Web of hypnotic foreplay

by Lydia Salia and Traveling Master

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #dom:male #humiliation #m/f #solo

I contacted hypnotist Lydia Salia about the idea of writing an erotic story together. She agreed. We emailed back and forth and eventually met over Zoom and in real life to work out the intimate details. We collaborated on the base story and then each wrote two alternate endings.

Standard Disclaimers in effect.

This is a collaboration story written by author's Lydia Salia and The Traveling Master. This first chapter was started by Lydia, which is written from her point of view, then went to me (The Traveling Master). I continued the story from my point of view and so on... All parts were proofed and worked on by both authors. The ending of this story is up to you: the reader. We both decided to create 4 endings to our incredible collaboration. 2 endings that lean towards the vanilla sides of our writings and 2 that indulge our darker fantasies. At the end of this chapter, you'll be able to click a link that will send you to either Lydia's or the TM's page for their respective endings

I have read many stories on EMCSA and ReadOnlyMind. Most are singularly horrid. I was delighted to come across the writings of Traveling Master. He was a breath of fresh air. A cunning linguist - at least my imagination took me in that direction. He was a maestro with the pen. I guess that saying is archaic now. A maestro with the keyboard. It was a nice surprise when he contacted me and suggested we write a story together. We shared some personal bio information and I decided I had enough to begin our collaboration. He is 100% dom and I am 50/50. I like to control, but something in me... my feminine side wants to be controlled. I have generally observed that hypnotists enjoy both sides of the aisle. Most like the thought of being helpless while another hypnotist has their way with them. I've also observed that hypnotists, as a group, are easily hypnotized provided you establish the requisite trust and authority.
Mark is prolific. He has written, maybe 50 stories. He covers mainly light noncon and consensual M/F, male dominant. My writing tends to be more varied and darker. I sprinkle humiliation, scat and even sex trafficking into my stories. Not very Christian of me. I am a Christian btw. At least on most days. When I take a detour, I ask for forgiveness. Lately I have been asking for forgiveness a lot. Damn. Be gone succubus. Leave me be.
After maybe 50 emails I had a pretty good idea about the Mark’s likes and dislikes. Mark was actually kind of sweet and I decided this would be a lot of fun. I decided we should get to know one another a little better over Zoom. We set up a time and date and he logged on. He was bigger than life. A big man, broad shoulders and a short cropped brown beard. We discussed various ideas and decided on a nonconsensual theme of man hypnotizes girl. Girl services man. Pretty straightforward.
Mark has shared with me that he is not a hypnotist. Interesting. He writes a lot of stories about hypnosis. He also has a hard time believing hypnosis actually works in real life. He has never been hypnotized. Well, he has never met me before, so that will change. I find this curious. How can you write about hypnosis if you don't know how to hypnotize someone? I decided what he lacked was confidence. I sent him a link to the Mandel Triangle that explained the importance of confidence starting around the 33 minute mark.
Never one to turn down a challenge, I decided I would coach him on how to hypnotize someone. Mark also has this strong ethical conviction that hypnosis should never be performed without consent. Damn. That’s limiting. Well, maybe I can change his mind. Just because he feels that way doesn't mean I have to feel that way. I can always make him desire to be hypnotized after the fact. Part of co-writing a good story together would be for him to experience first hand the power of hypnosis. Especially my brand of hypnosis. Complete domination. Hehe.
I started our Zoom with a few questions. If you were to want to hypnotize someone like me... say over Zoom, how would you proceed? I mean a shock induction would be fruitless. Would you do something like a balloon levitation suggestibility test or some other covert induction?
Mark thought about it and said he wasn't sure. Then he quipped, "Isn't a good imagination needed to be hypnotized?"
"Not necessarily. But it helps. If your subject has a good imagination, then it is easier for them to focus on something.”
For all of Mark's stories, he has never actually hypnotized anyone before. I am giving him a crash course on the basics. "Trust, authority (confidence) and focus are prerequisites to achieving a deep trance in your subject. Of course, there are other things. Like compliments. Compliment the person’s ‘ego’ whenever you have a chance. Distract their conscious mind with story loops and creative visualization. Introduce confusion to keep their conscious mind from analyzing what is happening to them."
I continued, “Focus is one of the core tenets to inducing trance. I think that might be something for you to work on today during our Zoom session. I want you to create a targeted visualization. I want you to use your imagination to try and stimulate my imagination. The better your imagination, the better you can create a story to guide your subject. Is that something you think you can do?"
Mark was unfamiliar with the Mandel triangle. "Engage your subject's imagination. Create a story... create story loops to distract the conscious mind from analyzing what it is being told. Fluid, consistent projection of your confidence and authority. Spellbind your subject with a good yarn."
In the meantime, Mark excused himself to deal with some technical issue. He was some sort of electrical engineer consultant or something. He was having a lighting issue and audio hum problem. The lighting would dim slightly and then recover. It was a little disconcerting. I thought maybe there was a voltage problem. There was also a definite background hum problem. This was not constant but seemed to fluctuate with the light. Some sort of feedback I presumed, but that was his area of expertise, not mine. 
While Mark researched the hum problem, I thought back to the time when a local, at a bar in Palo Alto, was harassing my friend and me. I suggested he and I might go home together if he would do a relaxation exercise with me for a psychology project I was conducting for school. I just needed him to use his imagination. He was motivated by the possibility of sex, so he agreed. I had him 'imagine' that his feet were glued to the floor, and he couldn't move. I used my imagination to help him focus and imagine what I wanted him to feel. Then I had him imagine that he had to pee. Of course, his feet were locked to the floor, so he was screwed. He ended up peeing himself. I smiled at the memory. I am such a fucking bitch.
As I waited for him, I poured myself another glass of wine and sat back to look at the screen. It was a strange pattern. A fluctuating hum and dimming of the lights. Then it would recover. As I sipped my wine I thought, "I really like this pinot." It was making me very relaxed. Mark returned in due course and said, "What if I just say some relaxing things and see how your imagination runs with it?"
I took a final swallow of my wine. It was smooth and I was feeling no pain. Mark sat back down at his computer and arranged some papers. I asked him, "So, not ready to try an induction? Ok. You have to start with baby steps. Perhaps you could start with a visualization exercise. When you want to hypnotize someone, having them exercise their imagination is an excellent starting point. It helps them focus and if you use the right suggestions, you can help them relax at the same time. By the way, the hum on our Zoom session is quite noticeable. Do you have any idea what it is?"
"I'm not sure. Maybe some sort of feedback. Just ignore it if you can."
"No problem. It doesn't bother me."
He asked, "What do you think about an imagination exercise ... like imagining walking down a hill?"
"Sure. Different and not something I would use to try and obtain their focus, but you have to start somewhere."
I felt kind of bad for Mark. He clearly was not a hypnotist, and this approach was all wrong. But he needed a confidence boost, so I decided I would play along.
"Imagine that you are at the top of a hill. You have good secure footing, but as you walk down this road, you must tense your thigh muscles to keep from walking too fast. It is pretty steep, and you have a long way to walk."
Ok. I could see that in my mind's eye. I felt my thigh muscles contract as I imagined myself walking down the hill. How would tense, sore muscles be relaxing? I pondered.
"It is a beautiful day. A cool breeze is blowing and there is no one around to interrupt your thoughts. Just peace and happiness. It's glorious to be alive. As you walk past one apartment, you pause to smell a honeysuckle plant. The aroma is delicious. You take a deep breath. It smells so sweet. You look up and see a dog crossing the street. A garbage truck stops at the end of the street to pick up trash. You can see this perfectly in your mind's eye."
I was impressed with this visualization exercise, and I felt like I should complement him. "This is good Mark. Your descriptions are very vivid. This is exactly what you want to do to focus your subject." I resumed listening to him.
Everything Mark described came into view as he described. The sights, the sounds. Clouds. Lightning in the distance. Rolling thunder. "Take a another deep breath. You can feel fresh air fill your lungs. The perfume of flowers is just detectable. Maybe roses?”
“What do you smell?”
I wrinkled my nose. “Yes, I can smell the roses. Just barely, but yes, definitely roses.”
Mark had a very soothing voice. “You feel so wonderful. Deep breath in again. Perfect bliss and harmony. How do you feel?"
"I feel wonderful. My legs are getting a little tired. I wish I could sit down and rest for a moment."
"You will be at your apartment soon. Then you can rest. I know you are tired. It would feel good to relax... Do you still hear the background hum as it fluctuates in intensity? It has a very relaxing cadence. Have you noticed that?" 
I no longer heard the hum. When he said to hear it, the sound slowly came back into focus. Into the foreground again. “Ok. I can hear it again.” The hum had disappeared into the background, but when Mark reminded me, yes, I could still hear it. "Yes, I hear it now. It is very relaxing."
"You will be able to rest soon. Take another deep breath for me. Doesn't it feel good to breathe in that fresh air? So relaxing... so peaceful. You are almost to the bottom of the hill. Your apartment is at the bottom, on the right. You can see it now. Describe what you see."
"It is a quaint little red brick apartment at the end of a long row of apartments. I can see the street number and a gas lamp marking my front entrance."
"Very good Lydia. You have a wonderful imagination. I want you to imagine that my words are your thoughts. Just imagine that what you hear is your own mind. I am no longer here."
I smiled at myself. Yes, I do have a wonderful imagination.
"Now you are approaching your front door. Turn the key and go inside. You are the only one home. Tell me what you see."
"I'm in the foyer. I'm walking past the coat closet, and I see my cat Sam coming up to greet me."
"Now I want you to sit down on your couch. Tell me when you are sitting comfortably."
"Ok. I'm at the couch now."
"You feel so good. So peaceful and relaxed. It would be the perfect end to a perfect day to have a nice, quiet orgasm. What could be better than that?"
"Not much" I agreed.
"You have masturbated before. You are a very sexual person. A wonderfully sexual person. Your imagination allows you to experience wonderful orgasms.”

