Don't worry," she responds, just keep talking and you will feel wonderful.

"I love when you suck my breasts. I need you to suck my breasts." I kept going. Suddenly, I feel milk coming out of my breasts, Sarah, happily sucking them. "I love when you drink my milk. I need you to drink my milk. I love when you suck my breasts. I need you to suck my breasts."

"Good girl," Sarah says again, sending a shiver of pleasure down my spine. "Don't fight what is coming next. You trust me. I will feel so good. It will just be a game. Role play. It will be so much fun."

"I love when Max drinks my milk," I said. I almost stopped myself, but... is just a game after all. I hear Sarah giggle. The sound of her approval makes all my insecurities wash away. "I love when Max drinks my milk. I need Max to drink my milk. I love when Max sucks my breasts. I need Max to suck my breasts."

I feel Sarah continue unbuttoning my shirt, as she continues moving down kissing my stomach. "Oh, Jane you will do such a good Mommy for Max" I smile as I imagine it. Sarah and I, taking care of our good boy. Making sure he gets warm milk every day. I love when Max drinks my milk. Is only role play.

I feel so excited, as Sarah unbutton my jeans for the first time and pulls down my panties. "I want to be a good mommy. I want us to be good mommies. Make Max happy. Nothing else matters. I love when Max drinks my milk. I need Max to drink my milk. I love when Max sucks my breasts. I need Max to suck my breasts. My breasts are for his pleasure."

"Good girl. You are a natural mommy" Sarah complements me as she starts teasing my pussy with her fingers.

"Really? you think I will do a good job" I say excitedly.

"Of course," Sarah says enthusiastically. "You will do great. I can't wait to watch him taste your pussy, the poor boy only has mine and I'm sure he will love yours as well."

As soon as she says that I can't help but let my imagination run wild. "I love when Max licks my pussy. I love when he plays with it. I love when Max fills me with his warm cum. I love when you watch Max eat my pussy. I love when I watch Max eat your pussy. I love when you watch Max fuck me. I love when I watch Max fuck you. I love when Max watches us fuck each other. I love Max makes us compete, begging to be the one he uses today." I didn't know where all these kinks came from, but they felt real. I wanted them so badly. I wanted to be a Good Mommy. I continue naming ways Sarah and I could take care of Max as I felt my room disappear. I felt myself sink, so so deep.

As I regain consciousness, the first thing I see is Max, putting his phone away. He looked so cute. He then looks at me with his little smile. "Did you like the story, Max?" He nods, filling me with joy.

Sarah giggles, "Well I think you helped a lot." I looked down to realize that I'm completely naked with my legs spread out. "Anything for Max" We both giggle.

Max looks at me. "Mommy, I did some cummies in my undies" I looked at him caringly. "Oh, I can take care of that." I got on my knees and crawled over to him. Taking off his cute tighty whities making sure to lick every drop of cum out of them, before leaning over and starting to clean his cock. "Now dear, I know is sensitive, so tell me if it feels weird." I carefully start licking from the bottom of his shaft, feeling his adorable cock twitch from pleasure. Just before I'm done I feel his cock twitch one last time, a last string of cum getting on my face. Sarah laughs out loud. "Oh let me get that" 

Sarah leans over to me getting the cum off my face, before kissing me. "I told you, you would be a natural mommy"

After a second, I get back to Max. Putting his underwear back on. "I think is getting late," He says. "Time to sleep." Sarah starts getting up and we both grab Max's hand as we guide him to our bedroom. As soon as we walked in, he let go and ran to the bed. Sarah looks at him knowingly, "Does Max want a game before bedtime" He nods. I and Sarah lock eyes. The job of a Mommy never ends.

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