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This is a special author's collaboration account. Lydia Salia and myself, Mark, The Traveling Master, have joined forces to co-write an erotic story. After many emails, Lydia and I decided to meet over Zoom. Eventually we met in person to iron out the details of a proposed story about domination/submission. As we collaborated, the original story evolved into our story. A story about our meeting. What is true? What is fiction? That's for me to know and you to fantasize. But know one thing, Lydia is every bit as suggestible as she admits to in her stories.

All other collaborations done between us will be posted under this name. However, I invite anyone whom enjoyed this collaboration to visit each of our pages here on ROM to read more of our erotic stories and general information.

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Web of hypnotic foreplay
by Lydia Salia and Traveling Master
(15616 words)
#cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #dom:male #humiliation #m/f #solo

I contacted hypnotist Lydia Salia about the idea of writing an erotic story together. She agreed. We emailed back and forth and eventually met over Zoom and in real life to work out the intimate details. We collaborated on the base story and then each wrote two alternate endings.

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