The subconscious responds well to complements. Observe your subject. If they are deeply in trance, the mention of something personal or sexual will not register as ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’. If they are only in light trance, they may wrinkle their brow or otherwise betray discomfort with your statements. This is where a sense of empathy can help you spot resistance points and alter/adapt your induction.

With that idea in mind, you begin to gently touch yourself. Ever so lightly, rub your fingers up and down over your sex. That feels good, doesn't it?"
"Good girl. You realize you are becoming aroused. The excitement is building as you rub yourself. You are imagining a time when you had wonderful sex. You see this in your mind’s eye. Is it with a man or a woman? You feel perfectly fine discussing this with me.”
“It is with a woman.”
You are all alone now and you realize that it would be much easier if you remove your jeans and shirt so that you can properly stimulate yourself. You will stand up and remove your jeans, shirt and bra and sit back down when you are done, facing the camera. Then you will resume rubbing yourself. But you cannot put your fingers inside or come until I allow you. I control when you can orgasm. Do you understand?"
"Very good girl. You are doing so well. Using your right index finger, I want you to find that spot at the bottom of your pussy and slowly bring the finger up until it brushes against your clitoris. That feels good, doesn't it?"
"Continue to rub on the outside of my panties. Up and down. Then pressing against your labia. Maybe let a finger slip in just a little bit."
I was enjoying this. Thank God I was just imagining this and not really doing it in front of Mark.
"I can see that you are wet for me Lydia. Place a finger inside and see how wet you are."
"Oh my god. I am so wet."
"Good girl. You can feel an orgasm building. The faster you rub, the stronger the feeling becomes, but you cannot cum until I allow you."
I was fingering my pussy now and it felt so good.
"It’s ok to put your fingers inside." I did so and a moan escaped my mouth. I was becoming so hot as I inserted my finger, rubbing up and down.
"You just let out another moan Lydia. You are so close."
"I am close. This feels so good. I need to cum. Please let me cum."
"You must ask me nicely Lydia."
"Please. Fuck. Please let me cum!" This seemed to go on for agonizing seconds. I remember hearing a voice… maybe my own internal voice say "cum now Lydia." And I came. Hard. Fuck.
The voice in my head said something about how good a girl I was and then I opened my eyes. I was sitting in the chair completely dressed. Phew! This did not really happen. Thank god. I would be mortified to masturbate in front of a perfect stranger. I told him that his imagination exercise was the right idea and he could probably induce trance with that technique.
"Mark, I think you could learn to hypnotize someone with a little practice and confidence building." And then I surprised myself by inviting him to meet up with me in person.
"We should meet in person. I promise I won't hypnotize you unless you want me to and I certainly won't do anything to embarrass you." He was too anxious about being hypnotized to readily give his consent. I would do him a favor. I would hypnotize him first and then obtain his consent later. Besides, I could help him with hypnosis in countless ways. The people I like benefit tremendously from my trances. The ones who cross me... they don’t benefit so much.
Surprisingly, Mark agreed immediately to meet in person. Based on our email correspondence I figured he would be reticent. He seemed genuinely worried that I might get the drop on him. And I might. Maybe I would even incorporate a meeting into our collaborative story. I bid Mark goodbye and we made arrangements to meet within the next 2 weeks. Fortunately, he lived nearby. In the meantime, I needed to take a bathroom break. When I went to the restroom, I was surprised to find a significant vaginal discharge in my panties. What the fuck? I felt my pussy. It was me. I was very wet. Had I experienced an actual orgasm while zooming with Mark? Had I been naked? No. That didn't happen. I remained dressed. I guess the orgasm I imagined really did happen, but under 'wraps' so to speak. Mark probably got to see me squirm a little on camera, but fully dressed thank god! Besides, he doesn't even know how to hypnotize. This visualization exercise was my own imagination running away with me. I am, after all, a very sexual person with a great imagination.

