7 - Euphorbia | Today at 1:09

by Mae

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Update: this story has a remake, now! Check that out instead! Epiphyte Connation

This is just here until I've caught up 'cause I'd feel bad about retracting content without a replacement.

Chapter 7! From Emmy's perspective, again!

No CWs apply.

Update (8th Dec 2021): Hi all! I'm afraid a bit of a melancholic spell is really impacting my writing, so I'm not able to say when the next chapter will be out. It may be a week, or over a month yet. Very sorry! I hope the other HDG works are sufficient until I'm back in full force. <3
Update 2 (5th Jan 2022): Hi again all! I'm afraid this hiatus might last a fair bit longer. I will come back to this eventually, though. Sorry everyone.
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You | Today at 1:03
Euphorbia | Today at 1:04
Emme! how’d it go??
You | Today at 1:06
Euphorbia | Today at 1:06
you didn’t call, so I think that’s not a bad aaa?
You | Today at 1:07
It’s good!
I think? Maybe?
Lots happened and I’m a bit overwhelmed actually
Euphorbia | Today at 1:07
how about we run through it, then?
I’ll help clear that up!
You | Today at 1:08
Well to start, I was so panicked that she could be scared that I kind of fumbled the introduction?
She was really calm and I thought it might be a fear response
But we later worked out that she might be feeling overwhelmed but otherwise okay, for now?
Euphorbia | Today at 1:08
that’s good!
some terrans do just take it fairly well! fumbled introductions are worth that
and I’m glad you didn’t need my backup for an angry feralist throwing things at you!
You | Today at 1:09
I wasn’t sure for a bit, so I probably didn’t make the best first impression
Actually I was a tad lost on how to act the whole day, even? After realizing she was actually calm, I got scared of doing anything to change that and think I ended up too formal? I didn’t know if it was fragile
But you’re right, I’m happy she took it all well!
..In hindsight I really should’ve stopped worrying after she fell asleep on me
Euphorbia | Today at 1:09
she fell asleep on you!??
You | Today at 1:09
She had just woken up! She was tired!
Euphorbia | Today at 1:10
and you kept thinking she was scared of you after??
You | Today at 1:10
That wasn’t for long!!!
Euphorbia | Today at 1:10
I politely request that you describe how she fell asleep on you!!
-if you’re happy to
also don’t worry too bad about how you acted! clearly you were still on the right track, and you can ease into being a bit more casual tomorrow
You | Today at 1:11
She looked a little shocked at one point while I was explaining things I maybe just offered her a hug on impulse?
She took it, and dozed off for a bit
Euphorbia | Today at 1:11
aaaaa that’s adorable
gosh Emme, well done!
You | Today at 1:13
It was very cute
Euphorbia | Today at 1:13
how’d the rest all go?
You | Today at 1:14
The rest was mostly normal
House tour, she had some food, and we talked some more
But later something came up and worried me?
Euphorbia | Today at 1:14
You | Today at 1:15
She’s okay now, but
A bit after she went to bed, my tablet gave a heartrate warning
I rushed over to her room, and she was just short of a panic attack
I gave her some klotaxin, and we talked, before she also chose to be given a class-m
Euphorbia | Today at 1:15
oh no!
that’s not ideal! poor petal
did she know what might’ve caused it?
You | Today at 1:16
She said she doesn’t feel okay being alone by herself, now
Or at least for long, it looks like
That experience in space must’ve been awful for her
She’s sleeping beside me right now
Euphorbia | Today at 1:16
you’ve done well, Emme
it’s very good that she trusted you with some xenodrugs to help!
I’m happy to lend a hand however I can, if you need it
You | Today at 1:17
Thank you
I might want to get you two acquainted sooner, in case it persists and an emergency needs me for some reason
It’s unlikely, but best have someone she already knows on hand
I can talk to her about it tomorrow, if that’s all good?
Euphorbia | Today at 1:17
good thinking!
I’d be happy to, of course!
You | Today at 1:18
Thanks, again
I’m a bit worried still
She didn’t come get me, and she was really apologetic when I found her
I’m scared I’ve messed up, if she didn’t feel able to ask for help
Euphorbia | Today at 1:18
it sounds like you may be overthinking a little
she’s only known you for a matter of hours, so that’s normal at this point, isn’t it?
but that she already trusts you enough to fall asleep next to you, and be given that class-m, is exemplary by itself
you’ve actually done really well, Emme
You | Today at 1:20
I guess that’s fair
It could’ve been worse in a lot of ways
I’ve done okay, admittedly
Euphorbia | Today at 1:20
that’s the spirit!
you’ve done a lot more than okay, honest!
You | Today at 1:20
Thanks, Euphie
I should probably get some sleep, now
I’ll be sure to check if Ava feels up to meeting another affini yet, tomorrow!
Euphorbia | Today at 1:21
night night, Emme!
I really look forward to meeting her!
You | Today at 1:21
Night, Euph <3
Euphorbia | Today at 1:21

Emmenanthe quietly sets the tablet down on the nightstand. Brings her vines back into the warmth of the covers, and gently turns over.
Ava is all snuggled up in the quilt, sleeping soundly.
Humans run hot, compared to affini. It’s very cosy.
This also feels criminally self-indulgent. This is Ava’s warmth she’s stealing. And there’s almost certainly an instinctual aspect to how affini like the warmth of a living being cuddled up to them, too. Co-evolution with adorable pollinator sophonts, etcetera.
Not that she wants to cuddle the human. Not at all. Nooope.
Maybe a bit.
Maybe she also felt lots when Ava fell asleep hugging her.
But she’s going to ignore that, because there are more practical things to think about, before she gets to sleep. Responsible affini things. And Emme’s very responsible, with no recent history of foolhardy decisions.
Tomorrow she can get set on discussing the more exact details of life in the Compact. Emmenanthe did hold off on some of the bigger things, because Ava really didn’t need overwhelming further. Clearing up that yes, they have cured human aging, and now Ava has a theoretically infinite life ahead of her, probably would’ve sent the poor human catatonic. So that can wait until tomorrow.
They can also discuss the idea of Euphie visiting. And that’s about everything! It’ll be a nice, relaxed day to get to know Ava better, then.
Of course, later comes acquainting Ava with affini society, when the ship docks up with one of the others. Emmenanthe should take that opportunity to find some more suitable xenodrugs to graft, too. And the rest is all open-ended, from there? There’s at least a couple months to handle the paperwork for when Ava becomes an independent citizen, once reaching a system in affini space, where the terran will likely part ways.
..That one’s a bit of a sad thought. Not that she has any right to be attached already. Ava will have all kinds of opportunities and plans by then, anyway.
Though they might be good friends by then, right? So there’s a chance they’ll stick together a bit longer.
And stars, it’s not exactly subtle that ‘precautionary watch’ is just meant as a big nudge towards domestication, for rebels not quite in need of having it be mandatory. They live together! She couldn’t have better odds of becoming friends!
..Well, she did kind of mess today up a little. She overthought and got too cautious and distant, such that Ava was afraid that asking for help was unwanted. That was bad. She can’t let that carry on.
She wants to be warmer. Emmenanthe should be clear that she’s more than an assigned roommate; she earnestly wants to be friends. Ava seriously deserves more praise, too.
She’ll make up for it tomorrow. Give Ava another hug and tell her how proud she is. She overdid the worrying today; she just needs to be herself.
Right, that’s perfectly achievable! Be less hesitant and more herself.
Okay, maybe that sounds a tad bit daunting.
But she at least knows how to make a start.
Emmenanthe shifts over a little in bed, softly bringing an arm around Ava.
It’s very, very cosy.

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