Once we bid farewell and Lydia signed off our Zoom call, I leaned back in my chair as the tension seemed to drain from my shoulders. I took a long deep breath and stretched out the fingers that had been stroking my boner through the fabric of my pants. I didn't know exactly what to expect from our Zoom call.
I mean... I WAS meeting the infamous Lydia Salia.
Would she try to drop me like she had done to so many others? A few of her stories had started by a 'friendly' zoom meeting after all. 
My eyes drifted down to the uncomfortable bulge in my pants and I just had to smile. Did I dare hope that I had just managed to trance her? 
Had it really worked?
What I gathered from reading Lydia Salia's many stories and my email exchanges with her; she really was a prima hypnodomme. She wasn’t just pretending to be a master hypnotist. She was the real deal.
It’s so easy to get lost in the fantasy of it all when you are an erotic writer. You spend so many hours working out of your own powerful imagination that your online persona becomes like a second skin. It is like a mask we wear when we surf our favorite hypnofetish sites.
Or is it more like removing the mask we wear in public?
Regardless of which, the power of that imagination can easily shine through our words, which is why we are writers in the first place.
But it also has a second effect on the people that enjoy our stories: They can’t help but picture the person behind the words.
In Lydia’s case, I was surprised that she had immediately assumed that I was an expert hypnotist. That assumption gave her pause and it took a few emails before I understood why. She told me a little about her experience with an online hypnotist that did NOT have her best intentions at heart and suddenly it all made perfect sense.
At first, she seemed like a submissive and cautious young woman, victim of a bad experience, but as we continued to talk and I read more of her real-life stories, I realized that it was only half the picture.
The other half was a confident Domme that was incredibly knowledgeable about real world hypnosis. Her stories and our exchanges were simply fascinating. Especially since in my mind, she started off as a somewhat typical sub, but bloomed into more of a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
If even half of what she talked about was true, then I wasn’t dealing with a garden variety erotica hypno writer, but a true Hypnodomme. Or in Lydia's case, a succubus.
A hypnotist, it turned out, which had a penchant for covert and non-consensual inductions… One thing was certain, she wasn’t lying about all the real-world hypnosis stuff we talked about.
Every time I asked a question, mainly to further my understanding about real hypnosis, she would offer up clear and understandable answers while also inviting me to double check that information with various links.
Her talents were certainly not in question…
Which meant that although she CLAIMED she was incredibly suggestible and easy to hypnotize, being the skilled hypnotist that she was, perhaps she could easily fake it and play into what a trance is like.
This understandably gave me pause when she offered to teach me how to hypnotize. How much of our conversation could I trust? Was this just a ploy to covertly hypnotize me? The idea of being hypnotized was exciting to me. Although I honestly wasn't sure it would work on me. Hypnosis still seems more a fantasy. Maybe Lydia could show me otherwise. Or maybe not. I'm a bit of a skeptic. In her stories she often tricked her subjects into letting their guard down and then would have her way with them. I didn't want to be another subject in another one of her stories. I was going to have to be very wary and very smart.
From our emails and conversations, I knew how comfortable she was with her own body so I knew that her getting naked and masturbating during our call could have all been a ploy to get me to drop my guard.
She really was kind of a succubus. I knew she had taken many under hypnotic control. I knew she was a master of covert techniques. But I also had read enough to recognize possible vulnerabilities. She did not pick up on the hum. I am not a hypnotist after all. Well, I am an amateur hypnotist, if you can call it that. I have tried hypnosis a few times. What I lack in confidence, I make up for in preparation. I am not nearly as experienced as Lydia, but I know a thing or two and she thinks I don't know 'jack'. So, she wouldn't be on guard. And she wasn't. She had slipped into trance. I went for broke and decided to install a safeguard and sleep trigger for future use. I hoped it would work since I'm not sure I was altogether convincing to her subconscious.
My eyes glanced down to the screen shots she had sent me of herself and my cock twitched. She was a stunning woman with a generous set of enticing attributes that that complemented the confident twinkle in her eye. 
Which made the other half of my brain lustfully wonder… 
What if I am the one she entranced? Am I just unaware? 
Her words suddenly echoed in my mind: “Lust and arousal is an incredibly effective tool to hypnotize men…”
Of course it was… 
But, from all the conversations I had and the stories I read, I knew that the same was true for women. And it was true for her as well if her stories were to be believed. Sex is a powerful and primal force within our minds, and she clearly knew how to use it. 
I smiled as I felt my heart race and pound inside my chest. 
Lydia was turning out to be much more than I expected. Our talks had pushed me to study hypnosis inductions in preparation for our Zoom session. Which led me to remember her stories about brain waves and frequencies… 
A wicked idea started to bloom in my aroused imagination.
I was a bit out of my element when I read up on beta, gamma and theta waves, but as I got into the technical details, I realized that I could probably incorporate some of it into an induction I wanted to try on her.
It took almost 2 all nighters to manage to tweak my computer, but after a few tests, I was confident that I had nailed the right frequencies. 
After all, if I was to go toe to toe with a real life Hypno Domme with a fetish for nonconsensual control, I had to at least try my hand and be a little more prepared than she expected me to be.
I closed the Zoom window and opened up the screenshots I had taken during our call.
She made me so freaking hard when she actually removed her clothes and got naked. It took all I had not to break character as I watched her pleasure herself. Part of me had expected her to stop before she got undressed. Part of me recognized that she had indeed fallen victim to the binaural hum I had playing in the background. The 'imagination exercise', as I called it, was a covert induction I had discovered in some old book on hypnosis. It didn't sound like anything special, and I had already ginned up a conversation around imagination and focus. She actually suggested I try to use vivid imagery to help focus the subconscious. She had prepped herself for an induction I would use on her. I was kind of proud of myself.
I couldn’t believe it! Somehow though, my rational mind kicked in and managed to calm me down by pointing out the fact that it could all be a ruse. 
She was certainly a cunning woman and with her looks, I could easily understand the men, and women, that helplessly became aroused and opened the door for her. She had even told me herself how she used sex and sexual attraction to trick men into trances.
Thankfully, my mind hadn’t forgotten that and I tried my best to stay in character while she made herself cum.
At my command…
I almost lost it myself as I watched her delicious body get overtaken by what looked to be a real orgasm.
I was shocked and insanely aroused… Which made me snap back to reality when she calmed down and I realized I had been staring in rapt attention.
My Dad always said that there was nothing more dangerous than a beautiful woman.
Especially when she is fully aware of the effects she has on the people around her.
She had been right though…
Real or not, offering to let me experience a real-life hypnosis session brought me a sort of elation I had only written about. I could still vividly feel my blood pumping as I watched her drop for me. I had never felt that type of arousal before… 
For many reasons, I had never taken hypnosis seriously. Partly because, like her, I had a darker side I tried to keep under control. I feared that I might use hypnosis to indulge my darker, wilder fantasies.
For those who read my stories, you know exactly what I’m talking about…
And now that I had tasted it, I had to admit that I was also right. Hypnotizing people was addictive in its own way.
I took a deep breath and calmed my racing heart and focused back on my computer. I went to my hidden folders and pulled up the schematics I had designs. I smiled as I thought about the face Lydia would surely make if I managed to actually build the hypnodisc she had so deliciously described in one of her stories.
The one where she told all the world about her first hypnotic experience with a man named Jim.
She didn’t elaborate too much on the technical side of it all, but she had vividly described how it tied into the same brain wave frequencies I had used on our Zoom call. Combined with her powerful writing and the research I had done; I had a pretty good idea on what I was supposed to build.
Hopefully, I would be able to replicate the disk before we met up in real life.
My cock stirred again as my imagination drifted to a dozen different scenarios. What if it really worked? God that would be exquisite…
I looked over my design and picked up my circuit welder. I had a long road ahead of me if I wanted to have the LEDs up and running, but I was nothing if not a patient worker.
Especially when I had a clear goal in mind…
Lydia wouldn’t know what hit her once I showed her the device. Would she resist it? Would she be intimidated by my resolve to create one?
Or would she use her incredible mind to turn the tables on me and yield to HER dark impulses? Maybe trick me into using it on myself while she offered to help me do relaxing breathing exercises with her? You know… So, I know JUST how to do them with her…
After all, I wasn’t an idiot. To her, I knew I was some prime piece of hypnotic meat she no doubt wanted to sink her teeth into. She surely couldn’t wait to break me in and ‘show’ me the wonderful world of inductions. 
If she had been truthful in our exchanges, then half of her would be extremely excited by the prospect of letting me take control for an evening.
But the other half would be plotting and licking those exquisite lips as she patiently waited for the right moment to drop me into her hypnotic trap.
With her obvious skills, I figured I would be no match if she truly wanted to hypnotize me.
Besides the sleep trigger, I had managed to put a "safeguard" in her subconscious. If she did put me under, assuming it worked, …she would get a nice little surprise for her efforts. I was still pretty new to the concept, but I figured that I could at least try. Then again, if our call had all been for show, then she already knew all about it and could bypass it easily. I had no way to know. In my mind, she was clearly too skilled for me to ever be sure of anything. So the only thing I could do was to prepare and study as much as I could before we met in person.
At least that suggestion to meet had worked…
Or my lust blinded me and she just took the opportunity to pull me in deeper into her web…
I cursed as my distracting thoughts caused me to burn my left index finger instead of the wires on the circuit board. 
Damn it… That’s gonna leave a mark… 
I guess I couldn’t deny that she was insanely distracting… 
Part of me wants to try my hand at hypnosis and see if I have a talent for it. I was incredibly grateful to Lydia for ‘taking me under her wing’ the way she has. So far, the experience was eye opening.
But then again…
A darker part of me already dreamed up fantasies about what I would do if I truly COULD bring her as deep as she claims she goes. My eyes drifted back to my screen and I couldn’t hold back the familiar power trip I felt whenever I wrote an explicit mind control scene. 
If it was true and I did put her under… It would be a real challenge to hold back…
I smiled as I turned my attention back to the circuit board.
Why did I even want to hold back?
One thing that I did confirm. Lydia is hyper suggestible. She admitted in one of her emails to me that she became uncontrollably aroused after reading one of my more sexually explicit stories. Not only did she volunteer that she had to rub one out, but after one particularly provocative scene, she wrote that she would 'jump my bones' had I been available. I can see that arousal is probably an effective tool to gain the upper hand over Lydia.
The battle of wills shall be fought on all fronts… 
And that’s what excited me the most.

Traveling Master chiming in. I know more about hypnosis than I let on to. Some behind the scenes details of the creative visualization exercise during our Zoom session. As soon as Lydia smelled the roses, her subconscious betrayed that she was slipping into trance. This was confirmed by the fact that the auditory hum had disappeared from her awareness. Her focused imagination, directed by my visualization, was shutting down her conscious, analytical brain. She was already hypnotized, but just didn’t know it. The story of walking downhill, the dog, clouds, distant thunder. These are what are referred to as loops. As you layer these loops, as you create the story, the subject stops trying to analyze what you are doing and begins to imagine what you are describing. Hypnosis 101.
Lydia chiming in. Mark asked me to comment about his sneaky induction which was framed as a creative visualization. He is correct. Once I smelled the roses, I had already slipped into light trance. This is a pretty clever covert induction. Of course, my trusting subconscious had no clue. He knows enough to use loops in this covert induction. He studied Mandel somewhere along the way.

We Meet Face to Face
For the life of me, I can't figure out now how meeting Mark in person is going to further our goal of co-writing a story. It was my idea though. I must have had a good reason for suggesting it. At least I'm pretty sure he's not a serial killer. I could detect no telltale signs of psychopathy. We had planned to meet in the hotel lobby. I spotted him right away. He had been emailing me almost non-stop with questions about hypnosis. "How could someone be dropped with a sleep trigger? How did the Erickson handshake work? I decided right then and there that I would demonstrate how it worked. There is nothing like inducing trance in a newbie to overcome their skepticism. And Mark, for all his hypnostories, still believed hypnotic subjugation was just an erotic fantasy.
I called out to him as I approached. "Mark, so nice to meet you in person!" I sported a sincere, wide smile and I extended my hand to shake his.

Proper use of the Erickson handshake requires a coordinated series of steps. First, do NOT give your subject the opportunity to 'think' about what is happening. You are enacting a well-rehearsed subconscious behavior - the introductory greeting. Your brain does not have to think about this. It is considered an 'automatic' behavior. My hand comes up. My subjects hand comes up. The other elements are 'fluidity' in your induction, confidence and authority... and confusion. The interruption opens a window into the person’s subconscious. None of this is magical or particularly difficult to understand if you are familiar with the neuroscience of consciousness.
The 'shock' part of the induction is my own favored variant. I grasp the hand tightly, lift it up ever so slightly, and then tug the arm down firmly and pull the person into my chest. As you do this you must instruct their subconscious what they are to do. "Sleep for me Mark, totally let go...." Yada, yada, yada. If the person doesn't like you or trust you, this induction may fail. I have had it fail on me before. If your suspect knows this is coming, they can resist it – but not always… Far more often than not, it works like a charm. Here, why don't I demonstrate?

Mark responded as I anticipated. Even if he had previously contemplated, I might use a shock induction, by walking up on him unannounced, calling out his name warmly and extending my hand, I gave him very little time to think… or resist.
I grasped Mark's hand firmly, smiled up at him and without skipping a beat, pulled his arm down while pulling his head to my chest with my other hand.
"SLEEP for me Mark! Deeply asleep. It feels so good to slump into me. Totally letting go. Let go... relax. No resistance."
Mark ever so briefly resisted, but I had this.
"Nothing matters but my voice. You are totally relaxed. You feel wonderful. You trust me to take care of you... trust me to protect you. Do not resist. Do not think. Just listen. Listen carefully to me. I have hypnotized you and you love this feeling."
I felt his muscles relax. He was entering trance. I recited my favorite self-improvement script.
"You know I only want the best for you. I am going to give you some suggestions that will help you obtain superpower self-confidence. Suggestions that will help you be happier and to think more clearly. You know that I can do this for you, and you are so appreciative that I am helping you to be the best you. I know how much you love being hypnotized by me. You are such a good boy. Now I want you to know something. I want this etched into your very soul. You are a stud. You are magnificent. You are brilliant, and yet you have a gentle, loving side. You have a newfound confidence in what you can achieve. You can do anything you set your mind to. You can be a master hypnotist or a Casanova that girls will swoon over. You recognize that it is the beauty that comes from within that determines a person's real sex appeal and value. And you have this beauty. Strong, a force of nature, dominant, yet caring and considerate. You have all the best qualities that a strong, virile man can have. Your wisdom and confidence make you a girl magnet. With this knowledge, you have a newfound love for life. You experience happiness on a daily basis like you have never known. I am so impressed by what you have achieved with your writing and what you will come to achieve."
Even though I know this induction by heart, I felt my concentration wavering a bit.
“You would love to enter this state even faster and to go deeper next time. In the future if I touch your forehead and say "Sweet dreams", you will instantly drop even deeper into trance than you are now. When I awaken you later, you will have no conscious memory of having been hypnotized. You will just have a wonderful feeling of contentment and bliss. Do you understand?"
I observed a faint smile on Mark's lips. His subconscious was incorporating my suggestions as new 'truths'. I smiled as I felt the familiar joys of placing an alpha male under my influence. I looked him over. Calm and perfectly relaxed, which only made me appreciate his blue collar build. He was a big man. Big hands, broad chest, intimidating. Why this male lacked confidence to hypnotize someone was beyond me. Oh well… Maybe I’ll play around in his mind later.. after we get our meeting underway. I tentatively licked my lips as I reminded myself that I had vowed to stop covertly claiming minds. But his mind was already so alluring…
His stories had certainly had an effect on me. That much was true. My mind wandered for the briefest moment as I remembered masturbating after reading one of his particularly erotic stories.
I missed lunch on the way here and I felt a little dizzy. It will do neither of us any good if I faint. I need to push through this. In this public lobby, I knew I couldn’t keep him in trance for too long, not without attracting unwanted attention. But I wanted to take in his body. He reminds me of a grizzly bear. Big, muscular and yes, intimidating. He could squash me like a bug if I didn't control his mind. Well, I didn't own him yet. I frowned at myself. Stop Lydia. No more thoughts of owning people. I sighed as I took him in. He exuded raw sexuality. He certainly had been truthful when he described himself. Fit, but not over the top. Extra weight, but not overweight. His light trim beard and handsome face…
So perfectly relaxed for me. In a… Trance… For… Me… Oh my. My head feels thick.
I blinked a few times before shaking my head to clear away the cobwebs. I zoned out for a moment. I pondered my sudden lack of focus. Was I momentarily distracted by the raw sexual energy I felt? Or missing lunch? I need to stop skipping meals. It is going to get me in trouble when I pass out and hit my head...
I looked back at him, my head clearing. I was mildly aroused. Get your mind out of the gutter Lydia!, I chided myself. This was just a professional meeting between two erotica writers, nothing more.
Maybe I shouldn’t have read up on his stories while I waited for our in-person meeting. They had a powerful effect on my libido.
I was ready to bring Mark back up. "On the count of three you will fully awaken, feeling clear and rested, fully awake and remembering that you heard me call out your name in greeting and that you turned to shake my hand. One, two, three, fully awake."
"Hi Mark. You are larger than life in person. Impressive!"
I shook his hand (again) and leaned in to give him a hug.
"Hi Lydia. So nice to meet you in person. I almost expected you to pull the Erickson handshake on me when I met you. Not that it would work."
"Ha. I doubt with your knowledge and anticipation it would work. I think for that you have to surprise someone with it before they have an opportunity to steel their defenses."
"Yes. That is my understanding too. Do you want to compare notes down here or go up to my room?"
The 'up to my room' suggestion gave me pause. Although, I don't know why. He seemed all of a sudden very large and in charge. Wait, that was the suggestion I had just given him. Was he somehow manifesting that confidence? Exuding some sort of magnetic charm? He didn't wait for my answer but turned and started for the elevators. I followed obediently behind him. Now I was on autopilot. Just following him up to his room. I felt my heart racing. Am I acting under a hypnotic compulsion?  He opened the door to his room and I followed him in. Something didn’t feel right. I felt like I was missing something.

My heart was pounding as I heard her familiar voice call out to me. I had read enough of her stories to know that she might drop me without warning.
This was it.
I hit the record button on my phone, just in time I think...
I wasn't sure of anything. I just hoped that she still assumed I didn’t know what I was doing. After all, a skilled hypnotist can ferret out almost anything if given the time. Especially if they are suspicious. So my best bet was to just dive in and hope for the best.
According to her own words, she WAS supposed to be good now. I just hoped I didn’t make a huge mistake by suggesting that we meet in person. I didn't want to end up as one of her thralls…
“Mark, so nice to meet you in person!" she said with the most sincere and inviting smile I had ever seen and extended her hand to shake my own.
Was this the famous handshake she uses?
She grasped my outstretched hand firmly, smiled up at me and without skipping a beat, pulled my arm down.
I barely had time to register the head pull as the shock overtook me…
"SLEEP for me Mark! Deeply asleep. It feels so good to slump into me. Totally letting go. Let go... relax. No resistance."
I think… I think I resisted?
But the next thing I knew, we were both facing each other and she was speaking to me.
“… will fully awaken, feeling clear and rested, fully awake and remembering that you heard me call out your name in greeting and I just walked… I walked up to you…” she was having trouble speaking.
I blinked a few times as the disconcerting haze slowly washed away. I felt clear… I felt rested. 
She had stopped talking and was staring straight ahead. Oh my fucking god. I had thought to install a safeguard in her subconscious for my own protection when I hypnotized her with the Zoom imagination exercise. She had a vacant look on her face as she began counting down from 30.
“30… 29… 28… 27…”
I remember now. I shook my head to clear the delightful cobwebs from my mind and concentrated. Ok… Seems like she JUST placed me under…
“22… 21… 20…” she continued at a steady pace.
Ok ok… Get it together… She obviously tricked you… Which was expected, I guess… But is my safe guard really working? Or is it just her playing along?
I stood up straight and prepared to find out if what I tried to program into her subconscious actually worked. 
“11… 10… 9… 8…” she continued.
I had trouble keeping my excitement contained as I watched for signs that she was faking. But for some reason, I knew she wasn't... faking. I guess my new sense of confidence was working. I had done everything right and my post hypnotic suggestion did, indeed, work.
“5… 4… 3… 2… 1…”
I placed my finger on her forehead and waited.
Her expression went from flat and blank to... curious. "What..., what happened? I just woke you from trance." She refocused her gaze on me still trying to understand what had happened. I had front row seats to the wild questions that went through her mind.
“WHAT THE FUCK?” she had time to say before I looked in her eyes with my newfound confidence.
SLEEP for the Traveling Master Lydia.” I said firmly.
To my utter amazement, I watched her eyes flutter before her head slumped forward. 
And my jaw dropped.
It had actually worked! 
“It’s ok Lydia… You are relaxed and perfectly safe…” I said softly. “There is no need to worry. You can stand and lift your head up. Staying perfectly relaxed. Perfectly safe. You want to listen to my voice. You know I only want the best for you. You know I only want your pleasure. You love that I always want your pleasure. Just like before. You felt so much pleasure when you listened to my voice. You love to feel the pleasure I can bring you. You trust me completely.”
I watched her relax a little more. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. 
“It feels incredible to listen to my voice. Just like before. You can just relax and listen as my voice awakens your imagination… Just like before… Relaxing deeper for me… Now just take a deep breath for me… In… Breathing in all that nice crisp air… Out… Letting all the tension drain away from your body… Do this a few times for me Lydia…”
I watched her take a long calming breath and fished out my phone. With untold relief, I realized that it was still recording. 
I had her continue to take slow deep breaths as I placed an air pod in my ear. I needed to know what she had said to me when I was under. My phone recorded it all.
I was floored!
However, I did feel a wave of dizziness as I heard the trigger phrase “Sweet dreams”, but thankfully, she wasn’t touching my forehead, so I managed to shake it off. Barely…
I cursed myself for not thinking that I might inadvertently place myself in a trance by listening to my recording. I looked over at Lydia and I felt a huge mix of emotions.
She had lied to me.
She had expressly assured me that she wouldn’t try to hypnotize me without my consent. But as she often explained in her stories, she likes to ‘seduce’ the subject’s consent. Which is highly immoral of course.
And insanely arousing…
But she had betrayed my trust and I latched onto that emotion hard. Hypnosis is based on trust and now, I had a good reason NOT to trust her.
I smiled.
And maybe punish her?
“That was pretty naughty of you Lydia… Putting me under without my consent… I’m glad we had a talk the other day about this… Do you remember that?”
“Yes Mark…” she said softly. 
“And what happens when realize that you placed me in a trance?”
“I am to be a good girl and wake you from trance. Then I am supposed to give you a chance to recover as I calmly count down from 30.”
“I'm glad to see you are a good girl Lydia… My recording proves that you did exactly that. Good girl.”
A faint smile pursed her delicious lips.
“What did you intend by hypnotizing me?” I said. “You will answer truthfully and completely.”
“Yes Mark…” she answered. “I intended to show you firsthand how hypnosis works. I intended to make you more confident. Boost your self-image. I wanted to give you tools. Tools you could use later on to hypnotize others.”
“Did you intend to make me your thrall?” I asked, not fully sure I wanted to hear her answer.
“Maybe…” she finally said softly. “I did think about it… But I’m trying not to do that anymore… I shouldn’t…”
“Indeed, you shouldn’t. But you are tempted, yes?” I asked.
“Yes.” She said immediately. “Very tempted.”
“Well Lydia… I’m disappointed that you didn’t ask for permission before you hypnotized me. You lied. That’s not being a good girl. I thought you liked to be a good girl. Don’t you like to be a good girl?”
“Yes… I want to be a good girl…” she said with another faint smile.
“And you are a good girl Lydia. Such a good girl… You just couldn’t resist the temptation. I understand and forgive you Lydia.”
I debated on what to do next. I knew, or supposed, that I couldn’t do much here in the lobby. I was still wildly out of my element and I knew it. We would need to relocate to my room. I looked at her and sighed. The sleep trigger was a problem though. I couldn’t very well let her keep it. Even if the safeguard turned out to work perfectly. 
I smiled as I thought about the hypnodisc I had worked so hard to create. Hopefully, I would be able to use it to deepen her trance later on. What about being hypnotized myself? I wouldn't have believed this Erickson handshake really worked if not for the fact that it had just been used on me. The idea of being hypnotized by her was... exciting. But I had to make sure she would have no inclination or ability to make me one of her thralls.
If I could at least calm down her darker impulses... She would certainly feel bad once I told her I knew about her lie. But would her guilt be enough to MAKE her remove my trigger? 
Or maybe I didn’t have to make her remove it. I couldn’t deny that the sudden trance had left me feeling dazed, but incredible. My curiosity about the subject’s side of a trance was still largely unsatisfied. And the fact that she had taken the time to boost my self-confidence wasn’t lost on me. 
“Ok Lydia, I want you to open your eyes for me. Still remaining deeply hypnotized for me.” I said.
Her eyes opened and I took her head in my hands.
“Look into my eyes Lydia.” I said and she did. “Now focus on my words and listen very carefully to what I’m about to say. Can you do that for me Lydia? Can you be a good girl and be obedient for me? Nod and say yes if you accept.”
“Yes.” She said softly.
“Very good Lydia… You are doing so well…” I said softly. “Now in a few moments, I will awaken you from your trance and you will not remember that you already awoke me. You will only remember that you put me under and that you made me forget. Can you do this for me Lydia? Can you be a good girl and do that?”
“Yes Mark.” She said softly.
“Very good Lydia…” I said softly. “So very good Lydia… It feels so good to listen to my voice. It feels so good to obey my commands… Now listen carefully and focus on my words... You have a growing desire to have our meeting in a private place. You won’t know exactly why, but you will strongly feel that you want to accept my invitation to go up to my room. Going up to my room feels like the only logical thing to do. It IS the only thing you want to do. Nothing else will matter to you. You will fall in a light waking trance and follow me up to my room. Without fear and without worries.”
I think I had covered all my bases. But then I smiled. What was the harm in trying right?
“It feels so nice to listen to my voice. You know I want only what is best for you Lydia. Just like before. I am such a strong and confident man. Larger that life. You will feel this truth blossom inside you. You will notice the way I hold myself. You will notice the way I move. You will know that I am confident and strong. You will see the difference your words have given me.”
Were my hopes too high? Worst case scenario, we would have a good laugh about all this. But then, I was sure, beyond anything I felt before, that I had the skills and confidence I needed for my little trial… my little ‘romp’, to work. 
All because Lydia took it upon herself to help me. Even if it was against my will…
“Ok Lydia… On the count of three you will wake up. You will feel amazing. You will know in your heart that I am still in a trance and you need to wake me up. One, two, three, fully awake."
I quickly resumed the pose I hope I had before she woke me and waited. Suddenly, I wasn’t so sure about my plan. Was she about to put me under again? Did I fuck up?
Why wasn’t she saying anything?
“On the count of three you will wake up” she finally said, making me relax. “You will feel amazing. You will know in your heart that I just walked up to you to say hello. One, two, three, fully awake."
"Hi Mark. You are larger than life." She said with a warm smile.
We shook hands (this time without any funny business) and she leaned in to give me a hug.
"Hi Lydia. So nice to meet you in person. I almost expected you to pull the Erickson handshake on me when I met you. Not that it would work." I said confidently.
"Ha. I doubt with your knowledge and anticipation it would work. I think for that you have to surprise someone with it before they have an opportunity to think about it and steel their defenses."
"Yes. That is my understanding too.” I said, thankfully that she hadn’t caught on to my poor acting. “Do you want to compare notes down here or go up to my room?"
I saw her blink. Did she suspect something was amiss? No… She didn’t.
I didn’t wait and just started to walk towards the elevators.
I smiled as I noticed that she had started to follow me. I couldn’t deny that what she did to me was having an enormous effect. My confidence was pushing me forward and I felt like nothing could go wrong.
In fact, I felt so good about myself and my talents that I was convinced that I could waltz right up to her and sweep her off her feet! I felt like I could bed her without using any hypnotic tricks. 
Truth be told, it felt rather nice…
We got up to my room and I could tell she felt a little uneasy. But my new found confidence soon dispelled the awkwardness of the situation and we dove into what our co-written story should be.
She was so incredible and intelligent.
She kept correcting me over the smallest details as I told her about my side of the induction I had planned for the submissive girl. Of course, she was right on all counts, and I was forced to rethink how I constructed my erotic story scenes.
As we talked and exchanged ideas, I relaxed as I realized that she had made no move to further hypnotize me. My safeguard hadn’t kicked in after all… Maybe she did fight off her darker impulses.
The meeting was incredibly productive, and we both got rather excited to write our respective parts. 
And could I be dreaming? Or did her interest in me slowly grow throughout our meeting? I couldn’t help but notice her pose get more and more comfortable as she seemed to make a point of offering me subtle views of her curves.
Her kind programming words kept echoing in my mind as I thought about how generous she had been with me. All this extra knowledge… The incredible boost she programmed into my subconscious… 
For all her predatory faults, she still had a heart of gold beating in that alluring chest of hers.
I couldn’t really fault her for putting me under like she did. After all… I kind of did the same to her right?
Which got me thinking… 
“Say Lydia…” I said as she scribbled down a few notes.  “Can I show you something?”
“Sure…” she said offhandedly.
I went to my bag and pulled out the hypnodisc I had so painstakingly designed and constructed.
I heard her gasp as it came into view.
“Mark… What the hell is that?” she asked, but I could see by her trepidation that she knew EXACTLY what it was.
Which made me rather proud.
“Well…” I said as I made sure not to point it at her. “If I’m not mistaken, this would be something that hopefully, came close to the hypnodisc you talked about in your stories.”
She swallowed. Hard.
“You… You actually built one? No… really?” she asked.
“I believe I did…” I said as I placed it on the coffee table between us.
“WHY? Did… Did you plan to put me under or something?” she asked.
I smiled.
“What if I told you I already had?” I asked as I looked straight into her eyes.
Which made her blink. Good, she wasn’t expecting that…
“No… Impossible…” she finally said as her eyes ignored my own and fixated on the disk.
“Well… Maybe I did… And maybe I didn’t… I guess that’s for you to guess and me to know…” I said as I pulled out my phone. “But one thing I’m sure you do know…”
I got up from the sofa and calmly walked towards her, making her look up at me. I could see the thousand questions running through her mind.
“Is that YOU hypnotized me…” I said as I cued the recording and hit play.
Her hand went to her mouth as she finally realized how I knew. I let the audio play for a few moments, but I didn’t let it reach my own sleep trigger. I didn’t want to feel woozy and I certainly didn’t want her to hear how my safeguard worked. If I played my cards right, she wouldn’t realize that I had it in place at all.
Once I stopped, I looked down at her. I could tell she was nervous, but at least she was smiling.
“Very clever…” she finally said. “I’m impressed… Shocked even… Could it be that you also lied to me? That in fact, you are more skilled at hypnosis than you lead me to believe?”
She was calmer now. Assessing her options. Calculating…
Truth be told, that side of her turned me on more than I could say.
“Sadly no…” I said as I flipped my phone in the air, catching it with my other hand. “I’m just very good when it comes to technology and research.”
Her eyes went back to the hypnodisc.
“Hence the disc I presume?” she asked with a sweet sort of predatory twinkle in her eye.
“Exactly…” I said confidently. “And maybe I managed to figure out those pesky frequencies even before our Zoom meeting…”
Recognition passed behind her eyes.
“No… You couldn’t have…” she said. 
“Maybe I did… Do you feel like I did?” I said as I walked behind her and placed my hands on her lovely shoulders. “Do you feel like I hypnotized you?”
I could feel the tension in her shoulders and savored the hidden knowledge I had. She told me more than once how she relished it when thralls argued with her and were convinced that they weren’t hypnotized. Well now it was her turn…
“Maybe… No… You couldn’t have… I think…” she said, clearly unsure. 
Ah well… I guess I couldn’t expect her to feel completely convinced. After all, I DID place her under, and I made her orgasm. What self-respecting master hypnotist wouldn’t notice something amiss?
I gently massaged her shoulders, but I could feel that she wasn’t going to drop her guard any time soon.
“Confusion is natural for a person that underwent a trance… Isn’t that right?” I asked.
“Of course…” she said carefully.
“So maybe I did manage to put you under during our call… Maybe I didn’t… One thing is sure though, I did plan to try tonight.”
“Obviously…” she said as she motioned towards the disc. “But I’m afraid if you expected to put me under, you kind of missed your chance. I won't engage with the hypnodisc Mark, and you are far too inexperienced to use a covert or shock induction.”
"So, does that mean I can't make you fuck me?"
"Hell no! I hardly know you. You have a lot of nerve… and a lot to learn about hypnosis."
"I do? But you hypnotized me to have such confidence. I think you called it superpower confidence."
"Don't assume just because I write provocatively in my fantasy stories that I am like that in real life. I am not! I do not do one night stands. I am NOT your girlfriend, so don't get any ideas. I will NOT be sleeping with you. Do I make myself perfectly clear?"
"How about I make you so horny that you are beside yourself and you end up begging me for sex?"
"I think I better leave. Our writing collaboration is over."
Lydia started to stand, but I was standing over her.  I kept my hands on her shoulders, gently, but firmly in place. All part of my newfound confidence, I guess. 
"You are right about one thing. I do not have the skill or experience to use a shock or covert induction on you." Standing behind her, I now bent forward over her head.
It had the intended effect of making her look up at me. I gently removed my left hand from her shoulder and placed it squarely on her forehead.
I just had time to see her eyes widen with fear before I spoke.
SLEEP for the Traveling Master Lydia.” I said softly.
Her eyes fluttered for a moment before the tension drained from her shoulders.
“That’s it Lydia… Nice and relaxed for me…” I cooed.
My vantage point gave me a perfect view of her impressive cleavage, which threatened to derail my resolve. But I held fast.
“You are safe Lydia. I promise, I only want the best for you. It feels so good to be hypnotized by me… You love it when I put you under. You know I only have your best intentions at heart… You know that you are my very good girl. You know you love to focus on my voice… You love how my voice makes you feel…”
Now that I was in a room alone with her, I could spend a little more time deepening her trance. Which turned out to be easier than I thought. No doubt because of her subconscious meddling. I concentrated on the good feelings she had already felt during our Zoom call. Hopefully her arousal would tie in nicely to the good feelings I had instilled when I hypnotized her. I had reassured her subconscious that I was a good guy and would not cause her any harm. That was important if I was to avoid future outbursts of defiance.
Once I thought that she was deep enough, it was time to turn this evening into something a little more memorable. More memorable for me. I had researched how to prevent a hypnotized person from remembering their actions. If I could get her to give me a blowjob or to fuck me, then I most definitely would use a 'forget' trigger to block Lydia from remembering. The last thing I need is for her to bring some legal action against me for not obtaining consent. She herself had said in an email to me that people are very litigious and one can not be too careful.
“Lydia, I want you to stand up.”
She showed no trace of resistance and immediately stood up.
I wanted to test a trigger I had read about. Listen carefully Lydia. When I say “Good girl” you will feel a wave of euphoria. Feelings of happiness and bliss. Only I can bring you this wonderful feeling. 'Good girl' amplifies these good feelings and makes you realize you care for me. Perhaps you are even falling for me. Your affection for me will grow over time as you hear me say 'good girl.' Very good… You are doing so well… I am so proud of you for obeying my instructions so perfectly. When I say 'good girl', you will repeat aloud or to yourself, 'I am a good girl. This helps you remember you are my good girl.
I only had clues as to what I was doing, but I hoped that her incredibly suggestible nature would give me some leeway. 
“You love to please me. You love to hear my voice as you focus on my words. It makes you happy when you obey me… So much so that you realize that you can’t bring yourself to want any sort of harm to come to me. You feel… Deep down… This incredible urge to protect me… To protect my freedom… You can’t bring yourself to want to control me… You only want to help me… You only want to please me… It makes you so happy to please me… And you know it wouldn’t please me if you tried to make me a slave. I am a strong man. Larger than life. Confident and kind. You love everything about me… Especially that I am NOT one of your thralls. You admire that I’ve progressed so much… You are in awe of my mind and of my talents…”
I wasn’t sure at all how much I should push, but for my goal to work, I had to at least trust that she already felt some of the emotions I was describing. After all… I had to at least try and safeguard myself against her darker intentions. Which reminded me…
“You no longer feel a need to leave or stop our collaboration. That was a misunderstanding. You feel much better now. You are completely safe and know this in your heart. You trust me completely. You know that I only have your best intentions at heart. You know you can trust my intentions. You trust me completely.”
Lydia seemed to be responding as programmed. I continued, "Good girl. You realize you are becoming aroused. Feeling me take you into trance excites you. You love to be hypnotized by me. Now in a few moments I am going to wake you up. You will be compelled to obey whatever commands I give you this day. You are naturally submissive and even if you don't want to do something, you will be unable to resist my authority. You secretly love to be subservient, don't you? Tell me you love the idea of being my good girl."
"I love the idea of being your good girl."
"I take very good care of my good girls. You will only find joy and happiness when you mindlessly obey me."
On the count of three I will bring you out of deep trance. You will enter a waking trance. You will be aware, but completely honest and compliant holding nothing back when I ask you a question. Do you understand?”
I brought her out of deep trance and smiled at her.
“Wait…” she said as she realized she was now standing.
“You are going to do a little visualization exercise for me Lydia.”
“Imagine that the characters in the story we are writing are actually the both of us. Me… and you… Picture the scene where the man manages to use your own tricks and arousal against you. Imagine that Lydia has fallen prey to Mark. To me… Picture that Mark is able to bring you incredibly deep and is now able to make you do anything he wants… Tell me honestly what your erotic little mind would write for this scene. Describe exactly, just as you picture it, what Mark will do to you.”
“I’d probably write something sordid and humiliating.” She said as her eyes grew wide. “Wait… What…?” She had a moment of clarity as she realized she was sharing deep, personal desires. Personal secrets that would allow another hypnotist to use her dark desires to subvert her usual defenses. But that moment of lucidity passed, and she resumed speaking.
“I… I can see it… I’d… I’d have Mark tease me… I’d… Yes… I’d have Mark place me in a waking trance and instruct me… Yes… Mark would instruct me to read a model release form aloud as he recorded it… He would have me read and sign a release that said that I consent to all forms of degrading sexual acts. I would sign the same release I have given to my thralls to sign when I did that sort of thing.”
Lydia recited this as if she was reading it from a computer screen.
“I understand this is a master-slave role play video and I will respond as if I'm a slave… I may become tearful or cry out that I do not want to have sex or engage in some sexual act, but that is all part of the script. Everything I do on and off camera is entirely consensual. I consent to all forms of sexual penetration. I consent to all sexual acts…”
I could see the trepidation in her face. She clearly wasn’t expecting to be divulging all her tricks like this. Did she realize that she was in a waking trance as she was speaking? Probably… 
But it didn’t matter. She was compelled to share her kinks and fantasies about the characters in our story. And those characters would now be the two of us.
“After that… I… I would have Mark start to instruct my subconscious. I’d have him push my arousal to insane levels… Levels I would be unable to resist… I’d feel so horny… So aroused… I’d then have him command me to remove my clothes… I’d… have him edge me until I was desperate… I wouldn’t be able to resist… I’d be pushed to want to fuck him… You…”
Fuck… She was vibrating already. Was her little scene playing into her arousal? Fuck… It was certainly playing into mine!
“But… You wouldn’t just fuck me… I’d have Mark deny me… Laugh at me as he denied my arousal… He’d have me kneel… Have me beg! I’d be forced to accept anything... Do ANYTHING… I’d have her… Me… Be so desperate… I’d… I’d have Mark demand that I call him Master… I’d have him tell her… Me… To prove that I’d do anything… I’d… I’d… I’d have him tell her to kiss his feet… What ever was humiliating enough… I’d have him undress and tell her that she needed to lick his ass to prove she was desperate for him… I’d…”
“Stop Lydia.” I said as I tried to calm myself.
“Oh my god… What just happened? Why did I tell you all that?” she said as it dawned on her. “Noo… It can’t be… I… I must be in a waking trance!!! But how??”
“Does it really matter?” I said. 
Her words had reached down deep inside my mind. I felt almost entranced as I listened to her describe her own downfall. I had come to this meeting to see how far I could push my newfound control over her. Maybe get some fun out of it…
Possibly a nice relaxing blowjob or even a fuck…
I certainly hadn’t planned to subvert her consent in the matter she described!
But as I listened to her, I felt a part of me respond. The same part that had responded to her written words as I read her stories of non-consent. A part I worked to push down in my every day life. Dark sinful thoughts awoke and responded to her description in a way I hadn’t anticipated.
I was painfully aroused as my mind pictured the scene she had described. I tried to deny that I wanted it… I really did…
But my newfound confidence and the incredibly exquisite power I held over her played into my kinky fantasies on a level I wasn’t ready to ignore. 
I smiled.
“Well Lydia…” I said as my own predatory instincts kicked in. “Seems like that would be a lot of fun…”
“No…” she said. “Fuck Mark! You… You can’t!”
“I wonder…” I said as I went to my computer and typed up a model release. “How many of your thralls said those exact words to you as you claimed them? But no matter… You said yourself that you put that behind you didn’t you?”
I went back to Lydia with the printed form and handed her the model release. To her dismay, I instructed her to read while I recorded her. I decided to keep her in a waking trance so that she would have awareness. It is a good thing she gave me superpower confidence. I don't think I would have dared do this without it.
Did she regret doing that? She surely saw how it changed me…
I know what I am doing is kind of unethical, but I also know that Lydia's strong sex drive will ultimately win out and she will be grateful to me for allowing her to play without guilt or remorse.
I was sinfully aroused, but I wasn’t a bastard.
“You will read this without reticence. Without any display of resistance, as if you wholeheartedly agree with it in it’s entirety. Do you understand?”
“Yes, I understand.”
“You are such a 'good girl'. I am so proud of you.”
"I am a good girl."
Based on my understanding of this trigger, her subconscious had accepted the programming.

Even in a semi-aware Waking trance, the subconscious is in charge. Praising the subconscious is important in order to maintain compliance.

Lydia read the form aloud as I recorded her.
"I, Lydia Salia, consent to being photographed while performing sex acts. I understand this is a master-slave role play video and I will respond as if I'm a slave. I may become tearful or cry out that I do not want to have sex or engage in some sexual act, but that is all part of the script. Everything I do on and off camera is entirely consensual. I consent to all forms of sexual penetration. I consent to all sexual acts." Lydia signed her name at the bottom of the form as instructed.
Her expression wasn’t defiant or angry. It was more vacant. She was surrendering to my will. Her subconscious would obey even as her conscious brain was vaguely aware she was in trance. Lydia liked being submissive, but I could see in her eyes that she was worried.
"Very good Lydia. I will be giving you instructions. You are in a waking trance and will be unable to resist my instructions. No matter how hard you try."
Lydia seemed to snap out of trance. “There is no way I’m going to make love to you, Mark. The only fucking you are going to get is fucked up!”
Was she still in trance? Only one way to find out. I had read that a Waking trance could be verified by giving the subject a post hypnotic command. I had placed a command in Lydia’s subconscious earlier just for such an occasion.
Boobs”, I said.
Lydia did not realize anything was amiss as she brought both hands up and squeezed her breasts. Good. Unaware. She was still under my control even though she was trying to resist  me.
“Very good. Almost sounds like you believe it.” I smirked.
“You feel so good Lydia... So good that you can’t help but feel aroused… You are safe. You feel this delicious liquid warmth between your legs… You can’t help but feel aroused as you realize how incredible and confident I am. Your submissive side responds automatically to me… You love how you feel when it does… It makes you feel so good… So relaxed… So safe… You feel your arousal grow… Feel your need rise as the liquid warmth pools inside your pussy… It is only natural to enjoy yourself. It is only natural for two consenting adults to share pleasure with one another. You want to remove your clothes. The urge to get naked, the urge to see me naked is growing ever stronger. That feels good, doesn't it?"
I had programmed honesty. Lydia could not lie. She could not betray her true emotions.
She whispered, "Yea”. Then more loudly and clearly, “Yes." 
Lydia began to squirm. She was hyper sexually stimulated. My next suggestions would be readily accepted. Lydia began unbuttoning her blouse. Soon she was standing naked before me. She looked defiant, however. She was still not entirely on board with all of this…. yet. Well, no matter.
I gasped at her beauty. She was mine. All mine. "Lydia, you are so horny now. You want me inside of you so bad."
"What is it you want? You will speak truthfully to me."
Lydia had a look of anguish on her face. She placed her hands over her slit and drew up her left leg slightly as if the stimulation in her sex was too much too bare.
"I… I don’t know.”
“Tell me Lydia.”
Lydia was whimpering, “I need to fuck. I need you to fuck me. No! Oh god... please fuck me Mark! No, stop it!”
Lydia was trembling. Trembling I presumed from a mixture of lust and fear and anger. “Oh god. Please… I need to fuck so bad. Shit.”
“It’s ok Lydia. Tell me what you want. Be honest and hold nothing back.’
Lydia hesitated ever so briefly before a slew of syllables spilled from her mouth. “Oh God, oh shit. Fuck! I need to fuck so bad, fuck you…, I need to fuck you."
The girl was definitely conflicted. But not much longer.
"Yes Lydia. The urge to fuck me is growing stronger by the second. Unrelenting. Stronger and stronger. You can't resist it. You cannot resist the desire to rip off my clothes."
Lydia tried to ignore the carnal desires ravaging her brain. She was able to resist for the briefest moment, but then she came forward. She began tugging at my belt and pants. Haltingly, tentatively at first, but then with increasingly urgent determination. She couldn't get my clothes off fast enough. I was mildly amused. Then I felt one of my dark urges surface.
"Lydia, who says I want to fuck you? In fact, I’m not in the mood to fuck, so the answer is ‘no’.”
Lydia's expression took on an air of desperation. She howled "Noooooo!. Please. I need to fuck! Please fuck me Mark!"
"Maybe if you start referring to me as master. I would like that. And groveling at my feet."
“Nooooooo!” Lydia wailed. She was in a waking trance and the hyper stimulated sex areas of her brain were battling with her ‘semi’ conscious awareness. This was fun.
"Pleasssseeee! No master. I’m sorry master. Please master fuck me! I will do anything for you. Anything!" Lydia began licking and kissing my feet.
“Master I can’t stand it.” She looked to be on the verge of tears.
After a minute or so of this, my own erection became painfully swollen. I needed to unleash the kraken.
"Lay down on the bed and spread your legs for me Lydia."
Lydia promptly complied. She was lying there, her pussy quivering, oozing excitement. I climbed atop her, positioning myself at her entrance. I was pumping precum and could barely contain myself. I paused for tantalizing seconds, the head of my penis throbbing against her opening, while I relished the power of my control over her.  It was pitiful. She started to whimper again. She needed it so bad. "Please master. I need you so bad. Please master. Pleeeeze, don’t deny me.” Now she was openly weeping. "I can't stand it. Please master, please put it in me. I beg you!" I can be a real shit sometimes.
“I need your peni…”
I launched myself into her, balls deep. She lost the ability to speak, the sex center of her brain overwhelmed by the raw, physical passion. “Eewwwwwwwwwww”. She emitted a continuous scream as she locked herself into me. Then, moments later she began rocking her pelvis against me rhythmically, forcefullly. I supposed it was a reflex. An unconscious behavior governed by the extreme arousal. Her overwhelming arousal and climax had a similar effect on me. I was a jackhammer. I came almost immediately... powerfully. Lydia transitioned to a loud, continuous howl. She was lost in the moment – unaware of anything but the strong orgasmic contractions. Her loud ministrations complemented my own enthusiastic grunting. She pulled herself up against my chest as she held me tightly into her with her legs. This was one hell of a powerful orgasm. I was so caught up in the passion of the moment I forgot to try out my 'you can only orgasm on my command' trigger. I liked that trigger. I liked it a lot. Lydia rocked against me for several moments, milking the last of my cum, all the while refusing to unwrap her legs from around me.
Lydia was still sobbing, but she was thanking me between sobs. "Thank you. Thank you, master! Thank you."
“Why are you crying? Be honest with me.”
“I'm... I'm not sure. My emotions. I was angry. I didn't like being forced to have sex with you and I didn't like you taking advantage of me by stimulating my arousal. Then, when I decided I didn't care anymore and I had to have you, I felt utter despair and desperation when you denied me. Such opposite emotions... you put my mind through a meat grinder.  I know one thing. I have never experienced anything so powerful. My orgasm was primal.”
"How do you feel about me taking control and having my way with you?"
"That wasn't very nice, but... but the orgasm... oh my god."
I decided to try my trigger. I said simply, "Forget."
Now to test it. "So, what about the orgasm?"
"What orgasm? What are you talking about?"
Fascinating. I resumed my interrogation of her subconscious, "So, if I allow you to hypnotize me, you won't do anything I will regret will you?"
Lydia responded as I anticipated she would. She was beholden to beliefs I planted in her subconscious earlier.  "Never master! I would never do anything to harm you. I care for you deeply. I only want the best for you."
“Good to know. Listen carefully. SLEEP for the Traveling Master Lydia”
The sleep trigger worked as expected. I could get used to hypnotizing beautiful young women I decided.
“Lydia, I want to experience being hypnotized. I want to see what it feels like to be compelled to do something, to be controlled. I would like to feel helpless. But first I must trust you. You are very deeply hypnotized now. You will follow my instructions without deviation. I am removing the safeguard in your mind called ‘countdown from 30’. This will no longer affect you. Otherwise, any attempt to hypnotize me would fail.”
She was still breathing hard from her orgasm. The orgasm she no longer remembered. But it was clear she was out. Beyond out. I had hypnotized a prima hypnodomme and deepened her with arousal. I had hoodwinked her. She had no clue that I had learned how to induce a trance. Without her usual defenses, she had succumbed. She was mine. 
“You realize you care for me deeply. More than care for me, you are falling in love with me. In your mind I am the perfect lover. Loyal, virile, strong and dominant, but also tender and kind. I represent everything you desire in a man. And my penis. Oh my god you love my penis. You crave my cock. You worship my cock. It is a thing of beauty that gets so you hot and bothered every time you see it or even think about it. You think about this whenever you hear me say 'Good girl.'"
Shit. I hope I don’t burn in hell for this, but I wanted Lydia to fall for me. “You are eager to demonstrate how you can hypnotize someone. Specifically, me. You will record your induction on your phone. You will download it to my computer when you are done so that I can watch it to fill in any gaps in my memory. If you have me do something silly or forget something, it will be revealed on the phone recording. I am allowing you to take this as far as you can. I want to see the extent of your control. I want to see if you can make me do something that I would almost certainly resist, even when hypnotized. You care too deeply for me to do something as vile as having me eat your ass or soil myself as you have done to others. You would never consider turning me into one of your thralls. You realize that each day that goes by, you are more and more attracted to me. Soon you will be unable to think of anything but being with me. You will try to think of ways to please me and serve me. This might be buying me little gifts, cooking for me or even giving me a blowjob. That will be ok with you, because you realize you are falling for me. Do you understand your instructions?”
“Yes master.”
“From this point on, you will refer to me as Mark. Not as master.” 
“I understand Mark.”
I was new to this, but Lydia was deeply under my control, and I didn’t want this to end. I wanted her. I wanted her to want me. I’m a good person. She could do worse.
“Good girl. In a moment I will awaken you. You will not remember being hypnotized or that you wanted to stop our collaboration. In fact, you can’t wait to finish our story and care deeply about the results of our co-written story. You may have a fleeting memory or two, but nothing firm. At best you might be suspicious that you were hypnotized. You realize there are many benefits to meeting in person and continuing our efforts. You will wake up on the count of 5 feeling fantastic. 1,2 starting to rouse, 3,4 feeling wonderful, full of vigor and energy, 5 fully awake!

The last chapter is written without input from the other. We decided to mix collaboration with reader interaction so we could explore different endings. As the reader, you hold the power to choose which of these endings you find most alluring. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up selecting the one that actually happened… Or did it? Everything is just so confused.
What follows is Lydia’s account of what happened next. As many of my readers know, I love to explore the sub’s point of view and write her thoughts and reactions as the mind control slowly takes over her sense of self. Having successfully hypnotized Lydia for real, I had a golden opportunity to truly dive into the mind of the person I was controlling. 
So, I placed her under and compelled her to write her side of things. I may or may not have also compelled her to think that it was all part of the process of writing our story. That we decided to shelve the idea of writing about fictional characters and decided to write about what could happen if we met for real. Could happen or did happen?
Since Lydia excels at writing POV with a high degree of realism, she welcomed the idea. In fact, I may have subtly suggested that it was her idea in the first place.  She’s a strong and intelligent woman that thrives on control. So really… Why wouldn’t she have taken the reins and ‘convinced’ me that our co-written story should be about us? She herself told me more than once that it was important to keep praising and complimenting the subject if you wanted to cement your control over them.
I might still be a novice when it came to real hypnosis but twisting scenes and surprising the reader are all part of what I enjoy most when I write erotic MC scenes. So maybe Lydia should have read a little more of my stories and prepared herself accordingly to face off against my creative mind. 
Is Lydia aware of my intrusion into her ‘writing?’ No. That is what negative hallucinations are all about. She skips over the italicized print (that I’ve written) when she comes to it. I interviewed Lydia after all was said and done about what she remembered. She has sizable gaps in her memory. Some of these memories have been permanently wiped. Others she will probably recover over time, especially if she avails herself of one of her hypnotist friends. Hypnosis is such fun!
Can you, the reader, determine what really happened? Yes Lydia and I met irl. She is most everything she says she is. On the one hand, charming, confident and an extraordinary hypnotist. On the other hand, she is extremely suggestible with an almost childlike naïveté. I almost think her reality is a waking trance. I read once that warts can be cured with hypnosis. It worked best in children. Part of suggestion and the mind body connection. Lydia's stories 'suggest' that she is very suggestible. I decided to test this theory. We had lunch. She wasn't hypnotized. Well, not while we were eating lunch.
I started fanning myself. Lydia asked if I was ok. “It's just unbearably hot. The HVAC probably has a refrigerant leak. It must be pushing 80-85 degrees in here.” Lydia remarked, "yes, it is warm."
I continued to fan myself and then suggested, “I think the computer control must have flipped to heat. It is easily 90 degrees now.” Lydia started to fan herself and developed beads of perspiration on her upper lip and forehead. Our waitress came by the table and asked if everything was ok. Lydia was the first to parrot what I had just said. "It is unbearably hot in here. Can you check the thermostat?" The waitress looked confused and said she would check. It was not 90 degrees. It might have been 72 or 73, barely on the high side. Lydia is clearly, undeniably very susceptible not just to hypnosis, but to plain jane suggestion.
So, we really did meet. On Zoom, and then in person. We really did collaborate. But our original story idea diverged once I hypnotized her. I mean, what better story than describing her falling hard for me and, of course, me responding… hard for her. ;)
What really happened? That is for me to know. Lydia..., nah, I'm not quite ready for her to know.
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